Started building at 2022/10/27 13:01:41
Calculating base
Updating mirror
Basing run on 7.5.0-3138 cdb243395
Updating tree for run 27.10.2022-13.01
gocb is at 40020ee, changes since last good build: 
 40020ee Cleanup idle http connections after fetching mock
 a19257b Prepare v2.2.5 release
 a76452b Bump gocbcore version
 643b3ee GOCBC-1149: Do not try parse response on error in GetAllScopes
 744d368 Prepare v2.2.4 release
 a948d82 Tie golangci-link to v1.39.0
 b426b87 Bump gocbcore version
 187c71b GOCBC-1100: Update parsing for search query metadata field Took
 0e0f701 GOCBC-1111: On status 200 parse any search errors from the status object
 635fa6c Prepare v2.2.3 release
 480b951 Bump gocbcore version
 e2f9f32 GOCBC-1074: Update threshold logger tag names
 0fceb9c Increase resilience of bucket flush test
 036928f Bump gocbcore version
 d174e08 Bump gocbcore version
 4b41226 Prepare v2.2.2 release
 0e9af9c Close results from setting up analytics query testing
 b6d7a57 GOCBC-1032: Add an internal function for verifying capability status
 bbee470 GOCBC-1070: Return bucket not found from flush when bucket does not exist
 5bd0533 Tweak the error message we look for for manager collection not found
 b29bec0 Update core tracer wrapper to match gocbcore interface
 3f96627 GOCBC-1024: Add partition field to QueryIndex
 be0cba9 Add extra nolint: unused tags
 d4bf8bf GOCBC-1010: Add collections support to search query options
 ef5d355 Add named parameter query tests
 2ade4bb Extend expiry conversion test window allowance
 546f3e9 Bump version to v2.2.1
 e7fccc9 GOCBC-1054: Allow blank paths to be used with subdoc remove
 c59f1d8 GOCBC-1040: Include error causes when doing serialization
 33094ff GOCBC-1061: Assign role origins via index rather than append on get
 8ee25cf GOCBC-1047: Add MaxExpiry to collections from GetAllScopes
 d98a3f6 GOCBC-1048: Update collection manager error message parsing
 7b5d7a3 Add test feature flags for fine tuning collections testing
 73e8d9c GOCBC-1017: Update collection manager rest API calls
 6b401f5 GOCBC-1055: Add doc flags as an internal mutate in option
 1b71002 Enable out of order responses by default
 0ab256b GOCBC-1052: Filter by provided namespace for get all design docs
 6123f2a Increase *query test indexing deadline to 60 seconds
 0d6f7b0 GOCBC-1031: Add SubdocDocFlagCreateAsDeleted flag as internal
 dd3ab11 Update user mgr tests to use replication_admin not security_admin
 ad350bc Remove modules-download-mode from .golangci.yml
 9e841df Bump version to v2.2.0
 e692eb8 Gardening: Update scope level (analytics) query to be volatile api
 e2bcf30 Update to latest gocbcore
 9b2060c GOCBC-854: Add support for user impersonation
 e29525f GOCBC-1023: Add interfaces for accessing raw bytes from http services
 fed377a GOCBC-934: Add support for bucket level durability
 d0e869d Populate bucket MaxExpiry from MaxTTL
 75a1e63 GOCBC-1014: Mark geopolygon query as api stability committed
 ac59a0a GOCBC-1015: Mark flexindex as api stability committed
 6c3c74a GOCBC-1026: Mark ephemeral bucket eviction policies as api committed
 f8b7f33 GOCBC-967: Increase timeout of first durability op in durability tests
 b8929c8 GOCBC-972: Add support for disabling scoring
 67f9a2f GOCBC-963: Deprecate GetResult.Expiry
 9285de0 GOCBC-948: Refactor document expiry duration
 3368e21 GOCBC-869: Deprecate BucketSettings MaxTTL and add MaxExpiry
 625accf GOCBC-1021: Route bucket level http requests to agents not agent group
 9b54ac3 GOCBC-1022: Route view queries to agents not agent group
 2fe9d0b Bump version to v2.1.8
 1057287 Update tests to not expect retries from Unlock
 d67e05d Bump gocbcore version
 37b0923 GOCBC-1005: Add document id to key value error
 d53d2a4 GOCBC-937: Add support for GeoPolygon search queries.
 171294e Bump version to v2.1.7
 2898a81 Bump gocbcore version to latest
 68da463 GOCBC-1001: Add missing fields to search facets results
 3745ce1 GOCBC-944: Add uncommitted support for collections analytics
 48721f3 GOCBC-994:  Convert subdoc nil values to json null
 c64613e Check for replica readyness on test startup
 fb060ef Update kv op manager tests to create deadline at comparison time
 cc0f0a4 GOCBC-996: Remove `[]` from id for `CollectionMap.At` and `Exist`
 3fe96bb GOCBC-971: Add uncommitted support for collections to user management
 77d100b GOCBC-942: Add uncommitted support for collections queries
 2fe8c14 GOCBC-990: Update enhanced durability adaptive algorithm
 c9c6097 GOCBC-977: Alter signature of GetPendingMutations
 efb249b Increase resilience of TestMaxNumberOfCollectionInScope
 582acb1 GOCBC-938: Add support for flex indexes in query options
 9cd266e Bump version to v2.1.6
 33c0f62 Add query index test feature flag so index crud tests can be disabled
 61882ae Bump gocbcore version to get latest changes
 ca37170 Bump gocbcore version
 c364430 GOCBC-980: Update get projections with expiry result parsing
 5c7b802 GOCBC-976: Allow WithExpiry to work with custom transcoders
 0993c98 GOCBC-979: Add ExpiryTime to GetResult
 42c87f8 GOCBC-969: Only try to parse query metrics if present
 94cf884 SDKQE-2028:Collections and Scopes Max Limit Tests
 f31151b GOCBC-970: Run query, search, view tests against default collection
libcouchbase is at e4de408, changes since last good build: 
 e4de408c Update release meta for 3.2.5
 d6a279b1 CCBC-1534, CCBC-1411: improve query error handling
 278203fb CCBC-1486: Add support for preserve expiry to query options
 5282513b Test rate limited bootstrap using LCB_TYPE_CLUSTER as well as LCB_TYPE_BUCKET
 c915d8fa CCBC-1528: update parsing of "quota limit" error for FTS
 45dcd8f6 CCBC-1525: remove stringstream in collection_qualifier
 ccbaadf5 SDKQE-2471: Rate Limit error handling testing
 fd828a99 SDKQE-2432: Support for Multiple Root Certs testing
 a9246482 CCBC-1529: load authentication certificate as chain file
 3f49ca27 CCBC-1521: fix bootstrap process when client cert is used and error map is supported
 f6822fcc CCBC-1519: pass extra privilege with KV "on-behalf-of"
 38cc0708 Update release meta for 3.2.4
 d54c7953 CCBC-1518: prepare for git:// protocol deprecation
 3f29165e CCBC-1522: Check DnsQuery result type
 16463b31 CCBC-1521: fix bootstrap process when client cert is used
 b17efe63 CCBC-1509: record more info in TLS log callback
 4a12295e SDKQE-2448: Integration test for LCB HTTP bootstrap
 a0cc39cf Remove short timeout in change password test to prevent jenkins failures
 eb4e471e CCBC-1432: rename rate-limit error codes for consistency
 644194e5 CCBC-1432: check for rate-limit errors during bootstrap
 1b607a69 CCBC-1432: support for rate limiting error codes
 256ec277 CCBC-1514: do not translate unknown error with "item-only" attribute
 e6a5bd8f CCBC-1515: replace sstream with string append()
 0cddb2cd report SASL mechanisms, supported by the server when PLAIN is being rejected
 a6407406 report if PKCS5_PBKDF2_HMAC was available during the build
 b3294247 Update release meta for 3.2.3
 2f75ba87 CCBC-1446: clarify structure of scope qualifier for analytics
 c1a04a6f Decrease mock test time
 b8772261 SDKQE-2328: OpenTelemetry metrics testing
 5a5df389 SDKQE-2324: OpenTelemetry tracing testing
 d57e4ccd CCBC-1484: fix tracing tags in accordance to RFC
 494582fa CCBC-1510: fix key length calculation for exists/get/touch/unlock
 b88f3e03 CCBC-1495: fix payload encoding in query index management helpers
 498adfb2 CCBC-1506: accept duration values encoded in golang style
 604551b1 tests: use vfork to avoid issues with libuv hooks
 fadbd4d1 Update release meta for 3.2.2
 bcffaef4 CCBC-1483: Revert changes related to create/drop bucket in the tests
 7c904837 CCBC-1483: tests: implement and use drop_bucket
 2aa0c453 Run testMaxCollectionsPerScope on new bucket
 00eb27f2 CCBC-1483: tests: ignore timeouts in get_manifest_id
 7a3821e8 CCBC-1483: run tests that might amend environment separately
 c6c61f55 CCBC-1485: allow to disable tracer for connected instance
 1dedda9b CCBC-1472: ensure strict JSON parsing mode for query meta
 204a5286 CCBC-1494: Disconnect logger after lcb_destroy invoked.
 c8c37a3e CCBC-1457: improve error message when server enforces encryption
 7dea6e8e CCBC-1491: expand test coverage for lcb_get operation
 92ff7949 CCBC-1489: Fixed get_and_touch to use the correct expiry.
 0d07acb4 CCBC-1487: Fixed retryq erasing already sent packets.
 8d0abcf8 CCBC-1488: Fixed incorrect refcounting in Connstart.
 7a859c28 Added defines to avoid compilation issues with some compilers.
 b413475f tests: increase lock time for test to 10 seconds
 ecbde082 CCBC-1216: implement user impersonation API
 92edf6df CCBC-1478: skip test for older servers
 398d6a5c CCBC-1479: initialize fields of custom tracer struct
 ca01550f CCBC-1478: do not retry successful query with empty result
 c8f1108d improve tests for preserve_expiry
 4e76dc6c Update release meta for 3.2.1
 01bb561c CCBC-1454: fix compiler warning in lcb_getreplica
 d4fcbc15 CCBC-1453: refactor local name caching in lcbio_cache_local_name
 4cfcbe79 CCBC-1451: fix strdup usage
 4723aafd CCBC-1448: fix cmake macro for examples
 1d2e0e4f CCBC-1445: always invoke callbacks for pending HTTP operations
 324cddd6 CCBC-1438: fix frame size for mutations with durability
 fb6fab46 CCBC-1443: fix time-sensitive tests for scoped queries
 f65a64c2 jsoncpp: don't append \n in Writer
 0c4213b9 CCBC-1429: fixed positional parameters for query/analtyics
 cf77cb23 CCBC-1428 Clear callback upon error in lcb_search
 c712686a CCBC-1425: finish HTTP trace spans before invoking last callback
 31bd2afa Update release meta for 3.2.0
 b673fee3 tests: exclude old servers from running clusterwise query
 ba1b9303 CBCC-1280: fix buffer overflow in address caching code
 f80ea5b7 tests: wait for collecton manifest to be propagated to Data service
 dcdf0c45 CCBC-1352: guard unit tests from password-changing test case
 cea3b417 CBCC-1280: reset http span reference when it finished
 124ead77 CCBC-1352: reproducer for password change while doing set
 362ee5fb tests: improve libdir, srcdir and testdir default values detection
 0d93e8bd CBCC-1280: finish tracing spans on command queue rollback
 250cd07f tests: update check-all
 0b93b1bf CBCC-1280: fix memory leak while tracing query
 2523348d CCBC-1362: fix memory management for metrics
 fa5c2c8f CCBC-1423: fix warning maybe-uninitialized
 bd41c184 tests: fix minor memory leak
 bc957c3c CCBC-1421: allow empty path for subdocument array methods
 812eaaa9 rename caching_meter to fix typo in the name
 457ee9ba CBCC-1280: fix memory leak while tracing observe command
 adc4d3f1 CBCC-1280: fix memory leak while tracing views
 ed40bc0d CCBC-1362: Support for metrics
 6b7f4186 CBCC-1280 Support for OTel tracing
 8ea129d8 MB-47295: Remove Black Duck reporting
 6a287a79 CCBC-1371: add test for subdoc remove with empty path
 7140c1a2 CCBC-1417: depecate CAS usage with counter operation
 9ebd51e8 CCBC-1418: map query error 13014 to LCB_ERR_AUTHENTICATION_FAILURE
 6cc24a0a tests: update status assertions
 1adf8dc4 tests: more safety checks for query tests
 5783b6cf tests: fix http tests
 bedcbd42 tests: fix auth test in multi-node environment
 3f1af238 tests: don't rollover credentials in query authenticator
 ba86b58e skip search test if index is not specified
 94e46aa8 tests: adjust error code for lock
 794e3638 fix test for pessimistic lock
 f7993de0 fix subdocument tests
 2e64d94d Fixed issue with testAsyncDestroy hanging.
 89c73ae2 Fixed incorrectly ordered tracing completions.
 073fa912 fix collections-related tests
 262c2e7c tests: display report from 'coredumpctl' if available
 32ce664e fix version detection in the tests
 04c8e0ae fix rpmspec to use cmake package on CentOS 8
 f1ce7ef8 CCBC-1357: add support for preserve_expiry
 3de876b4 CCBC-1384: allow deferring view operation
 28a388d3 CCBC-1384: allow deferring analytics operation
 6e43bcdc CCBC-1384: allow deferring search operation
 9eb9899e CCBC-1384: allow deferring query operation
 b3f9e5e5 CCBC-1384: update parser for golang duration
 6014a475 Fixed build warning on OS X due to macro redefinition.
 588745d8 CCBC-1414: strip possible key prefix when parsing seqno
 32f2c30b resolve compiler warnings on windows and clang-tidy complaints
 01d49c6f CCBC-1384: fix build with dtrace/stap
 94bcd1f6 CCBC-1410: refactor dynamic authenticator
 de18efab CCBC-1413: skip SELECT_BUCKET packets waiting retry queue
 7c455a3c CCBC-1384: allow deferring subdoc operations
 3280c1b9 CCBC-1384: allow deferring store operation
 28a60849 CCBC-1169: request copy from active vbucket for get_all_replicas
 0edc7dc6 CCBC-1169: pass callback type to custom callbacks
 16fc49eb CCBC-1384: allow deferring touch operation
 23cc524b CCBC-1384: allow deferring remove operation
 ee9f024b CCBC-1384: allow deferring get_replica operation
 40ad81d6 CCBC-1384: allow deferring unlock operation
 3614640e CCBC-1384: allow deferring get operation
 3bdefac0 CCBC-1384: allow deferring exists operation
 4f2a7ac3 CCBC-1384: refactor counter and allow deferring the operation
 c4a54308 CCBC-1406: fill in prepared statement handle on retry
 1b550ec2 do not try to scan past buffer in LEB128 decoder
 7048fb9b CCBC-861: testGetCanceled requires CouchbaseMock.jar
 e6120d06 CCBC-1405: remove const from command cookie
 2d8ee3cd CCBC-1404: remove lcb_CMDBASE
 2301f870 fix release notes markup
 efba25a0 CCBC-1404: extract command structure for endure operation
 5039f2a0 CCBC-1404: extract command structure for observe operation
 2e05b9b7 eliminate tmpnam(3) call
 7f740dc5 CCBC-1404: extract command structure for observe_seqno operation
 382f66d7 CCBC-1404: extract command structure for http operation
 812731d9 CCBC-1404: extract command structure for ping operation
 9b27b73e CCBC-1404: extract command structure for diag operation
 baebeed5 CCBC-1404: extract command structure for getmanifest operation
 1d294ac0 CCBC-1404: extract command structure for getcid operation
 b39b6703 CCBC-1404: extract command structure for stats operation
 d6250533 CCBC-1404: extract command structure for noop operation
 dc130bff CCBC-1404: extract command structure for subdoc operations
 bf2e47f0 CCBC-1404: extract command structure for exists operation
 f1ad5813 CCBC-1404: extract command structure for unlock operation
 75ac3204 CCBC-1404: extract command structure for counter operation
 408b4df6 CCBC-1404: extract command structure for touch operation
 cc6f8a9e CCBC-1404: extract command structure for remove operation
 a10f04e2 CCBC-1404: extract command structure for get_replica operation
 509dc7d2 CCBC-1404: extract command structure for get operation
 1681996e CCBC-1404: extract command structure for store operation
 592b7d0e gardening
 73b32ac8 CCBC-1402: Fix parsing JSON primitives as query rows
indexing is at 55dfa60, changes since last good build: 
 55dfa600 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 0e155ac4 MB-53345 Revert back storage engine after serverless tests
 f3e4f11b MB-53345 Fix nodes list in validateServers for alter tests
 1c0152ff MB-53345 Fix clusterStatus check and wait for manifest to reach KV before populating docs
 9565c9c7 MB-54146: Fix priority for incoming index creation
 44453333 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 f85d5d54 MB-53345 Add serverless tests header and fix serverlesstests path
 015d04cd MB-53345 Force plasma storage engine for serverless testing
 8df35e4b MB-53345 Add serverless infra to CI scripts
 0fc7d59c MB-54101 add delay to open stream request after dataport shutdown
 34c9883b MB-54227 make flush monitor poll interval configurable
 ffed36ea MB-54191 Include opaque2 in StreamID computation at endpoint buffer
 080aacf4 MB-54183 Do not initiate Cancel for an already done rebalance
 01672ecd Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 5e2779a6 Upgrade to bleve@v2.3.5, blance@0.1.3
 4655c92b MB-54080 Skip checking the presence of CreateCommandToken for asyncCreate
 df2d88e7 MB-54135 Fix logging in checkDDLRunning
 00a8aa30 MB-52790 initialise indexer internal verison
 1cb0b5cd Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 6fcdcb47 MB-53755 Misc fixes for partitioned index support
 46ea0d81 MB-54137 Handle race between builder & shard rebalancer
 e30f90aa MB-54118 Distinguish between deferred and non-deferred indexes for shard rebalancer
 c86537eb MB-54129: Add configs for plasma s3 copy
 38db00a6 MB-52528 Cleanup topology after all indexes are deleted
 6fd74830 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 aa07b6a6 MB-54149 planner - add nil check while returning result
 a9d8b0ed Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 8a2b0643 MB-53755 Add support for partitioned indexes in shard rebalancer
 4fd91a11 MB-54080 Check for stream merge every 1 second incase of no flush activity
 be3d5b48 MB-54080 Reduce the wait time to check the presence of CreateCommandToken
 45cbdda0 MB-53330 - Get user name from query and add to scan requests
 14b3dc18 MB-54119 Gracefully exit on rebalance cancel or done during recovery
 6db1fb45 MB-54119 Gracefully exit shard transfer and restore on rebalance failure
 bbfe37c4 MB-54136 Cap the total number token in process at transferBatchSize
 c15eeace MB-54135 Reduce logging at decodeTransferToken phase
 ea791f25 MB-54135 Add elapsed time to rebalance transfer, restore, recovery
 c46bf15b MB-54082 Do not initialise shard_transfer_manager for non serverless deployments
 34c65479 MB-54090 Add support for single node swap rebalance in shard_rebalancer
 7624f9d3 MB-53757 Provide REST endpoint to determine the status of rebalance cleanup
 cca8d6db Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 f1974440 MB-53948: Fix deadlock due to schedIndexCreator.lock and comboIndexMut
 578b6000 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 21f636b5 MB-54078 add TYPE information for prometheus metrics
 1cc89638 MB-53789: Allow unlimited number of instances in a shard
 0d9d9595 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 af4d9b07 MB-54078 fix metrics format
 46f29436 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 22b3585c MB-52930 Enable shard rebalancer for serverless deployments
 a648c902 MB-52933 Handle cleanup of ShardTokens after rebalance
 11517280 MB-52992 Add path separators when merging config into path
 b53daadf Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 cbaff088 MB-52120 Add units_used_actual stat to planner
 2cbe30e3 MB-52120 Add indexer stats for units_quota/used
 c81ac907 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 89dbb28a MB-53940 Build ShardTransferManager only for enterprise
 418a583c MB-52930 Make rebalance master decide on dropping of instances on source
 a8d95a39 MB-52120 tenant aware planner scale down tests
 04e7b104 MB-52120 planner - tenant aware scale down
 d501baad Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 65b3deb1 MB-53507: Panic due to concurrent map read and map write
 2a4d96a4 MB-52189: Implement ingress lockdown on reaching disk size limits
 b1c172a2 MB-53640:Max no. of indexes a Tenant can create on Elixir is less than max capacity defined
 ea996408 MB-52933 Destroy shardId after all index instances are dropped
 6cd1f218 MB-52928 Use Copy mode for replica repair case
 75d015b9 MB-52930 Recover indexes from INITIAL state and set buildTs
 0be94df8 MB-52930 Batch sibling transfer tokens in same batch for shard rebalancer
 455568b8 MB-52930 Increment wait-groups when spawning go-routines for shard transfers
 9b5b3378 MB-52992 Integrate ns_server config with rebalance logic
 cb13c016 [cluster_ops] Add some config settings
 69b26a08 Take data and index quota as function arguments
 c7637e04 MB-52928 Check for replica repair or rebalance when processing primary indexes
 92c889f2 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 7ad315d6 MB-52436: Switch to zstd1 for both disk and in-mem compression
 ce1eda86 MB-52928 Compare partitions for replica instances and validate sibling ID
 275c1a31 MB-52930 Skip stream cleanup for indexes in state RECOVERED
 6a5ceb42 MB-52930 Handle deferred index creation through recovery
 5e44d50e Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 1cd8a1a8 MB-52930 Enable shard rebalancer for serverless deployments
 c5c72ad1 MB-53902 Add settings for file transfer based rebalance
 bb249f62 MB-52932 Handle computation of rebalance progress
 76f48602 MB-52928 Integrate planner into shard rebalancer
 32b6b49a MB-52928 Populate siblingTokenId in shard transfer tokens
 b27a3c77 MB-52928 Generate shard transfer tokens
 1d1a5be6 MB-52928 Persist ShardIds in local meta
 4fa6289b MB-52517:Disallow Parameters in With nodes Clause in Create Index.
 b3940993 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 8713ee87 MB-52930 Do asyncronous recovery at lifecycle manager
 14e921f8 MB-53733: Update go.mod for plasma s3 dependency
 d8c9776a MB-52928 Integrate shardIds into IndexUsage at planner
 6d242da5 MB-52928 Read shardIds from plasma slice
 5f4792ba MB-53401 - Stop read metering for scans triggered for CBO
 57daab71 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 3d42fc62 MB-53733: Update indexer
 61c00ee7 MB-53664, MB-52790 - update clusterVersion source
 cbafc451 MB-52189: Report per bucket disk used stat via prometheus
 dc16bc42 MB-53856 - disabling TestPartitionDistributionWithReplica
 8c40ff51 MB-53733: enable GO111MODULE for indexer in CI
 e5fd8beb MB-53006: Meter RUs after call back while iterating
 5003f018 MB-52109 tenant aware planner swap rebalance tests
 03550584 MB-52109 planner - tenant aware swap rebalance
 c983ca51 MB-52109 tenant aware planner replica repair tests
 ec1d702c MB-52109 planner - tenant aware replica repair
 828fb9ae MB-52109 export pendingDelete for unit tests
 a535a507 MB-53480 Use streamId to check for catchup pending
 45bd0184 MB-52930 Remove unwanted logging
 c9018598 MB-52930 Handle ShardTokenReady state
 79e54188 MB-52930 waitForIndexBuild for each shard transfer
 b26909a5 MB-52930 Recover index into slice and build recovered index
 e095281d MB-52930 Recover index from disk on destination node during shard rebalance
 0ff2602d MB-52930 Initiate local clean-up of shard on error at destination
 469fd350 MB-52930 Initiate shard restore at destination
 99d99179 MB-100 : enable GO111MODULE only for Plasma CI unit-tests
 071e9308 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/unstable'
 b390698e MB-53733: Update CI dotest GO111MODULE=auto
 f538d2db MB-53733: Update go.mod for nitro
 9bc78da7 MB-52096: Add settings for discretionary quota
 ece5e6c5 MB-100 adding latest go version in path
 9e084721 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable'
 b116b634 go mod tidy
 4311cdee MB-53395 - Fix WriteMetering to not meter for replica instances
 a85f2367 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/unstable'
 7bdc0a77 Update go mod tidy
 16f82aa3 MB-52930 Handle cleanup of shards during failed transfer at source
 7d90de41 MB-52930 Initiate shard transfer at source
 8ffa4a80 MB-52930 Initiate shard transfer from rebalance master
 b420b033 [cluster_ops]  Update cluster_ops tool to add nodes with server groups
 88223c44 Infra to add nodes to cluster in a server group
 7f5ea408 MB-52927 Add SiblingTokenId state to transfer token
 3b26ebd2 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 4626b951 update go.mod
 e0a1a67c Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 3774d0ab Update/correct 'replace' directives in go.mod
 252187c1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 df3e4c00 MB-52109 change defaults for mem_high/mem_low thresholds
 bede330b MB-52109 Update test files to use mandatoryQuota
 d2b9a6d8 MB-52109 integrate with plasma mandatory quota stat
 a11367c3 MB-52109 tenant aware planner rebalance tests
 86e9356d MB-52109 tenant aware planner placement tests
 b037edab MB-52109 planner - add placement constraints for HWM/LWM usage
 14fe5c56 MB-52109 planner - implement Planner interface for TenantAwarePlanner
 91725858 MB-52109 planner - tenant aware rebalance
 0bd80dda MB-52109 planner - use Units thresholds in LWM/HWM calculations
 0fd7ae16 MB-52109 planner - add Units thresholds to config
 4e85e297 MB-52109 planner - add UsageThreshold to Plan
 3e90f268 MB-52109 planner - allow single node subcluster during initial placement
 742f44b3 MB-52109 Do not use round robin planner in serverless deployment
 c7cf437d MB-53482: Set MaxDiskUsagePerShard to be MaxInt64
 81f64f52 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 540eab05 MB-53361 updating go.mod
 4da8ba0f MB-51825: Remove vbuckets arg from indexer command line and its usage
 de1130b5 MB-52927 Rename state to ShardTokenState for shard transfer tokens
 6766fd34 MB-52930 Populate topologyChange in ShardRebalancer object
 ccbefd19 [cluster_ops] Add local CreateBucket to avoid dependencies on kvutility
 6fc5b3a3 MB-52930 update processTokens logic for shard rebalance
 922fff19 MB-52930 Add ShardRebalancer & RebalanceProvider
 2194dfa3 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 61b7c959 MB-51825: Scan_Coordinator - Fetch numVbuckets from cinfo
 cefcb745 MB-52927 Update transfer token structure for shard transfer rebalance
 d60f5ee3 MB-52927 Add new ShardTokenState structure
 ca1d211b MB-53412: Nil pointer in dedupedIndexStats in mix mode cluster.
 b9f6cfc4 MB-51825: Add NumVBuckets in TsVbuuid struct and fix tsvbuuid pool
 b179f036 MB-51825: TimeKeeper - Fetch numVbuckets from cinfo
 fc82bfd5 MB-51825: Mutation_Manager - Fetch numVbuckets from cinfo
 7ded3a0a MB-51825: Storage_Manager - Fetch numVbuckets from cinfo
 a578c37d MB-51825: Fix memedb_slice_test adding numVBuckets arg
 74167121 MB-51825: Indexer - Fetch numVBuckets from cinfo
 a36626b2 MB-51825: Pass numVBuckets to Storage from indexer
 9f5873f4 MB100 : Add function to satisfy datastore.Context interface
 14994f26 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 19ea81d4 MB-100: Fix memdb TestDiskCorruption
 9763e158 [cluster_ops] Set shard_aware_rebalance to true for testing
 930dde57 MB-53482: Add config paramter for discretionary quota
 a7f73f92 MB-53482: Add plasma serverless parameters to config
 5be475ce MB-53482: Notify plasma when index instance state becomes ACTIVE
 37158699 MB-53482: Indicate initial index build when initializing plasma stores
 37276059 MB-53482: Enable serverless mode for plasma
 ef9e3833 MB-51825: Avoid caching numVBuckets in dcp_seqno[_local].go
 6bbc1661 MB100: Add *.log to gitignore
 d86eeb40 MB100: Add stub functions of  MeteringTransaction for community edition
 7407ed28 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 097eede2 MB-53480 - Add serverless check for starting regulator in Projector
 3792f57a MB-51825: kvsender - Fetch numVbuckets from cinfo
 c799c52d Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 358195b1 MB-53006: Add metering for iterating equal keys
 04d40186 MB-53401 : Stop read metering for Scans triggered from CBO
 6d6cf71e MB-47409: Log nil values in NodeTable
 24a5d677 MB-47409 Add more logging when inserting nil value into back store
 6f34c62e MB-100 parseStorageStats.go log processing tool
 c4fff760 MB-52308 Part 5 (7.2.0 1739) Elixir Pause-Resume feature for GSI
 6558062e [cluster_ops] Set storage mode when initialising cluster
 fb6a36fd Add cluster_ops tool to perform cluster_ops
 7e07d103 MB-53312: Send ReadUnits to query for CountIndex5 API
 46499eed Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 9782a2ca MB-53179: Allow scheduled index creation during rebalance in serverless
 bbbc3762 enable Integration tests fixing testrunner repo clone
 e4020566 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 77d88e3b MB-100:Bug to track trivial code merges Updating GOVERSION to 1.18.4
 3294901b MB-53183 Do not check snap alignment for INIT_STREAM
 7926c000 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 6400782d MB-53221 Use copies of snapshot timestamp when computing restartTs
 76239203 MB-53183 Init snapAligned flag to false for timestamp
 1ee0da41 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 e98c0849 MB-53183 Log if the disk snapshot timestamp fails snapAligned check
 56231d82 CBPS-1037: cbindexperf: Support aribitry size key for RandomScanRange
 57cc5bae Cleanup regulator init (-= TlsCAFile, unused optional params)
 aef76ced MB-34863:Add lastUsed info to system:indexes
 a93ab255 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 315d536c MB-53048: Update numSliceWriters as per the cgroup setting
 74198371 MB-52308 Part 4 (7.2.0 1636) Elixir Pause-Resume feature for GSI
 6f18f3d6 MB-51917:Limit to max 200 indexes per bucket
 94496ebf Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 eef201f1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 dd9f8075 Replace references to deprecated regulator APIs
 5b69aeb8 MB-53111 Use all disk snapshots on DCP rollback
 6a940e64 MB-52151: Fix Array index write metering
 a867b9e2 MB-52874 fixing forcex86 flag parse
 7a30a82e MB-52148: Pass readUnits to query for Index3 and PrimaryIndex3 API
 39515124 MB-52874 Fix dobuild script
 4a96f539 MB-52874 adding CE build for CI
 faf121b8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 17125bb9 MB-52939: Add Recover logic for panic during scan request creation
 6933f65d MB-52308 Part 3 (7.2.0 1517) Elixir Pause-Resume feature for GSI
 959066cf Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 d6625c18 MB-52925 fixing concurrent read and write on buildTsLock map
 50146dda MB-52976: Change min version for missing leading key to 7.1.2
 7193462d MB-100: Temporarily disable integration tests
 c8673065 MB-52922 Use OSO for magma only for non-default scope/collection
 f87be6e9 MB-100: Create directories for testrunner external dependencies in CI build
 15498580 MB-100: Update CI build script to pick up new testrunner changes
 324220c3 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 dbce6efd MB-52148: Fix CE Build break with MeteringTransaction addition
 0002c464 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 c95f6e8c MB-52148: Add read metering in plasma iterate function
 c8bac7ea MB100: Fix functional tests for query changes for metering
 662b6008 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 351fdf48 MB-52877 (7.2.0 1517) Add new Query Elixir interface stubs to tests
 c0dfdc6d MB-52151: Dont meter deletes in insert paths
 c18a6e4c MB100: Fix Missing leading key test, make INCLUDE keyword mandatory
 577d6385 MB-52109 Tenant aware planner for index placement
 2493caf6 MB-52109 New config for serverless low/high memory threshold
 f43f78ff Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 cfe2d40d MB-52505: fix CE build++
 de8caf24 MB-52505: fix CE build
 7e4a804e Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 9d4db697 MB-52835: Upgrade golang version to 1.18.3 for indexing binaries
 b49b9d4e MB-52505: include metering/throttling stats in /_prometheusMetricsHigh
 f15e62b3 MB-52462:Handle Panics in go routines while loading snapshot(MOI)
 792c0f5e MB-52514 Do not process collectionDrop for all collection drops
 65aefb79 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 4e169a27 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 a828d4d6 Clean up dependency declarations on generated files
 41dd6311 MB-52643 Enable OSO mode for magma bucket
 d904e5f1 MB-51066: Print stats and info on PickRandom Error
 e369ba02 MB-51063: Dont refetch stats in filterByTiming after finding leastLoad
 96ab7c5e MB-51615: Turn off slow sweep interval increment
 20e09f1d MB-52355: Add more logging when maxCompositeFilters > Num SecKeys
 7435ca4c MB-51993: Add configs for AutoTune LSS Flush Buffers
 41d4d762 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 30e97032 MB-52308 Part 2 (7.2.0 1312) Elixir Pause-Resume feature for GSI
 928085db MB100: Run cluster_run with --serverless when DEPLOYMENT_MODEL is serverless
 a02c9712 MB-51825: Projector: Stop using vbuckets from command line
 fda2f406 MB-52308 Part 1 (7.2.0 1312) Elixir Pause-Resume feature for GSI
 fca185b9 MB-51825: Remove maxVBuckets from projector client
 4d2a99b9 MB-51825: Fix projector code to fetch numVBuckets from terseBucket API
 fefae9a8 MB-51825: Remove maxVBuckets from Dataport server
 c236d7e8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 c4c98030 MB-52256 Add TestFailureAndRebalanceDuringInitialIndexBuild
 ae9755d7 MB-52256 Pre-compute DDL running before validation for bootstrap
 54370ee2 MB-51825: Remove unused NumVBuckets & PartitionSize in KeyPartitionContainer
 fa44e72d MB-52097 (7.2.0 1312) Accept new clientCertFile, clientKeyFile flags
 1aaba715 MB-52519 Log indexer stats at exit during forced panic
 f5b34842 MB-52389 Log consumer ID when serviceChangeNotifier times out
 8ba01cbe MB-51425 Keep minNumShard consistent with max_cpu_percent unless changed
 04f19622 Revert "MB-51425 Keep minNumShard consistent with max_cpu_percent unless changed explicitly"
 3dbc6fae MB-51825: Add common.GetNumVBuckets function to fetch numVBuckets
 e8be9c4a MB-52378: Add INCLUDE keyword in indexes with missingLeadingKey
 6ec67935 MB-51825: VariableNumVBuckets-1: Add numVBuckets to ClusterInfoProvider
 74345e34 MB-52457 : Provide a global function for query to pass deploymentModel
 c0c0a2ce Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 d10013ea MB-52151: write metering and throttling for indexer.
 11d7e350 MB-52151: write metering and throttling for indexer.
 bd10c9e1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 28776a92 MB-51359: Add plasma compress full marshal config
 befa86ce Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 ec72072a MB-52353: Use regulator helper function to avoid direct use of ctx ctor
 5a025974 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 5e2f5582 MB-52283: Add json jemalloc stats wrapper to community stub
 46107f7d MB-52284: Add jemalloc profiling wrappers to community stub
 9e14c7a0 MB-52126: Bind regulator handler to /_metering endpoint on indexing http server.
 b60e1c8a Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 c9e1ac32 MB-51006:Fixes needed for indexing internal version monitor Change-Id: If818822d15792d7c65b417ea841d01888bc96a1a
 d31b3dcf MB-52185: Add -deploymentModel param to indexer and projector
 9cb34380 MB-52284: Add jemalloc profiling endpoints
 72a40321 MB-52283: Add json option to jemalloc stats endpoint
 eae2f5ad MB-51425 Keep minNumShard consistent with max_cpu_percent unless changed explicitly
 b5650236 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 8bd5e1bf MB-52055: Don't enforce dataport server timeout in mixed mode
 6b4ed481 MB-52130 Refactor regulator integration for CE/EE
 093c477e Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 dd0140e7 MB-52130 Add build stubs for projector main
 597edfb5 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 9121c876 MB-100 Pickup nitro repo for CI bot
 6f5e81a2 MB-52130: integrate regulator for KV throttling
 18af83a4 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 7baf0c47 MB-49710:Expose configured num_replica for each index via n1ql "system:indexes"
 8a18bdd3 MB-51589: Implement node level scan stats
 8f78cd6d Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 64d4a34d MB-47512: MissingLeadingKey-8 Allow Missing for internal version 7.1.1
 cafeb0f9 MB-51615: Add config for plasma sweep interval increment duration
 dcb19d68 MB-51709:Make indexer.dataport.enableAuth setting mutable.
 4f3456be Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 5aa19c89 MB-47512: MissingLeadingKey-6 Enable indexing of Missing Leading Array
 765c776c MB-47512: MissingLeadingKey-5 Add version check using missing keyword
 ea3eb532 MB-47512: MissingLeadingKey-4 Add unit tests
 8cbd0bee MB-47512: MissingLeadingKey-3 Pass missing attr to projector
 41b2140e Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 d2693d85 MB-47512: MissingLeadingKey-2 Add missing attr to index defn
 cb1b520a MB-47512: MissingLeadingKey-1 Add missing param upto BridgeAccessor
 6c9792e6 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 c05e453d MB-51919: Index Service - Update GoLang to 1.18.1
 26b4c5b2 MB-51761: indexer blocked during storage warmup on MOI storage, causing rebalance failure.
 45d60b6a MB-48612 Autof2 Part 1 (7.1.0 2335) Disk error counting for indexer code
 d8b92790 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 55dd8c8e MB-51779: Fix internal version check for client auth
 e5c17598 MB-51532: jemalloc: Use Release library instead of JEMALLOC_LIBRARIES
 eb2915bd MB-51570: Indexer crash with error "panic: Fail to find real index instance 3055985754217342362"
 24dde9bd Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 9f5c7f17 MB-51636: Make vbucket fetch in kv_sender and projector synchronous
 12e385c5 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 eff5c076 MB-51499: Unify backfillMonitor, logStats routines
 7a53ed6f Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 fc752426 MB-51363 Disable panic assertion during partition index merge
 fa7621e0 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 b35cc2f9 Revert "MB-51363 Force INMEM_SNAP generation after recovery"
 fc366b76 MB-51330 handle recovery of INIT_STREAM in Catchup phase
 fe23d5de Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 8d7a4bc5 MB-51349 Block checkInitStreamReadyToMerge while recovery is being initiated
 d17d7cdd MB-51330 (7.1.0 2335) Fix log flooding cases
 1368911a Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 3dea9a07 MB-51371: Return emtpy array when local KV has no vb for bucket
 32f2dd6e MB-100: Reduce plasma unit test logging in ci script
 faa2ca54 MB-51350 fix incorrect return message when auth is skipped
 36bdbfb0 MB-51363 Force INMEM_SNAP generation after recovery
 4496b56b Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 1da27097 MB-51358: Fix nil token handling in verifySchedTransfer
 bed27221 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 20f5e2e2 MB-51316 Handle 0 or memory limit beyond system limits in cgroups
 2faf4c77 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 c16f4281 MB-51274: Avoid log flooding during kv-rebalance before starting indexer service on node addition - during upgrade
 18db0d22 MB-51196 Prevent connection object leak by deleting closed connections
 7fae01df Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 4b928b0c MB-51229: Fix concurrent idx.config (map) access
 d7b66fe7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 15985657 MB-51272:Change default value of indexer.settings.rebalance.redistribute_indexes to false
 d88adcb8 MB-51221: Use collection endpoint in cinfoLite only if version >= 7
 21baee11 BSL License updates - Couchbase Server Version 7.1
 985739dd Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 64d1a909 MB-51215: Upgrade 6.6.5 -> 7.1.0 , index rebalance hung
 af844d7e Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 d04b88d5 MB-51025: Avoid data cleanup for tombstone inst if data is valid
 2b6bdb90 MB-51096 Lock protect fetch from ns_server in internal version monitor
 21955462 MB-51096 Keep reader and response body in sync
 e428a6fd Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 2c39ec1f MB-51151 fix storage manager response for FORCE_COMMIT_MERGE
 a06a5539 MB-50557: Reduce log message size in MutationStreamReader::updateOSOMarkerInFilter
 ad7111bc MB-50557: Reduce logging in Lifecycle Janitor
 3715683b MB-50557: Reduce logging in Indexer::processCollectionDrop
 102ccc58 MB-50557: Move TK SystemEvent log to Verbose Level
 a7e1498c MB-50831: Fix error handling in bucketInfo
 2a0a4166 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 c6fb19b8 MB-48247 Set EnableContainerSupport true by default
 564c9e95 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 32d41ffa MB-50831: Use values from config when retrying to fetch bucketInfo
 d3a5764f MB-51096 Increase the size of bucketInfoCh and collManifestCh
 4756eae3 MB-51096 Prevent go routine leaks in internalVersion::notifier
 40611adb MB-51040 Fix the computation of getTotalPendingItems
 98e45c0d Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 1876364d MB-50831: Avoid pool REST call to verify bucket exists or not
 00b88466 MB-50943 (7.1.0 2284) Fix boot init of Index Service node topology
 af1fd1aa MB-51029: Indexes Replica on Failed over node is not getting build when the node is added back with recovery
 423e3d75 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 44577f42 MB-100 Change queryport log level to Warn for CI test
 60517453 MB-51096 Do not instantiate cinfo client in internal version monitor
 c833be6a Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 f8a88e57 MB-51103: Force queryport client auth on AuthResponse retry
 cf7cfd2f MB-100 Sleep for 2 seconds after rebalance to allow for cleanup to finish
 7dd7bb88 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 0ac5e429 MB-50006 FORCE_COMMIT_MERGE before updating instance status
 871171fd MB-48247 Add EnableContainerSupport to indexer config
 6591bb23 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 0a0b5605 MB-49382 Part 3 (7.1.0 2284) Fix num_cpu_core indexer stat for cgroups
 15811307 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 1908414d MB-50323: Implement internal version monitor
 6efe8de7 MB-51018 account for nil mergeTs during stream merge
 1e3e01a9 MB-50584: Add close channel to streaming endpoints in service notifier
 6bc9911a MB-50584: Revert "MB-46610 Fix more TCP connection leaks"
 1278b174 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 175352af MB-46554:Support to alter indexes in cbindex
 739a2a07 MB-50968 Log additional information with CollateJSONEncode errors
 6354c44a MB-50958 Return NIL collection or scope ID's when bucket is not found
 6677db84 MB-50431 Enable flush for MAINT_STREAM if merge is skipped
 12f9b244 MB-50922 Stream merge should wait if another is in progress
 4bc06a30 MB-50431 Force a commit snapshot for stream merge with lower seqno
 09b8b99e MB-43886: Add stats endpoint for cinfolite in indexer and projector
 b7e8b79d Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 7553878d MB-50006 Send INMEM_SNAP for flush inspite of noChange
 e3362225 MB-50898 Do not log errors when plasma has disabled logging
 5b1a03b6 MB-50006 Use the same snapContainer even after rollback
 b247c989 MB-50006 Acquire muSnap lock before processing flushDone
 7f0af208 MB-50770 (7.1.0 2179) Reduce retries under waitForScheduledIndex()
 22e385e6 Revert "Debugging MB-50006"
 286f6788 MB-50164: Analyze impact of in-memory compression on planner index movement
 9034f686 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 77d57f20 MB-50323: Implement handler for getInternalVersion for n1ql client
 7dfec776 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 0bccf742 MB-50557: Move Index StorageStats for Plasma to indexer_stats.log
 f842ccc9 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 68e0a061 MB-50803 Retry on EOF errors during POST request
 5bc975ea MB-50793 Provide global API for security config change
 0f6681da Revert "MB-50282 Handle errors from sendBufferAck"
 13864c5d Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 5ef5b4af MB-50323: Implement indexer adminport auth functions
 5415ba9c MB-50250: Add plasma CompressMemoryThreshold config
 b4940069 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 1a614331 MB-50761: Fix error handling in queryport server doAuth
 45140c26 MB-50557: Remove logging for OSO Snapshot marker in timekeeper
 b1733a49 MB-100: Fix upr tool to handle latest changes in code
 dcd88f51 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 fca563bb MB-50664: Indexes stuck at state building in travel-sample bucket
 058c2d94 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 c2ff8586 MB-50397 Share the request/stopCh for OSO build recovery
 2f3b10c3 MB-50381 Log partnIds only for keyspace of interest
 09126dad Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 f2606f00 MB-49879: Allow non secure ports in Alter Index in Encryption mode all
 8af5ac4c MB-49356 Part 6 = the real fix (7.1.0 2103) Use correct dest in TT keys
 3dce8d8b MB-50512: Index building stuck on sample bucket
 934f25ac Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 b10f4275 MB-49382 Part 2 (7.1.0 2103) Make stats, other missed code cgroup-aware
 9c170683 MB-50322: Enable dataport auth
 29df58c5 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 e5ab9da7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 b4a9e7ae MB-43886: Fix cinfoProviderLocks for hot swap
 baab659e Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 e565361e MB-43886: Update cinfo config paths and fix hot swap
 7baeff42 MB-43886: Add ClusterInfoProvider in indexer and timekeeper
 d98ae031 MB-49356 Part 5 (7.1.0 2037) Planner constraint violation checks
 5dc380fe Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 40f14fb0 MB-39263: Remove V2 suffix from metakv APIs.
 a3978bbc MB-43886: Add ClusterInfoProvider in KVSender
 dd3627ba MB-50431 allow merge for non snap aligned force commit timestamp
 064b752e MB-50431 do not snap align FORCE_COMMIT_MERGE timestamp
 011e24ac Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 3ee82a82 MB-100: Fix the error message for queryport errors
 e99a8371 MB-50322: Add read timeout for queryport auth
 2c7509aa MB-50322: Implement indexer dataport auth
 b169be46 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 56b67820 MB-43886: Fix cinfoProvider hot swap in Projector
 468aa7a6 MB-46617 (7.1.0 2037) Improve log messages in OnIndexCreate()
 74e4730f MB-46610 (7.1.0 2037) Fix more TCP connection leaks
 ad2d3c32 MB-49153 avoid sessionId collision on indexer restart
 b9c756b5 MB-43886: Add ClusterInfoProvider in IndexManager and RequestHandler
 3ffc3d70 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 3a409edd Debugging MB-50006
 8351d361 MB-49382 (7.1.0 2012) Indexer use cgroups CPU and mem info when enabled
 73d1d737 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 4b83dc97 MB-43886: Send PoolChangeNotitification on service notifier restart
 d86c77c6 MB-43886: Use hash value in NodeServiceURI to check if ports changed
 3f3f3b1f MB-50006 Do not add nil snapshot for deleted indexes
 c9aeea03 MB-49501 Part 6 (7.1.0 2037): Shorten HealthCheck "Slow call" threshold
 008f6c82 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 d2a6f6ab Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 610c468d MB-50282 Handle errors from sendBufferAck
 411a6b5f MB-49381 Ignore the projector.maxCpuPercent > availble CPU change
 f5885d47 MB-50181 Avoid polling in pollForDeletedBuckets in projector
 cdeaba85 MB-50181 Avoid polling in pollForDeletedBuckets in indexer
 2709c905 MB-100 Fetch only pool related info. in monitorKVNodes
 356fee80 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 e8ecd95d MB-49381 support for sigar cgroup in projector process
 7629b835 MB-50165 Proceed with merge when initFlushTs goes past maintFlushTs
 cc661e70 MB-50273 (7.1.0 2004) Autofailover: Do not consider scheduled indexes
 95c8e982 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 5a2ea283 MB-43886: Add ClusterInfoProvider in schedIndexCreator
 59e17830 MB-43886: Use static ports in ClusterInfoProvider when needed
 54f21e26 MB-43886: Use bucketInfo in GetBucketUUID
 c9dfcab1 MB-49325: Add configs for hole cleaning
 37f7e94b MB-45990 (7.1.0 1910) Active indexes reported building in system_indexes
 3e1dff8c MB-43886: Force fetch when ServiceChangeNotifier is restarted
 5311754f Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 70278c85 MB-43886: Make Info log to Debug to indicate no hash values changed
 ead092b7 MB-49356 Part 1: (7.1.0 1910) Fix Planner constraint violation check
 9ad72e5a MB-37052: Use zero as a default value for plasma.LSSSegmentFileSize
 8d3522b0 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 766ec09f MB-46139: getMinMemory calculation is wrong when resident ratio is low
 0581a844 MB-50008 fix num_docs_queued stat
 9c2258ea MB-49293 : Print logs at Error level on getIndexStatus failure
 07fafb93 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 dfed9f77 MB-50165 Do not force snapshot if initFlushTs is greater than mergeTs
 e01dcd7b MB-50143 Clear event manager book-keeping on notifications
 b8ab9263 MB-50143 Log more information when calls to ns_server fails
 451687a1 MB-47254 (7.1.0 1910) Avoid log flooding from watcherServer connect fail
 1a8c34a0 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 7d0d14c7 MB-31421: Implement indexer queryport auth
 6ae7c4ce MB-43886 : Add ability to hot swap from cinfo to cinfo lite
 1fe9f393 MB-43886 : Integrate ClusterInfoProvider into Projector and LifeCycleMgr
 ccffe8f3 MB-43886 : Add ClusterInfoProvider Interface
 bcfff5cd Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into master
 d1864d3a MB-48897: Add plasma zstd directories to cmake file
 c6652ed1 MB-48897: Change default in-memory compression to zstd
 eb7756ac MB-48897: Add plasma zstd unit tests to CI
 51de785a MB-100 Remove analytics service from building
 e08c9d6f MB-50008 Log OSO HWT for pending builds
 f0d7a1ee Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 510c15ed MB-50006 Force snapshot generation with maintFlushTs from timekeeper
 f9f16c4b Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 a44a8bca MB-48897: Make plasma in-memory compression algorithm configurable
 e778b249 MB-50058 Skip vbuuid check if target seqno is '0' during snapshot merge
 1d2fda80 MB-50006 Code Refactor - handleIndexMergeSnapshot for easy lock/unlock
 08563949 MB-50008 disable OSO mode for magma bucket
 8cc3b2cb Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 12a78d6d MB-49079 (7.1.0 1861) Rebalance: Omit inconsistent indexes from Planner
 888c51e7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 b674cfaf MB-48897: Disable plasma decompress during swapin config
 bcd0e86b MB-48897: Add plasma compress after swapin config
 b908442a Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 cea82180 MB-49855: Add system events for indexes scheduled for background creation
 71150787 MB-49926 : Skip calling ServerGroups API in CE
 9cc3bff4 MB-49501 Part 5 (7.1.0 1861): Log long heartbeats; reduce dump frequency
 efc7250f Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 4d92f578 MB-43886 : Add bucketInfo to clusterInfoCacheLite
 39e5d769 MB-43886 : Add Collection Info to ClusterInfoCacheLite
 a4eaf13a MB-49780: [System Test] items_count stat negative for multiple indexes
 58027c0d MB-49501 Part 4 (7.1.0 1861): Temp disable CPU throttling for perf tests
 f1a81abb Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 235e3e2a MB-49356 Part 3 (7.1.0 1745): Runtime: Don't overwrite newer cache entry
 08499e0f MB-49838 Revert back to using collection seqnos for session consistent scans
 5f8d5ea4 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 dd88c97c MB-49356 Part 2 (7.1.0 1745): Boot: don't overwrite newer cache entries
 a5400747 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 bda7dff9 MB-49873 use correct interface conversion for MsgStreamError
 7e5f45e6 MB-100 Use %s formatter for logging rebalance token
 442d4ecd MB-48243 Cleanup erroneous MoveIndexToken in Janitor
 53a57765 MB-48243 Cleanup erroneous tokens as a part of orphan token cleanup
 ac596d83 MB-39662 enable OSO by default
 0088b4f8 MB-43796 use true_with_seqno_advanced for OSO mode
 739da27c MB-43796 enable OSO after cluster upgrade to 7.1
 badb98da MB-49851: Revert "MB-48897: Enable plasma in-mem compression configs"
 71e29187 MB-46068 Re-Enable timestamp validation for partition merge
 a00b35f1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 9dcb9a41 MB-43886 : Add basic clusterInfoClientLite
 19232c79 MB-48896:Implement fail-fast mechanism in metadata_provider for free tier limits
 ffdf1d62 MB-46068 Force disk snapshot with maintFlushTs during merge
 5cda891c Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 2eff3732 MB-49743 : Dont omit replica id when 0
 7627b880 MB-48229: Fix race between build index command and it's token processing
 df4a2737 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 b5c2ed8c MB-43886: Fetch data on Hash Change in PoolChangeNotification
 6831b39b MB-49356 Part 1 (7.1.0 1695): Autofailover: IsSafe() more logging
 fa06f68b MB-49501 Part 3 (7.1.0 1695): Autofailover: Make CPU throttling safer
 e8c2cc3c MB-49501 Part 2 (7.1.0 1695): Autofailover: Make CPU throttling safer
 e3673def Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 3b29b923 MB-49700: Account for compressed records in resident_percent
 0cbc503a MB-46251 Handle errors in shutdownVBuckets code path
 2a2c4cdc MB-44775: All array index show wrong item indexed count in UI
 e9350384 MB-49694 (7.1.0 1695): Smart Batching: Additional logging
 4b9d513e Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 adac97c0 MB-49591 Check seq. order violation for snapshot messages
 d8ba487e MB-49662 Part 1 (7.1.0 1650): Autofailover: Make CPU throttling safer
 4b867f13 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 c47451bc MB-49326: [System Test] Seeing indexer crash with error - "IndexScanSource - panic detected while processing defnId..."
 1d6dc8f0 MB-49242:GSI Tier limit on Index instances can be by-passed using Alter Indexes
 c0b16205 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 653a0a7a MB-48897: Enable plasma in-mem compression configs
 3e7ab93f MB-48977: Correct timeout error generation
 98919ca3 MB-49518: Handle pivot is last node in memdb Close
 aec789d2 MB-100 Skip tmp folder when retrieving disk snapshots
 549049a3 MB-48409 Log more information when index scan timesout
 ebd28beb Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 5e41a446 MB-100 Fix failing MOI test TestIdxCorruptPartitionedIndex
 99326e21 MB-100 Use https for adding nodes in functional tests
 469528d6 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 d3fbf585 MB-46483: Prioritise index movement from deleted nodes during rebalance.
 02620009 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 9a780428 MB-43696 fix negative num_docs_queued stat for OSO
 28d70978 MB-49400 (7.1.0 1601) Autofailover: Improve logging
 4c465062 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 1325b49c Changes to del-failed CI script
 dd2d96a8 MB-49311 Move shared code to common_test.go
 046245ce Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 99a6e0f7 MB-35108 (7.1.0 1558) Get mutex for sysconf accesses + performance fixes
 3c2b6eb4 MB-49265 Force log maint and init flushTs if build is pending for long time
 452eb56e MB-49265 Share timestamp between genServer and runScatter for kvdata
 608bd0a2 MB-48299 (7.1.0 1558) Add IPv6 support to utils.go GetLocalIP()
 14b45a18 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 97cf7edb MB-49313 (7.1.0 1558) Pass *new* CPU throttle target to CpuThrottle
 2ad831d3 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 b95839be MB-45810 Add TestOSOInitBuildIndexerRestart
 a70fbc77 MB-45810 Generate in-memory snapshot for OSO
 ca865524 MB-48981 Part 2 (7.1.0 1558) Smart Batching MOI performance regression
 4bee6420 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 bf6e34be MB-49012: Implement server group aware initial placement for partition repair
 29d3819d MB-49012: Fix partition repair for more than one replica.
 2d635248 MB-43246 Avoid leaks in plasma_parallel_test.go
 2cec9eb9 MB-49080 Add tests for missing, null, empty values in flattened array index
 238168dc MB-49080 Populate missing values for all keys for flatten array index
 778beb01 MB-48273: Index creation with empty magma bucket is stuck forever.
 8c5f8b32 MB-49012: Implement server group aware initial placement for replica repair
 66822310 MB-100 Disable analytics and cbas-ui for tlm/CMakelists.txt as well
 09a92e20 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 cf88bf84 MB-48981 Part 1 (7.1.0 1551) Smart Batching MOI performance regression
 66970298 MB-47028: Unify formatting for SettingsChange events
 86c86bc8 MB-46320 Make closing streams/recovery asyncronous in bootstrap1
 92045c82 MB-45484 Incrementally update index instances at scan coordinator
 725c9fb9 MB-45484 Incrementally update bootstrap stats
 525a91e4 MB-100: tools: Add perf test like workload in randdocs
 30d2ff07 MB-46320 Lock protect writes and reads from kvSenderCmdCh
 9c5bd8a7 MB-46320 Lock protect writes and reads from clustMgrAgentCmdCh
 be53a62e Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 02264062 MB-49083 (7.1.0 1542) Do not add nil stats entry to respMap on failure
 0262f009 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 e719d7d9 MB-48897: Add plasma in-memory compression configs
 85cab48d MB-49105 fix panic during OSO recovery
 fe732785 MB-49104 Ensure recovery after OSO exception
 2edfde92 MB-45810 add unit test for OSO mode
 b97e5138 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 e8a349c6 MB-49070 Initialise audit service in projector
 5b9a3165 MB-100 Fix broken transfer token logging
 3ca1305f MB-49034 (7.1.0 1469) Eliminate use of ClusterInfoCache in genRebalanceToken()
 24949d9c Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 48dac0b3 MB-48730 (7.1.0 1469) Rework DDLServiceMgr post-Rebalance processing
 31e21d25 MB-48917: Investigate if error "Fail to due generate SSL certificate: x509KeyPair: parsePrivateKey
 91497831 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 1bd4f0ca MB-49031 Set lastActiveTime when sending sync message
 11a55468 MB-48664 Use GSI client for GroupAggr tests
 e5503301 MB-48664 Remove query and gomemcached CI bot fetch from build script
 3145bae4 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 6f69a821 MB-48604: Enable redaction of index names in api/v1/stats
 729514b5 MB-48980 Smart Batching: Properly handle topologyChange == nil
 7118c095 MB-48177: Incorrect aggregate results from index
 8c0aa153 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 6b419a4c MB-48815 Move sync message generation to endpoint
 678a5181 MB-48754 Do not cleanup index data when flush is in progress
 48a7d3e5 MB-48951 Fix firstSnap for OSO mode
 b2aeb07e MB-45810 ensure disk snapshot for OSO build completion
 532b48f1 MB-47028: Add System Events for Index partition Error state change
 10c951b9 MB-48664 Use request_plus consistency for primary index scan
 09d4dcbd MB-48157 Do not invoke syncWorker when there are no mutations
 f12d4606 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 47621655 MB-47100 Performance: Change dcp/pools.go value receivers to pointer
 3e68db54 MB-48885 Smart Batching: properly handle globalTopology == nil
 0d69454f Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 528ad43e MB-44738 Part 3 (7.1.0 1469) Autofailover for Index Service feature
 95dc4cba Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 ab5097f1 MB-48553 Change the way flush buffer is invoked
 f850d705 MB-48869 Add missing nil check for GetLocalIndexMetadataFromCache return
 0f23f658 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 149d40d4 MB-47195: Set new bloom config during upgrade
 dffd3edf MB-47195: Add and map new plasma bloom config
 4278e811 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 eaadae86 MB-100 Use goversion of indexer for functional tests
 3c5106a5 MB-47028: Add System Events for Index partition Created, Building, Online, Deleted & Added
 74527776 MB-48273: Index creation with empty magma bucket is stuck forever.
 758f2d04 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 c922b00d MB-44738 Part 2 (7.1.0 1368) Autofailover for Index Service feature
 6c36aebb MB-44738 Part 1 (7.1.0 1368) Autofailover for Index Service feature
 6f536d25 MB-48732 Add gomemcached patches to CI
 37a85bb9 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 504ffb8b MB-47028: Start SystemEventLogger and log Settings Change
 4f51022a Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 6b787660 MB-47619: Free tier GSI support Planner
 ef31c122 MB-48442: Fix SetTLSConfigAndCACert to load caFile
 8a92ab18 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 833d46f7 MB-48664 Fix dobuild to pull CI patches from query
 6ebb23c2 MB-48664 Apply CI bot for query repo
 515ac546 MB-48442: cbindexperf allow TLS connections.
 ee3869b6 MB-47619: Implement infra to check if scope limits need to be enforced
 25f9d913 MB-48580: Magma GSI index test hit "panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference"
 04217bb2 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 7ac4e056 MB-47176: Support multiple CA Certificates in GSI
 5cccbd6e MB-47619: Free tier GSI support Retrieval of limit
 9bb89e58 MB-48442: cbindex allow TLS connections.
 912c6001 MB-48600 Restart inactive MAINT_STREAM during stream merge
 97c4ab32 MB-47014 : Support encrypted certificate / key / password - Index Added support for pkcs#8 encrypted private keys.
 328bac72 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 6413d06e MB-47787: [memdb] Add check for UseMemoryMgmt in TestExecuteConcurrGCWorkers
 c6c915b6 MB-47787: [memdb] Update GOARCH Checks for Arm64
 3cb53322 MB-47787: [memdb] Add test to validate skiplist with concurrent inserts & dels
 985fb61c MB-47787: [memdb] Add user managed memory support for default skliplist
 51bbc06e MB-46510: Sequential index creation is failing with "Build Already In Progress"
 a634aed0 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 7bd041ff MB-40583 Add tests for group/aggr for flattened array index
 eaa7d931 MB-40583 Unexplode secExprs for RangeKey() and RangeKey2()
 949319c3 MB-40583 Add a basic test for scan on flattened array expression
 75d56f41 MB-40583 Log original list of secExpres for flattened array index
 6c590c81 MB-40583 Break if any array expression is found in secExprs
 ec654556 MB-40583 Pass unexploded version of secExprs to projector
 c7a0c8b5 MB-40583 Log unexploded version of secExprs for flattened array
 c5cd5a97 MB-40583 Explode secExprs in client for flattened array index
 e4238a1d MB-40583 Do not allow flattened array creation in mixed mode cluster
 79b4f1e6 MB-40583 Add support for flattened array in indexer
 94975716 MB-46931: Remove multiple calls of create token deletion from handleDeleteCollection and opcode_invalid_collection processing.
 aa2370c6 MB-46510: Sequential index creation is failing with "Build Already In Progress"
 0dc954dd Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 c082965d MB-48351 : Disable encrytion for GET calls to ns_server
 a6ab2084 MB-40855: Add setting for page compaction from reader (scan)
 63854c33 MB-47993: Check 7.1 cluster version for index on ephemeral buckets
 b97509fb MB-48422: Fix book-keeping for equivalent indexes in greedy planner
 cc1ecbe4 MB-48351 : Increase TLSHandshakeTimeout from 10 to 60 secs.
 0d37b016 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 b5b841c7 MB-48347: Update CMAKE_MINIMUM_REQUIRED to 3.13
 2fabf666 MB-33546 (7.1.0 1238) Smart Batching for Rebalance feature
 4465256f Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 5dde9f3c MB-47993: Allow non-MOI index on ephemeral bucket when ver >= 7.0.2
 f42a6327 MB-48314 Persist num_rollback and num_rollbacks_to_zero stats
 1428812a MB-47928: Improve cbindexplan to return usage ratio of each indexer
 79356cfe MB-48300 Retry shutdown with local kvaddrs incase of node rename
 a1295418 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 f36b89b8 MB-45539: Add config settings for SMR
 3ce3b13e Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 1b066d31 MB-48244: Reintroduce OPCODE_CLEANUP_DEFER_INDEX for mixed mode support
 caf0da97 MB-48186: Specify setting for quota of plasma buffer used
 6fec89e4 Revert "Revert "MB-46323 reduce channel size for stream reader""
 5d216290 MB-48186: Signal Recovery done when changing storage mode to Plasma
 daa71c2d MB-47600 Treat NaN rebalance progress as 0.1
 949c4f4e MB-47775 Fetch only nodes and services info during alter index move
 37f2b3e0 MB-47775 Validate the presence of existing tokens in MoveIndexTokenPath
 5a05c7ba MB-41599: Enable plasma in memory compression by default
 0f67f154 MB-47863: Fix logging for equivalent index in greedy planner
 d2c46b55 MB-48088: Allow indexer HTTP server on loopback when TLS is enforced
 cf388c4d MB-48191 Fix storageMgr.deepCloneIndexSnapshot() for Smart Batching
 b1843358 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 6d408468 MB-48157 Use lastFlushTime instead of lastActiveTime to decide on flush
 ac0c57c1 MB-100 Increase sleep in TestCreateReplicatedIndexesBeforeRebalance
 3baec258 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 2c566914 MB-48157 Reduce idle time CPU utilisation of projector
 df63041d Revert "MB-46323 reduce channel size for stream reader"
 c8266a25 MB-47863: Avoid duplicate code in greedy planner
 5b069fe0 MB-47863: Handle equivalent index use case in greedy planner
 b9742d7a Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 13686124 MB-46883: Rebalance failed with error index already exists
 10cb0863 MB-47655 : Dont update pool or client object when there is error
 d7925afa MB-47689 : Increase cinfo retryInterval and fetchBucketInfoOnURIHashChangeOnly
 f5acc408 MB-47666 : Increase polling interval in pollForDeletedBuckets
 c40cc23c Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 d6ce5bab MB-44731: Add setting for plasma SMR worker
 3b82b506 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 5d8d6f1a MB-37671 : Allow specifying secure port in query
 245570a4 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 15f8e6d3 MB-47603 : Use https port when encryption is enabled.
 6eb1d795 MB-42370 : Enforce TLS for Index http endpoint.
 bf9b29a9 MB-44731 Add stats for num goroutines/cgo calls
 97dc0168 MB-46323 reduce channel size for stream reader
 048f2f13 MB-45390 skip restart for plasma/memdb on storage mode change
 e410f297 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 f6037f65 MB-47801: indexes are not visible in indexer workbench
 f6a47985 MB-47863: Log debug info when greedy planner fails due to HA constraints
 3369fd5e MB-47759: Implement tcp keepalive for gsi scan client's indexer connection
 3da7140b MB-33546 (7.1.0) Smart Batching for Rebalance test additions and enhancements
 f9c027bb MB-47804 Log all counter values when merging numReplica fails
 4b349eb0 MB-47759: Make default scan client read deadline = default scan timeout
 05ca5f4c MB-47802 Do not populate numDocsPending for index in created state
 b8fbed92 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 23371d98 MB-47749 Delete s.muSnap.Unlock() calls from handleIndexMergeSnapshot()
 5409998f MB-47622 Do not remove keyspace stats during recovery
 cd18f072 Merge for array flattening changes
 a7b771af MB-32506 Composite Array Index key.
 81aa7a66 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 ae15ff69 MB-31947: Fix minor bugs in greedy planner and add tests
 8b3c8065 MB-31947: Make greedy planner configurable
 283bb09b MB-31947: Use greedy approach to place index during index creation
 fb94f8a7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 7a2879a3 MB-47446: Change plasma dedicated instance recovery log flush buffer size to 256K
 7839bf29 MB-47446: Add configs for plasma flush buffer size
 fc2139fa Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 42e8e86e MB-22722 : Allow ForestDB indexes on Ephemeral buckets for CE
 b291fc76 MB-33776: Handle indexer callback asynchronously in lifecycle mgr
 8eccc5a5 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 33af27ce  MB-46245 : Add a unit test for Scheduled index creation
 12a1b0a8 MB-46960 : Get bucketNames in poolsStreaming instead of saslBucketsStreaming
 7ed4d4e2 MB-46245 : Optimize cinfo in metadata_provider and request_handler
 5dbd64ce MB-47050 Check for closure of finch before processing reqch
 fc51442c MB-46376 Eliminate panics, add syncs to memdb snapshot persistence
 18cdc874 MB-43675 Part 2: GSI Audit Service integration feature
 86914773 MB-22722 : Add basic unit test for Ephemeral buckets
 2097913d MB-43675 Part 1: GSI Audit Service integration feature
 d06f6572 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 3b6e2cd7 MB-22722 : Allow Plasma Index creation on Ephemeral Bucket
 19839648 MB-43675 Part 0: GSI Audit Service integration feature
 b8034f0b Merge branch 'unstable'
 11b71441 MB-46886 Initialise cluster from HTTP
 91a899eb MB-46945 Remove extra curly brace
 bb747bbe Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 5cef28f3 MB-46945 Check for EOF suffix in error from POST request
 dcee2240 MB-46323 Move indexer and projector go-runtime to version 1.16.5
 8d1cc77c MB-46895: Internal Server error is raised while performing backup on a index node using cbbackupmgr
 be0fb62f MB-46751: MonitorKeyspace - Indexes did not get cleaned up after quorum_failover followed by dropping all collections
 24436dfe MB-41191: Integrate indexer/projector with new ipv4/ipv6 input params
 06d2c446 MB-46772 Fix bookkeeping problems in timekeeper.removeIndexFromStream()
 66bc332c MB-37586 Add num_disk_snapshots stat (number that currently exist)
 9b1b50a7 MB-46840 Fix progress reporting to ns_server during rebalance
 aa31bd09 MB-46886 break is cluster start-up is successful
 e8448697 MB-46886 Disable cluster_connect in dotest script
 36c75e90 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 aeb1b5cb MB-100 Revert some logging from dotest script
 d6b432f5 MB-41651 : Planner - Correct Spellings using vscode cspell plugin
 c054f8a2 MB-39263: Move iterateChildren/RunObserveChildren to v2 api metakv
 393e40f6 MB-46725 Set isBalanced = false after all failovers
 c380d908 MB-100 Increase the sleep after cluster_run to 180 sec
 75e1e430 MB-39850 : Deleted unreachable code in
 6cb9f69f MB-100 Fix dotest script
 ac8b65d4 MB-100 Fetch processes after stopping cluster
 596294d1 MB-100 Try getting list of zombie processes on failed cluster_run
 3c0809d5 MB-100 Add dont-rename to cluster_run
 32869c84 MB-100 Do not clear LD_LIBRARY_PATH for integration tests
 da17a9c6 MB-46839 fail rebalance if incorrect index state is detected
 5538052e MB-46554: Support creation of partition indexes in cbindex
kv_engine is at bb4f899, changes since last good build: 
 bb4f899d7 MB-52081: Rename kv_ep_kv_size{for=hashtable} into kv_ep_key_value_size
 5eee465a7 MB-35297: Stop and cancel a RangeScan when disconnected during a scan
 9b5450413 Rewrite one audit test to not add a temporary descriptor
 17cd56a62 Check bucket type before filter for select bucket audit
 33139dea3 Generate #defines for all audit events
 91a51d909 MB-53983: Expose the 'frequency-counters' group in cbstats
 2e8849d65 Add script rebasing chrome traces to a shared timeline
 10f48c661 Improve slow logging test
 e647047ad Refactor one of the audit tests
 bc29347f3 MB-53829: Initialise disk stat cache during CouchKVStore::initialize
 e4051279b MB-53983: Expose the MFU histogram as 'frequency-counters' stat group
 e91613bbf MB-54196: Fix TaskId for RangeScanTimeoutTask
 cc4a77f60 MB-54087: Respond only once for RangeScan error conditions
 f114a7ad4 MB-52311: [6/n] Pause / Resume Bucket: add serverless test
 4e98a8a98 MB-54127: Correctly scale throttle_seconds_total from us -> s
 f9991154a MB-53304: Enforce holding of stateLock in VBucket::queueItem [6/n]
 91e9402f9 [jenkins_failures] Group together failures with different numbers
 f303f7f9e [Cleanup] Reformat audit json files with jq
 1210e09bf MB-54190: rangescan tolerate vbuckets with no keys in range
 c8f1252cb MB-52311: [5/n] Pause / Resume Bucket: Make pause() blocking
 76caa2a8b MB-54178: logExecutionException: Include connection info in log msgs
 a0353330d MB-54053: RangeScan don't update continueRunState after state change
 8df5eea48 MB-52158: Change RangeScan to use the RangeScan privilege
 539cac90c MB-54142: Update unit tests to provide cookie
 4e247e85b MB-52311: [4/n] Pause / Resume Bucket: KVStore impl
 9adbfe94e MB-54161: Fix input buffer handling in test client impl
 9e94d651b MB-35297: Add RangeScan support to KVStoreScanTracker
 9d0dddebe Add kv_engine/6.6.5 branch
 95d44b69d MB-54142: Pass a valid cookie when notification is expected
 e61bb6244 MB-52680: Rename ItemEviction
 a7e648d54 [Refactor] KVBucketIface::getKeyStats should use cookie reference
 a4d5ac6d5 [Refactor] EPE::parseStatKeyArg should use cookie reference
 a365786e6 [Refactor] EPE::getAllVBucketSequenceNumbers should use cookie reference
 395b8275d [Refactor] handleSeqnoPersistence should use cookie reference
 2429e45ef [Refactor] EPE::getRandomKey should use cookie reference
 cdbade960 [Refactor] EPE::getReplicaCmd should use cookie reference
 e8d710980 [Refactor] EPE::setVBucketInner should use cookie reference
 f0dee427d [Refactor] EPE::*LookupResult should take cookie reference
 ce25538e5 [Refactor] EPE privilege functions should take cookie reference
 1106c4f6b [Refactor] EPE::observe* should take Cookie reference
 ffb27089f [Refactor] EPE:checkForDatatypeJson should use Cookie reference
 f2dfd149d [Refactor] EPE::*Meta should use cookie reference
 823222432 [Refactor] EPE send respose methods should use cookie reference
 c105c4ba8 [Refactor] EPE::engineSpecifics should use cookie reference
 e8f2e5e6a [Refactor] EPE:try/getConnHandler should use cookie reference
 9381539fc [Refactor] EPE::dcpAddStream should use cookie reference
 9b604e75e [Refactor] EPE::dcpOpen should use cookie reference
 6a4f7e4ab [Refactor] EPE::store[If]Inner should use cookie reference
 494f9639a [Refactor] EPE::[un]LockInner should use cookie reference
 c212286e2 [Refactor] EPE::getAndTouchInner should use cookie reference
 6e58f56c6 [Refactor] EPE::getIfInner should use cookie reference
 aab11231e [Refactor] EPE::getInner should use cookie reference
 0f1d3cf8d [Refactor] Rename EPE::itemDelete to removeInner
 d467883e0 MB-35297: Add dump methods to all RangeScan internal structures
 1561d0108 MB-54053: Add strict state check in RangeScan::continueScan
 78da4455d [Refactor] Move template EPE::notifyIoComplete next to the others
 9ef04d214 MB-53953: Cancel all RangeScans on shutdown
 03852b34a [Refactor] Remove server-api get/setPriority
 5a9a00dd0 [Cleanup] Fixup class member order in ep_engine.h
 a035060d6 MB-54053: Add extra cookie checks in RangeScan
 e03619788 MB-53914: Disable PauseResumeTest/PauseFailsWhenPaused while investigating
 8e678e4f9 [Refactor] call Cookie::checkForPrivilegeAtLeastInOneCollection
 1f0ab5e27 MB-35297: RangeScan create check status of checkAddHighPriorityVBEntry
 0c1fbaa7c MB-35297: Initialise engine in RangeScanTimeoutTask
 1bcc0a0de [Refactor] Engine and Dcp interface should not use const cookie
 7b476c25a [Refactor] Use common method to convert CookieIface to Cookie
 f783b44ae [Refactor] sendResponse should use Cookie reference
 d24a0d946 [Refactor] Reduce duplication of boilerplate code
 e30743630 EPETest::TearDown() Add retries for database cleanup
 7066b1b19 [Refactor] Let store_if return std::pair
 d999ceb3b Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'"
 40cad2d38 [Refactor] EPE::handleTrafficControlCmd should use reference
 b1fdaf21e [Refactor] EPE::evictKey should take reference
 fa7c82109 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 3d98832df [Refactor] EPE::makeDocKey should take reference
 46cb8569d Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'"
 af3aa7619 [Refactor] No need to initialize prometheus twice
 3beed15de [Cleanup] Remove test_harness::notify_io_complete
 f8501992c [Refactor] EPE::getAllKeys should use cookie reference
 a2398ef3a [Refactor] unknown_command should take cookie reference
 9a952dbf5 [Cleanup] Remove wrapper for EPE::isDatatypeSupported
 caf2c2e72 [Cleanup] Remove unused method set_error_json_extras
 1010163db [Refactor] EPE::setErrorContext should use reference
 ef1dd7603 [Cleanup] MockEngine::set_collection_manifest always take a cookie
 0c1997f61 [Refactor] EPE::setUnknownCollectionErrorContext should use reference
 b8b2ec3c5 [Refactor] EPE::handleDisconnect should use reference
 920291cd8 [Refactor] EPE::reserve/release cookie should use reference
 29eef90f3 MB-51860: Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 a3425065a [Cleanup] AddStatFn should use CookieIface&
 012d93bea MB-53942: Reset ckpt recovery marks to init values at quota-reduction
 7146a42e7 MB-53942: Fix checkpoint low/upper marks computation at quota reduction
 29b86bb13 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 bd22dfc24 MB-53597: Rename cbstats tasksall to tasks-all
 2ea7dc5ef MB-35297: Tidy-up RangeScan logging
 903eb1147 MB-52311: [3/n] Pause / Resume Bucket: ep-engine
 aedaa2512 MB-53597: Add task group for all tasks of all taskables
 c6f6f50f9 Add VBucketMap iterator
 db9d015c1 MB-52958 Add Magma config MinValueBlockSizeThreshold
 e2adf2043 [BP] MB-51958: Disable STItemPagerTest.ReplicaEvictedBeforeActive
 e1dada67e MB-53370: Do not leak items if conn drops during vkey stats call
 50d7348dc MB-49071: Make engine-specific storage type-safe [2/2]
 8ad01ca47 [Cleanup] Don't use const void* for cookies
 6e5bdc0ae [Cleanup] cookie2traceable; cookies are no longer void*
 c495ccc62 [Refactor]: Move BlockMonitorThread to where it is used
 3e12a13b7 MB-53939: Allow for tuning TCP keepalive
 3e8fa32f6 [Refactor] Use callback function instead of friend class
 feacff00e MB-53304: Enforce holding of stateLock in VBucket::queueItem [5/n]
 e18ca6b02 MB-35297: RangeScan sampling seed must be optional
 8c1237ba9 Fix potential out-of-bounds memory access in getValidVBucketFromString
 eed89de99 MB-52680: [3/3] Move tests to fake impls of ItemEvictionStrategy
 5c21da2b3 [Refactor] Don't use const void* in internal append_stats
 e14064e27 [Cleanup] Remove superfluous cast to void
 d0a6371d0 [Refactor] AddResponseFn should take CookieIface&
 c7ce778ea [Cleanup] Remove unused IncrementClusterMapRevno
 987a9e609 [Refactor] Don't inline overridden methods in EWB_Engine
 769c890f9 [Refactor] use folly::Synchronized for EWBEngine::connection_map
 990015735 MB-50776, MB-52747 Remove protections for 'all' privileges
 c42e5c341 [Refactor] use cookie->notifyIoComplete in EWB engine
 cc0ec1d6f MB-53898: Remove unused decl for operator==() vb_bgfetch_item_ctx_t
 76353247e [Refactor] Use per-thread connection list
 b1e73f0a6 Do not refer to RU+WU as CU (compute units)
 00637f970 MB-52680: Add getters for per-vb MFU histogram
 d9368ea74 MB-53979: Ensure Gauge/Counter metrics expose correct value
 6733fdbf1 MB-53898: Refactor pendingBGFetches to use folly::Synchronized<>
 949615071 MB-53459: RangeScan add status code for vb-uuid mismatch
 470b92076 MB-35297: Implement RangeScan throttling
 274b1e455 MB-46740: Limit the size of ActiveStream::readyQ
 a6633bf0f MB-46740: CM::getItemsForCursor() allows to specify a byte-limit
 abebdfe96 MB-53734: Add "for" label for meter_*_total metrics
 45a65be4f MB-53942: Reduce branching in quota change Task::checkForNewQuotaChange
 1beb20fa4 MB-46740: Minimize use of CM::getItemsForCursor() in tests
 76bccb208 MB-46740: [refactor] CM::getNumItemsForCursor takes Cursor&
 e093b2430 MB-53428: Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into neo
 e9eda5d0e MB-53946: [serverless] Dump the current bucket usage every minute
 e151d4834 Add bucket name to log message for document ingress
 69c63188c MB-53304: Enforce holding of stateLock in VBucket::queueItem [4/n]
 1d6a31931 MB-52676: [2/3] Inject ItemEvictionStrategy into PagingVisitor
 04b07b0bf MB-52676: [1/3] Make PagingVisitor hold ptr to ItemEviction
 8cf31dbb7 MB-53898: Ensure we finish timing getMulti at the same time
 f2cb31525 MB-52676: Pull assorted constants and utilities out of ItemEviction
 e55b08edc MB-53806: AS::backfillReceived yields after processing the item
 fe0bf8a42 MB-53806: CollectionsOSODcpTest runs all backend configurations
 f1abc951a Don't use "time travel" in serverless_test
 c5ae806a6 MB-53879: Add support for reporting typed (Gauge, Counter) metrics
 66c00d30e MB-52676: Make ItemEviction responsible for eviction decision
 741d2848e Keep peername and sockname in json
 dbb39ecea Remove "parent_port" from connection dump
 b5db9bf87 Use folly::Synchronized for EWB::threads
 e0d154197 Remove unused engine_map from EWB engine
 beb6d781c [Cleanup] bucket autoselct is not supported anymore
 725554de8 [testing] Bump client recv timeout to 10 sec
 5659f36cd Use folly::Synchronized for ewb:suspended_map
 f3ff398b9 Refactor: Add ConnectionIface::scheduleDcpStep
 0e03bc3a0 MB-52676: Remove dependency on item_eviction.h
 2b8c04072 MB-53806: Fix/expand comments in the disk-backfill path
 4b39d0fe7 Refactor: Use Cookie::notifyIoComplete
 209f7bfee MB-52684: Set Zstd as default for data block compression
 e9094f418 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 b4721bf13 MB-52357: Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/mad-hatter' into neo
 e8cb846a3 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 af8fe5695 Merge "Merge commit 'couchbase/neo~1' to master"
 a90ef807b Disable EWB engine after usage
 d81eb13d7 Merge commit 'couchbase/neo~1' to master
 b98fa7f7a is_bucket_dying(): Reduce verbosity of disconnet log
 b7940765a MB-52311: [2/n] Pause / Resume Bucket: BucketManager support
 dc28847cd Migrate to waitForPredicate from platform
 bb4c79691 Revert "MB-53783: Use ConnectionFolly backed by default"
 de9c66107 Fix non-unity-build
 a6a7080e9 Refactor: Remove SCI::notify_io_complete [3/3]
 9ec3f84bf Refactor: Use a real cookie in testaudit [2/3]
 caa669ad6 Refactor: add CookieIface::notifyIoComplete [1/3]
 de642ea6b Add ConnectionIface
 d30a463be Refactor: rename MockConnection
 4c9815fc5 Fix spelling of Unknown
 a52c345ee Merge "Merge branch 'neo' into 'master'"
 f856408e7 Reduce cost of including kv_bucket.h
 afa3c92d8 MB-53719: [cbsasl] Add support for multiple passwords [1/2]
 3c0f61b5a MB-52054: Improve performance of MagmaKVStore::getAggrDbFileInfo()
 2bdfbeb78 Always collect trace information in serverless deployments
 bf3dd24e7 Don't log missing privs for connection self stat
 93634973c Add EngineStorageIface::to_json
 bbbb1a3db Don't print the connection description in Cookie::to_json
 43f7cf9af Standardize on to_json
 b7b6e5832 Merge branch 'neo' into 'master'
 930489b3c Refactor keyIndexAllocatorAccountsForKey
 e1b5f6292 MB-53354: Extend CheckpointMemoryTrackingTest to cover allocator stats
 0ec4d5e7a Merge "Merge branch 'neo'"
 7e378e4ca MB-53657: Notify DCP frontend at CM::queueSetVBState()
 9e1d615bc MB-53783: Use ConnectionFolly backed by default
 9302657b1 Add an indication for the next throttle tick
 7a38ed55d MB-35297: Move BackfillTrackingIface out of DcpConnMap
 4399e3bd5 Remove use of VB::Manifest::wlock() from NexusKVStore
 afaa5bf3d MB-51744: Support options for SetWithMeta in mc_bin_client
 8cae1152c Extend ReportUnitUsage to include throttled time
 dd9a55068 Refactor: pass by reference in bucket_store[_if]
 16724f81f Refactor: Use reference for bucket_get_item_info
 c88b94443 MB-53657: Notify DCP frontend if cursor jumps into new checkpoint
 53f4ca4a1 Enable slow command logging for throttled commands
 3f9b21f24 MB-52357: Create a per-thread audit filter cache
 0c01032a7 Cleanup: remove call to bucket_get_item_info
 a491e7d39 Merge branch 'neo'
 a37978807 Refactor: add ItemIface->setDataType
 b15edb1ca Refactor: Add ItemIface->setCas()
 bca31186c MB-53354: Parameterize CheckpointMemoryTrackingTest for short/long str
 6168ecd56 Refactor: allocateItem should return the item
 1df28bebf Cleanup: remove temporary variable before return
 7a4aeb5c9 Don't use #pragma once in .cc file
 f67c7793f MB-49071: Make engine-specific storage type-safe [1/2]
 7076dfbc9 MB-53724: Always collect throttled_wait_time
 d22abf943 MB-51979: Fix RangeScanContinue and unmetered collections
 22066aacf MB-52676: Refactor PagingVisitor::visit
 ffdfa80c9 Remove visibility link attribute
 a108bbe74 [clang-tidy] fixup
 ce2394795 MB-51979: Fix GetRandomKey and unmetered collections
 fbbcd133e MB-46740: Reduce branching in ActiveStream::processItemsInner
 345b7bd5b MB-52958 Add function to MagmaKVStore to return if value is compressed
 f41cef02f [serverless] serverless tests should only run on Magma
 750a22e6b MB-46740: Move "curChkSeqno end stream" check in AS::processItemsInner
 a437bebad MB-52676: Move eviction ratios
 07afa7087 MB-52676: Refactor PagingVisitor::visit
 02e4e5089 MB-52676: Track the MFU value of all evictable items
 f9c01b143 Add support for metering when using imposed users
 a13c5a26c [Refactor] Split into 3 files
 d2720868b MB-46740: Early-return if no items in ActiveStream::processItems*
 e14714cfd Style: Remove explicit load()s in STItemPager eviction test
 23f249ece MB-41915: Fix intermittent failure in STItemPagerTest
 b395a3d4b Remove OpenSSL init; not needed as of 1.1.0
 b11685e4a serverless_test: Add --verbose / -v option
 91143935f Add magma serverless_test variant
 3ddd74f66 Reduce cbstats dcp output for replication streams
 f61078237 MB-51979: Clean-up printing of Metered flag
 565685b7f MB-51979: Support unmetered collections
 5adc90f76 MB-51979: Expose Collection isMetered via engine API
 512ab645c MB-53657: Don't check for stream-active in Prod::notifySeqnoAvailable
 7cedf8bc7 Add Magma to benchmark KVStoreBench/Scan
 1139ec149 Revert "MB-53304: Enforce holding of stateLock in VBucket::queueItem [3/n]"
 d6b8f56fa MB-51979: Add isMetered to Collections::VB::Manifest
 8cef0bd21 MB-53052: Make ProbabalisticCounter increment factor configurable
 aacc81be1 MB-52676: Make EvictionRatio::getForState const
 490a85308 Remove unused enum PagingVisitor::EvictionPolicy
 87a72fd76 MB-35297: Evaluate all RangeScan continue limits
 7debb15a7 MB-53657: Remove unused seqno arg in KVBucket::notifyReplication
 40edc6416 MB-53657: Remove unused seqno arg in DcpConnMap::notifySeqnoAvailable
 992291e7f MB-53657: Remove unused seqno arg in DcpProducer::notifySeqnoAvailable
 cb0f402c5 Add checkpoint_index test getters to checkpoint_utils
 fe585a09a [cluster_framework] Remove timeout during tests
 b5c6f717a MB-51979: Handle "metered" in the Collection manifest
 4507ff023 [Refactor] Rename recordMeteringReadBytes
 8a4c30612 [Refactor] Delay creation of SSL structure
 1c3c70739 serverless_test: Increase timeout to 300s for TSan
 4622cddaf Connection: const member methods
 f16b29a10 [Refactor] Remove Connection::isSslEnabled
 4606f5eb3 Verify ewouldblock in ~Cookie
 e88f59415 [Refactor] Simplify sasl_list_mech_executor
 65fe6e039 [Cleanup] Rename tryAuthFromSslCert
 60110d8f1 [Cleanup] Remove per-connection copy of interface properties
 cc958f42c Remove unused 'force=true' for bucket delete
 3106b56cf MB-53649: Fix wrong comment on CheckpointManager::incrCursor()
 ae0e0bb39 MB-51979: Update MeteringTest to check the UnmeteredPrivilege
 66d79f5c3 MB-51979: Refactoring - update MeteringTest to collections
 426eaf0ce MB-51979: Refactoring StoredDocKey - move to utilities
 132a99806 MB-51979: Refactoring StoredDocKey - c_str() removal
 4adc4c49f MB-46740: Make Checkpoint::highCompletedSeqno const
 96a244c41 Document AddWithMeta
 d76f9f170 MB-51958: Reduce unnecessarily high vBucket quotas
 3ef7bc682 [folly] Add support for TLS connections
 1f049e0e0 [testapp] Fix raciness in MaxConnectionTest
 19973e2a3 MB-46740: Reduce branching in ActiveStream::nextCheckpointItemTask
 6cffbc2d1 MB-52276: Make ActiveStream::getItemsRemaining consistent
 7ed4b0735 [folly] Wait for all events before deleting connection
 9720c5a99 Decrement curr_conn in ~Connection
 ce59c5d66 Remove flushAndRemoveCheckpoint calls for populateVbsUntil callers
 475366cb6 Fix STItemPagerTest CheckedExecutor failures
 b819cf771 MB-52054: Make stat "vbucket-durability-state" ~2.9x faster
 ce1813d39 MB-51958: Re-enable ReplicaEvictedBeforeActive with fix
 399326c19 Replace deprecated gsl-lite.h with gsl-lite.hpp
 95efff8f3 Clang-Tidy: Make Bucket::name a std::string
 09aacb7d0 [refactor] Move code related to X.509 auth
 289eaa53f Run all testapp_tests with folly
 b0e9c5c54 MB-52276: Make CheckpointCursor::getRemainingItemsCount O(1)
 4f0cfa497 MB-52276: Fix CheckpointCursor::getRemainingItemsCount
 8a66a1902 MB-53584: Reset throttled cookies during Bucket delete
 fe9759b0b [testapp] Set the TLS minimum version to TLS 1.2
 b038d9741 MB-52290: Move the unit test to the correct test suite
 f1b952a65 MB-51958: Simplify ReplicaEvictedBeforeActive test by using just 2 vbs
 a2b7579ad MB-53570: Make CM::registerCursor resilient to first empty checkpoint
 a4520e02c Add support for using Folly for event IO for plain connections
 a75662d6a MB-35297: Make RangeScan config duration and buffering dynamic
 2592bd6f2 MB-53586: Fix error path for get_scope_id
 939fd9bbe MB-51876: Add metering for ReturnMeta command
 eb72b1032 Remove unnecessary reinterpret_casts to CookieIface*
 2bafea327 "Free" resource usage should be subject for throttling
 9eca8f9ce Clang-Tidy:
 9b8ee245b MB-53304: Enforce holding of stateLock in VBucket::queueItem [3/n]
 d264f2979 MB-52676: Split eviction eligibility check into two stages
 dc63b2443 MB-53100: Don't register checkpoint cursors in meta only checkpoints
 a49ee7f3e MB-35297: Cancel RangeScans that exist for "too long"
 f319ae858 GlobalTask should take Engine& instead of Engine*
 eaa69857b Make remaining GlobalTask sub-classes take Engine&
 9844df0cd ItemFreqDecayerTask should take Engine& instead of Engine*
 1d1554845 DefragmenterTask should take Engine& instead of Engine*
 23daefe73 MultiBgFetcher should take Engine& rather than Engine*
 4528d4318 MB-53531: Make accessing KVBucket::ckptDestroyerTasks entries safer
 ebbed190a Meter Add,Set,DelWithMeta
 96b104e57 MB-53560: Failing operations should not cost read or write
 cf5551c88 MB-53052: Pull ItemFrequencyDecayer wake functions into one location
 dabce48b6 WorkloadMonitor should take Engine& rather than Engine*
 3bd0c62c3 LambdaTask should take Engine& rather than Engine*
 5a8d8197a FetchAllKeysTask should take Engine& rather than Engine*
 5e5fa4a51 MB-35297: RangeScan incorrect state transition for sampling
 21c937698 ExpiredItemPager should take Engine& rather than Engine*
 11531801c DcpConsumerTask should take Engine& rather than Engine*
 2dc934479 EphTombstoneStaleItemDeleter should take Engine& rather than Engine*
 70c42b2b4 EphTombstoneHTCleaner should take Engine& rather than Engine*
 858313e8a NotifiableTask should take Engine& rather than Engine*
 4d7a06ca1 MB-53531: Make KVBucket::ckptDestroyerTasks folly::Synchronized
 1a7b5e0f7 MB-52676: Pass HashBucketLock down to more HashTable methods
 e21be3e91 FlusherTask should task Engine& rather than Engine*
 010e702ea MB-52676: Add ArrayHistogram
 4e72934bc VKeyStatBGFetchTask should take Engine& rather than Engine*
 3cd3a5db7 RollbackTask should take Engine& rather than Engine*
 5afdbdcaa KVBucket::compactionWriteQueueCap is no longer used, remove it
 0d0c07fef WarmupLoadPreparedSyncWrites should take Engine& rather than Engine*
 1d85f5a55 MB-53127: Document write should clear read usage
 d69988fa9 MB-52311: [1/n] Pause / Resume Bucket: opcodes
 225d4a7ea Refactor bucket delete to add extra extra unit tests
 c14da3f90 MB-53510: Refactor bucket creation
 8a3da42c2 MB-53543: Disable BackfillSmallBuffer test
 cb7a5b432 MB-53304: Enforce holding of stateLock in VBucket::queueItem [2/3]
 e74ba64e4 MB-53304: Enforce holding of stateLock in VBucket::queueItem [1/3]
 0ceebade0 Remove ServerCallbackIface
 19d61765d MB-52553: Don't special-case persistence cursor in CM::addStats
 5836d9a70 MB-50984: Remove max_checkpoints hard limit on the single vbucket
 47572e321 MB-50984: Default checkpoint_destruction_tasks=2
 00201d310 MB-53523: Only check snap start vs last snap end if active VB
 c90a937a4 Reformat test_reader_thread_starvation_warmup
 dec1c6c2c Merge "Merge branch 'neo' into 'master'"
 af74c95fe Refactor: CheckpointManager::registerCursorBySeqno()
 a933cf568 MB-53448: DCP_ADD_STREAM_FLAG_TO_LATEST should use highSeqno of collections(s) in filter
 08438bfb8 MB-53259: Update DCP Consumer byffer-size at dynamic Bucket Quota change
 e61d09645 [Refactor] deselect bucket before trying to delete
 afac71aab MB-53055: Fix Checkpoint::isEmptyByExpel() semantic
 ae8baf2dc Remove unused code from kvstore_test
 6f5ba689c [Refactor] Move bufferevent related code to subclass
 2dd1745c6 MB-53498: Delay bucket type update
 d50b99685 Merge branch 'neo' into 'master'
 79de292f2 Merge branch 'neo' into 'master'
 34bc1c7d2 Merge "Merge branch 'neo' into 'master'"
 074db327f Enable KVStoreTest GetBySeqno for non-couchstore
 16bd96ae6 MB-53284: Use magma memory optimized writes in BucketQuotaChangeTest
 854eced08 Merge branch 'neo' into 'master'
 50f5747b7 Merge "Merge branch 'neo' into 'master'"
 c231af910 Cleanup: remove 'polling' durability timeout mode
 f5930b3ea Tidy: Checkpoint::queueDirty use structured binding in for loop
 a65ca2ba1 Merge branch 'neo' into 'master'
 16f186be2 Only regenerate serverless/configuration.json if exe changed
 194900077 MB-53052: Remove KVBucket::itemFreqDecayerIsSnoozed()
 fe4d77162 MB-53415: Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into neo
 4b4ad639d Refactor: Create factory method for Connection objects
 f3ac46848 MB-35297: Fix RangeScan sampling stats NotFound path
 7d3f297f7 MB-46738: Rename dcp_conn_buffer_ratio into dcp_consumer_buffer_ratio
 9bc866891 [Refactor] Remove the history field of sloppy gauge
 a7b78c756 MB-53055: Add highestExpelledSeqno to Checkpoint ostream
 a58bd636c MB-53055: Add highest_expelled_seqno to Checkpoint stats
 7e4587d1e Remove duplicate method in DurabilityEPBucketTest
 12136509b Add labels to Montonic<> members of Checkpoint
 795dd8dc0 MB-53055: Fix exception message in CM::registerCursorBySeqno
 200aa87ae Add "filter" capabilities to delete bucket
 6fcfed646 SetClusterConfig should create config-only bucket
 6990718c8 MB-52953: Remove refs to old replication-throttle params and stats
 0fdcf8882 MB-52953: Remove unused EPStats::replicationThrottleThreshold
 2b9f61539 MB-53415: Reset scan status for each item during warmup scan
 bc4592d8b MB-52953: Use mutation_mem_threshold in ReplicationThrottleEP::hasSomeMemory
 b1ed0feb2 MB-52953: Turn mutation_mem_threshold into mutation_mem_ratio
 45dd2db60 MB-53429: Hold vbState lock during pageOut
 ba18b10ca MB-53438: Acquire the vbState lock during disk backfill
 348287953 MB-53141: Return all if sampling range-scan requests samples > keys
 9da38ff86 MB-35297: Improve logging for RangeScan create/cancel
 79aa3dd72 MB-53100: Add extra seqno log information after we register a cursor
 415b3ec74 MB-53198: Do not abort warmup for shard if scan cancelled
 dc09bb535 Cleanup: Move mcbp::datatype to cb::mcbp::datatype
 a77fca118 MB-35297: Meter RangeScan create
 36d090abe MB-35297: Throttle RangeScan create/continue
 40321cf27 SetClusterConfig should handle all bucket states
 ac0c0486d Merge commit 'couchbase/neo~7' into trunk
 c615d15f2 Merge "Merge commit 'couchbase/neo~10' into trunk"
 a96e4a5e9 MB-52806: Disconnect DCP connections when they loose privilege
 6b7d68b4e MB-52158: Check for privilege in RangeScan continue/cancel
 b887f1f17 Merge commit 'couchbase/neo~10' into trunk
 2cfe963a7 Modernize config parsing [2/2]
 4a6018627 MB-53359: Add uniqe error code for config-bucket
 e0e5d5c98 MB-35297: Add EventDrivenTimeoutTask
 8bfdba483 Cleanup: move mcbp::subdoc under cb::mcbp::subdoc
 cf97e6792 Cleanup: Move mcbp::cas under cb::mcbp::cas
 3834eb115 MB-43127: Log succcess status from dumpCallback
 bcb730456 MB-52172 Refactor source file generation cmake target
 d847f8a55 MB-35297: Meter RangeScan key/values
 a7a610b48 Refactor: Rename CreateBucketCommandContext
 af47290a6 Refactor out wait code to separate method
 3c30a1142 Include all bucket states in "bucket_details "
 5d272f547 MB-53379: Allow Collection enabled clients to select COB
 0042495b9 MB-52975: Fold backfill create and scan into one invocation of run
 53f915d1d MB-35297: runtime must not be zero when backfill completes
 a811f317b MB-53359: Don't try to fetch bucket metrics from config-only bucket
 881774c5e MB-53354: Extend CheckpointMemoryTrackingTest suite for non-SSO case
 7d7389df7 Modernize parse_config [1/2]
 72e650860 Set the correct hostname for dcp metering test
 8325ff14b Remove support for DT_CONFIGFILE
 92c8f4fa8 Remove config_parse from server-api
 f85f41bad MB-35297: RangeScan document 'flags' should match GetMeta byte order
 3eccd2aa6 MB-53157: RangeScanCreate uuid should be a string
 67d4759c0 MB-52953: Add ReplicationThrottleEP::engine member
 c310b2f4a Don't use the term whitelist
 407905037 MB-53197: Add support for ClusterConfigOnly bucket
 f61b2e1c6 MB-53294: Introduce storage_bytes metering metric
 be1577087 MB-52953: Remove unused UseActiveVBMemThreshold
 ecbd40992 MB-35297: Add missing recvResponse / sendCommand from RangeScanTest/CreateInvalid
 e3bbe2ace MB-52953: Use only mutation_mem_threshold in VB::hasMemoryForStoredValue
 533286852 MB-53294: Refactor engine Prometheus metrics
 03056b2d2 MB-53294: Rename Cardinality -> MetricGroup
 8937d6e5a MB-52953: Default replication_throttle_threshold=93
 6579346af MB-52956: Update lastReadSeqno at the end of an OSO backfill
 3af167ac7 MB-52953: Move VBucket::mutationMemThreshold to KVBucket
 8c5af9915 MB-52854: Fix and re-enable the DcpConsumerBufferAckTest suite
 100a5b2af MB-52957: Avoid scan when collection high seqno < start
 cd6df9b81 Make wasFirst in ActiveStream snapshot functions const
 7bc7ee427 Sanity check that snap start > previous snap end
 8f324c470 MB-53184: Extend range-scan computed exclusive-end upto the input
 3f6fb6ba2 MB-46738: Remove Vbid arg from the buffer-ack DCP api
 cdc3c2f29 MB-52842: Fix intermittent failure in 'disk>RAM delete paged-out'
 1588cb007 Merge "Merge branch 'neo' into 'master'"
 552d9e2c7 MB-46738: Remove unused dcp_conn_buffer_size_max
 e44ee005e MB-46738: Remove unused dcp_conn_buffer_size
 769d20940 MB-52264: Add desiredMaxSize stat
 6809d7eae MB-46738: Ensure Consumer buffer size always ratio of bucket quota
 b05ebef25 Merge branch 'neo' into 'master'
 ab1ab27f8 Merge "Merge commit 'ea65052e' into 'couchbase/master'"
 a6e70fdae Merge commit 'ea65052e' into 'couchbase/master'
 503ae084b MB-46738: Make DcpFlowControlManager::engine const
 e5766a51e MB-46738: Make dcp_conn_buffer_ratio dynamic
 979159649 MB-53205: Hold VBucket stateLock while calling fetchValidValue
 89602bce3 Humpty-Dumpty: Failover exploration tool
 bb17d9439 MB-53197: [Refactor] create BucketManager::setClusterConfig
 a81e37998 Upgrade go version to 1.19 for tls_test
 262257359 Merge "MB-53118: Merge branch 'cheshire-cat' into neo" into neo
 72774dfcf Merge "MB-53118: Merge branch 'cheshire-cat' into neo" into neo
 4008fa86f Merge "MB-53118: Merge branch 'cheshire-cat' into neo" into neo
 256c78709 Merge "MB-52383: Merge branch 'cheshire-cat' into neo" into neo
 09bbfce5c Merge "MB-47851: Merge branch 'cheshire-cat' into neo" into neo
 e99ce1c4a Merge "MB-47267: Merge branch 'cheshire-cat' into neo" into neo
 112e09c36 Merge "MB-51373: Merge branch 'cheshire-cat' into neo" into neo
 83fac4487 MB-53118: Merge branch 'cheshire-cat' into neo
 e13a015ad MB-53118: Merge branch 'cheshire-cat' into neo
 c8a441df8 MB-53118: Merge branch 'cheshire-cat' into neo
 281df3be1 Merge "Merge branch 'cheshire-cat' into neo" into neo
 46014c72f MB-52383: Merge branch 'cheshire-cat' into neo
 ecc2f6bb7 Change the logic for Unmetered privilege
 c73eaf5f5 MB-53100: Add streamName arg to MockActiveStream ctor
 ba7850f07 MB-47851: Merge branch 'cheshire-cat' into neo
 5edb02327 MB-47267: Merge branch 'cheshire-cat' into neo
 8db209a68 MB-51373: Merge branch 'cheshire-cat' into neo
 eb865cbb0 Merge branch 'cheshire-cat' into neo
 f656b5152 Merge "Merge branch 'cheshire-cat' into neo" into neo
 453eb9a98 MB-53282: Reset open_time in early return in close_and_rotate_file
 0173173cb Revert "MB-52813: Don't call Seek for every call of ::scan"
 f1c3ddc67 Merge branch 'cheshire-cat' into neo
 349c2640c Set GOVERSION to 1.18 to remove warning from cmake
 abfb02f80 MB-46738: FCManager API takes DcpConsumer&
 4ab7dbaa3 MB-52264: Wait for memory to reduce before setting new quota
 d5d7b65d0 [serverless] Split Get metering test to individual tests
 fda7ec6b8 Remove old comment in PagingVisitor
 5d9bdbb44 MB-52633: Swap PagingVisitor freq counter histogram to flat array
 6d32e009a MB-52669: Specify GOVERSION without patch revision
 df808528f Merge "Merge branch 'neo'"
 eeb5cbad7 Merge branch 'neo'
 fde39adc8 MB-52684: Add configs to set compression algos used by Magma
 3819e6d25 MB-53061: throttle_limit = 0 should be completely throttled
 e015275b5 Rename cluster_xxxxxx directories to cluster_test_xxxxxx
 92c7749be Split up TTL_Expiry test
 6c35d08b5 MB-53100: Add new member KVBucketTest::store_item_replica()
 f12422985 Remove redundant method MockActiveStream::getLastReadSeqno()
 71b6d5778 Throw explicit exception if ckptMaxSize < 1
 5f8022608 Bump cluster_test timeout to 2 minutes
 6935931c6 MB-46738: Remove FlowControl buffer-size computation code duplicate
 9d323622f Avoid calling mc_time_clock_tick from AdjustTimeOfDayExecutor
 97cda26f5 Swap std::regex usage to boost::replace
 60526d839 Clang-Tiday: kvshard.(h/cc)
 6cabf745a Swap std::regex to boost::replace_all in test name printing
 552b19071 MB-52675: Add PagingVisitor benchmark
 cd83d1a06 MB-46738: Turn FCManager::consumersMap into a folly::Sync set
 c80c6f58c MB-51373: Inspect and correct Item objects created by KVStore
 205c645c6 MB-35297: Check for cancellation when RangeScan goes idle
 ea65052eb MB-53046: [BP] Timeout SeqnoPersistenceRequests when no data is flushed
 7c4477d13 MB-52264: Separate setMaxDataSize() into components
 042163ada MB-53016: [Magma] Drop log level for missing vBucket state
 f34c20743 Merge "Merge commit '1d9cb61aa' into 'couchbase/master'"
 c4670f407 MB-52264: Remove "max_size" configuration listener
 22285c544 MB-52765: Remove pager_vb_active_pct
 f7cdce38e Use CMake library targets for OpenSSL
 f5faf26e6 Merge commit '1d9cb61aa' into 'couchbase/master'
 b03ec8a90 Charge the user for TTL expiration
 17abf472e MB-52751: Durable ops should cost 2xWU
 3228ec8e2 [serverless] Add support for NonBlockingThrottlingMode
 6c2b20924 MB-52949: Add support for "pbkdf2-hmac-sha512" password hash
 4e9f787b9 MB-52728: Refactor: remove ServerCookieIface::execution_complete
 152758f44 MB-52580: Remove keyIndexKeyAllocator stats
 f19078492 Remove TSAN warning from stats_task
 3d73de526 MB-52902: Populate kvstore rev if no vbstate found
 0fcc3792c MB-52580: Add test to verify keyIndex allocators are disjoint
 6648ac4fc MB-51987: Set max_num_shards to 1 for serverless
 ea726c5ad MB-46738: Deparametrize FlowControlTest
 aa241589b MB-46738: Remove FlowControlTest::flowControlEnabled
 c51a1cc42 MB-46738: Simplify FlowControl locking mechanism
 668d3dd6a MB-52884: Fix race condition to access the request
 28a54b1bd MB-52728: Tighten the StatsCommandContext state machine
 4f036c2e6 Add stream print of ExpireBy enum
 962351fff MB-51747: Remove support for ClientOpcode::CreateCheckpoint
 bbbe580c8 MB-51748: Remove support for ClientOpcode::LastClosedCheckpoint
 0c6949a5a MB-35297: Remove unused member variable
 5ccd336c8 MB-52728: Cookie: Simplify / tighten ewouldblock handling
 34cdec0fa MB-52728: StatsCommandContext: Handle bucket_get_stats() returning EWouldblock
 74aee1391 Remove support for the old version of cbsasl.json
 0318570df Don't generate core dump as part of ThrowingTaskCrashes
 8ffabfdc2 Add unit test to sanity check privilege module
 8328ef3c9 Account for non-zero initial mem_usage in DCP test
 507d71d2c MB-52668 Count number of backfill pauses
 14fad836b MB-52264: Add BucketQuotaChangeTask to deal with quota changes
 5197802f0 [Refactor] Reorder entries in OpsMetered test
 8f032e077 [Refactor] Move subdoc tests to individual test cases
 98ca5c404 MB-51989: Ensure we don't use the access log when disabled
 e90f277c5 Speed up STItemPagerTest/ItemPagerEvictionOrderIsSafe test by 10x
 d615afc7a MB-52851: Fix intermittent failure in test x509 cert generation
 57114c7f8 MB-35297: Add a byte limit to range-scan-continue
 fffc19850 MB-52813: Don't call Seek for every call of ::scan
 65c555427 MB-35297: Don't call send_response twice for the same cookie
 828840828 MB-51989: Disable access scanner by default for serverless
 2aa6c02ee MB-51990: Reduce warmup thresholds for serverless
 0919543c0 MB-46738: Remove duplicate buffer-acking code in FC::handleFlowCtl
 0339d7aa8 MB-46738: Early return if FlowControl disabled in FC::handleFlowCtl
 0ea5e2bb3 MB-46738: Rename dcp_conn_buffer_size_perc into dcp_conn_buffer_ratio
 9ea2f72d8 MB-46738: Remove 'aggressive' from dcp_conn_buffer_size_aggressive_perc
 143d2bf97 MB-46738: Remove unused dcp_conn_buffer_size_perc
 ae5e77d4f MB-46738: Remove unused dcp_conn_buffer_size_aggr_mem_threshold
 6d76bb087 MB-46738: Remove unused DcpFlowControlManager::isEnabled()
 712b64c4c Remove loop from MeterGetRandomKey and MeterGetKeys
 72db9633d MB-46738: DcpFlowControlManager now the only FCManager implementation
 68770a01c [Refactor] Add separate unit test cases for GetMeta
 d574e7b8f [Refactor] Add standalone unit test for GetKeys
 7a3b07c90 Refactor: accessScanner member to use folly::Synchronized<>
 3ee780455 MB-46738: Remove any usage of the DcpFlowControlManager base class
 1fc5bc4b8 MB-52854: Disable testsuite DcpConsumerBufferAckTest
 ec1f6cb7e MB-52840: Run only one eviction variant of RangeScan key-scan
 de4cf775d MB-46738: Remove '_' suffix from EPE::dcpFlowControlManager_
 17a9a933f [Refactor] Rename writeDocument to upsert
 589804024 [Refactor] Create standalone unit test for GetRandomKey
 1d9cb61aa MB-52839: Revert "MB-49782: [2/2] Replace ScopeTimer{1,2} usage with ScopeTimer"
 35f638b34 [Refactor] Remove 'duplicate' unit test
 07be00f91 [serverless] Add Dcp throttling and metering test
 35d9c57ba MB-46738: Turn dcp_flow_control_policy into dcp_consumer_flow_control_enabled
 b116a2970 Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo' into 'couchbase/master'"
 1fba34591 MB-52847: Skip ep_overhead check in ep_testsuite 'disk>RAM delete golden path'
 14b4c8f54 MB-52852: redistribute system privileges
 1c1aa0641 Rename ItemPagerBench to VBCBAdaptorBench
 75fd36723 Separate scheduling of CkptRemoverTasks from KVBucket::initialize
 36cc06335 MB-52054: Only write to stats.json on shutdown & warmup
 b3c1f60c8 MB-52843: Skip ep_kv_size check in ep_testsuite 'disk>RAM golden path'
 e76e434fc MB-37858: Cleanup: CheckpointPersistence_Unsupported
 8beb98de4 Fix MemTrackingVBucketBench
 7135ba66a Remove rbac.db.dump ioctl
 09fbeb583 MB-51916: Improve log messages when enabling / disabling traffic
 1e73d61d4 MB-52842: Disable ep_testsuite 'disk>RAM delete paged-out' for Magma
 5a189b37a MB-44253: Test: Should crash if GlobalTask::run throws
 4b3592134 [serverless] Update test for UnmeteredPrivilege
 545799718 [Refactor] Reuse connection in metering tests
 198452bd9 [Refactor] rename serverless_test to metering_test
 67b3316c6 [Refactor] Create misc test suite in serverless tests
 45b35ab28 [Refactor] Move throttle_test to its own test suite
 f412a1cce [Refactor] Move metering tests to metering bucket
 8cbdd0397 [Refactor] Allow for multiple suites in testapp_serverless
 a6af2cf66 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo' into 'couchbase/master'
 75e33a9bd MB-46738: Remove Flow Control policy "dynamic"
 25007f411 MB-46738: Remove Flow Control policy "static"
 08e65b155 MB-52067: BGFetcher return success for success or no_such_key
 f93215115 Fix ambiguous Environment reference
 6967edc77 Fix KVStoreBench
 20aad31ff MB-52613: Recompute checkpointMaxSize on Bucket quota change
 6e00500f2 Expand error message if readVBState fails during scan init
 bd5e7cda4 Include what you use, and you use std::optional
 7099d5d33 Convert remaining python2 scripts to python3
 dba91ac6d Remove use of EP_BYPASS_TESTS
 3bfa2f9e1 Merge "Merge branch 'neo' into master"
 d832bc75a [dcpdrain] Report the number of snapshots
 ddfe75674 Merge branch 'neo' into master
 6a16c258e [dcpdrain] Check the status for DcpStreamReq
 d1880021a [refactor] Use early return in tryToProgressDcpStream()
 2e0579033 [cluster_test] Pick filename from MEMCACHED_RBAC env var
 c2ee2ab13 Fix ItemCompressorBench
 d9d8fb454 [serverless] Include XAttr in internal replication
 f2f3d1f79 Fix ItemPagerBench
 11778d268 MB-52264: Expand BucketQuotaChange tests
 9d309b065 Fix DefragmenterBench
 740f14089 Fix AccessScannerBench
 aa3f44c8b [refactor] Move DCP step code to separate method
 d84225fc4 MB-52668 Release Magma SeqIterator when scan is yielded
 52bb81c5a MB-50984: CheckpointList scan is lock-free in CM::scheduleDestruction
 44405cb33 [serverless] Add separate unit test for simple mutations
 aec2b59bc [serverless] Add unit test for touch commands
 81ced2516 [serverless] Add separate unit test for Locking functions
 6c136dff2 [serverless] Add separate unit test for Get and GetReplica
 976d2de21 MB-52722: Delete should only increase RU if doc is read
 17dffaa9c RangeScan should be the last privilege
 d466bd6ac MB-50984: Remove test boilerplate introduced in MB-36146
 414ac78e1 MB-50984: Don't call detachFromManager() in Checkpoint dtor
 bda9248a1 MB-50984: Rename Checkpoint::MemoryCounter::parentUsage to managerUsage
 11aeee822 [serverless] Add separate unit test for arithmetic metering
 349b67722 MB-52672: Let dropPrivilege persist across RBAC updates
 1e1f8826c MB-35297: Cap the number of RangeScanContinueTasks
 6ed420c75 MB-52784: Outline Cookie::euid and Cookie::euidPrivilegeContext
 cae37642b MB-52264: Add Bucket quota change tests
 de5c82af6 MB-52784: Use PrivilegeMask for Cookie::euidExtraPrivileges
 b5417f594 MB-52784: Remove Cookie::error_json member variable
 be5785008 Only report serverless bucket stats in serverless deployment
 33c0df45a MB-52067: Ensure bgfetch does not short circuit multi-phase ops
 ec0598003 Merge "Merge branch 'neo'"
 a8e1625ad MB-52784: Reorder Cookie members to avoid alignment holes
 77483c179 MB-52784: Use PrivilegeMask for PrivilegeContext::droppedPrivileges
 0abadd205 MB-52699: Check for an error when Magma-KVStore::scan loop ends
 307714bf2 MB-52158: Extend PrivilegeMask to include RangeScan priv
 5284a762b Throttle (external) DCP connections
 645027bd4 MB-52672: Use Unmetered and Unthrottled privilege
 3a98483f3 Use GoModBuild to build test program
 6f7d88a65 Merge branch 'neo'
 12dda68b9 Merge "Merge branch 'neo'"
 a14dac14c MB-52672: Strip off Unthrottled and Unmetered privilege
 82fac1955 The key size should be included in WU
 d0135ad8b MB-52655: Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into neo
 0126571ea MB-52271: Remove logging of setting throttle limit
 5d73b6e6b MB-52672: Add privileges to bypass throttling and metering
 2a2dcde98 The unit test can't verify num_commands in a cluster env
 87b6c5af8 MB-52635: Add num_commands_with_metered_units stat
 d7618bbd9 Meter GetKeys
 2cfd399e9 All incoming packets are subject for throttling
 86b9ac3df Merge branch 'neo'
 ca154e694 MB-52264: Only update max running backfills once
 ae4a51906 Rename [RW]CU to [RW]U
 2dd20ef27 Merge "Merge branch 'neo'"
 f284ab219 MB-51606: Don't set receivedSnapshotEnd in PDM ctor if seqno is 0
 96b4c3042 MB-51606: Don't set lastSeqno to 1000 in VBucketTest
 5225beab9 MB-52568: Print actual HPS for ADM's "high_prepared_seqno" stat
 4279d64f1 MB-52553: Revert "MB-52276: Fix CheckpointCursor::getRemainingItemsCount"
 e595bba3b Merge branch 'neo'
 09c7afdce Merge "Merge commit '7230ffe6' into master"
 e1ec74030 Meter [RW]CU for DCP
 58cd09f01 Generate serverless configuration as part of build
 3b835019d Merge commit '7230ffe6' into master
 59a81b9e8 Merge commit 'neo' to master
 2044cd26b RCU should be 4k
 e8a58d1be Allow for a default throttle limit for serverless configurations
 5a92c789d Merge "Merge commit 'neo' into master"
 36c4a9a53 Merge "Merge commit '84f34ca1' into master"
 dbaa417b4 MB-49641 Add config for Magma's memory optimised write
 6e6572203 Merge commit 'neo' into master
 0eb5ab922 Merge commit '84f34ca1' into master
 2b2c3e7f4 Merge "Merge branch 'neo'"
 1a6fb5dd6 MB-51606: Notify PDM of last consistent point on transition
 1e496d0a3 MB-51606: Move queueing of snapshot end into new PDM::State fn
 7230ffe6f MB-51606: Add DeadDurabilityMonitor
 a6d9f4c8b MB-52383: Ensure EP config args for num_(reader|writer)_threads work
 23e43a4d6 MB-52499: Cancel seqno persistence requests at bucket deletion
 564986e3d MB-52383: Ensure we yield correctly when loading data during warmup
 97596dfdf MB-52542: CompactDB failure paths aren't clearing the engine specific
 6b215a162 MB-51606: Create DM from other base class DM
 797c89a09 MB-51606: Change ADM::getTrackedWrites() to getTrackedKeys()
 b6ec3534d MB-51606: Use DM interface functions instead of casting to child
 1060623a6 MB-51606: Split setupConsumerAndPassiveStream fn into components
 baa834ef2 Fix memory tracking for memcached on OSX
 18c0729b7 Merge branch 'neo'
 6425e77d6 Merge "Merge branch 'neo'"
 d419a8735 MB-52504: Include metering metrics in _prometheusMetricsHigh
 26033eb9a Merge branch 'neo'
 bfdf421e2 Merge "Merge branch 'neo'"
 c64829898 MB-35297: Add rangescan tool that can create/continue scans
 f237c2bee [Cleanup] libsodium is part of cbdeps
 e96841c6c Precompiled headers: Include GMock.h
 51efc7425 MB-52290: Add ability to get thread counts from memcached stats
 fa105087d Merge branch 'neo'
 f109c8013 Merge "Merge branch 'neo'"
 fa16036bd Verify the server signature as part of SCRAM
 f48234ea2 [Refactor] Improve error messages from CBSASL
 0bb500059 Merge branch 'neo'
 fcc11348d MB-52290: Remove 'num_writer_threads' from EPEngine's configuration.json
 b193368e2 MB-52290: Remove 'num_nonio_threads' from EPEngine's configuration.json
 41e3b99c9 MB-52504: Make Collector responsible for "kv_" metric prefix
 a8995444f [Refactor] Use cb::base64
 1ca6e8561 MB-52290: Remove 'num_auxio_threads' from EPEngine's configuration.json
 556698564 MB-52290: Remove 'num_reader_threads' from EPEngine's configuration.json
 cd658160f Merge branch 'neo'
 84f34ca1a MB-52067: Move WrappedServerCookieIface to allow use from elsewhere
 b77f161e5 MB-52486: update _metering endpoint nomenclature
 b912fb70d Merge "Merge branch 'neo'"
 f27d41323 Merge branch 'neo'
 308b98cb9 Add unit test to ensure stat documentation
 603267b46 MB-52383: Disable test_reader_thread_starvation_warmup
 2b0c5bf54 Catch any exceptions thrown in sasl init
 da821ecb9 Update RCU metering every time a document is read
 9d3a26af8 [Cleanup] Don't create bucket3 for all test cases
 c266b16af [Refactor] Keep password salt raw in memory
 da37d313c MB-39344: Simplify logic in CM::registerCursorBySeqno
 69499651c [Refactor] remove file usage from
 f2559bcb1 MB-52422: Use ServerKey and StoredKey for SCRAM
 e60b7da56 MB-52276: Make CheckpointCursor::getRemainingItemsCount O(1)
 3a5c33712 MB-35297: Add range-scans cmd_stat support
 ec1e88f2d Merge "Merge branch 'neo'"
 c2706f457 MB-50543: Make PassiveStream's seqnos monotonic
 f1433dc3d MB-35297: Allow client to request an exclusive range
 ee66145ec [Refactor] Modify the way to verify SCRAM client proof
 66363de2a MB-39344: Allow expelling all non-meta items in checkpoint
 55ddf5e0a MB-39344: ItemExpel updates EPStats::memOverhead
 29ba74922 MB-52276: Remove broken and unused Checkpoint::numMetaItems
 244c23ef8 MB-52276: Remove unused Checkpoint::numItems
 a3eb28cd7 MB-52276: Fix CheckpointCursor::getRemainingItemsCount
 13fc4290a MB-52276: CM::updateStatsForCheckpointRemoval returns void
 ee1d7c15d MB-52276: Checkpoint::getNumItems() accounts all items
 6fb8496b2 Add unit tests for scram-sha
 0bbf259fa [Refactor] Use proper singleton for ScamShaFallbackSalt
 53f79a05f MB-52153: Allow for using Argon2id 1.3
 c25523e67 MB-35297: Successful RangeScan changes state to Completed
 1de7900f8 Merge branch 'neo'
 dd70d77cf [Refactor] Bypass file creation in sasl test
 eb5577096 Merge "Merge branch 'neo'"
 7dd9bfc0e Update with a new file format
 ce6b53345 Merge branch 'neo'
 75b6d6db3 Merge "Merge branch 'neo'"
 79f882c0c MB-35297: Fix clang-format failure in
 83fc8c982 MB-52463: Update _metering endpoint nomenclature
 b28731e61 Merge branch 'neo'
 5c18c6542 MB-51874: Remove kv_ prefix from _metering endpoint
 0e22ef640 Merge branch 'neo'
 910d9f732 Merge "Merge branch 'neo'"
 a3d343f0d MB-35297: Fail RangeScanCreate if a range has no data
 857cfff00 MB-35297: RangeScan continue using mcbp
 b532ea19a Merge branch 'neo'
 cbedc2a84 Merge "Merge branch 'neo'"
 e2083a3c3 MB-52134: [BP] ByID scan support for MagmaKVStore
 e8eb83b14 MB-52080: Add StoredDocKey mem alloc test, add allocator stats to existing tests
 9e879f7c1 Change BucketTest::Reset static_assert to ASSERT_EQ
 aa96870e8 MB-52276: Make CM::getOpenCheckpointId() const
 48cd6c764 Merge branch 'neo'
 5daecfb28 MB-51874: Add _metering Prometheus endpoint
 4c801bcbb Merge "Merge branch 'neo'"
 b0669c3c7 Merge branch 'neo'
 55631e60a MB-51876: Unit tests to verify metering [1/n]
 99f620e73 Refactor: Don't load and parse json in pwdb
 8e97bf1b5 Move from boost::filesytem to std::filesytem
 75084004c MB-52080: Replace memOverhead approx. with in-place calculated statistic
 1c84ce63b [Refactor] Use OpenSSL for hashing on all platforms
 e67fa05fe [Refactor] Remove isSupported(Algorithm)
 6e2efe476 [Refactor] Squash cbcrypto into cbsasl
 bcc21a7af Speed up listing of tests in memcached_testapp
 2cab32f9f MB-52134: ByID scan support for MagmaKVStore
 6e99e3de5 MB-51718: Changes required for folly v2022.02.14.00
 3ec126328 MB-52334: Revert "MB-52065: Add notify_io_complete trace span"
 c219bfaed MB-52134: [BP] Move MagmaKVStore::scan 'core' to a function
 bbcab784d MB-52053: Set serverless 'num_(reader|writer)_threads' default to 64
 721fb9ab3 MB-51719: CBStatCollector::formatKey Simplify dynamic format args handling
 d4177cd93 Merge "Merge branch 'neo'"
 7adeb4c88 MB-52134: [BP] Remove persistedCompletedSeqno from ByID scan
 5ee4e2b6b MB-52276: Remove Checkpoint::creationTime
 5b8df892b MB-52276: Don't use Checkpoint::numItems at CM::maybeCreateNewCheckpoint
 933feae47 MB-52276: Don't use Checkpoint::numItems at CM::getVisibleSnapshotEndSeqno
 e67efca47 MB-52276: Don't use Checkpoint::numItems at CM::getSnapshotInfo
 e4e1dd90f MB-52276: Don't rely on Checkpoint::numItems at ItemExpel
 c6f637dc2 Revert initial fix for MB-51606
 92826b483 MB-52134: [BP] Small refactor in the magma scan loop
 991c65c55 Fix DefragmenterTest.MaxDefragValueSize test on big endian
 b4413dd21 MB-35297: Store keys in testapp_rangescan
 01c8119d0 MB-51986: Set serverless 'max_vbuckets' default to 48
 a9b032853 MB-52158: Add a RangeScan privilege
 46442ce74 Make genstats depend on engines/ep/configuration.json
 b02b4a0fe Merge branch 'neo'
 df5d56217 MB-52131: Optimize CheckpointCursor::operator< from O(num_items) to O(1)
 7d9cf1a15 MB-51985: Allow two default values to be set in configuration.json
 dfffa2fc1 Memcached style buckets is not supported in serverless mode
 0aa38e4c2 MB-35297: Fix shutdown crash whilst a scan was idle
 3c1f21711 Clang-Tidy:
 6961c1d28 Remove #pragma once from
 a35b84393 Throttle and bucket limit is serverless only
 77763b7a1 Remove
 68384dc09 MB-52248: [BP] Allow for empty password for encrypted cert
 15a2ab3d4 MB-35297: RangeScan Create and Cancel using mcbp
 d8b4c9018 MB-51874: Separate Prometheus endpoints from MetricServer
 587a9ba8f Tidy
 79d448a45 MB-35297: Pass cookie to cancelRangeScan
 9c1a7cf97 MB-35297: Add "wait-for-persistence" to rangeScanCreate
 4ebbe765f MB-51916: Add support for refuse data ingress from clients
 70f59588b Clang-Tidy configuration.h
 998ff7795 Merge "MB-51805: Merge branch neo"
 b8c901f6c Remove support for MD5 (not used)
 e53285f89 MB-52216: Remove rate limitations added for capella
 1cb0701ba Merge "Merge branch 'neo'"
 67063f8dd Merge "Merge branch 'neo'"
 bc5e37780 Clang-Format: config_parser.(h/cc)
 3b872223f MB-52219: Reset all throttle-related bucket members
 0eec10d2b [Refactor] Use std::thread instead of cb_thread_id
 ca7de7012 MB-35297: Update the SeqnoPersistenceRequest APIs
 73728696b MB-51805: Merge branch neo
 f98bac7bc Merge branch 'neo'
 d1e431af9 Add the client id to the log for update throttle limits
 12cfb94ab Merge branch 'neo'
 901a10818 MB-52067: Handle not found cas op status during counter store
 f7407d4dc MB-35297: Remove ActiveStream from DCPBackfill
 ba277d12b MB-39344: Expand comments on the issues around fixing Checkpoint::numItems
 116a5efcd MB-39344: Add test coverage for Checkpoint::getMinimumCursorSeqno
 babf2d652 MB-39344: Fix computation in Checkpoint::getHighSeqno()
 be9474955 Modernize couchstore_strerrno
 f0b6aab85 MB-50984: Introduce ep_num_checkpoints_pending_destruction
 28f1b3968 MB-35297: Remove DCPBackfill::transitionState calls from sub-classes
 75147a781 Meter all operations
 671983a1b MB-35297: Validate vbucket has a matching vb-uuid
 9164d2489 MB-35297: Extend RangeScans out to KVBucket
 c401848d3 Make easier to read, use std::clamp
 9f2b278f8 MB-35297: Add an optional random sampling feature to RangeScan
 59b0771d9 [Refactor] Remove BinprotCommandT<>
 804643e78 [Refactor] BinprotCommand cleanup
 1329f1b6b MB-52134: Move MagmaKVStore::scan 'core' to a function
 4dc00cfef Add trace span for time spent on the executor for SASL
 466e5407f MB-52065: Add notify_io_complete trace span
 bdec543b4 Don't roll over usage unless there is a limit
 b181e4315 MB-35297: Define mcbp opcodes for RangeScan commands
 e7baa92a7 MB-52134: Remove persistedCompletedSeqno from ByID scan
 b2d4285dd MB-52058: Allow for empty password for encrypted cert
 ff38bfebb MB-52160: MagmaKVStore::scan must not skip keys due to a compress error
 3a16c9c38 MB-51606: Fixup ADM state on transition to PDM
 f1b852f5e Modernize to make it easier to read
 562da947d MB-35397: Add RangeScanComplete status code
 c42dca19d MB-52134: Small refactor in the magma scan loop
 3245de918 [Refactor] delete BinprotGenericCommand() constructor
 c38315492 [Refactor] Clean up BinprotGenericCommand
 715359113 MB-35297: Run 'evicted' test with a limit
 256bfff57 MB-35297: Unify "Disk" and "Memory" backfills
 88a9528e8 Clang-Tidy hash_table.(h/cc)
 0ed9aab7b [Refactor] BinprotSubdocResponse don't need a copy
 4637d367c MB-51805: Set PassiveStream::cur_snapshot_prepare on new stream
 768024526 MB-52135: Remove isStalePriv() check in StoredValue::getNext()
 8c3d5eeb7 [Refactor] Clean up BinprotResponse
 5b2813661 MB-52131: Optimize CheckpointCursor::operator< from O(num_items) to O(1)
 d84e86ec9 MB-51805, MB-51806: Inherit HPS from previous Checkpoint
 027f65fc5 MB-51805: Pass persistedPrepareSeqno(maxPrepareSeqno) into Checkpoint
 ef87bb302 MB-51805: Pass persistedPrepareSeqno(maxPrepareSeqno) to CkptMgr
 4c7d31216 MB-51805: Pass persistedPrepareSeqno(maxPrepareSeqno) into VBucket
 5706af394 MB-51805: Add persistedPrepareSeqno(maxPrepareSeqno) to makeVBucket()
 d43149ec8 Merge "Merge branch 'neo'"
 4badc1b09 Merge "Merge branch 'neo'"
 aeef7150a MB-39344: Remove Vbid arg from CM::createCheckpointMetaItem
 e05472a24 MB-39344: Rename createCheckpointItem() into createCheckpointMetaItem()
 699d0bcc3 [Refactor] Remove BinprotResponse::getHeaderLen
 04b84c468 [Refactor] Remove BinprotResponse::getKeyString
 a20773cf3 [Refactor] Simplify BinprotResponse::getTracingData
 de5901944 MB-35297: Add SnapshotRequirements and checks
 626800d9c Add throttle_wait_time to the bucket stats
 48bfc5efd MB-52087: Add ReportComputeUnitUsage feature
 9e58bf794 MB-35297: Return finished when create/scan are complete
 9afe428a5 MB-39344: De-inline Checkpoint::getHighSeqno()
 761aa2573 [Refactor] Simplify Response FrameInfo encoding
 2894f0cd3 MB-50984: Improve checkpoint-removal comments in CM::addNewCheckpoint()
 bb4fa818e MB-51956: Remove CM::removeClosedUnrefCheckpoints()
 88fb22cbb Reduce the limit for ops/s for tenant test
 0787c9812 MB-50602: Wait for connection close
 bbcf42dba Move [RW]CU size to serverless config
 07215ccbe MB-52068: Disable automatic bucket selection
 24d2160cf MB-51956: Remove the QueueDirtyWithManyClosedUnrefCheckpoints bench
 4492280d0 MB-50984: Remove chk_period
 7777d323d MB-51962: Use instead of SAN.uri
 793e61741 MB-51606: Don't throw if PDM of dead vBucket tries to ack
 6912b02bb MB-51606: Update seqno ack to send outside state lock
 8926882d8 MB-51606: Pass VB State lock to VBucket::sendSeqnoAck()
 0f32a5d17 MB-51606: Pass VB State lock to PDM::notifySnapshotEndReceived()
 cfc499348 Merge branch 'neo'
 1dc58cf0a Merge branch 'neo'
 0a6188868 MB-50984: Ensure CheckpointMemRecoveryTask attempts checkpoint creation
 4ea1840e3 MB-50984: Remove CM::checkOpenCheckpoint()
 72bc7c4b8 MB-50984: Remove 'force' arg from CM::checkOpenCheckpoint()
 e9cab4721 MB-50984: Remove num-item-based checkpoint creation
 e3822d29f Merge "Merge branch 'neo'"
 8c30f2936 MB-51681: Replace full CM scans with variables updated in-place
 5dc24b653 Merge branch 'neo'
 3d006d064 Merge branch 'neo'
 90245a1f6 MB-51606: Pass VB State lock to DM::notifyLocalPersistence()
 1135ed3fa MB-51606: Notify DM for persistence of dead vBuckets
 4552aab55 MB-51606: Split setupConsumerAndPassiveStream fn into components
 bddbc9cbe Merge branch 'neo'
 47efbd581 Merge branch 'neo'
 a249f079e Merge "Merge branch 'neo'"
 9018ab17b [BP] MB-51968: Remove DCP stats from stats.json
 06909ffc8 MB-35297: Remove State::complete from DCPBackfillDisk
 d75488c49 MB-35297: Modernise FailoverTable with nlohmann::json
 b05dfad6d MB-51805: Add highestTracked to DM interface
 469da97c7 MB-51805: Do not notify pdm in ReceiveDuplicateDcpPrepareRemoveFromPDM
 b0a2bcf33 MB-51962: Add support for internal server cert
 a9f07650f MB-35297: Add a time limit to range scan continue
 a6bf6e866 MB-35297: Add an item limit to range scan continue
 b9207d233 MB-35297: Fix "RangeScan::setStateIdle invalid state:State::Cancelled"
 a096e9fba MB-51681: Decouple Checkpoint::MemoryCounter from its Destroyer
 8473c621b MB-51962: Add the ability to specify suffix for cert mapping
 c7600c61b Add support for setting max connection per bucket
 254763549 MB-51413: Don't warmup vBuckets without state
 8a0c348a1 MB-51413: Make getPersistedVBucketState return ReadVBStateResult
 ee97a4779 MB-51413: Return ReadVBStateResult in RocksDBKVStore readVBState
 5a657bf6b Add serverless configuration file
 3dc841bf4 Fix printout of problems reloading config file
 a9300037d Merge branch 'neo'
 dd9ffcbef Merge "Merge branch 'neo'"
 31506fe44 MB-52003: rebuildXattr: Only check non-empty section
 51af95007 MB-51681: ChkptManager::getMemUsage should include sizeof(Checkpoint)
 e14e37957 MB-51681: expl. delete Checkpoint::MemoryCounter's move/copy ctor/assignment
 dcb3f5793 MB-51914: Remove locks for throttle-list
 0ac4f3f46 MB-51413: Magma snapshot readVBState check snap bounds
 5827ed549 MB-51805: Add Checkpoint::HPS value to dump()
 2a508b4bc MB-51413: Return ReadVBStateResult from snapshot magma readVBState
 19d3e1b1e [BP] MB-51413: Return ReadVBStateResult from readVBStateFromDisk(Vbid)
 9a207bd64 Refactor and Document ioctl's
 21b27f92c MB-51877: Add bucket throttling
 b182130ff MB-51914: Set a max limit on #connections to a bucket
 c4d4d4b32 Merge branch 'neo'
 5b2a78939 MB-35297: RangeScan must remove xattrs
 cc65f267d [BP] MB-51413: Move ReadVBStateStatus to KVStoreIface
 d0a21ee0a [BP] MB-51413: Add NotFound status to CouchKVStore readVBState
 f84fc8a79 [BP] MB-51413: Create MockCouchKVStore in replaceCouchKVStore
 9c243ef88 [BP] MB-51413: Don't bundle rev with state in Magma readVBStateFromDisk
 5f2cdbd1a MB-35297: Add KVStore methods to read vbstate from a KVFileHandle
 0b32603c9 MB-51958: Disable STItemPagerTest.ReplicaEvictedBeforeActive
 915204aaa MB-33549: Ensure reset() resets the correct EPStats' stats
 fbc59261a Add serverless test program
 9420632eb MB-35297: Continue/Cancel RangeScan on an I/O task
 78cf83cfc [cluster_framework] Allow for per-node config update
 c814767d7 Add Settings::getDeploymentModel()
 4f985de4f Refactor: move makeUid (collection function) to a common location
 122bce56b Correct client comment in buckets.h
 6e07b851a MB-35297: Add RangeScanMore status code
 e6647930c MB-51877: Let SCUGT::tick rollover overuse
 b8cd76dd1 MB-51968: Remove DCP stats from stats.json
 90708cb29 Remove obsolete @todo
 d6f146f56 MB-51877: Add a command to set the throttle limits
 53e319bfe Add support for requesting information for a single bucket
 4aaffb6de Add dependency to generated source from mcd_executor
 5c1a34c52 Remove pragma once from a .cc file
 9b3a8e220 Add string_view operator to cb::mcbp::unsigned_leb128
 34524e387 MB-51719: Remove deprecated format_to(memory_buffer) overload (part 2)
 8ba22a116 MB-35297: Add RangeScanCancelled error/status code
 cafb31f07 MB-51925: Don't allocate for access logs unless necessary during Warmup
 5d4d0ecf2 MB-51877: Add SloppyComputeUnitsGauge to the buckets
 a6245cae2 MB-35297: Remove redundant pragma once and emacs formatting lines
 cd61a0417 MB-51715: Timeout SeqnoPersistenceRequests when no data is flushed
 85c79d9ee MB-51877: Create a sloppy compute unit gauge
 7333da37e MB-51556: Re-add Monotonic labels to DurabilityMonitor::Position
 7499c42fa MB-50543: Ensure ActiveSream seqno members are (Weakly)Monotonic
 5c4dd3848 MB-51556: Re-add Monotonic label to queuedSeqnoAcks
 4091c30f3 MB-51681: Add tests for MemOverhead{,Queue,Index}
 99a030b61 MB-33549: Refactor EPStats ctor to call reset()
 e452367c4 MB-51925: Return early on transition to done in checkForAccessLog()
 5d1652d46 MB-51877: Add BucketThrottleManagement
 3fe9760cd MB-35297: Create RangeScans using an I/O task
 b96e28c6e Forward merge neo to master
 99d165aa6 Add CPU time spent in processNotifiedCookie
 602ca880f MB-33549: Add tests for all EPStats
 c53971180 Remove unused VBucketMap::enableSyncWriteExpiryTasks method
 e2baf0516 MB-51875: Add support for collecting metering data [2/n]
 23c836084 MB-51648: Forward merge (chechire-cat) 7.0.4 to (neo) 7.1.1
 7e74655e8 MB-35297: Change get_scope_id to take CollectionID
 bf80dccd8 MB-51880: Use sized_buffer::data() instead of sized_buffer::buf (XAttr)
 b64fc8439 MB-51719: Remove deprecated format_to(memory_buffer) overload
 05b622219 Correct method name in exception
 3b11b376b MB-51875: Add Read/Write Compute Unit Size to config [1/n]
 176558bb6 MB-51474 magma: Add new magma Status code NoAccess
 6dcf92a6d MB-35297: Remove complete from the DCPBackfill::cancel path
 829007122 [Refactor] Create Bucket::to_json
 94c874e6a [Refactor] Split Connection::rw_callback
 19af74e82 MB-51863: Strip collection bytes from document key
 86bd405df MB-51719: Add missing formattors for enum classes
 fd1d0950f [Refactor] Reorder members in Settings to reduce padding bytes
 0ae29c356 MB-35297: Initial RangeScan infrastructure
 b28b3f961 MB-50543: Make Checkpoint::snapEndSeqno WeaklyMonotonic
 66d8a4723 MB-50984: Move KVBucket::checkpointMaxSize to CheckpointConfig
 8a1a8b8d1 MB-35297: Add a "yield/shouldYield" methods to StatusCallback
 110c3f06d MB-50984: Make CheckpointConfig::persistenceEnabled const
 f2f8bbfef MB-51764 Expose Magma stat TreeSnapshotMemUsed via ep-engine
 8d40b0357 MB-43027: Always enqueue vBucketState when adding failover entry
 e8db8c173 MB-51373: Inspect and correct Item objects created by KVStore
 17c7b89dd Remove re-use of Checkpoints in CheckpointManager::createNewCheckpoint()
 5929929ce MB-50984: Remove the checkpoint_memory_unreferenced stats
 e6ace9f7b MB-51295: Remove the checkpoint_removal_mode EP config param
 892cce81f MB-51295: Remove CheckpointRemoval enum
 28ce3adf2 MB-51295: Remove CM::checkpointDisposer
 4f355fb44 MB-51295: Remove CM::hasClosedCheckpointWhichCanBeRemoved
 28c9d4341 MB-51572: Remove EPBucket::FlushResult::WakeCkptRemover
 36bb71a66 MB-51295: DcpTest from Lazy to Eager ckpt removal
 dac4b6d1e MB-33549: Refactor timingLogs to use a smart pointer
 d0fa661fd MB-51556: Re-add Monotonic labels to ActiveStream
 984a98d14 MB-51715: Remove unused KVShard::highPriorityCount
 1a3dae8b9 Rename FailoverTable::needsRollback() vb_uuid
 3034d7dd6 MB-50316: Update numOpsGet on successful get via getInner()
 0792f8e7f MB-51556: Re-add Monotonic labels to CheckpointManager
 2c820f85d MB-51556: Re-add Monotonic labels to ActiveDurabilityMonitor::State
 1af7a60a9 MB-51556: Re-add Monotonic labels to ADM::ResolvedQueue
 42ce1b7f6 Add const keyword to Stream getters
 daacc763c MB-51556: Remove Monotonic<> labels in preparation for new style labels
 f1dacae9d In-line FailoverTable::adjustSnapshotRange()
 ec4dba239 Rename start_seqno and curr_seqno of FailoverTable::needsRollback()
 eb56a45f8 Move rollback_seqno out param to FailoverTable::RollbackResult
 eee4cc759 Make FailoverTable::needsRollback() return struct instead of pair
 63ca9b76e MB-48120: Move monotonic_queue.h to platform
 273066212 MB-48120: Move Monotonic tests to platform
 5597a9ab3 Reuse compression mechanism in Document class
 30c8545f2 Fix intermittent failure in ExecutorPoolTest/0.WakeSetsTaskRunning
 445d5358b MB-35297: Return backfill_finished instead of transition to Done
 499036a15 Remove unused include 
 06a2edd74 MB-50841: Add descriptions from to json definitions
 a78c029d5 Fix build failure in CheckpointTest::advanceCursorToEndOfCheckpoints
 6b3b0080b [testapp] Increase error output from XattrNoDocTest::testMultipathCombo
 888f1a149 MB-51295: Sharded ckpt destroyer tests don't need to set ckpt-rem Eager
 1052fa5fc Refactor CheckpointManager::getNextItemsForCursor()
 5bf498a1a Update checkpoint id comment in CloseReplicaCheckpointOnDiskSnapshotEnd
 3e39803b4 MB-51295: Don't run CheckpointMemoryTrackingTest on Lazy ckpt removal
 90fee1a56 MB-51298: Make checkpoint snapStartSeqno const
 45bc9fed6 MB-51298: Remove checkpoint re-use optimization in CheckpointManager
 140ac20f6 Refactor CheckpointManager::removeCursor()
 8c5ac5728 Refactor CheckpointManager::getItemsForCursor() to take a ref over ptr
 ad418201a Additional merging of failure causes
 e64aa384a Ignore additional failure indications
 85c466de7 Allow branch to be specified
 9d9a81bed MB-49919: Remove engine-level background stat task creation
 a9d1a4b55 MB-35297: Tidy DCPBackfillDisk state
 0b8e1c30e Add Expects() to Checkpoint & CheckpointManager ctors
 1fb9f4949 MB-51686: Disable PiTR_Test.MB51007 while it's being fixed
 537150f8d Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo' into HEAD"
 4487c47fd MB-51690: Remove ASSERT and now unused var from ConcurrentPurge test
 3b725df77 MB-51240: Use cb::Semaphore to count ItemAccessVisitor
 11ec99ab5 MB-51512: Change ItemPager so it removes dropped collection data
 ba62e0938 MB-50841: Generate stat definitions from json
 7d6e61d77 MB-51413: Generate Configuration::addStats directly
 9275026b3 Don't calculate seqnos for midpoint optimization if not enabled
 15c3ff340 MB-49919: Gather all bucket stats in background task
 1dbe3323e MB-51295: SingleThreadedKVBucketTest from Lazy to Eager ckpt removal
 337a5cb7f Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo' into HEAD
 f9c565b58 MB-51639: Unconditionally persist disk snapshot end for HPS
 94e9d81ac Reduce indentation in needsRollback()
 8ae194c03 Use std::next() rather than ++itr/--itr in needsRollback()
 722cfae4e Make CouchKVStoreConfig midpointOptimization config true by default
 423327d9b Print set_vbucket_state's value data in Checkpoint string operator
 3d3197e25 MB-51613: calc wait/load min/max stats using hists
 798d94bce MB-51413: Return ReadVBStateResult from readVBStateFromDisk(Vbid)
 083c7c217 Clang-tidy mutation_log.(h/cc)
 6684e8b62 MB-51512: Change ItemPager so it removes dropped collection data
 7b771c4cc Refactor: avoid duplication of getBucket() call
 05aa82c16 Fix compiler warning for unused var & deprecated-declarations copy ctor
 743dae64b MB-49919: Add assorted bucket stat benchmarks
 749083ed8 MB-27146: add err msg for non-KVnode cbstats calls
 c86ff2452 MB-25632: Opcode attributes: document dynamic changing via mcctl
 538904b50 MB-51558: Fix ScheduleCancelx2 intermittent failure
 3a63f5e95 MB-51413: Move ReadVBStateStatus to KVStoreIface
 650443a26 Make Checkpoint::vbucketId const as it should never change
 3c5dceb99 MB-45214: Log graceful due to sigint/sigterm
 2becb833e MB-45214: Log shutdown due to stdin closure/shutdown message
 d83ac3e68 Remove deprecated use of std::iterator<>
 662d74233 MB-51413: Move StatDef to separate files
 83f12ac73 Modify Checkpoint state so it can only be closed
 9454c3ca8 Make Checkpoint::checkpointId immutable
 f8a33459f Merge branch 'neo' into master
 dc531f247 MB-47139 magma-kvstore: Adapt to SetMaxOpenFiles API change
 285bae818 IWYU privileges.h in ep_engine.h
 0c7bcb823 MB-51413: Add NotFound status to CouchKVStore readVBState
 d0c66e6d9 Merge "Merge branch 'neo' into 'master'"
 6e11dc8b4 MB-51413: Create MockCouchKVStore in replaceCouchKVStore
 785dcc6a9 MB-35297: Change from SCAN_ABORTED to SCAN_CANCELLED
 9f02fd9d1 MB-23898: skip get() call if KeyOnly is true
 d46b32e35 MB-45408: Update dropped collections in PiTR compaction
 42bad267b MB-45408: Add PiTR variants to CollectionsPersistentParameterizedTest
 66b7c1391 MB-45408: Add PiTR variant to DurabilityCouchstoreBucketTest
 39091131f MB-45408: Add PiTR variant to CollectionsSyncWriteParamTest
 d5971bc04 Merge branch 'neo' into 'master'
 5ffb37aa5 MB-45408: Enabled some PiTR test variants
 ac0da7cb5 MB-51513: Merge branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into 'couchbase/neo'
 5cbcd28cb MB-51513: Merge 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into 'couchbase/neo'
 e54259ab0 MB-51373: Use 'raw' for StoredValue::toItemBase IncludeValue::No
 22d5e98e0 MB-51413: Don't bundle rev with state in Magma readVBStateFromDisk
 6da090c60 MB-35297: Make both seqno/id scans increment failover counter
 932e1f68f MB-35297: Distinguish KVStore::scan failure vs cancelled
 ea3bb9a96 Refactor legacy ( == 0) to just ==
 09f70f6fb MB-51414: Simplify handling of snapshot ranges in processItems()
 9664b2371 MB-51408: Don't miss closing the open checkpoint at memory recovery
 79b3555ba MB-45408: Enable Pitr tests for DurabilityEPBucketTests
 7f2396673 MB-51391: Avoid crash when attempting to double-delete vBucket
 7b9bc16a0 mc_time_clock_tick: Include check interval in log message
 30480b120 MB-51105: Stop ActiveStream from sending non WeaklyMonotonic snapStart
 63019f2a4 MB-51391: Check that null VBucketPtr is not dereferenced
 95f4cfcca MB-50988: Remove redundant compaction task wake
 dba382ab6 MB-51328: Return correct purgeSeqno from MagmaKVStore::listPersistedVbuckets
 682fa0557 MB-51328: Reduce shard / vbucket count for KVStoreBackend tests
 e8db0fc6f MB-50988: Limit compaction concurrency with LimitedConcurrencyTask
 2db9135b6 Merge branch 'neo' into 'master'
 e63420d2e Revert "MB-49469: Introduce max_checkpoints_hard_limit_multiplier"
 b1c30d769 Bump compaction timeout in PiTR test
 f74b76bb9 MB-49512: Reset task ptr on scheduler thread during taskable shutdown
 051783339 MB-49512: Make Taskable::isShutdown() const
 b677e04be MB-51345: Stop ep_testsuite tests relying on dev assert behaviour
 f1006da4f MB-51104: Additional Ephemeral-specific expel tests
 85d65f12c MB-49917: Add testapp tests for dcp,dcpagg,checkpoint stats
 b0bde22a6 MB-49512: Make Taskable::isShutdown() const
 e0128e5a4 MB-49512: Remove redundant if statement
 9921f13c5 MB-50310: 2/2 Add a DCP stream from latest feature
 f3ef70b4e MB-50310: 1/2 Add a DCP stream from latest feature
 2b10a0eb4 Create json_validator library
 0d36a7a95 MB-35297: Refactor StatusCallback
 50d0d65a8 MB-50988: Introduce LimitedConcurrencyTask
 462a42eaf MB-50988: Allow excess ThreadGate::threadUp() calls
 60167bef4 MB-51117: Set the OSO range to only include the requested collection
 368650550 MB-51295: CheckpointDisposalTest don't require special config
 6ca95e024 MB-51295: Run CheckpointTest suite on CheckpointRemoval::Eager
 417b067f0 Merge "Merge branch 'couchbase/neo' into Morpheus"
 0cda24cfe Refactor: Move JSON validation to FrontEndThread member
 7aa071577 [Refactor] Get the number of server conn from NIM
 39c30adb0 [testapp] Allow IPv6 interfaces to be reported first
 850625d40 MB-32592: Add kernel send/recv buffer to connection stat
 77834a5be Merge branch 'couchbase/neo' into Morpheus
 332f0b398 MB-50988: Correct sense of CompactTask::isTaskDone
 27b10629b MB-50988: Make CompactTask track requested start time
 2b498e69b MB-45408: Use STParam test for BloomFilterParamTest
 673bc24c7 Add neo branch for kv_engine & platform
 99207ae99 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/master' into neo
 369c19337 MB-49512: Disconnect compaction cookies on EWB cancel immediately
 f297e77fe MB-45408: Remove second STParam test parameter
 a5480ebd8 BSL License updates - Couchbase Server Version 7.1
 64b094063 MB-45408: Use single config for ItemPager and Nexus params
 5f3b613a6 MB-45408: Remove unnecessary GetParam() calls
 aaf7eff03 MB-51132: Only reset tasks on eventBase during unregisterTaskable
 0499e062d MB-49469: Change to max_checkpoints_hard_limit_multiplier=100
 0ac22ad71 MB-30941: make unlocked functions take lock ref
 1713085e1 MB-45408: Make remaining STParam variants use single config string
 82e5a33ed MB-45408: Use single config string for persistentConfigValues()
 dfa548bca MB-45408: Use single config string for allConfigValuesNoNexus()
 d6ff932c0 MB-45408: Use single config string for allConfigValues()
 ddb86eb99 MB-50852: correct 'passord' typo across kv_engine
 55bb9168a MB-45408: Use single config string for nexus tests
 1a8ecddba MB-45408: Use single config string for rocksdb tests
 4d9c59aa9 MB-45408: Use single config string for magma tests
 052da62a7 MB-45408: Use single config string for couchstore tests
 b42007434 MB-45408: Pass single config string to STParam tests
 27275edf3 MB-49512: Cancel compactions during EWB cancel
 6bd1c26df MB-49469: Introduce max_checkpoints_hard_limit_multiplier
 638d02303 cbstats: Restore executable permissions
 b32189c27 MB-49512: Drop abort compaction log to debug
 36beef86e MB-49512: Don't treat aborted compactions as failures
 d2a03617b MB-51007: Bypass Expect check for collection flush under PiTR
 187590b77 Print the actual timeout value used
 ff7b8ff96 Fix NotifiableTask default sleep time
 c30171b52 MB-49512: Move compaction failure stat out of KVStore
 0690ef2e9 MB-34239: Require vbid for cbstats' durability-monitor cmd
 e6d4ba870 MB-49512: Return enum status from KVStore::compactDB
 8cae7cba0 MB-45408: Add compaction stats failure test for pitr compaction
 341ec98dd Cleanup: Remove obsolete privilege names
 8407fd6b9 [testapp] Set the datatype bit if client enabled JSON
 8ea16187c MB-47604: Enable concurrent flush and compaction for nexus
 d444b9c58 Merge "Merge commit 'bfa0dd847' into master"
 e744fa1ae Merge commit 'bfa0dd847' into master
 5cd6a8bcf MB-51135: SubdocMultiMutation should only require Upsert
 13947090b MB-51104: Allow ItemExpel for open Checkpoints without cursors
 773e09e15 MB-49512: Remove commented out include
 ee7295b88 Fix spelling mistakes in CheckpointRemoverTest instantiation
 6a61201f0 MB-51104: Convert CheckpointRemoverTest to parameterised
 4633579e9 MB-45408: Add pitr compaction error injection test
 b7c973078 Tidy logging of ranges in CheckpointManager::getItemsForCursor()
 b0e96790b MB-49489: Set Magma's dynamic config parameters before Magma::Open
 821a460df Clang-Tidy: checkpoint.(h/cc)
 d9ffd1b7b MB-49767, MB-44805: Don't send completed prepares for persistent buckets
 32ccd222b MB-50967: Ensure EventBase callbacks have expected order
 d5129ccb2 Fix ValueTest/StoredValueFactory in ep-engine_ep_unit_tests on big endian
 2ee231cef DefragmenterTest::MaxDefragValueSize: Support 16kB page size
 1a204a22f MB-51011: Fix intermittent magma rollback test failure
 6fc9835cf MB-49512: Remove tasks from custom cpuPool queue on unregister
 2d34894e3 MB-49512: FollyExecutorPool use custom queue for actual work
 ce934f231 MB-50747: Unit test reproducing negative item count
 0daf7d25e MB-51001: Lower Nexus log message verbosity
 84d65940b MB-49512: Reset tasks on scheduler thread [2/2]
 857293449 MB-49512: FollyExecutorPool - allow scheduler thread re-entrancy [1/2]
 aad660e73 MB-50995: Correctly account for the snapshot marker v2.1 size
 fdc7f2d7e MB-49512: engine_testapp use std::cout over printf for Running...
 cdbd3b598 MB-49512: Always flush stdout on engine_testapp result
 6e85202fd Fix test_set/add/del_ret_meta in ep_testsuite on big endian
 fe6f4ca73 MB-50941: Revert "MB-49512: Obey concurrent compaction limit when rescheduling"
 4817fef82 MB-49489: Add magma_mem_quota_low_watermark_ratio to config.json
 19821ceb9 MB-50543: Ensure we don't send non-monotonic snapshot start
 8e484be3f MB-50747: Compaction may skip dropped collection item count updates
 8b1c253eb Fix BasicClusterTest.Observe test case on s390x
 e4fb4f934 MB-49469: Remove O(N) CM::getMemoryUsage()
 e2309d374 MB-49512: Unregister taskable in PoolThreadsAreRegisteredWithPhosphor
 c590527df MB-50938: Unregister taskable in DcpConnMapTest::TearDown()
 4ab367d94 MB-49469: Checkpoint::getMemUsage returns consistent quantity
 51749c904 MB-49469: Rename CM::estimatedMemUsage into CM::memUsage
 a81c46579 MB-49469: Remove duplicate checkpoint mem tracking tests
 bdf5857ad MB-50888: Cancel compaction if vbucket is awaiting deferred deletion
 8fa87af1c MB-49512: Don't run STItemPagerTest for nexus
 5ae473d72 MB-49512: Split DurabilityEPBucketTest into smaller suites
 47cdb1c9e MB-49512: Wait for flusher in test multiple vb compactions
 bcbb76eb0 MB-49512: Avoid deadlock in cancel_can_schedule test
 cb836e2fd MB-49512: Cancel compactions during shutdown
 568d2c0a0 MB-49512: Join cpuPool threads before reset
 b68b18b00 Fixes ep-engine_ep_unit_tests cases on Big Endian
 1a091d181 MB-50647: Simplify DCP notification
 be4936f3b MB-50647: Remove ConnMap::releaseLock
 72a418059 MB-38377: Move ResetPCursorAtPersistNonMetaItems to error injection suite
 c9bc2cb91 MB-50647: Remove AtomicQueue
 fe8ba02e7 MB-50647: Remove ConnMap::pendingNotifications
 27e590e4b MB-50647: Bypass ConnMap notification
 cfd7b8242 MB-38377: Move FlushFailureAtPerstingDelete to error injection suite
 a43115e0b MB-38377: Move FlushFailureStatsAtDedupedNonMetaItems to error injection suite
 a94d64af0 Remove unused privilege Select
 b30ff314a MB-49469: Remove reduntant checkpoint memory tests
 05bc24052 Remove unused privilege CollectionManagement
 72540a555 MB-50543: Ensure ActiveSteam doesn't send seqno out of order
 d9a9d3f7f MB-49512: Move logging and common executor code to GlobalTask::execute
 5ec3cbca2 MB-50620 Fix initial disk snapshot check
 0c8a2b978 MB-50848: GetAllVbSeqnos should require Read privilege
 15507b4a7 MB-50844: Observe_seqno should require read privilege
 198328adc MB-50843: Remove XattrRead and XattrWrite privilege
 e04d8302d IWYU in couch-kvstore.h
 95567d909 MB-50673: Add HiFi MFU eviction docs
 0ad14d58c MB-50620: Log snapshot range in ActiveStream creation
 6fc6f7961 Skip TLS cert verification on latest requests library
 5870ec702 Suggest how to fix a missing 'requests' module
 cdc5e90b5 MB-50849: LastClosedCheckpoint should require Read
 e3dae09b7 MB-50845: Get[q]Meta should require Read privilege
 b5104cf6d MB-50647: Drop connmap releaseLock before removing connection
 0ec4a3bd2 MB-50647: Ensure collections tests interact with ConnMap realistically
 f1e3203f5 MB-46740: Add ready queue bytes to ConnAgg stats
 622186ac9 MB-50647: Avoid leaving dangling reference in ConnStore (test only)
 90c5479d1 MB-50842: Observe should require Read privilege
 f58d7ec05 MB-38377: Move FlushFailureAtPersistVBStateOnly to error injection suite
 bc3e9e285 MB-38377: Move FlushFailureAtPersistNonMetaItems test to error injection suite
 540a05fab subdoc::Add: Expand documentation on Add+CreateAsDeleted
 2010e48c3 MB-38377: Move FlushFailureAtPersistingCollectionChange to ErrorInjectionSuite
 794e857d5 MB-38377: Add KVStoreErrorInjection test suite
 9e08c3a2f MB-50747: "logical-insert" of a tombstone leads to negative item count
 33d0abe50 Remove TAP privilege (TAP no longer supported)
 f9c4a691b MB-49512: Use min of AuxIO and Writer threads to calc compaction limit
 280622f29 MB-49512: Obey concurrent compaction limit when rescheduling
 7757f97ba MB-40101: Update cbstats help text and don't use default user name
 4b043a5bb MB-49469: Expose vb_{state} aggregates for mem freed by Ckpt Removal
 0076f38a2 MB-49469: Introduce CM::Counter::memFreedByCheckpointRemoval
 d40f2a96c MB-50600: Add NexusKVStoreRevision to deal with differing revs
 c76dd75f2 MB-50598: Fix various errors in NexusKVStore scanning
 439ae0756 MB-50684: Don't add log redaction tags to audit
 91ebb3717 MB-49469: Expose vb_{state} aggregates for  mem freed by CM ItemExpel
 6c4a366d8 MB-49469: Introduce CheckpointManager::Counter::memFreedByExpel
 555a66435 MB-49469: Expose ep_checkpoint_computed_max_size
 4eb67f557 MB-37858: Introduce the seqno_persistence_timeout config param
 af8f452b7 Push std::string_views down to subdoc_print_command
 35ecf5de4 MB-50546: Revert "MB-36996: Replace remaining uses of AtomicQueue with folly Queue classes"
 3a62e7acf clang-tidy
 c55098263 MB-50600: Use KVStoreRevision in prepareToDelete et. al.
 8e17eb7b6 MB-37858: Remove multiple calls to getConfig() in EPE::setFlushParam
 3a5951716 Clang-Tidy:
 017aad859 MB-50425: Add() of deleted item should fail if tombstone created during request
 85c220963 Fix rbac include in
 767dd44c3 MB-50600: Add vbid to CouchKVStore::logOpenError message
 ae0d199eb MB-50600: Make deferredDeletionFileRevision non-atomic
 cb675c9cb MB-50600: Correct comment explaining why revisions can be different
 422c4ae40 MB-25813: Fixup test case and remove @todo
 3d4a08910 Ensure MagmaKVStore::makeFileHandle increments numOpenFailure on failure
 98be9e40e Ensure MagmaKVStore::getBySeqno increments numGetFailure on failure
 648b3b753 Remove nexus magma_couchstore variants from DurabilityWarmupTest
 807db1cd0 MB-38377: Make test run for all backends
 3b2626fc7 MB-50492: Nexus don't call getCollectionStats() too early
 b35569699 Clang-Tidy:
 6b3c79620 MB-50389: Move CompactVBucketTask from Writer to AuxIO thread pool
 fa88ace26 Fix Nexus implicit compaction tests
 d52749909 MB-50389: Don't use CompactTask when compacting in unit tests
 296897ddd MB-49512: Remove magma checkpoint creation during shutdown
 c27ab986c Extend log information to socket listen
 200e57454 MB-50519: Count logical inserts to prevent negative item counts
 cfce051b7 MB-50492: Improve formatting of stream operator for KVStore::Manifest
 555b7dc80 MB-38377: Use MockKVStore in MB_36739 test
 8164baa56 MB-50609: Avoid lost wakeup of CompactTask when multiple running concurrently
 f574246e3 Silence the output from openssl generating test certificates
 5bd373a72 "CA file" is mandatory in the TLS configuration"
 36ec583b8 Remove todo in CMakeLists.txt now that we're using CMake 3.19
 aef10b401 MB-50492: Expand error logs message with callback data
 44df965fa MB-50589: Move lastReadSeqno for deletes during delete scan
 2cfe3a909 MB-38377: Use MockKVStore in BucketCreationFlagClearedOnlyAtFlushSuccess_PersistVBStateAndMutations
 6741730f8 MB-38377: Use MockKVStore in BucketCreationFlagClearedOnlyAtFlushSuccess_PersistVBStateOnly
 949105b6e MB-50389: Replace compaction_write_queue_cap with compaction_max_concurrent_ratio
 e491f3743 MB-50331: Inhibit background compaction during rollback for magma [2/2]
 9f15507c6 MB-50555: Ensure max compaction concurrency is not exceeded if VB locked
 e23672395 MB-50331: Add RollbackCtx object to be held by KVBucket [1/2]
 fbf3b72d9 Extend logging of bucket creation
 b8d14aaf2 MB-50389: Don't round dirtyAge to ms when adding to histo
 a7b9668a4 MB-50389: Remove dirtyAge & dirtyAgeHighWat
 2fc8b05fe MB-50519: Capture pre/post data in MagmaKVStore::compactDBInternal
 b2a33341d Default timeout to 1s
 bab5fe0a2 MB-50383: End DCP legacy stream if default coll highSeqno is not visible
 f1a5e2d24 MB-50461: Ensure bgfetcher never changes non-temp item -> temp item
 83d9c22d2 MB-50564: Only use "CA file" as the verify locations
 7b0ce4580 gls-lite.h is deprecated
 c2fc64d0c MB-50569: Lower log level of Rollback message if NotExists for magma
 8592a74c1 MB-38377: Use MockKVStore in FlushVBStateUpdatesCommitStats
 79ab3739c MB-50444: GetAllVBSeqnos any collection aware client gets the high-seqno
 829f6924f Create two X.509 user certificates for testing
 f99dbd289 Create intermediate certificate
 a6acea19e MB-50492: Nexus ensure we call handleError in rollback()
 11eb47dd8 [auditd] Improve exception handling in configure
 8f030b548 Clang-Tidy: collections/kvstore.(h/cc)
 b47082961 MB-50461: [4/N] Simplify completeBGFetchForSingleItem
 8738b674e MB-50461: [3/N] Remove duplication in completeBGFetchForSingleItem
 abd8cf067 MB-50461: [2/N] Simplify completeBGFetchForSingleItem with early exits
 5a99aaf3c MB-50461: [1/N] Simplify completeBGFetchForSingleItem with early exits
 870c1993c MB-50423: Allow PagingVisitor to remove deleted item metadata
 894382e94 MB-50492: Nexus ensure we call handleError in getDroppedCollections()
 80cb8e8f8 MB-50458: Count keys in callback rather than magma call for GetAllKeys
 5200dab71 startExecutorPool: Log initial thread count sizes when created
 3d66ae52b MB-50519: Catch and log exceptions in setNumTotalItems
 7d74cca90 MB-50492: Nexus ensure initBySeqnoScanContext()'s maxSeqno are equal
 22b5161a8 MB-38377: Use MockKVStore in RollBackToZeroAfterOnDiskPrepareReadFailure
 36e2bc7de MB-38377: Use MockKVStore in FlushStatsAtPersistNonMetaItems_CkptMgrSuccessPersistAgain
 c01ae9b57 [Cleanup] Initialize members directly
 46a60524d MB-38377: Use MockKVStore in MB_47134 test
 e6a40ad95 MB-38377: Use MockKVStore in VBStateNotLostAfterFlushFailure
 9275df09d Extend log information for bucket creation
 b6ffa4b57 MB-50188 magma-kvstore: Adapt to new magma status codes
 1931ad0ee MB-27677: Add stats for daemon allocated & resident memory
 eae7ac6d4 MB-38377: Make commonly used MockKVStore a NiceMock
 974a57424 [Refactor] Use folly::Synchronized in AuditConfig
 02e70463e Fix logging of SeqIterator in MagmaKVStore::initBySeqnoScanContext()
 3eb80b3f3 MB-50527: Don't check for warmup_estimate_time stat
 977fbc484 MB-50530: Allow for disable of time based audit rotation
 7661617f9 Pass shardId around in replaceRWKVStoreWithMock correctly
 4e2705401 [Cleanup] Don't use EXPECT_NO_THROW in audit tests
 653139198 MB-37858: Remove extra CheckpointPersistence boilerplate
 5705d4670 Fix typo in PassiveDurabilityMonitor::ctor log msg
 a83855198 IWYU: unordered_map in kv_bucket_test.h
 983266111 MB-50413: 3/n GetAllVBSeqs return visible-seqno
 80aec6822 MB-50413: 2/n track default collection max-visible seqno
 a560fee36 MB-50413: 1/n Set VBNotifyCtx::syncWrite to Yes for aborts
 8a8d9d38e MB-50531: Skip MB43055_MemUsedDropDoesNotBreakEviction for magma
 bdc9347f5 [cleanup] Don't throw std::string
 eaca1cd03 MB-50256: 3/n Update GetAllVbSeqs privilege checking for ReadSeqno
 19435704e MB-38777: Parameterize various CollectionsTests
 9a74962cd [Cleanup] Remove unused method to set min/max rotate sizes
 79ef76927 MB-50458: Log Nexus purgeSeqno when calling handleError
 1111a6b50 MB-50517: Setting 0 as rotate size should disable size rotation
 0ef27771f MB-50331: Bump PopulateVBucketMap slow runtime logging
 5b1c972b6 MB-49126: Allow for reading command timings from no-bucket
 9f18e57cc MB-50469: Add storage backend stats to Prometheus for Nexus backends
 46f3ef9aa MB-50469: Add timing histogram for KVStore::getAllKeys calls
 6e0fcf44f MB-50469: Make engine storage specific stats take generic StatCollector
 a0998f525 MB-50389: Reduce fsync_after_every_n_bytes_written to 1MB
 3e960def9 MB-50469: Output NexusKVStore::timingStats for secondary
 b8937e11a MB-50469: NexusKVStore::addStats should output secondary stats
 5e49915b7 MB-50469: Remove args param from KVStore::addStats
 4868313c7 MB-35297: Rename isStreamDead -> shouldCancel
 72862025d Fix broken dependency for make generator
 e77afe1f2 MB-50333: Stream snapStart from Checkpoint for all snapshots
 aac5b6ad7 Log exceptions from OneShotTask::run as Critical
 1529d2556 MB-50333: Stream snapStart from Disk Checkpoint
 daec589de MB-50033: Include cert names found in CA root
 0a17463d1 MB-49472: Only remove a dropped collection once fully purged
 4fddda543 MB-50266: Collector-ify Warmup stats
 6f0f035dd MB-38377: Move conc compaction collections test to couchstore suite
 9ae79abb7 MB-50395 Fix MicrosecondHistogram printing
 f11d51318 Add go test program to test certificate authentication
 5ba859f26 Log connection errors as WARNING
 ce3c2e130 MB-50333: Set active Checkpoint snapStart to lastBySeqno + 1
 71c2c82c7 MB-38377: Move preFlushHook from MockCouchKVStore to KVStore
 f8320afe3 Fix build break with Makefile generator
 e0d53e998 MB-50320: Explicit deletion obeys CMQuota
 95f99eec2 MB-50110: Flusher doesn't wakeup CheckpointMemRecovery in Eager mode
 d66906778 Generate the X.509 certificates through CMake
 f63ab2c62 MB-50110: CheckpointMemRecoveryTask is a NotifiableTask
 5f207d508 MB-36996: Replace remaining uses of AtomicQueue with folly Queue classes
 8ee6e22b4 Reduce the verbosity for MutationLog::~MutationLog
 be1b7df89 Clang-Tidy: manager.(h/cc)
 0682e9c09 MB-47306 Make SeqIterator scan memory domain aware
 3446238a8 MB-50256: 2/n Check for ReadSeqno in ObserveSeqno
 3bd5accf8 MB-36996: Simplify and remove reentrancy from NotifyTest
 d95866ec8 Only log flusher shutdown if it exceed 10ms
 3a25361b7 Reduce cost of including request.h
 04bdf05f2 Reduce cost of including ep_engine.h
 909ee72a6 Reduce cost of including probabilistic_counter.h
 0aad58ba2 Move ItemsToFlush & AggregatedFlushStats from VBucket
 2620ccf48 Decouple vbucket.h from kv_bucket.h
 13b2f5d4b MB-50291: Eph::getPageableMemHighWatermark - handle zero active VBs
 cfd3b938e TestDcpConsumer: Enhance flow control checks
 f9016f1b4 MB-50256: 1/n Add ReadSeqno privilege so it can be set by ns_server
 c869f1c76 MB-50400: Get _local/scope not _local/scopes
 bacac2129 MB-50266: Add common warmup stats from one function
 b75af4a80 Improve formatting of VB::Manifest stream operator
 2040a9e12 MB-49121 Fix refactoring of hdrhistogram
 cfd978c12 MB-49121: Move hrdHistogram from kv_engine to platform
 2fffe13f9 MB-49786: Increase default number of AuxIO threads
 c0475977a MB-50061: Update vBucket docCount on logical insert
 7cb4dafad MB-49630: Legacy stream sends tombstones when no alive doc exists
 d0d04c32f MB-50333: Move OutstandingItemsResult::hcs to new struct
 4bd36875a MB-42272: Add back test check
 cad537846 MB-47604: Remove unnecessary Nexus test variants
 6c1c263ca Clang-Tidy:
 4040aad9e MB-49782: Introduce per-stat-key getStats() timing histograms
 0335e19d4 Add logging of pointer SeqIterator to initBySeqnoScanContext()
 36930c5dd MB-47604: Enabled disabled nexus tests
 638440762 Remove unused function
 72d3c0636 MB-49811 Make magma_enable_block_cache a dynamic config
 b8e90f750 MB-47481: Update disabling of test for magma
 af7b00c11 MB-49782: Add convenience method for adding a single metric label
 7e21965b7 MB-50314: Add scopes-/collections-details to StatsGroupManager
 8c8d19fa9 Ensure DurabilityWarmupTest::storeMutation uses key arg
 1492461ee MB-50061: Add logical insert state to MagmaRequest
 74624cc6c MB-50061: Add FlushStateDeletion::LogicalInsert
 70e81ff5a Cleanup: setConflictResolutionMode should throw invalid_argument
 89e027614 MB-50286: Handle pre-7.1 CommitSyncWrite metadata
 cfa946a6b MB-50061: Add FlushStateMutation::LogicalInsert
 7407f9140 MB-49727: Enforce CM Quota when attempting expiration on frontend Read
 1bc9abec3 MB-49727: Remove the QueueExpired enum
 48c0a8581 MB-48070: TestDcpConsumer: Exclude DcpNoop from flow control accounting
 7034a45b5 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into master
 1197af18d Refactor: use std::string as parameter for engine::init
 e97737101 MB-50061: Remove MagmaRequest::itemOldIsDelete
 7e46cc1b3 Remove unused method EventuallyPersistentEngine::setErrorJsonExtras
 3c70f2a63 Remove call to getThreadPoolSizes()
 2ef3a15ec MB-50194: Populate NexusKVStore purgeSeqno cache on warmup
 15a3fff7d MB-50194: Shard NexusKVStore::purgeSeqno by vbid
 cb09d1832 ep_testsuite: Use std::string_view for test_MB-19687_fixed
 ba39e7900 Update comment for process_bucket_details
 3ecd47a79 MB-49977: Support 'default' for num_{aux,non}io_threads config values
 76cb0c87c MB-50194: Pass Vbid to compareVBucketStates
 0fec938a4 MB-49191: Use Warmup::isComplete() for ep_engine ep_warmup_thread
 f2fd0ff4b MB-49191: Make addStat in a lambda function
 c1fe333fb MB-50124: Add possible stat keys to help text in mcstat
 c7ef13fab MB-49702: Include BackfillTask's client name in description
 a542ca4cf Load the full certificate chain in internal client
 3f9829e18 Log when the TLS configuration change
 cb8a5257c Enhance TLS logging during connect
 929f1c051 MB-50183: Add a unit test covering the scenario in the MB
 8fda6b9b1 MB-50110: Remove break statement in FollyExecutorPool::State::wakeTask
 ce8ea55cc MB-49727: Simplify VBucket::fetchValidValue
 55fa70c8c MB-49727: Remove the compaction_exp_mem_threshold config param
 79d5f3770 MB-49727: Expire by Compaction/Pager observes CM Quota
 24289cac0 MB-50192: Hold per VB lock during getAllKeys for Nexus
 fc8b9f9da MB-49977: Add configuration for auxio and nonio threads
 f9a4e466c MB-49140: Update BSL license version/change date for Neo
 38d33c9d5 Throw the created SslContextException
 a109c265a MB-50110: Rename ClosedUnrefCheckpointRemoverTask
 cda4d736b MB-35297: Use getVbucketId consistently in backfill classes
 68a37ed9b MB-35297: Use Expects when obtaining the KVStore pointer
 cda4535d8 MB-50169: Remove invalid Expects in PDM
 05a967e46 MB-49767: Add extra logging and expects to ADM::ctor(PDM)
 8617c6b7e audit_generator: Check for file and throw exception if it isn't there
 f2ffdf8e5 MB-35297: Remove unnecessary virtual inheritance in DCPBackfillBySeqno
 eab6f4c6e MB-35297: Refactor: Move getValueFilter(ActiveStream&) to ActiveStream
 2d43de249 Use cb::io::loadFile in audit load file
 746f92ba4 MB-50146: Don't read value from disk for CommitSyncWrite at backfill
 6dc6e0e4b MB-49858: Add bloom_filter_memory stat
 abc2f16b7 MB-50110: Set log-level DEBUG in ClosedUnrefCheckpointRemoverTask
 5bd0bccf9 MB-48531: PagingVisitor doesn't attempt to remove checkpoints
 742ee4164 MB-49727: Remove PagingVisitor::numEjected()
 3254d7231 MB-49727: Remove KVBucket::processExpiredItems
 7d9c00715 MB-47604: Support concurrent flush and compaction in Nexus
 a47dbbeff MB-41323: Compaction throttle: snooze waiting tasks forever
 e823748d0 MB-49156: RAII cookie reserving in ConnHandler
 deb741c0d ep_testsuite: Avoid unnecessary exception throwing
 77f539672 MB-49156: Use auto* instead of const CookieIFace* in tests
 3b08256d9 Add variadic template parameter to StoredDocKeyT
 f0adfd6c3 Change the cert_auth_config in testapp to the way ns_server provides it
 7f8f27128 Remove leak from jemalloc_allocator_stats
 0811a494e MB-49727: Rename deleteExpiredItem() funcs into processExpiredItem()
 854b47046 MB-48777: Prevent race between shutting down warmup and changing state
 f1e7f3a7e MB-49858: Compaction throttle: account for #writer threads
 fe84d94f4 MB-46378: Use atomic version of NonNegativeCounter only where needed
 f27b0402f Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into 'couchbase/master'"
 1fac684b6 MB-49727: Turn vbstate check into assertion in VB::fetchValueForWrite
 3c4483a9c MB-49727: Remove double vbstate check in VBucket::fetchValidValue
 1717560c1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into 'couchbase/master'
 fb4466db3 MB-49121: Remove ThreadGate from hdr_histogram tests
 6244f35c7 Clang-Tidy:
 a70581c5a Fix log message
 984957b00 MB-50060: Fail compaction if prepare CompactKVStore fails
 2dc5ee9c4 MB-49858: BloomFilter tidy up
 1114e8a7b MB-49702: Track backfill runtime and disk bytes read
 9142cb07c Add mcbasher
 2499d8239 MB-49767: Add extra Expects under in ADM
 1a1d5a327 MB-47604: Move NexusKVStore purgeSeqno for explicit compactions [3/3]
 335d6b4e5 MB-47604: [Nexus] Skip compaction checks if purging collections [2/3]
 94ee3a054 MB-49767: Add Expects to PDM::ctor to enforce order in trackedWrites
 c78e03a11 MB-49702: Log slow schedule times for AuxIO tasks
 77fe9b629 MB-49349: [Eph] Only update purge seqno for time based purges
 60704d00f MB-48904: Expire secondary items from primary timeToExpireFrom
 e97a6fe99 MB-49802: Add extra uid checks to doCollectionsMetadataChecks
 5944dc0a8 MB-49461: Allow MagmaKVStore to return a file handle even if DiskFull
 9a6e6db40 MB-47604: [Nexus] Add config to disable implicit compaction
 465c69e74 [Magma] Don't read manifestUid in saveDocs
 cb93fa77f MB-49839: [Magma] Cancel getAllKeys in same way that CouchKVStore does
 fdd7c5684 Fix compiler loop warning
 76d55306a Don't take ADM state lock unnecessarily
 6119cd1ca MB-49839: Adapt to GetRange API change
 7eb5198e6 MB-49802: Pass VB::Commit to doCollectionsMetadataChecks
 55a337c29 MB-47261: ~HashTable to update collection mem_used
 89d2d6911 MB-49839: Remove unused variable
 6bd64be10 [Magma] Don't unconditionally read droppedCollections in saveDocs
 2a88a4359 Clang-Tidy: EPBucket::makeVBucket()
 3b6466448 MB-48816: Avoid writing stats responses from background tasks
 72bc6eac1 MB-49626: Move dropped collection stats to MagmaDbStats
 cb68839a6 MB-49746: Reschedule CompactTask after a failure
 3b09efd5f MB-49804: [Nexus] Prune stale expiry callbacks [2/2]
 fc356c4fd MB-49804: [Nexus] Store seqno of expiry callbacks [1/2]
 67114143f MB-47604: Add collectionsPurged compaction stat [1/3]
 ceafb8382 Make collectionsItemsPurged update unconditional
 edd4083de MB-47687: Disable collection drop during implicit compaction
 b36b5316c MB-44697: Move collection logging from vbucket to bucket
 582455737 [Magma] Print CompactKVStore status on failure
 07f7eff68 MB-47687: Prevent drop of rollbackable tombstones in magma
 cfd930b3b MB-45185: [Magma] Decrement coll size by full value at deletion [3/3]
 5bdf3ba36 MB-49839: Return early in CouchKVStore::getAllKeys
 deea6e96a Clang-tidy & IWYU: bgfetcher.(h/cc)
 b054c034e Remove unused variable from MagmaKVStore::rollback
 7e1018882 BucketManager::forEach: remove unused arg
 c567c6eb3 MB-47687: Add highSeqno to magma UserStats
 8041faf88 MB-45185: Pass individual sizes to remove rather than delta [2/3]
 799790d8c MB-45185: Pass CompactionCallbacks to low level flush accounting [1/3]
 3104f01ac MB-49802: [Nexus] Add manifestUid/readyForCommit checks before commit
 60b579a3a MB-49525: Change defragmenter minimum sleep from 0.0 to 0.6
 f2fcc5e5d MB-49847: Update tests to cover minor DCP OSO issue
 806c8485f IWUY: stat_checker.(h/cc)
 7e709d911 MB-47300: Log open() errors at caller
 bf66aad32 MB-47300: Add CouchKVStore::logOpenError
 f0ebb1b64 MB-49036: Allow ReviveDocument to be used with durability
 d82da7870 [Magma] Don't log every time we fill the scan buffer via CacheLookup
 58958d43f MB-49767: Fix and enhance logging in EPBucket::flushVBucket_UNLOCKED
 5e4b5ea6a MB-45185: Rename WantsDropped to CompactionCallbacks
 4c52a5b68 MB-49779: Optionally end OSO snapshot with SeqnoAdvance
 d83d53e65 MB-47318: Address double acking when closing a stream
 d9406ce11 MB-49782: [2/2] Replace ScopeTimer{1,2} usage with ScopeTimer
 7f9e8ff01 ActiveStream: Simplify backfill completion functions
 98c166018 [Nexus] Flush the logger before aborting the process
 74e96cd66 MB-49782: [1/2] Avoid unnecessary move construction of ScopeTimer1
 dd35c1f11 [Magma] Check status of getCollectionsManifestUidDoc
 821bed179 MB-49626: getDroppedCollectionStats -> getDroppedCollectionItemCount
 3e1ba42c4 MB-49626: Test different state in FailCompactKVStoreCall
 96411e5bd MB-49803: Check ctx before using it in setMakeCompactionCallback
 0d011d3a4 Revert "MB-45563: get_collection|scope_id: input in value only"
 e975b77b2 MB-48659: Remove redundant code
 c70ce0859 MB-49767: Add extra info to exception message in PDM
 3735366fd MB-47300: Add CouchKVStore::logExistingVBucketFiles
 aa34d9676 MB-43460: Fix collection accounting bug when col dropped but not flushed
 f0f4444d0 Clang-Tidy: vbucket.(h/cc)
 d84cd789a MB-49626: Move docCount update into CompactKVStore()
 6d65851b3 TSAN: Ensure we don't try and access freed ThreadGate
 71b4ca052 Add new method KVBucketTest::replaceMagmaKVStore() to simplify tests
 a390d1e8c MB-48637: Change PersistManifestTask from AuxIO to Writer
 eeb315140 Revert "MB-43360: Fix collection accounting bug when col dropped but not flushed"
 0b9f2131b MB-43360: Fix collection accounting bug when col dropped but not flushed
 9293cb5cf KVBucketTest: Add flushVBucket()
 27c9a9106 MB-49607: Fix doc size accounting when flushing in MagmaKVStore
 919fada27 MB-47300: Remove CouchKVstore::openSpecificDB
 a1983d430 Modify ADM::State::updateHighCompletedSeqno to throw base type
 0381a94c7 MB-49453: Don't generate a new snapshot when ending on a new checkpoint
 f3ae9691e KVBucketTest: Avoid unnecessary exception throwing
 dbbbfb424 Merge "Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'"
 20fd017ab MB-49526: Update MagmaCompactionCB to set it's magma::Status
 2586145f1 MB-47604: Shard skipGetWithHeaderChecksForRollback per vBucket
 81e2f5980 MB-49594: Checkpoint isn't friend of CheckpointCursor
 c67a7b712 MB-47604: Print manifest rather than uid when incorrect after flush
 97f221811 MB-49526: Modify MagmaKVStore MagmaCompactionCB & compactionCallBack
 f92ac63c6 MB-47604: Move cache slot logic from getLock to separate function
 7d4c0152a Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 da44f93a0 MB-49634: Propagate CompactKVStore failure up to caller
 d79b30546 MB-49742: Don't update droppedCollection if CompactKVStore fails
 1d2c671d0 MB-47604: Implicit compaction support for NexusKVStore
 9c94fd759 Merge "Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'"
 a7172f67c MB-49594: CheckpointManager isn't friend of CheckpointCursor
 b2401bc1b Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 d80763edd Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 87b80d95c Merge "Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'"
 59e58f6a8 MB-49207: Fix compaction expiry bg fetch race
 c1be8da0b MB-49207: Fix no item meta only fetch race
 69b511331 MB-47687: Add test functions to MockMagmaKVStore
 a059b6017 Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 da9d758e3 Merge "Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'"
 ba8ebe1fb MB-49027: Fix for bg fetch race meta only success path
 9c1e76e66 MB-49207: Fix BgFetcher race restoring old items for full fetches
 d90ecfdf5 MB-49594: Reset cursor distance in CM::resetCursors
 250a4bd57 Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 35e0f6116 MB-49594: Move CheckpointCursor code to its own file
 31a3baa21 MB-49594: Simplify cursor-repositioning logic in CM::addNewCheckpoint
 5b820ce55 Simplify MagmaRequest it shouldn't have a ptr to the logger
 fa4339b84 MB-47134: Ensure we don't underflow aggregated flush stats
 1d105aabb Tidy magma-kvstore.(h/cc) remove unused code
 feb87438f Correct MagmaDbStats comment
 39bf7b71e MB-49594: Remove useless 'pos' local var in CM::extractItemsToExpel
 8a8b56f00 MB-49207: Use cas of StoredValue driving BgFetch as a completion token
 4ea1227e6 MB-45563: get_collection|scope_id: input in value only
 4d2ad4876 MB-49207: Set cas on temp items
 67a62d0ba MB-49207: bgFetchForCompactionExpiry should store a temp SV
 32f8cb7ae MB-49148: Add a new frame id to add extra privileges
 e1f5510c1 MB-39815: Adjust VBucketSyncWriteTimeoutTask expected duration
 df37d734f MB-49037: Add ep_ht_item_memory stat
 6e2e1eda4 MB-48587: Fix CM overhead_allocator stats
 d4915c59a MB-49262: Ensure expelling continues until the low mark is reached
 47615d627 MB-49207: bgFetchForCompactionExpiry should take HBL
 087e6c2c4 External imposed username is prefixed with ^
 2ea007ff0 MB-47318: Save the 'pristine' message size when consumer buffers
 b9098f6f5 MB-47318: Push UpdateFlowControl through to PassiveStream
 6ae852b58 MB-49542: Ensure OSO backfill does not register cursor for dead stream
 4bb243fe7 MB-48684: Tweak encodeDocKey so it works for system events
 f02dd60b7 MB-49207: Make bgFetch take StoredValue&
 b9e0b2f4e MB-49454: Protect HashTable::getRandomKey against HashTable::resize
 7ab515e39 MB-49272: Don't assume collection exists in post-flush check
 659a6b358 MB-49264: Expand prepareToDeleteImpl log if using cached rev
 570f3535c MB-49264: Downgrade prepareToDelete assertion to warning
 b0b98d231 MB-48587: Fix build
 dab446885 MB-48587: Expose queue/index overhead to Checkpoint stats
 12139812f MB-48587: Expose CM quota/recovery_upper_mark/recovery_lower_mark stats
 bb4b7cdb4 MB-48587: Expose additional stats for checkpoint memory tracking
 111518f6f MB-49348: Remove unnecessary loop
 99f37c8d1 MB-49465: Don't dereference nullptr in makeImplicitCompactionContext
 1fa95b215 MB-48587: Introduce Checkpoint::queueMemOverhead
 41f61ccd1 MB-48587: Rename checkpoint overhead stats to overhead_allocator_bytes
 44ed05496 MB-49386: Restore item_alloc_sizes and bg_batch_size stats
 1f7a8d485 Clang-tidy: checkpoint_test.(h/cc)
 2926056ec MB-49207: Take rvalue HBL in bgFetch
 f0344599c MB-49207: Take rvalue HBL in getInternalNonResident
 c903ed438 MB-49207: Take rvalue HBL in addTempItemAndBGFetch
 5269e518b MB-47451: Avoid FollyExecutorPool::schedule/cancel use-after-free race
 61fab69e1 MB-48587: Expand CM mem overhead stats
 d309fd6c0 MB-48684: Use KV constructs in encodeDocKey
 89f2e7dda MB-48684: Move encodeDocKey to storage_common
 ca875d375 Print collection item count and diskSize when dropped
 ce8a925e8 MB-48759: End legacy DCP stream if there are no items in range [2/2]
 674c894af MB-47566: Ensure compaction doesn't cause a underflow exception
 4b4ff9a3d MB-48569: Remove spurious warning when readLocalDoc fails
 5438820ab MB-49388: Avoid repeated memmove in AsyncReadCallback
 8f13825f2 MB-49348: Fix race in time based CAS
 1efadb582 MB-47318: Partially revert bb20f27c
 90c1d67d1 MB-49348: Correct logical clock race in setting CAS
 878bce6ab MB-49348: Template HLC on Clock type
 9fe7449fb MB-48079: Promote DCP no-op idle disconnect messages to 'warn'
 6a2eb2a68 MB-49207: Don't set revSeqno of temp object
 a054e70c2 ExecutorPool: Improve logging / comments
 ea5a38ec2 [clang-tidy] Remove warnings from
 8b380c9be Change checkpoint_memory_ratio from 50% to 30%
 15b36716b Make KVBucketTest::store_items() simpiler to use
 42ba1b649 MB-49030: Return Magma::Snapshot in a DomainAwareUniquePtr
 febb23952 MB-48759: End legacy DCP stream if there are no items in range [1/2]
 30cadd80b MockTaskable: set name via ctor
 a871442dc MB-48816: Avoid unsafe use of cookie from background tasks
 8ae3b4f35 Reduce coupling in KVShard
 4b3c03748 MB-49040: 6/n Only check limits when limits are present
 6f2ce8316 MB-48368: Generate correct seqno advance for in-memory stream
 b5e247ab7 Report HashTable item counts in vbucket-details stat
 8d2f9ffed Improve LoadStorageKVPairCallback::callback logging
 0b48f5eaf MB-48529: Remove CheckpointConfig members default value
 78e3514e1 MB-49040: 5/n Update scope data-size during warmup
 c2e34fc1c MB-49040: 4/n Modify a scope when the Manifest is different
 2fbd2288a MB-49040: 7/n Skip scope dataSize update for delta of 0
 315b5c24c MB-49040: 3/n Check the data limit on writes
 ec2d2c89e MB-49040: 2/n Add DataLimit to VB::Manifest scopes
 cda44515f MB-49040: 1/n Track the scope's data usage when flushing
 0c01ff781 [cbsasl] We support all SCRAM-SHA versions
 cf924ca08 [cbsasl] getName may be final
 604df1267 Add Magma flush queued time histogram
 d9dd3f0be MB-48368: Add equality operator to DcpResponse hierarchy
 9ceb37227 [cbcrypto] Don't include header files in a namespace
 57280d9d5 MB-49040: Add support for reading scope data_size in JSON manifest
 c7933f508 MB-48915: Compute checkpoint-max-size on the exact num-vbuckets on node
 0d4c24292 MB-49040: Remove const from ScopeSharedMetaData pointer
 d3a0c127f Add template function to get command specific payload
 bb20f27c9 MB-47318: Account for packet data when received, but ACK on success
 1d41a17d2 MB-48038: Make CheckpointConfig dynamic params atomic
 71981cf16 MB-48529: Remove CheckpointConfig() ctor
 139e50910 MB-48529: Remove MockCheckpointManager::resetConfig
 f4530d978 MB-48529: Remove hard-coded Min/Max for chk_period
 9c57e5126 MB-48529: Remove hard-coded Min/Max for chk_max_items
 90d1b0330 [clang-tidy] Don't hide member with parameter
 3b61aa076 [cluster_test] Reuse the same set of memcached processes
 ec92ea395 Add 6.6.3 to
 7b4b8ec32 MB-44175: Ensure we always log remaining number of items
 663563677 MB-48925 3/3: Don't extend GlobalTask lifetime past KVBucket
 8c6dd2d00 MB-49040: Add error codes for scope size
 78d8de8a2 MB-48925 2/3: Change visitBucket() to pass VBucket&, not shared_ptr
 db499ba5c MB-48925 1/3: Don't extend VBucket lifetime via bg Tasks
 9e5480fe7 Fix ExpiryPagerComment
 3bde4394c MB-48862: Don't log critical msg in MagmaKVStore::prepareToDeleteImpl
 ccadd07f0 MB-47462: Expose CheckpointDestroyerTask mem usage metric
 27402a44d MB-43238: Fix intermittent failure of expiry pager settings test
 c780b502a MB-48529: Remove unnecessary/test-only CheckpointConfig ctor
 3392c6eaf MB-48529: Remove user-defined CheckpointConfig()
 9b961fd45 MB-47387: Make ep_warmup_thread indicate all threads finished
 d5c10c236 Move __future__ import to head of file
 f9e722f4a MB-48529: Remove CheckpointConfig(EPEngine&)
 f534348aa MB-48467: Add config for magma MinCheckpointCreationInterval
 326f424b0 MB-47604: Check secondary callbacks not made by primary for getRange
 fec0b9869 MB-47386: Change default max_checkpoints from 2 to 10
 4667e6f7a MB-48841: completeCompactionExpiryBgFetch must check vbstate
 102910e0b MB-39815: Fix typos / missing @param documentation
 8467cf26b MB-39815: Change durability_timeout_mode to event-driven
 89fa2bf06 MB-39815: Add event-driven SyncWrite timeout handling
 5cf6c4560 MB-47604: Move VBucket (in-mem) purgeSeqno update to PurgedItemContext
 907ce5926 MB-47604: Move MagmaDbStats purgeSeqno update to MagmaRollbackPurgeSeqnoCtx
 e5a35a9d0 MB-48531: Shard the Checkpoint Remover Task
 e1c869667 MB-48531: 'eager' doesn't try to remove ckpts from CM at CursorDrop
 09053e3b2 MB-48441: Don't crash if compaction throws an exception, return status
 3435a71fc MB-39815: Tighten argument checks in PDM::addSyncWrite
 a68f1f9ed MB-47318: Add a make_wire_encoded_string factory method in xattr utils
 d8316d90c MB-47604: Move CompactionCtx::purgedItem to PurgedItemCtx
 7c575fc65 MB-48531: Remove any stack/local mem computation in CheckpointRemover
 6f3109130 MB-48531: EPStats::estimatedCheckpointMemUsage tracks only mem in CM
 a8433ec83 Require 'dbname' is specified for all tests
 deb6ba635 MB-47604: Move rollbackPurgeSeqno update into new ctx class
 0dcaedf65 MB-48840: Don't rely on default value of magma mem quota
 44a18e903 MB-48531: Remove CheckpointVisitor
 385754be8 MB-48531: Move CursorDrop logic to ClosedUnrefCheckpointRemoverTask
 0e178b4a5 MB-48840: Create magma_mem_quota_ratio ValueChangedListener
 e6fa09da4 MB-47604: Rename MagmaKVStore::makeCompactionContext
 3d940f424 Merge "Merge branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into couchbase/master"
 ba856c7d3 MB-48680: Check key->vBucket mapping on magma outputs
 6427298eb MB-48680: Add vBucket sanity checks to magma inputs
 cba24c1e0 MB-48680: Add optional key->vb sanity check to mutation and delete
 1b06ae7f0 MB-39815: Add basic SyncWrite timeout test (ep_testsuite)
 e6f2789d1 MB-48819: Change Cookie::engine_storage to be atomic
 c7ca05579 MB-47604: Pass CompactionConfig by value and use std::move
 1fbba8100 MB-48716: Make expiry pager config change update task waketime
 584d3a1f8 MB-48399: Prevent shard count change of initialized magma bucket
 139cd2d44 MB-47604: Have CompactionContext update rollbackPurgeSeqno
 d621820d4 MB-47462: Shard checkpoint destruction task
 268091d83 MB-48694: Ensure float values are formatted correctly for CBStats
 50f595f65 Refactor: time_purge_hook() to use refs for required args
 dad05e2b3 Fix typo in mock_server comment
 5f3f01ba6 Ensure has access to std::ostream
 0f8c12909 MB-48506: Use cursor 'distance' for getting to a O(1) splice at expel
 74b9cf4fb MB-48506: Introduce CheckpointCursor::distance
 53d7e7265 MB-48506: Make updating Checkpoint::queuedItemsMemUsage O(1) at expel
 edea4fc2d MB-48506: Introduce the expel-cursor
 086f2b6b7 Restructure mock_server notify_io_complete to match real server
 e5bb822c4 MB-48399: Move data directory creation to engine init
 d9adb7196 engine_testapp: Use valid config if none specified (part 2)
 dee1fd2d5 MB-48506: Introduce CheckpointCursor::droppable
 af5e0f0f5 MB-48506: Move CheckpointCursor to checkpoint_cursor.h
 b81350170 MB-47318: Add DcpConsumer related client connection methods
 8276092d0 MB-47318: Add PassiveStream always buffered mode
 419caaede Add unit test to verify invalid passphrase
 e2c5adafb Merge branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into couchbase/master
 e503cc6de MB-47318: Add DcpControl to consumer and allow flow control override
 721ca1862 MB-47604: Rename CompactionContext::maybeUpdatePurgeSeqno
 d876fdf7a MB-48680: Make NexusErorrHandlingMethod generic
 80a8374f1 MB-48680: Remove using namespace::magma
 2066f0d2e MB-47462: Ensure a single CheckpointVisitor is created
 eed16385e stats connection self may be run directly in the callback
 b41d7c363 MB-47318: Add DocKey::makeWireEncodedString
 a3416c22c MB-48096: Optimise markLegacyDiskSnapshot() to reduce scanning time[2/2]
 04041b76f [dcpdrain] Allow to run with multiple connections
 6485db6cc [dcpdrain] Refactor to allow for multiple connections
 b54733a0e MB-48096: Optimise markLegacyDiskSnapshot() to reduce scanning time[1/2]
 3352ddeea MB-48756: Do not change checkpoint removal mode after test SetUp
 c39c2755b MB-48506: Introduce ExtractItemsResult
 8097f69ab [dcpdrain] Add support for draining over TLS
 c5bd43469 MB-48506: ExtractItemsToExpel bench covers all Disk/Memory Open/Closed
 65fe8930e MB-48688: Print clock overheads at startup & via stats
 a18e702d0 MB-47604: Set magma checkpoint interval for nexus
 d94f79b11 MB-48660: Rename magma_checkpoint_every_batch
 2ed8645e9 MB-47604: Remove redundant setting of purge stats in vbstate
 bd3635089 MB-45066: Remove support for "default bucket"
 592b74e6a MB-47462: Introduce "eager" checkpoint removal
 945ae10e6 Fix arg enforcement in CheckpointBench::ExtractClosedUnrefCheckpoints
 7d1e535b1 MB-48506: Simplify logic for repositioning cursors at Checkpoint dedup
 8e206ff0b [dcpdrain] replace bufferevent with Folly
 985f05996 Cleanup: SyncWrites are only timed out at ActiveDM
 633bb9923 [testclient] Allow for use with external event base
 01f4e02aa MB-47604: Fix NexusKVStore::getAllKeys
 19aed4d8c [testapp] Make sure that all connections authenticate
 99b7064a9 MB-48399: Add Parameterized EventuallyPersistentEngineTest version
 7c9fed198 Make KVStore::getBySeqno and getCollectionsManifestUid const
 044c3f026 MB-47604: Rename max_purged_seqno to rollbackPurgeSeqno
 669794536 MB-47308: Invoke MagmaKVStore callbacks in Primary domain
 e1e4c6f4f MB-47604: Only compare value of item if it exists
 d7fc3a033 Fix test_memory_condition
 8cc4c7e61 MB-48506: Don't copy the expelledItems container around at expel
 19c0996c1 MB-48506: Don't rely on allocator for estimating mem-release at expel
 be6d23a51 MB-48577: Replace operations blocked until traffic enabled
 c1e166cfd MB-48373: Don't allow Consumers to connect until warmup completes
 309911d64 MB-47462: Refactor CacheCallbackTest::SetUp to reduce duplication
 8d9f48d94 MB-41403: Allow a configurable number of expiry PagingVisitors
 0d74bf688 MB-48506: Introduce CheckpointBench.ExtractItemsToExpel
 313bb9261 MB-48506: Introduce CM::extractItemsToExpel
 14217424c [testapp] Remove unused connection parameter
 688ab88a3 [testapp] Authenticate the raw socket
 f714e7cbb [testapp] Use "userConnection" in more tests
 d756ee6a7 Simplify select_bucket_validator
 a9f7ad72a MB-48506: Use CM::getLowestCursor in CM::extractItemsToExpel
 a0119183c MB-48038: Enforce checkpoint_max_size
 2763136c9 MB-48038: Introduce checkpoint_max_size in configuration
 49c614f91 Remove size limitations for restricted commands
 f60f6a930 MB-47460: Fix dropped/resurrected collection stats in compaction replay
 03d5fc8d6 MB-47462: Introduce dedicated checkpoint destruction task
 0d75c29c3 Remove test-only function ActiveDurabilityMonitor::wipeTracked
 a1bd7dcaa MB-48441: Catch exceptions from MagmaKVStore::compactionCallBack()
 8872d50e2 Expand STParamMagmaBucketTest methods
 17cf95593 MB-47308: SwitchExecutionEnv accept and return the MemoryDomain
 ae2cf58a4 MB-47604: Implement NexusKVStore::getBySeqno
 9197b9527 MB-47604: Implement NexusKVStore::getCollectionStats
 0c3a926e5 MB-47604: Implemented NexusKVStore::getManifestUid
 b0f8d0e68 MB-47604: Implement NexusKVStore::makeFileHandle
 0e49b5132 MB-48473: Don't move purge seqno for implictly purged logical deletes
 7421adee4 MB-48473: Make implicit compact test less racy
 b8741f05c MB-47308: Add new method to ObjectRegistry to switch and get old domain
 214b8b91b MB-48373: Rename isWarmingUp()/warmupCompleted
 fddcfadce MB-47462: Add virtual destructor for CheckpointManager
 14fbcddbe MB-47462: Ensure Checkpoint does not access CM after removal
 3d4ffff12 MB-47462: Prepare checkpoint memory usage tracking for eager removal
 b143e1cb4 Remove unused includes in
 0ad119f0c engine_testapp: Use valid config if none specified
 b3716cd5a Add mcifconfig
 b25d2bf72 MB-40314 Make MagmaKVStore local doc keys same as CouchKVStore
 e2f022e6e MB-39620: Remove mode from cert mapper config
 40cbe9c72 MB-39620: Remove obsolete ssl settings
 a66868295 MB-41403: Simplify ExpiredItemPager management
 64515aa48 Merge "Merge 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into 'couchbase/master'"
 dfca7159d MB-47604: Implement NexusKVStore::getStat
 4f3e6524f MB-48094: Make MagmaKVFileHandle store pointer to Magma::Snapshot
 36334e687 Merge 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into 'couchbase/master'
 9fe5af4ef MB-41403: Simplify ItemPager test config string management
 f2f485cf2 MB-48504: Detect invalid snapshot for magma and rocks
 da3ea898f MB-47604: Fail CouchKVStore compaction if no vbstate
 759abeb58 MB-47460: Correctly handle replay of collection drop + doc size decrease
 fe421ec12 MB-48473: Don't move purge seqno for implicitly purged prepares
 ed469b165 MB-48473: Allow expansion of implicit compaction test
 d3286385b Refactor: to_string() methods in
 307079caf DocKey::to_string printing of keys with no collection
 4a66a0b39 Don't assume magma metadata is prepare
 e038f5b76 Use the correct gsl::gsl-lite instead of alias
 cb74cf216 MB-48540: cbstats - fallback to built-in sort if natsort unavailable
 941ba649d MB-48540: Remove use of distutils in kv_trace_dump
 810d47d58 Upgrade to Google Benchmark 1.6.0
 5497450be Remove unconditional CkptMgr dump from test
 f0c26ba29 MB-47308: All Magma calls executed in MemoryDomain::Secondary
 a49e81bd8 MB-48504: Move processVbStateSnapshot to KVStore
 2e41a20bf MB-46907: Add magma filesystem stats to kvstore timing stats
 1b6fcd32e Refactor: MagmaKVStore::saveDocs to read just the manifest UID
 8862a6fc3 MB-48384: Only update purge seqno if new value is larger
 3c74bd4e5 MB-41568: Enable STItemPagerTest/ServerQuotaReached for magma
 ee4986cb1 MB-47604: Fix DelVBucketConcurrentOperations test for nexus
 b1132eeb2 MB-47462: Remove Checkpoint reference to overhead changed callback
 19042861d MB-48038: Remove broken CM::isCheckpointCreationForHighMemUsage
 99a0540d3 Remove unused KVShard::getVBucketsSortedByState
 c915dd97d Adaptions for googletest 1.11.0
 e09c64745 MB-47604: Implement NexusKVStore::scan()
 becbccd65 MB-47604: Don't take vb state lock when warming up prepares
 e57b493e6 MB-47604: Make KVStore::getPersistedStats() const
 78f7f445a MB-47604: Implement NexusKVStore::getAllKeys()
 4ef422fd7 MB-48466: Instantiate CheckpointDurabilityTest
 fce5ac6a8 MB-48038: Fully use CM::vb&
 65f346629 MB-48038: Store VBucket& in CheckpointManager
 1391ea423 MB-48038: Remove duplicate code by reusing CM::maybeCreateNewCheckpoint
 c85860351 MB-47604: Make KVStore::getDroppedCollections() const
 04b06f904 MB-48094: Refactor KVStoreIface::initBySeqnoScanContext()
 7a85f9856 Use proper benchmark CMake targets
 688320d3c MB-47604: Implement NexusKVStore::getLastPersistedSeqno()
 2e67ff4be MB-47604: Implement getCached/PersistedVBucketState() for Nexus
 9c368fd76 Simplify memcached/engines.h
 a03460a5e MB-38476: kv: statically link spdlog using new cbdep
 36b163d69 MB-42976: Enable test_multi_set for magma
 2d0c4008b MB-47604: Implement NexusKVStore::listPersistedVbuckets()
 71094de16 MB-47604: Implement NexusKVStore::getItemCount()
 545b1d5b7 MB-47604: Implement getCollectionsMeta functions for Nexus
 086d6c482 MB-47551: Avoid putting cursor in closed CP if we don't have to
 2d88f94f3 MB-47604: Add rollback support to NexusKVStore
 12300fa2d MB-48038: Remove 'timeBound' arg from CM::checkOpenCheckpoint
 ea6775c3b MB-48038: Remove hard-coded Min/Max for max_checkpoints
 3282664cc MB-48038: Add EPStats num-checkpoints
 c7c100a7d MB-48038: Attempt CheckpointRemoval across all vbuckets before ItemExpel
 62a55d9e2 Remove parameterized test suite KVStoreParamTestSkipMagma
 d0e08a26f Recommit MB-47604: Set checkpoint every batch magma config for nexus
 d0260cf1e MB-48038: Add EPStats::memFreedByCheckpointItemExpel
 7cc7d74ca MB-48386: Remove multiple scans at ItemExpel
 41b87d7b8 Reduce cost of including client_connection.h
 f0c3fcf5b Add mem_used_primary, secondary to default stats
 76cbc873d MB-47386, MB-48038: Avoid call to CM::getMemoryUsageOfUnrefCheckpoints
 77f7cae09 Remove test suite without any tests
 085dbad2f Remove testapp_assert_helper.h
 e5a3842d9 MB-48383: Remove unused support for encrypted password db
 047035852 MB-42122: Make local doc parsing code portable
 cd6014aa6 MB-48038: Return ReleaseResult from CM::removeClosedUnrefCheckpoints
 d9ee0c2d1 MB-48038: Rename ExpelResult to ReleaseResult
 2e79847d0 MB-48038: Move the CursorDrop logic to CheckpointVisitor
 f7b7c8559 Clang-Tiday: kvstore.(h/cc)
 f499ec46f MB-48094: Add new KVStoreIface::getCollectionStats() with vbid arg
 f7689ead6 MB-47604: Add support for compaction to NexusKVStore
 e1fab5c3d Use modern CMake to locate (and link) GTest
 bbcdc983c MB-42122: Move local doc parsing code to kv_engine
 2a7744d1b MB-48034: Leb128 various magma metadata fields
 547da5874 Merge "Merge commit '8b2f1ea7d' into couchbase/master"
 0bd4d7f1a Rename magma-kvstore/shared to magma-kvstore/kv_magma_common
 3014cce36 Merge commit '8b2f1ea7d' into couchbase/master
 57880b383 KVBucketTest: Use CookieIface instead of MockCookie
 4aa391a5f MB-48038: Don't execute CursorDrop/CheckpointRemoval if not needed
 8982cd826 Explicitly link targets with nlohmann::json
 0f9b06f56 Fix some CheckpointManager exception and log messages
 0851f05f5 MB-48038: Implement CheckpointVisitor::getVBucketComparator
 794133c14 MB-47604: Protect ScanContext callbacks and make getters virtual
 a1ffbd8a8 Use modern cmake for prometheus-cpp
 088ebf4b7 Split DurabilityWarmupTest suites into fewer variants
 3ff44e8dc MB-48182: Make couchstore midpoint rollback optimisation optional
 7c0e0968e Revert "Adaptions for gtest 1.11.0"
 3888016d1 Adaptions for gtest 1.11.0
 8e0f12e2c MB-48172: Don't skip system events in magma rollback callback
 a296dd3cf Revert "MB-47604: Set checkpoint every batch magma config for nexus"
 3200e1902 MB-47604: Make rollback test param consistent with other tests
 ef36a5cb3 MB-47604: Set checkpoint every batch magma config for nexus
 b07de9077 MB-39338: Open read only magma KVStore if DiskFull
 3476f8ccf Re-apply: MB-48038: Simplify return type of isReductionInCheckpointMemoryNeeded()
 231810668 Re-apply: MB-48038: Move isReductionInCheckpointMemoryNeeded() to KVBucket
 279f1cd0c Re-apply: MB-48038: Add ability to stop execution in CheckpointVisitor
 680d905e8 Re-apply: MB-48038: Don't trigger any CheckpointVisitor if mem-recovery not needed
 0f72689e5 MB-48034: Wrap magma V0 bits in struct
 3df24fd1a Merge commit 'b27876b' into couchbase/master
 6c457a70e [testapp] Use reference to avoid copying
 5e07bb443 MB-48326: Disable Group Commit
 411d8797a Adaptions to build with nlohmann::json 3.9.0
 a8307cf22 MB-41018: Use Status::CheckpointNotFound instead of Status::NotFound
 203a1b3dd Minimise includes in mock_cookie.h
 1ccf3115b Minimise includes of mock_synchronous_ep_engine.h
 5d5fbfa1a Use modern cmake to locate nlomann::json
 744ac7958 Clang-format: magma-kvstore_magma_db_stats.(h/cc)
 7bea48fbd MB-48034: Remove vbid from magma metadata
 497bfd6e1 MB-47308: Increase the number of functions using MemoryDomain::Secondary
 52fe5780f MB-48120: Move MagmaDbStats to ep-engine_magma
 f93619fe8 Adaptions for upgrading nlohmann::json
 bf45e7d75 MB-47604: Expire all items from start of compaction
 aa1faea2e MB-45654: Update purge seqno during Magma implicit compaction
 ab67fab43 Add method to return value as std::string_view
 546a5e00a MB-45066: Move WorkerConcurrencyTest to its own file
 2653affca MB-45066: Reuse connection for getResponseCount
 e3af0b38c MB-45066: Use userConnection in more tests
 0be01b014 MB-45066: Use adminConnection in sasl tests
 052196798 MB-45066: All methods in TestappXattrClientTest use userConnection
 e6a579c69 MB-48120: Remove lock from MagmaDbStats
 1c92c57f6 Merge "Merge commit '4929836cc' into couchbase/master"
 9b67c838e MB-45066: Refactor move xattr funcs to XattrClient
 cc0ee8fd4 MB-45066: Add userConnection to test suites
 508bd0f5e Merge commit '4929836cc' into couchbase/master
 1d64ce3f6 MB-45066: Add adminConnection to each test suite
 5e9a2e011 MB-47308: Provide primary and secondary memory stats
 72048f243 MB-47604: Add config for expiration from start of compaction
 7b35a576b Merge "Merge commit 'ac6280cb2' into couchbase/master"
 8da9f8883 Merge "Merge commit '1110bbc38' into couchbase/master"
 848b78d24 Merge "Merge commit 'e24eca625' into couchbase/master"
 72ec0cec3 MB-47308: Use MemoryDomain::Secondary for libmagma
 9ef4466c5 Merge commit 'ac6280cb2' into couchbase/master
 c599be4b3 Merge commit '1110bbc38' into couchbase/master
 7116424a6 Merge commit 'e24eca625' into couchbase/master
 cd252eca7 Merge commit 'cf3d145e4' into couchbase/master
 c4efa65be Merge "Merge commit '423ad543e' into couchbase/master"
 7d143b269 Merge "Merge commit '2437f2c46' into couchbase/master"
 50500b000 Merge "Merge commit '22d1c5bd9' into couchbase/master"
 b86c7e6cb Merge commit '423ad543e' into couchbase/master
 2ea94a05b [testapp] Fix race condition while trying to parse the logfile
 9e877c6cc Merge commit '2437f2c46' into couchbase/master
 939989648 Merge commit '22d1c5bd9' into couchbase/master
 f8a263dff Merge "Merge commit '63fc845de' into couchbase/master"
 7cde9bdf6 Merge "Merge commit '0ad45241d' into couchbase/master"
 e1cdaf145 Merge "Merge commit '59cd78d1e' into couchbase/master"
 9d7ce81da Merge "Merge commit '75a4ed044' into couchbase/master"
 249a0b876 MB-48120: Move monotonic.h (and comparators.h) to platform
 07c050a32 Merge commit '63fc845de' into couchbase/master
 6504ad014 Merge commit '0ad45241d' into couchbase/master
 3ca7324ad Merge commit '59cd78d1e' into couchbase/master
 e2b8e00dd Merge commit '75a4ed044' into couchbase/master
 7e19ef25b Merge commit 'ed9590175' into couchbase/master
 1ee212c65 Merge "Merge commit 'e086180d1' into couchbase/master"
 0ad0cadef Merge "Merge commit '3833e6d23' into couchbase/master"
 ddfbd9e45 MB-48034: Pass vbid to magma compaction context
 60f134968 Insert peer address as JSON object
 403f124e2 Merge commit 'e086180d1' into couchbase/master
 7fc131fb6 Merge commit '3833e6d23' into couchbase/master
 2a5891aba Merge commit '395744f7b' into couchbase/master
 0b8171c87 MB-48234, MB-48233, MB-48249: Revert recent checkpoint manager changes
 df2977d4c Merge commit 'b856ac0ec' & '9989f9f57' into couchbase/master
 c625aaeaf Merge commit '9ffdc309f' into couchbase/master
 b01fafbf7 Merge commit '3855acc55' into couchbase/master
 04f50e693 Merge commit '018e92001' into couchbase/master
 8458db911 Merge "Merge commit '2076313b1' into 'couchbase/master'"
 630d42158 Merge commit '2076313b1' into 'couchbase/master'
 240925a9f [testapp] Add option to count number of sockets created
 a2a66711e Remove unused method expectedRawSnappyDatatype
 45f2c21ef Add client_connection::executeInBucket
 b44886b94 Clang-Tidy: magma-kvstore.(h\cc)
 8acaf2223 Folly may throw WSACONNRESET
 6472520ca MB-48120: Move magma metadata to new lib (to link with magma)
 2dda5bbac MB-47604: Add storage properties for compaction stale item callbacks
 6ebe6b194 MB-48120: Make magma metadata usable in non-kv projects
 20512ac72 Reorder the sequence for GetRbacDatabase
 a1d7dabee Use "bucketName" instead of hardcoded "default"
 9e591ed1e MB-45066: Add user Luke (replacement of default user)
 8d33a6571 MB-48038: Avoid memToRelease=0 when constructing CheckpointVisitor
 def2078f7 MB-48038: Simplify return type of isReductionInCheckpointMemoryNeeded()
 ee743c572 MB-48034: Shrink bySeqno in magma metadata
 da467a0f6 MB-47604: Rename doPostFlushSanityChecks
 063dfe3c0 MB-48038: Move isReductionInCheckpointMemoryNeeded() to KVBucket
 4590dbb3f MB-48038: Add ability to stop execution in CheckpointVisitor
 fdd87c5ef MB-48034: Make magma MetaData variable length
 3768f72b3 MB-48203: Check that we have at least 3 items in test
 fc3f55815 MB-48128: Fail MagmaKVStore getCollectionsManifest if NotExists
 fca648875 MB-47604: Implement NexusKVStore::getRange
 ab8a0f086 MB-47604: Add NexusKVStore getMulti (bgFetch) support
 127f115ce MB-47604: Add NexusKVStore::get functionality
 ccb728623 MB-48038: Don't trigger any CheckpointVisitor if mem-recovery not needed
 dbe905d3d MB-48038: Add comment for CheckpointVisitor::stateFinalizer
 948fcab01 MB-48038: Remove CheckpointVisitor::removed member
 cbf128c27 MB-48038: Fix EPStats::cursorMemoryFreed
 d4c8f36d8 MB-48038: Split ClosedUnrefCheckpointRemoverTask::attemptMemoryRecovery
 1d3d9e318 Remove unused headers from kvstore.h
 29dde6165 Simplify TRACE logging in MagmaKVStore::compactionCallBack()
 9da45b1f7 MB-47604: Add locking to flushing and gets in NexusKVStore
 bb8b64eb1 Update docs for Clustermap Change Notification command
 0871c0dda MB-48151: Bump expiry time in unlockKeyTempDeletedTest
 f564cf79f MB-48038: Reduce indentation in ClosedUnrefCheckpointRemoverTask::run
 42d194997 MB-47386: Add CM::estimatedMemUsage and use it in the ckpt-rem path
 d1ed95c7a Remove unused settings example and extensions tag
 3c78a9283 MB-47952,MB-48121: Fix expiry of temp items
 dc9671c4b MB-47460: Add operator<< to PersistedStats
 e84ffd5fd MB-47386: Don't use CM::getNumItemsForCursor in AS::nextCheckpointItem
 7080e710a MB-47604: Add Nexus variant to KVStoreParam test
 5c341a814 Refactor getConnection
 b2c03468e Use IPv6 if the host don't support IPv4
 0dd6458d9 Skip IPv6 tests if the host don't support IPv6
 3444c76fa Ignore the type if the code represents "reset"
 52e000c34 Merge commit '217bca8c3' into couchbase/master
 dc136f06e Merge commit 'af43b5b18' into couchbase/master
 7b8b42069 Merge commit '1b76bf68b' into couchbase/master
 9cf944cdc Retry file removal in removePathIfExists
 39dfcbfe6 MB-47604: Add magma/couchstore nexus variant
 acc971d3c MB-48034: Move magma metadata into version blocks
 43fa18f95 MB-48033: Correct comment and tidy up V3 Metadata functions
 0c2710435 MB-48033: Use CouchKVStore MetaData V1 for commits
 ffb8484f1 MB-48033: Remove operation from magmakv::MetaData
 809afa480 Remove unused include directories
 d52f0f809 Treat WSACONNABORTED as connection reset
 900af1562 Add colors for error messages in mctrace
 0facf9508 Add colors to mctestauth
 1aec4c814 Add colors for errors in mcctl
 2f4d5c6ad Add colors for errors in mcstat
 eff9e8902 Remap folly exception for read/write errors
 dc009f74f MB-48033: Remove magmakv::MetaData::Operation::CommittedSyncWrite
 b2e66157e MB-48033: Create mutations from backfilled commits
 d65d3a2c1 Merge commit '8f4df8119' into couchbase/master
 d43683385 MB-47604: Add NexusKVStore::snapshotVBucket functionality
 952db27d1 MB-47604: Add StorageProperties::PrepareCounting
 e330da22e MB-47604: Add NexusPersistenceCallbacks to compare results
 b9ad1f8fe MB-47308: Fix build break
 de5783d47 MB-47991: Make Magma SyncDelete meta behave like couchstore
 5afd851b0 MB-47386: Don't allow limit=0 arg at VBucket::getItemsToPersist
 73b8b5b04 MB-47386: Make CM::getListOfCursorsToDrop O(1)
 155f6a115 Remove duplicate logging of missing privileges
 5d6386d02 Refactor: Don't return tenant shared_ptr from CookieIface
 0c655d28c Enhance logging for missing privileges
 44da2699a clang-tidy: Remove extra ;
 da1671210 Add TerminalColor enum and stream formatting
 0efb061a2 Merge "Merge branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into couchbase/master"
 bc2ed3490 Merge "Merge branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into couchbase/master"
 def4487df Merge "Merge branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into couchbase/master"
 21679d630 MB-47884: Make magma memory quota ratio dynamic
 cc70868f1 MB-47884: Dynamically updated bucketQuota in MagmaKVStoreConfig
 865042c53 Remove unused parameter engine
 2b6f952d1 Remove -s option for engine_testapp
 b8ca1ccf4 MB-47952: Don't expire temp items
 f09c9189a MB-47386: Introduce CheckpointBench.GetCursorsToDrop
 1c227e710 MB-47714: Turn on group commit by default
 3ba1b317b Merge branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into couchbase/master
 9cdebf035 Merge branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into couchbase/master
 22c218a8f Merge branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into couchbase/master
 a2795efc3 MB-47904: Always look up SID/CID when EUID is used
 1977dfbf4 Add 7.0.0 and 7.0.1 branches
 3457eeb05 MB-47714: Remove deprecated configuration variables
 547ed97bd MB-47604: Add flush functionality to NexusKVStore
 4571948c9 MB-35075: Increase default concurrent item pagers to two
 67b43ab9c MB-47197: Add unit test that tenant limits may be changed
 3e504f711 MB-47604: Move endTransaction to KVStoreIface
 c877fa110 MB-47604: Add KVStore collections meta ostr functions
 7dc1bad95 MB-47604: Add logging to interesting NexusKVStore operations
 0476081e6 Remove core-specific cookie management from CookieIface
 a0a0aca94 MB-47932: Acquire the CM lock in CM::isOpenCheckpointDisk()
 2df11cf36 MB-47386: Make CM::extractClosedUnrefCheckpoints O(1)
 4e60b9e41 MB-47386: Move the ckpt extraction code into a dedicated function
 e514d9750 MB-47386: Cleanup on the CM clear* functions
 f536a78d6 MB-47386: Ensure that Checkpoint::id is strict monotonic with no gaps
 8569e1b55 MB-47386: Pull checkpoint-creation code out from checkpoint-removal
 1f8861d67 MB-47386: Remove PagingVisitor::removeClosedUnrefCheckpoints
 2c9a71fc9 MB-47006 magma: Add new magma memory stats to ep engine stats
 92e6262de MB-47386: Remove 'openCkptCreated' out-arg from ckpt-removal function
 37a9d0c7b MB-47386: Update num-item counters lock-free at checkpoint-removal
 61d1a2050 MB-47604: Split up comparison of Collections::KVStore::Manifest
 a939113cb MB-47604: Make it possible to swap Flush::manifest
 4a9e8db10 MB-47386: Remove 'limit' arg from CM::removeClosedUnrefCheckpoints
 7020cdc2f MB-47386: Remove 'keep_closed_chks' config param
 4f650cead Cleanup: Use cookie_to_mock_cookie
 c54d300a1 Remove empty method mock_init_alloc_hooks
 10510f7c0 Refactor: Move inflateInputPayload down to Cookie
 a9c94f100 Remove ServerCookieIface::test_privilege
 ae75f8990 Remove server api from cbstat_collector
 617b59aaa Add testPrivilege to CookieIface
 1075339ab Remove unused method getOpcodeIfEwouldblockSet
 c9819fc29 Remove unused method get_number_of_mock_cookie_references
 11bb0070c [Refactor] Shrink ServerCookieApi with cookie members
 0e5ae2c17 MB-46827: Remove cursor_dropping_checkpoint_mem__mark
 cb334fa9d MB-46827: Introduce the new checkpoint memory recovery logic
 67c077792 MB-47714: Add configuration support for magma Group Commit
 0f6eec3af MB-47811: Magma - Flush collection stats doc after meta update
 9189fe5a9 MB-47762: Correct magma manifest uid overwriting bug
 6c4049fce MB-47604: Make Nexus KVStores write to different directories
 900cd286e MB-47604: Implement trivial NexusKVStore functions
 0934c2451 [cleanup] Remove ServerCookieApi::get_inflated_payload
 0045266b7 MB-47604: Implement NexusKVStore::getStorageProperties()
 0eb30a748 MB-47197: Add support for MutablePasswordDatabase
 c654b6cfd Remove conversion from old style password file
 0aa4b4d4e MB-47197: Generate cbsaslpw.json as part of test setup
 b793eb779 MB-47197: Set user limits as part of database refresh [4/n]
 d1beaca84 MB-47604: Remove StorageProperties::ConcurrentWriteCompact
 ef9237d44 MB-47481: Disable EvictionWithoutReplicasReachesLWM test for magma
 5b5b21065 MB-47604: Create secondary KVStore in NexusKVStore
 4fa98021f MB-39338 magma-kvstore: Add Status::DiskFull error code to rollback errors
 93e385712 MB-47604: Add NexusKVStore config
 59c31c671 MB-46833: Skip in Unity build
 1d283b68b MB-47604: Make backend non-optional KVStoreConfig parameter
 1cfd6cde4 MB-47604: Move KVStoreConfig creation to static function
 f77d57e1c MB-47604: Add initial NexusKVStore implentation
 ca8ce4be1 MB-47604: Unify single threaded test backend config
 fe1a20ec6 MB-47604: Separate public API of KVStore
 a9729db5f MB-47604: Remove Magma and Rocks snapshotStats variant
 15f0caaae MB-47604: Remove RocksDBKVStore::prepareForDeduplication
 968041939 Move kvstore files to new directory
 ef7013af8 Run magma variant of ConnectionTests
 ca9d56b2b MB-47197: Be more aggressive in polling for current connections
 668a3dd48 MB-47197: Use resource constraints from cbsaslpw.json [3/n]
 0f1d1b5e1 MB-47197: Simplify tenant tests
 615060834 MB-39745: Scale flushers independently of shards
 c20ad00e7 MB-36377: Replace KVStore::inTransaction
 b196c9354 MB-36377: Have KVStore::commit() consume the TransactionContext
 d2c05505c MB-36377: Add and use RocksDBKVStoreTransactionContext
 0274c7d1f MB-47197: We can't verify curr_conns right after disconnect
 76b3daafb MB-47197: Start integration with ns_server [2/n]
 f8c3f70f3 MB-36377: Remove KVStore::rollback()
 2a3a9a0b0 MB-36377: Add local docs queue to CouchKVStoreTransactionContext [2/2]
 f42f106d0 MB-36377: Add and use CouchKVStoreTransactionContext [1/2]
 27c93353a MB-47636: Add support for limits and uuid in cbsasl.json
 7ddf11d53 MB-36377: Add and use MagmaTransactionContext
 22f9da3d7 MB-36377: Move KVStore::FlushState to kvstore_fwd.h
 ddf96e51a MB-36377: Make KVStore::begin() return TransactionContext
 5c8899c8a MB-36377: Use MockPersistenceCallback instead of MockTransactionContext
 eff81c4c9 Use std::string_view in cbcrypto API
 d167e9562 MB-36377: Change subclassing of TransactionContext/PersistenceCallback
 6d22aac94 MB-36377: Make TransactionContext/PersistenceCallback take const Item&
 85d89d859 MB-36377: Move TransactionContext to a new file
 84e0dff4d MB-36377: Pass TransactionContext to flush functions
 f6a9df8ab MB-39745: Move flushers to EPBucket
 b5f33647a Use folly::Synchronized for cbsasl password db
 ca4ad1554 MB-47615: Add tunable for tenant resource control
 c4a9a63ca Tidy: vb_visitors.(h/cc) &
 e2fb53d3e MB-47197: Add support for cross-connection limits [1/n]
 e3da22e5a Cleanup: use --tls=[cert,key] for all mc-programs
 a0f9dfb0e Default to the TLS port if none provided
 6a4f302f0 Tidy header includes in ep_testsuite* related files
 14a96a73e clang-tidy: Remove unused include++
 a6a7b3cee Refactor: Use gtest for timestamp_test
 f4a455ba0 MB-47462: Introduce VBNotifiableTask
 cf560c940 MB-39745: Change KVBucket::getFlusher to getOneFlusher
 6f3780e6e Use the common method to create interfaces
 d00001144 Remove unused macros from Flusher
 7c25c1a7e MB-39745: Remove KVShard from Flusher
 a36627214 MB-39745: Notify flusher hpvbs from outside flusher
 dd82ba893 MB-47513: Unregister magma logger on destruction
 590fe2d20 MB-47513: Unregister ConnHandler logger on destruction
 5f67b46fd MB-47513: Don't pass loggerName to magma BucketLoggers
 42f5addf3 MB-44010: Unit tests for concurrent backfill & vBucket delete
 573321a0e MB-47006 Move MemoryTrackingAllocator to platform
 8d2a8c67a MB-46827: Introduce the 'checkpoint_memory_recovery_lower_mark' param
 b8f9a038e MB-46827: Introduce the 'checkpoint_memory_recovery_upper_mark' param
 7203e3168 MB-46827: Trigger checkpoint memory recovery regardless of LWM
 084a46ca7 MB-46827: Introduce KVBucket::hasCapacityInCheckpoints()
 cd05676dc MB-46827: Remove VBucketMap::getVBucketsTotalCheckpointMemoryUsage
 16e15dbca MB-33784: Don't dedupe in flusher if not required
 a5da24231 MB-33784: Add StorageProperties::AutomaticDeduplication
 96ec12784 MB-33784: Avoid flusher de-dupe in some tests
 b799e7eed MB-33784: Remove redundant test
 ab615cf16 MB-46827: Remove cursor_dropping__mark
 65804042c Merge branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into 'couchbase/master'
 274905c1b MB-39745: Make hpVbs a VBReadyQueue
 b13463f7c [refactor] Use cb::net::initialize
 ca58c98d3 Remove cached version of num_writer_threads for magma
 40b1d518d MB-47308: Use alternative GetLocal
 a0e831366 MB-46827: Make the checkpoint_memory_ratio config param dynamic
 58c0a261d MB-46827: Cache checkpoint_memory_ratio config param in KVBucket
 4e2855567 MB-46827: Track bucket checkpoint mem-usage in EPStats::coreLocal
 ed31b6006 MB-47484: Don't use Executorpool before created
 18ce70953 MB-42652: Magma: Only remove dropped collections at end of compaction
 3be13aab1 MB-35075: Allow Eviction PagingVisitor to pause between vbuckets
 6bb718924 MB-33784: Empty collection same flush optimization checks itemInBatch
 18ed7e789 MB-47055: Correct magma collection drop item counting
 7e14bc5bd Refactor: Move logging of shutdown of Prometheus
 a5da2890c MB-47411: Don't delete Prometheus interface as part of cleaning up MCBP
 41d3527b6 Refactor: Set the thread count once as part of settings reload
 eef723a1b Fix the documentation for ExecutorPool::get()
 5e393e74a MB-47308: Remove unused FetchBuffers from rollback
 dc076f7bd Fix import order for Python 3
 dc9ce9ea1 MB-33784: Remove StorageProperties::EfficientGet
 da50e3a7c MB-33784: Remove StorageProperties::PersistedDeletion
 66976f51e MB-33784: Remove StorageProperties::EfficientVBDeletion
 ba31d917d MB-33784: Remove StorageProperties::EfficientVBDump
 ca0cd3b41 MB-39620: Do network reconfigure in as part of config reload
 7f3181566 MB-39745: Move KVBucket::accessLog to Warmup
 1d305e358 MB-39745: Manually size shards in VBucketMap
 296348ee5 Refactor: move reload_config_file to SettingsReloadCommandContext
 e2de15c16 Cleanup: Remove unused backward compat for network description
 5301ed05e MB-47256 magma-kvstore: Move compaction log message to debug level
 7dbe37126 MB-39745: Don't over-allocate memory for dvFileRevMap
 ce72ec09f MB-39745: Don't over-allocate memory for vbCompactionRunning
 97dc63a25 MB-39745: Don't over-allocate memory for vbAbortCompaction
 37d812aa0 MB-39745: Don't over-allocate memory for kvstoreRevList
 7644ff5e4 MB-39745: Don't over-allocate memory for vBucketStates
 ee80242f0 MB-45654: Add test to check KVStore::compactDB() sets purge seqno
 7707ff600 3/n Remove manifest force
 82718140f MB-47055: De-inline Flush::updateStats
 857d6e9a4 MB-35075: Reduce nesting in PagingVisitor::visitBucket
 5d1a62e14 MB-47143: Add Rate Limited error codes
 5133df7e1 Refactor: Use FileReloadCommandContext for other file IO cases
 d295e6585 Delete the event in libevent callback
 f725cef19 MB-46827: Store reference to KVBucket in VBucket
 f314d75c0 dcpdrain: Fix user-after-free bug on shutdown
 b3edc1d88 dcpdrain: Remove enable_ext_metadata negotiation
 158078f1a MB-46360: Reduce SlowCommandLogging test threshold to 1ns
 933f35b2f Move reload memcached.json off the front end threads
 0ef91df53 2/n Remove manifest force
 e3656c8b1 1/n Remove manifest force
 e75a129ce MB-46827: Introduce the 'checkpoint_memory_ratio' configuration param
 c5bf29def MB-44010: MagmaKVStore::getItemCount to throw if vb not exists
 90113be0f Add helper methods for cb::mcbp::Status
 141c19957 MB-47037: Reset tls config in ssl_certs_refresh_executor
 c423583d3 MB-47311: Update log message for invalid lock timeout
 769dcc5ae Add CookieIface::getConnectionId()
 ea058c863 MB-46365: Don't account for DCP_NOOP in buffer acking
 ae8f5f5d6 Revert "MB-47143: Add Rate Limited error codes"
 9d24d4d4c Log if the server was built with DEVELOPMENT_ASSERTS
 f9eeba095 MB-47216: Whitelist GetErrorMap for execution before auth
 aa6e9cb0b MB-42876: Include worker thread ID in 'Slow operation' message
 8c55d2b31 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 afc602369 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 47b9949f8 Merge "Merge branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into couchbase/master"
 a2e4fed7d MB-47238: Remove TopKeys tracking
 3d182de93 Merge branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into couchbase/master
 9b7e8aa4f Clang-tidy:
 6780821bd MB-47143: Add Rate Limited error codes
 ea1af2ee8 MB-46750 Assert num items in initial disk snapshot test
 395e69938 MB-46360: Fix Wnarrowing issue in ep_testsuite_xdcr
 71912edd4 MB-46360: Fix hang in ManifestTest/badNames under AArch64
 fd262fe8a MB-46750 Do blind write for initial disk snapshot
 e06291572 MB-40008: Re-enable MagmaKVStoreTest.setMaxDataSize
 d863d9a14 Log process pid during startup
 a75615a2a Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'"
 de278115b Remove use of COUCHBASE_KV_BUILD_UNIT_TESTS
 4ef7f749e MB-47213 Add magma enable/disable WAL config option
 c9ea2364b Refactor: Squash topkeys test to memcached_unit_test
 fce902b7d Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 31da5570c MB-47216: Don't validate all packets
 8e6f57fc7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 ab85fdc2c MB-40915: Enable, disabled tests for magma
 59c00e714 Add mcbp_fuzz_test and mcbp_network_fuzz_test
 55e519632 MB-35075: Add support for concurrent PagingVisitors
 70120f910 Fix TSAN race when destroying a MockCookie
 a9f1b7422 MB-29928: Switch fragmentation scoring/weighting to use high-water mark
 2d66a5ecb Remove CheckpointManager arg from Checkpoint::queueDirty()
 4bfcb20f7 MB-47109: Fix cbstats from crashing due to 'ep_tasks:uptime_s'
 23814eb2d MB-40915: Reactivate disabled tests for magma
 ceb94227d MB-42657: Don't call shutdown_server from signal handler
 33b6c1208 MB-29928: Reset PID when configuration changes
 f04d4f90d MB-46907 Move Couchstore file system histograms to CouchKVStore
 9bed8e455 MB-42657: Write crash log messages to separate file
 b55a3c3e7 Remove CookieIface::validate
 88a26d6df MB-29928: Implement auto controller logic for the defragmenter
 6d42ccb47 MB-46365: Print opcode as int
 29bb600ce Clang-tidy:
 719e6a112 Revert "MB-42746 tests: Disable tests to allow magma CBSS-591 checkin"
 8d01a4f12 Remove ServerLogIface
 8a17ddb5b Refactor: Use signal instead of sigignore
 64976842e Use nlohmann::json to format JSON for logging
 af7e428fa Enable unity build for mc_client_connection
 ec8fcd467 Allow breakpad test to run without installing
 662131d8b MB-35075: Move ItemPager/PagingVisitor to use cb::Semaphore
 c42ce1b19 [cluster_test] Dump log if child memcached terminates
 d4a5d4210 MB-36219: Re-enable test_multiple_vb_compactions as they now pass
 1516d97aa [testapp] Dump part of the log for test failures
 3461775e7 MB-42916: Add the response code to slow log
 c18d3e6e2 Don't link tracing_test with memcached_daemon
 ccdd0184b Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 cf5c17ee5 MB-39745: Don't over-allocate memory for deleteCount
 40d07d400 MB-39745: Don't over-allocate memory for fileSize
 7bdbaf78f MB-43675 Part 0.5: GSI Audit Service integration feature
 d604aa721 MB-47055: Handle and rethrow underflow after logging collection ID
 030acf424 MB-39745: Don't over-allocate memory for spaceUsed
 bca202058 MB-46786: Don't return completed prepare from getRandomkeyFromSlot()
 c09d45bcf MB-47056: Remove ERROR msg due to state of ep_force_shutdown
 51c693336 MB-39745: Don't over-allocate memory for onDiskPrepareSize
 74daf8779 Add documentation to CookieIface
 50589d785 MB-39745: Remove KVStore::cachedDocCount
 52e762a1a MB-39745: Remove Read/Write specific CouchKVStore ctors
 83c7cc613 MB-39745: Remove CouchKVStore::makeReadOnlyStore()
 51140d796 Refactor: Make MockCookie to more like Cookie by making it a class
 ac40000a4 Remove any gsl::not_null replace with const refs
 20b446f15 MB-39745: Remove KVStore::readOnly
 9c2848225 MB-39745: Remove KVStore::isReadOnly()
 5630d338b MB-39745: Remove KStore::isReadWrite()
 01893e92f MB-39745: Remove KVStore option from KVBucket:getKVStoreStat()
 b1e9e4a12 MB-39620: Use ifconfig in testapp [2.3/3]
 168e930e7 MB-39745: Remove option in KVBucket::getKVStoreStats()
 57773e3dc MB-39745: Remove redundant RO store stat invocations
 cdf9a0e13 MB-39745: Remove ROStore
 2e3c65637 MB-39745: Remove KVStoreRWRO and update set/take functions
 0df82655e MB-39745: Don't create RO KVStore
 44bc1e91a MB-39745: RO KVstore should return const RW KVStore
 cff5cc155 MB-39745: Use RW KVStore where appropriate
 ca69c37e1 MB-39745: Make backfill functions use const KVStore
 cee5331c1 MB-46988: Fix CLion project indexing with CB_PCH
 2b264506c MB-39620: Define bootstrap interface [2.2/3]
 80e322f8b MB-39745: Make various KVStore functions const
 632fbef74 MB-39745: Make KVStore::getCollectionsStats() const
 453a8cde3 MB-39745: KVStore stats functions should be const
 79cb18aa2 MB-39745: KVStore::getCollectionsManifest() should be const
 d45d7f188 MB-39745: KVStore::getStorageProperties() should be const
 251b3a829 MB-39745: Make trivial KVStore::get functions const
 0177bc19c MB-39620: Improve validation of TLS configuration
 3e097b8a1 MB-39745: Make KVStore::getMulti() const
 c6083e8b2 MB-39745: Make KVStore::getWithHeader() const
 27d819871 MB-39745: Make KVStore::initBySeqnoScanContext const
 4c5747926 MB-39745: Make KVStore::readVBState functions const
 1e3c7d4f0 MB-39745: Make KVStore::initByIdScanContext const
 36499050b MB-39745: Make various CouchKVStore functions const
 ef3766588 MB-39745: Make KVStore::makeFileHandle const
 1d08231d7 MB-46750 Run DCPLoopback* tests for magma as well
 70dce0977 Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'"
 ff728e974 MB-39745: CouchKVStore open functions should be const
 8cc8accc2 MB-39745: Make KVStore scan(BySeqno) const
 e1c285f00 MB-39745: Make RocksDBKVStore::getVBHandle const
 c1ce8b24d MB-39745: Make various KVStore functions const
 2c4e70c03 MB-39745: Make KVStore::scan(ByID) const
 d22747fdb Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 066fbed8e MB-42657: Make breakpad dumpCallback POSIX signal safe
 db433befc Remove unused function
 04a44a35f MB-46988: Specify link scope for all target_link_libraries()
 d696750ed Merge "Merge branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into couchbase/master"
 708b9dbbf MB-33772: Improve test_worker_stats error message
 9ec1fc716 Merge branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into couchbase/master
 f081537d8 MB-46983: Reply success for cert refresh
 7fe97f329 Refactor: squash all cbsasl tests to one binary
 21b489e7c MB-46827: Fix build
 b04d1e6b8 MB-46827: Remove replication write-queue caps
 07227e32d Remove unused headers from connmap.(h/cc)
 9b7401c60 Allow tasks.def.h to be included by clang-tidy
 0b59e5469 MB-39620: Store the TLS properties in the NIM [2.1/3]
 edf5fb67d MB-39620: Add support for ifconfig commands [2.0/3]
 b0a4f7af0 Clang-tidy:
 6728123b5 MB-46000: Use cb_add_test_executable() for all test programs
 9bdac12aa MB-45026: Expelling doesn't remove the checkpoint_start item
 bf2008d70 MB-38077: Remove murmurhash and use platform version
 20637ca0c MB-46900: Catch any exceptions thown in BucketLogger::logInner
 def4bba14 MB-46900: Don't interpret BucketLogger prefix as fmt string
 6bdb30f66 MB-40160: Fix expectation on mapped-mem in DefragmenterTest
 97eec92b1 Refactor: CheckPrivilegeFunction & ServerCookieIface
 5e768d64e MB-29928: Refactor DefragmenterTask::run
 6b9b7d54b Refactor: EngineIface to use references over gsl::not_null<>
 f0e6533f1 MB-43617: kv_slow_ops_2_gtrace: Ignore spurious empty spans
 2461741c8 Refactor: DcpIface to use references over gsl::not_null<>
 e9283c9e4 Revert: Change of type from void* to CookieIface* for engine_data
 191f2e165 Merge "Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'"
 26685630b MB-44777: Remove support for legacy bucket users
 2419fca1c Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 c3fc516f3 Merge "Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'"
 8719fa830 Clang-tidy:
 c120ac2c1 Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 0198c3f7e Merge "Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'"
 c40de506e Remove kv_engine-specific CMAKE_MINIMUM_REQUIRED
 cd54fd8e2 MB-38077: Enable unity build for default_engine
 1482752ed MB-46844: Make ManifestEntry::setItemCount const
 16212e999 Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 d51bbf4be MB-46017: Refactor: Use ProcessMonitor from platform
 ac6e9fc5b Merge "Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'"
 6f79f9ed4 MB-46729: Use the global executor from the core
 1352f2add Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 3cf946e92 Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 6d5380620 Merge "Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'"
 f74f9098e MB-46729: Don't use the bucket logger from executor
 cccbbd5ee Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 8fb230ede Merge "Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'"
 d368a92b8 MB-43677: Add gsl to precompiled header
 9659d5534 MB-43677: Add kv_enable_pch to object libraries
 3a4ebe60b Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 66edfd1c9 Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 8bac01de6 Merge "Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'"
 31ca56619 MB-43677: Add kv_enable_pch to static library targets
 7e65a9485 Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 1696b97ae Merge "Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'"
 6ba303197 MB-46729: Remove implicit creation of the ExecutorPool
 c5654fbcb Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 e22f19c70 MB-46729: Allow unity build for the executor
 052e431da MB-43677: Add kv_enable_pch to executable targets
 f80220b75 Merge "Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'"
 6f01216bc MB-43677: Add PCH Object Library
 c4541ab55 Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 e245b3ab9 MB-43677: Remove NO_OPTIMIZE flags
 2fb78df0f MB-46729: Explicitly start and stop the ExecutorPool
 de9b8c133 MB-46729: Remove ep_tasks:uptime_s stats
 f9d688b74 MB-46729: rename taskqueue to cb3_taskqueue
 3fc0a88b9 MB-46729: Refactor: Move the executor in ep-engine to executor
 64fff1979 slow_ops_2_gtrace: Include key and vbucket ID
 ecc3b1913 MB-46833: Workaround possibly gcc 10 type_traits bug
 4b1e5c344 MB-37956: Fix to missed gsl::not_null to const void*
 a2f83454a Don't use the executor to enqueue auth req
 1ff0a895a Refactor: Move from void to CookieIface for cookie pointers
 851b0e309 MB-46729: Use atomic.h and syncobject.h from platform
 0f3c8fd24 MB-46729: Remove GTEST binding to fake_executorpool
 e6a6af30d MB-46729: GlobalTask::snooze should not be virtual
 1dfe0ebc4 Refactor: remove the use of gsl::not_null for AddStatFn
 52b1bb12a Refactor: use folly::Synchronized for phosphor trace dumps
 462141630 MB-46365: Record a DCP history and dump on exception
 3cf4ff2ab Clang-tidy: topkeys.(h/cc) &
 0f4d0d34b MB-46216: Check log format strings at compile-time (memcached)
 1321706c5 Merge "Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'"
 f038ea04e MB-46216: Check log format strings at compile-time (ep-engine)
 eb6054826 MB-38077: Enable unity in many large kv_engine targets
 c53320bfa MB-38077: Remove conflicting definition named 'blueprint'
 d4eba8334 MB-38077: Fix redundant declaration when using unity build
 f0af767e1 Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 a7f8ffe53 MB-36227: Make VB Ready Queue lock free
 6180ac7d8 MB-46604: Use folly executor for phosphor tracing [6/6]
 978df0c36 Fix name for "ep max workload stats" test
 d231c9e9d MB-36227: Swap VBReadyQueue queue to a folly MPMC queue
 9c833fd16 Replace cb::tracing::Traceable when used for cookies with CookieIface
 7d114463e MB-46750 Replace Magma::WriteOperation::NewDocUpdate by NewDocUpsert
 b1665455a Refactor: Introduce CookieIface
 17bb110e2 MB-36227: Add basic VBReadyQueue tests
 6fbd0b94b MB-38476: Update spdlog to v1.8.5 (KV)
 536b6d2da Add Magma NSets, NGets stat to engine stats
 3e47f1839 MB-37956: Fix stats_task.h, it should #include 
 d3904e5bc MB-46604: Use folly executor for stats tasks [5/6]
 77693a5e0 MB-37956: makeCollectionID/makeScopeID should use gsl::narrow<>
 c6717ea93 MB-46604: Use folly executor for pushing CCCP maps [4/6]
 a74d1aaea MB-38077: 4/4 Reduce size of
 d181fd290 MB-38077: 3/4 Reduce size of
 2fef68230 MB-43299: Remove IndexEntry::mutationId
 cde2e3c67 MB-43299: Use folly::F14NodeMap for checkpoint index
 4e9f2d723 MB-46604: Refactor: Use folly executor for SASL [3/6]
 3717e8c5d MB-46604: Start migration to folly executor pool in the core [2/6]
 b320d9b58 MB-46604: Introduce BucketManager [1/6]
 55c8095bb MB-38077: 2/4 Reduce size of
 df9f60e04 MB-38077: 1/4 Reduce size of
 6b7078c39 MB-38077: Remove duplicated structure
 101928e2f MB-46216: Introduce EP_LOG__RAW macros
 37c79cbaf Merge "Merge commit 'cheshire-cat' into 'master'"
 9197c4dc3 Required changes for ArenaMalloc fragmentation API change
 f85cfc55d MB-38077: Use ep_objs in ep_testsuite_objs
 13ac35519 MB-38077: Remove superfluous "using namespace"
 b3d66978b MB-38077: Don't recompile
 2ddd9e4a3 Merge commit 'cheshire-cat' into 'master'
 1d9c7ce62 MB-42272: Track dropped collection stats for magma
 8afdfe106 MB-36227: Make VBReadyQueue benchmark follow access pattern
 ef4522010 MB-46017: Add timeout for MemcachedConnection
 c26128a51 MB-42744: Fix destroy-cookie in persistence_seqno_backfillItems test
 745590569 MB-45302: Enforce stricter eject check in test_get_delete_missing_file
 0626c01f5 MB-43299: Simplify logic in Checkpoint::expelItems()
 3732da1e0 Refactor: use getBucket() instead of getBucketIndex()
 dd0faaab0 MB-38476: Fix static init fiasco with globalBucketLogger
 59cdc43a2  MB-37956: Add missing #include  to support gsl-lite v0.38.1
 5c87d0547 MB-37956: Add missing ; to Expects() macro
 fed374942 MB-38077: Fix redundant declaration warnings when using Unity build
 97d566955 MB-37956: Remove deprecated #include 
 6ce4d07a5 Remove the deprecated LockHolder
 d86738fce MB-33758: Don't expect snapshot marker count during takeover
 c80e3bc32 Add missing commas to
 ae62bd1c8 Clang-tidy: ep_test_apis.(h/cc)
 2fc296f55 Remove unused #ifdef AUTOCONF_BUILD
 fd8c64551 MB-36610: Remove the old thread notification channel
 4edc46cfb MB-46216: Fixes for fmtlib v7.1.3
 5a3d89123 MB-46017: Flip to folly in MemcachedConnection
 4d70d0361 MB-36610: Remove unused functionality ServerEvent
 28cd69882 Add cheshire-cat branch to
 f99813dcd MB-36610: Use runInEventBaseThread from the external auth mgr
 49bad72ae Win32: Fix illegal conversion in
 ea2b5c885 MB-36610: Use runInEventBaseAndWait for iterate_all_connections
 465c81b93 Add the dump of the entry if port number is -1
 9c5b276b0 MB-46216: Add support for using external fmtlib via spdlog
 4aff6178f MB-46216: Update uses of fmtlib to be compatible with v7.0.x
 141bf2e6b MB-36610: Use runInEventBaseThread for release()
 c0d64aead MB-36610: Use runInEventBaseThread for notifyIoComplete
 0e67b751c MB-45026: Don't expel items pointed by cursors
 e34415160 MB-43299: Remove Checkpoint::metaKeyIndex
 2875a2427 MB-36610: Refactor: Use runInEventBaseThread for scheduleDcpStep
 285fd0b42 MB-36610: Use runInEventBaseThread for connection dispatching
 871604c0e MB-46203: Simplify 'wait_for_persistence' time-out
 f2399edd1 MB-43299: Store STL iterator in IndexEntry::position
 5d7ca7da0 MB-43299: Remove Checkpoint::getMutationId()
 1e1229eb1 MB-43299: Make checkpoint IndexEntry class
 0c6bc51de MB-36610: Use Folly::EventBase for the dispatch thread
 45d3fe610 MB-45829: Don't reset takeover ops block until complete
 73f03b884 [testapp] Don't reassign the auto& conn
 2ad61cf27 Add parentheses in MAX_LEB128 macro
 d4763b9e0 memcached.json.adoc: Update thread count documentation
 3dcc97638 MB-46360: Only reference Breakpad if present
 bd4f9f914 MB-46360: Add AArch64 support for TaggedPtr
ns_server is at 5111d58, changes since last good build: 
 5111d5875 MB-52081: Update kv_stats_mappings.txt for ep_kv_size
 cc89c8c97 MB-54278. Add debug/pprof/goroutine?debug=2 to cbcollect
 ae2c39b87 MB-54171: Return operation_id in rebalance REST API
 6f0e5ebd3 MB-54150: split num_reader_writer_threads
 5c984261c MB-54016 Add new TCP related tunables
 b62d38bf0 streamline rebalance error handling using try/catch
 73171c648 MB-51983 Don't exceed memcached "system" connection limit
 2be95a0cb Pass Async true/false to failover REST API'es.
 c9eef21ee MB-54048: Do not check that new bucket quota is less than ram usage
 c13e7405b Update current version to Elixir and upgrade defaults
 45c549324 MB-54151 Clean up configuration_profile to fix offline upgrades
 416e63229 Comments on memcached config
 dbf9f5e99 MB-53597: f-stringify cbstats cbcollect function
 5e46bac5c MB-53897 when validating the new cluster wide node ram quota use
 d5a71db3f MB-53597: Collect tasks stats for all memcached taskables
 1b866c4af MB-53597: Rename make_cbstats_task in cbcollect_info
 6e8900c75 MB-53609: Ability to alter client and server TLS opts via diag/eval
 77956b29c MB-53445, MB-51223: Error when stream end seen for stream being set up
 ad038a78f MB-53445: Clarify that dcp_consumer_conn:stream_state stores opaques
 0100f696d MB-53880: Don't leak COOKIE in logs
 0ce001f44 MB-53669: Delete temporary prev-vbmap file after its use.
 a0d047b69 MB-53913: Add config thresholds units_high and units_low.
 a58eb8dd7 MB-53932 Allowing loading sample bucket into existing bucket
 3e21d666e Revert "MB-53681 Prevent manipulation within _system scope"
 740117654 MB-53899: Modify storage limits from [1, 100000] to [-1, 100000].
 2bf20af6c MB-53982 += BucketThrottleManagement to @projector
 0a084f11a MB-53971 Add _regulator collection to _system scope
 7e9077432 MB-52747 Add "unmetered" and "unthrottled" privileges
 33eb2ad29 MB-53681 Prevent manipulation within _system scope
 e64b2f3b1 improve the rebalance related tracing so we could see info for
 e3e61fd05 MB-53631: Indexer settings for file-based-rebalance.
 4dabfa773  Extend validator:validate_multiple/3 to accept Fun/2.
 d1b77cc29 Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/neo'
 ca6adb5f0 MB-53805: Ensure that has_params works
 6333995f2 Revert "Convert any default config profile entries"
 b3125af86 MB-53848 do the final config upgrade not when the config version
 7822cb253 MB-53736: Filter sample buckets correction
 9705a7e07 MB-53848 RBAC not to crash on unfinished upgrade
 5868afdd1 MB-53848 do not delete rbac_upgrade key until cluster compat version is
 a06715ed0 MB-53848 improved logging for cluster upgrade
 f63b605d8 Merge branch 'neo'
 3a5c093ca Convert any default config profile entries
 280b29c60 MB-53736: Filter invalid sample buckets serverless
 b6dfded6a MB-52466: Remove warning about crossing auto-failover threshold.
 f50db8bdc Transition couchdb config profile key to inverse
 4662f7fd9 Correct default value for config_profile
 8ff2fc409 MB-53811: Make sure rest_lhttpc_pool crash doesn't lead to...
 7600bbcc9 MB-53772: Fix searchStorageLimit default value
 aeba861c8 Fix erlang version in readme
 6675724ec Fix link in readme
 9ea619629 Add inverse key temporarily to fix mismatch
 a39701c5c do not pass serviceApiVersion to the functions that do not have
 99a6ed830 MB-53500 REST API to obtain projected utilization stats for service
 9661c600b introduce api to pick one node that hosts the particular service
 09344abe7 re-factor code in service_api to better split between rebalance calls
 3036d8906 Revert "Unpack config_profile into application_env"
 5043877d1 MB-52995: Remove babysitter's nodefile because ...
 ed7a4551f MB-52995: Don't use cookie in daemon stop
 0cce9d9c5 MB-52995: Don't create a pidfile when running in foregroud
 ca50dd257 MB-52995: Don't use erl cookie in secret manager
 56b62bee2 MB-52995: Don't keep erl cookie on disk
 1e1a4888d Unpack config_profile into application_env
 02cbd85ad MB-53677 Update throttle limits from [0, 1000000] to [-1, 2147483647].
 bc1376871 MB-53386: Add range_scan memcached permission to data_reader role
 6bbad77ab MB-52180 Provide an API for getting client certificates
 7fd210cac MB-52181 Generate alerts when a client certification is (about to get) expired
 3a83a738e MB-53103: Do periodic garbage collection
 2b6929751 MB-52565: Remove view engine in elixir
 c7070eecd MB-51825 Don't pass number of vbuckets at startup (indexing)
 0d6a35a2a MB-52223 Disable enforceLimits
 3c3d99eb2 Update menelaus_roles tests to use latest version roles
 4e7a9394b MB-52290: Ensure we collect thread stats from memcached in cbcollect
 b00d77f4a MB-53386: Update memcached_permissions tests to use latest version roles
 85de271a2 MB-53463 Add test to ensure admin event/metakv access
 7e327c6e8 MB-53534 Add new role to manage indexes on serverless
 4ca838745 MB-53508 Clean up orphaned config-only buckets
 a485547c5 MB-53522: Scrape high cardinality query metrics for '/metrics' endpoint
 1588d3b18 MB-53508 Add support for obtaining bucket_details
 727019a8b MB-53460 Safely delete config-only bucket
 571a5386f MB-52350: Fix defaults for storage limits
 5e575b1b1 MB-53463 Add regulator_access role for elixir
 7d34d9bee MB-53462 Add permissions for internal endpoints
 cb7e7ef06 MB-48953: Change the default for scram iterations to 15000
 46c97abe0 MB-48953: Add API to change scram sha iterations
 90035b0e7 MB-52195 Tag "system" collections to not be metered
 dd4f8b6de MB-52142: Fix default for bucket throttle setting
 f5a520077 MB-50537: Don't allow strict n2n encryption if external unencrypted dist
 823c23c4d MB-53478: Fix saving anonymous functions to disk
 badb66c8f MB-52142: Add throttle limits to bucket config
 f09932bb4 MB-52044 Fix eaccess crash
 f2b6fed41 MB-52142: Add throttle limits to internal settings
 2efa104ee MB-52350 Allow setting per-bucket storage limits
 7e4c5811d Prevent memcached bucket creation on serverless
 28db38600 MB-52350 Fix default values for storage limits
 8fff21898 MB-51516: Don't clamp in_docs estimate to current checkpoint items
 c2a03f4bf MB-52226: Introduce pause/resume APIs that are stubbed out
 9cffcd45e MB-23768: Don't allow user backup in mixed clusters
 f3e9ba2f0 MB-23768: Fix validator:json_array()
 9e90c3142 MB-23768: Add menelaus_users:store_users and use it for restore
 1f3a00032 MB-23768: Add replicated_dets:change_multiple/2
 0c909be9c MB-23768: [rbac] Make sure we compress docs only once when ...
 a804ff225 MB-23768: Add PUT /settings/rbac/backup
 85a2b99a7 MB-23768: Move security_roles_access and ldap_access checks...
 807549ea8 MB-23768: Fix validator:apply_multi_params
 c85963d04 MB-23768: Add GET /settings/rbac/backup
 253346b7b MB-23768: Call menelaus_roles:validate_roles when validating...
 7b4f6c40e MB-23768: Remove unnecessary has_permission(Permission, Req) check
 8301f1565 MB-23768: Remove permission param in verify_ldap_access
 b08f974b7 MB-53326 Push CCCP payload on all kv nodes
 19898a852 MB-52350 Fix unused variable
 666af3431 MB-52350 Add storage limits to bucket config
 8ae0cbb85 MB-52350 Add storage limits to internal settings
 6b01ad610 MB-53423 Adjust bucket maximums for _system scope
 44aa2ee1f MB-53288: New query node-quota parameter
 207277058 MB-53352 Report the running config profile
 65faa5fe7 MB-51738 Use this_node() in ns_memcached
 3ab091f2e MB-51738 Define this_node() to handle distribution crash
 f9693814a MB-53192: Add upgrade for memory alerts
 763b16746 MB-53193: Reenable autofailover popup alerts
 97fce2439 MB-47905: Pass client cert path to services
 e9572c7c9 Update regulator frequently_changed_key prefix to /regulator/report
 55725498f MB-53323: consider keep nodes when placing buckets in rebalance
 492ae395e Add isServerless to /pools result
 f2c62fe91 MB-53210 Update go version for generate_hash
 79d7cb53d Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 b2155d420 MB-53210 No longer specify minor go version in builds
 8498fc170 MB-53099: Add regulator component to system event log
 60d5529ee Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'"
 2e9bd96f2 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 a0fbfa89a disallow setting width or weight on the buckets that were not initially
 fd38669ea MB-53169 allow to update width and weight separately without
 817fe3720 MB-53077: Memory alerts should respect cgroups memory limit
 ae891cb3f MB-53077: Make memory alert threshold configurable
 bf03af360 MB-53160 correctly filter nodes before passing them to defragment_zone
 c00feb05b MB-53153 Use go version 1.18.4 for ns_server dependencies
 91bf77472 MB-53077: [BP] Add REST API to change alert limits.
 7073b034e MB-53077: Merge cheshire-cat
 4e7c7e822 MB-53077: Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into neo
 919a4fe99 MB-52894 allow to configure bucket placer limits
 75b68629d reduce amount of copy/paste in ns_audit module
 93602168d MB-53122: Enable autofailover popup alerts
 9dbbfd711 MB-53120: Report mem_cgroups_limit and mem_cgroups_used
 57f4e812f MB-52478 add "defragmented" sections for every node
 d33538cdc MB-52266 allow Control Plane to request a defragmentation of AZ's
 9d4440fd0 simplify parsing rebalance parameters using try/catch
 3dee28f18 re-factoring in ns_orchestrator that allows to pass extra parameters
 11ee80605 helper for parsing list parameters
 4d37ed392 formatting
 4650d9059 helper for calling ns_orchestrator process
 6897c737c use menelaus_util:assert_config_profile_flag in throttle_service_settings
 da85f83c9 remove unused export
 bf5c267ae disallow enabling auto rebalance retry in serverless
 fb453e0fe MB-52546 Removing improper messages
 0c4732f0e MB-52265 disable memory quota validation for placed buckets
 1dfe82c6a restructure parse_bucket_params_without_warnings so it becomes
 a146197c5 small re-factoring to allow JSONSummaries to be undefined
 46b3dc4ba MB-52735 Make vbmap history size the same as max buckets supported
 a48382995 MB-52735 Configurable max buckets supported
 55b9c7d6c MB-51645: update Total Couchbase RAM allocation message
 1f061ee2a MB-51507: Add max-width:30% to xdcr remote cluster
 75146d61c MB-52945: Set the default number of vbuckets to 64
 be927c2a7 MB-51949 - Make workbench sidebar scrollable
 b62ba3ffc MB-52479 Add indexer memory thresholds
 ad76d03da remove the unused bucket API parameter
 0d982a7af Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 0941ee8fb MB-52872: Add CHACHA20 ciphers to Analytics supported ciphers
 cbdbab367 MB-52197: Introducing new cbauth GetUserBuckets API
 5b038cab6 remove dead code from the UI
 df7a5b8ea MB-52838 correctly determine if bucket placer is unbalanced
 9a16798dc MB-52478 add "limits" and "utilization" sections for every node
 d6ce130ba MB-52265 bucket placer to enforce memory quota
 7ead84661 MB-52866 Default indexer num_replica to 1 for serverless
 200f5963c MB-47427: Phonehome should include the collection count
 c72f4db0d Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 778aaa382 MB-52833: Use go version 1.18.2 for ns_server dependencies
 b5d71108c MB-52152 Don't send audit if auditing is disabled.
 e8c9de849 MB-52265 bucket placer to enforce tenant limit
 ce913a326 MB-52265 more unittests for bucket placer rebalance
 0409fde32 MB-52265 more precise bucket verification in unittests
 20e4f4f78 Fix typo in max collections
 b1b84a525 MB-52159 Advertise rangeScan feature in bucket capabilities
 2740dae8c Add compile_commands.json to gitignore
 9c7aff789 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 3bcc94b8e Revert "MB-52758 Remove cbauth CBC ciphers"
 df78c23c9 MB-52267 Add server group info to topology aware messages
 ffc2bd842 MB-52422: Store old style auth records in mixed clusters
 91007f569 MB-18587: Make it possible to disable SCRAM mech
 335a23386 MB-52422: Make password hash params configurable
 4615c545c Rename hash keys in isasl based on the mcd team request
 3a7364c34 MB-52422: Convert pre-elixir scram-sha auth to new format for mcd
 894b19ff0 MB-52422: Upgrade for scram-sha auth records
 6f676f127 Refactor users migrations code and some new tests
 61bc9ad4a Change format of based on the mcd team request
 49eda8da9 MB-52422: Fix scram_sha auth
 98a1ef6e9 MB-52153: Convert old "plain" auth to new format for mcd
 15e7848fc MB-52153: Add /security/passwordHashAlg setting
 c5ff32171 MB-52153: Add support for pbkdf2-hmac-sha512...
 a78aec25d MB-52153: Add support for argon2id for password hashing
 cd4439c58 MB-52153: Change format of password hash in internal db
 538bd5f58 MB-52153: [cluster_run] Add install/lib to LD_LIBRARY_PATH
 562b632e1 MB-52153: Add enacl to the black duck yaml file
 e35c584a4 MB-52153: Add enacl lib
 a3e5e06ee MB-51975 Full bucket access role only reads _system scope
 063541702 MB-52586 Remove redundant is_cluster_elixir calls
 b1841ec56 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 a5de01983 MB-52758 Remove cbauth CBC ciphers
 581539f87 MB-52053: Set serverless 'num_(reader|writer)_threads' default to 64
 83ed420f3 MB-51986: Set serverless 'max_vbuckets' default to 48
 908fed363 MB-52265 expose width and weight of bucket in bucket related rest API's
 fa2897c52 MB-52265 allow weight=0
 1adc0e8a1 MB-52265 one unittest for bucket placer rebalance
 420e0e75a MB-52265 integration of the bucket placer rebalance into ns_server
 d96167171 MB-52265 rebalance function of the bucket placer
 943489e04 function to update a property of multiple buckets in one transaction
 46453fda5 some re-factoring to allow to easily add more checks to
 58c7f7db7 replace find_group_by_prop with the generic fun misc:find_proplist
 067c92a24 MB-52265 disallow failing over the last server for the bucket
 5761a9fe4 MB-52265 remove failed over nodes from desired servers
 22cd12e9b MB-52265 unittest for bucket placer
 89129e12b MB-52265 correctly report if elixir buckets are unbalanced
 cbd89e43c MB-52265 use desired_servers to assign servers to buckets during janitoring
 7fb6902fd MB-52265 use bucket_placer to assign desired servers to buckets
 c2f3e5c1e MB-52265 introduce bucket placer related bucket parameters
 0624c5926 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 c2898cbe4 MB-52653 [BP] Handle sigar returning -1 allocstall
 06438e93f Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 ae83a81f2 Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'"
 3c2dc70bb MB-47427: Allow calling 'count()' in range stats API
 f62bf2f0a MB-52653 Handle sigar returning -1 allocstall
 de40ec606 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 a97a5c104 MB-51544 [BP] Query task results should be redactable
 d8d79d4b9 Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'"
 a90209d7b Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 954eaa16d MB-52640, MB-52639: Fix broken Delta Recovery
 68fe6bc0b MB-52508: Remove extra '.' from stats_snapshot directory
 e35086809 MB-51918 No scope/collection limit for serverless
 c9545cf4f MB-52258: fix cluster_run --serverless functionality
 48836337a MB-52258, MB-52406: Introduce file-based switch for profile(s)
 a893bbf3d MB-52201 : POST type view query should require only views.reader permission
 51224fd69 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo' into master
 afaf0d7c4 MB-51770: return warning about self-signed certs
 6349068b0 MB-52275: upgrade ramda to 0.28
 a5ff2041f MB-51364: Phonehome: capture bucket storage backend type
 4efb069f6 MB-47422: Phonehome: capture stat for SyncWrites
 26d2f30d2 MB-52278: update js-beautify to 1.14.3
 c40dea267 Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'"
 2b0a3df27 MB-52451 - "serverless" mode as an option for search service
 07368f3df Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 8b756314d MB-50712: Simplify make_vbmap_with_node_ids function
 843cf7399 MB-52258: refactor some config_profile calls
 717003b8f MB-51836 Don't pass number of vbuckets at startup (eventing)
 c12645933 MB-52464 UID for initial bucket manifest shouldn't be zero
 fa832b797 MB-51949 - Make workbench sidebar scrollable
 3a8dcdd56 MB-52447 Add define for "_system" scope
 a2b7ce5db MB-52447 Allow deleting "_" collections
 e33946e48 Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'"
 19ad1560e Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 27149ecde MB-52431 Restore authType to pools/default/buckets/bucket-name response
 22cd5ba25 MB-52431 Return authType/saslPassword
 b11e47db3 MB-52142: align throttle setting nomenclature
 409c004e5 MB-46161: Remove hideUI option for fts
 1bb15bdda MB-52420 Filter out _system scope when setting manifest
 6e6743939 MB-52142: Adding comment
 2c13c3116 Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'"
 7688854f9 MB-52142: Provide throttling config settings for other services
 8c0b1e08b Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 740a87a78 exclude frequently changed ns_config keys from logging
 7c964210e add bucket name to the log messages issued from ns_memcached worker
 257ccb631 report timeouts (and other errors) while checking the warmth of the...
 7e36802d0 MB-52119: Introduce config_profile module + replace calls
 8f02c1c93 MB-52186: Pass configuration profile to indexer
 775fb9181 MB-52186: Pass configuration profile to projector
 e6e0b2461 MB-52384: pass --serverless=[true|false] parameter to cbq-engine
 bce197c02 MB-51831: Support passing max_num_shards to magma bucket create
 b4a0bcb27 MB-52348 Allow mobile_sync_gateway read/write to _mobile
 7a403813e MB-52195 Tag "system" collections in bucket manifest
 7ff347d97 MB-52099: Pass -clientCertFile and -clientKeyFile to cbas
 5d89436f1 MB-51918 Enforce scope/collection limit
 8b56a8cae MB-51974 _system scopes / collections restrictions
 57a35bfc5 MB-51974 Provision _system scope and collections
 7e93db8aa MB-50712: Correct softNodesNeeded failover warning trigger.
 ec47ecf80 MB-50712: Correct max possible replica count for bucket
 b3810dacc MB-50712: Use the greedy vbmap algorithm by default
 c9dc1cfcc MB-51824 Don't pass number of vbuckets at startup (FTS)
 ef94f4f03 Fix handling of port when initializing cluster
 dc6ced823 MB-47905: Pass client pkey pass to services in UpdateDB
 9609df6a3 MB-47905: Teach cb_dist to work with encrypted client pkey
 73220f1dd MB-47905: Support for encrypted client private key
 e60039156 MB-47905: MB-52125: Use client cert in pluggableUI proxy calls...
 ed4e34d1f MB-51654: Don't use client cert if it is signed by pre-7.2 CA
 e6f3042a4 Prevent leakage of atoms
 e684c2ff4 MB-51814 Specify num vbuckets at bucket creation time
 9fa2ac811 Add --serverless argument to cluster_run
 4c5294552 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 807bd6b07 MB-52259: Merge branch 'cheshire-cat' into neo
 09847982a MB-52119: Add tests for config profiles
 230a4a97b MB-52119: Support for alternate config defaults using profiles
 fc5c96890 MB-52115 Add BucketThrottleManagement permission to full admin role
 fc41636bf Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 7afe9c0c7 MB-52162: Make sure pkey pass is sanitized in UpdateDB calls
 1f65b3fa2 Add mc_client_binary stats
 189b95f49 Rename Morpheus to Elixir
 6958c3839 MB-51962: Perform auth in dcp connections even when...
 cf4185436 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 2b7bccebe Close socket with same module that opened it.
 06364a3c3 MB-51665 Don't raise false diskspace worker stuck
 599290496 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 00d00b0f1 MB-52043: Remove (memcached/local-ssl)-cert.pem
 bb1130ea4 MB-52043: Collect certificates in cbcollect
 7a9e63910 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 e0917f25f MB-47591: Add cpu_host_cores_available metric
 4437407dc Merge branch 'neo'
 b0a57de0e MB-47591: Fix ns_config_default:all_upgrades_test_ unit test
 ed0285b9a Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 017702ceb MB-47591: Add some sys metrics that honor cgroups limits
 f829d476f MB-47591: Don't read cpu and memory cgroups limit from files
 2bc7c1c60 MB-47591: Introduce sigar:get_gauges/1
 e405f2d03 MB-47591: Move start of sigar to a separate process ...
 50984d622 MB-47591: Use cgroups data from sigar for stats
 4878689d7 MB-47591: [sigar] Take care of paddings when...
 739ae478c MB-47591: [BP] Set the number of schedulers for ...
 af54ca24a MB-47591: [BP] [babysitter] Set COUCHBASE_CPU_COUNT when starting
 b203ea184 MB-47591: [BP] Move basic sigar functions to sigar.erl ...
 d2c2e720f MB-48971: Add diag/eval script that removes all stats...
 48101073e MB-51942: Upgrade all golang versions - generate_hash
 ee573c2e7 MB-28680: Support Elliptic Curve Keys
 84994c791 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 3df46a9e7 MB-51942: Upgrade all golang versions for ns_server and remove gozip
 def494356 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 2b2dc4c9a MB-51354: Provide PATCH password change API for local user
 542cb165c look for random keys only on bucket servers, not on all kv nodes
 39300bac1 MB-50654: make it possible to set max tls version for ldap
 e5bdf154f MB-51814 Rename get_num_vbuckets in prep for per-bucket count
 28ac90d95 MB-51838 Allow more time for magma bucket deletion
 58cd91f00 MB-51618 Reload prometheus config in separate process
 6d983b62d MB-47591: Set the number of schedulers for ...
 1aedcc64e MB-47591: [babysitter] Set COUCHBASE_CPU_COUNT when starting
 610127f09 Move basic sigar functions to sigar.erl ...
 9272d81f3 MB-51654: Make it possible to regenerate internal CA w/o...
 3893024f1 Clarify unexpected_message TLS error
 4b4c49dd0 MB-44611: cbcollect unit tests
 71711ed34 MB-47905: Regenerate client certs automatically
 2ecfa3517 MB-47905: Don't restart web servers when client certs change
 761a559f6 [UI] Make "Warning" plural (certs page)
 7042a94cc MB-44611: Minimize cbcollect disk usage and refactor core
 26d0b127a MB-51814 Return number of vbuckets
 c542e2a17 MB-51830: Change internalSettings magmaMinMemoryQuota
 405a76e6c MB-51771 MB-51776: Add clientCertAuth to /addNode and /doJoinCluster
 cffe6c069 MB-51808 Return correct mem info for uninitialized node
 01986553c MB-51619 Configurable timeouts for prometheus requests
 3a0824879 MB-47905: Adjust client certs related error messages
 e7fa3b49a Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 0b45ffd39 MB-51752 [BP] Remove unnecessary line
 4b7a191bf Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 ff25c0738 Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/neo'
 c640354ef Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/cheshire-cat'
 11b19d6ea MB-51092 Add PITR granularity validation
 eef65e28a MB-47905: Don't show unused warning for CA that issued...
 13215f55e [cb_dist] Add unit tests for set_dist_tls_opts
 9908eb68e MB-47905: Make sure the CA for all client certs is trusted...
 32bcdfb8a introduce validator:validate_multiple/3
 19f1d6dc6 Refactor do_handle_client_cert_auth_settings_post...
 06dd89a09 MB-51654: Clean up KU and EKU for self-signed CA's
 357308986 MB-47905: Don't perform auth when client cert auth is used
 067f1018b MB-47905: Enable client cert auth with full n2n encryption
 48a21de27 MB-47905: Use client cert for all tls connections...
 763e504b9 Work around for a bug where ssl:connect retuns ok in case when...
 679cf103d Handle result of ssl:sockname/1 in check_otp_tls_connectivity
 fe99ae2a2 MB-47905: Add generate_client_cert script
 ff64a7ed7 MB-47905: Recognize internal user extracted from client certificate
 fda717545 MB-47905: Add POST /node/controller/reloadClientCertificate
 fdd4d77f3 MB-47905: Don't allow removing the CA if there is at least...
 e7a00627d MB-47905: Provision node-to-be-added with autogenerated client cert
 a8fe508ad MB-47905: [cb_dist]: Add client cert verification
 9c263781a MB-47905: Generate client certs automatically
 348b923d7 MB-47905: [generate_cert] Add --client and --san-emails args
 594a7b7f2 [cb_dist] Add versions to cb_dist config
 53c724711 [cb_dist] Refactoring: Move update of ssl_dist_opts ...
 1b3d3dbad MB-50633: Add security_cfg_changed event log only when cfg changes
 726875f9d MB-40475 Remove usage of "struct" from json responses
 74bce7a83 PITR mode cluster compat changes
 bc53b67ec Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/neo'
 0787ff802 MB-51655 check docs!read instead of meta!read for /_goxdcr/_pre_replicate
 39823da5d MB-51620 Validate prometheus snapshot directory
 74fec5182 MB-51620 Return valid error on snapshot creation timeout
 aab0fab98 Make sure goxdcr_rest:get_certificates() doesn't return []
 6b6fd013a MB-50306: Make cert expiration alert time configurable
 eeb4cbf49 MB-51102: Disallow setting of redundant security settings in CE
 fd05d8f37 trim bucket snapshots to copy only the keys that are needed
 e923e80b4 remove props from rbac related unittests, because rbac code doesn't
 1a67ce58a correct the variable name
 c08e6c842 remove unused function
 42fe27d0a MB-51287: get proper information for eventing process in cbcollect
 69a58aceb MB-51544 Query task results should be redactable
 17f83c80b MB-51602: Filter out tls options that are not supported by tls1.3
 35a4d48b6 MB-50642: Add preserveExpiry as a bucket capability
 9f81132c1 MB-51467 Add min-height to .wb-results-wrapper
 4eda67832 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 ed00949aa MB-51573 Add storageBackend to terse bucket info
 0de5ecf7b MB-48480: Add REST API to change alert limits.
 4c279c7ec Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/neo' into master
 7b08404c7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/cheshire-cat' into neo
 60f86a972 Provide better error description for the "unknown ca" error
 979a9ef30 MB-50306: Set expiration_warning_days to 30 by default
 acb26a5c1 MB-50306: Add cert expiration alerts for xdcr certs
 b300319f8 Refactor some functions in ns_server_cert
 102850149 MB-50306: Add cert expiration alerts for...
 080c93d0e MB-50306: [UI only] Add cert expiration alerts for...
 bb87ad6fd MB-50249: Limit the lifetime of auto-generated certs by 824d
 c3b0cbc16 MB-49103 Allow 15 minute metadata purge interval
 1ce340a3c MB-51403 Handle etmpfail in CRUD endpoints
 1b5cd2edc Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 7639a1257 MB-51082: REST API for Secrets Management state.
 20a233014 MB-51458 check if consumer truncates names when constructing
 ab322999c MB-51458 do not check project_intact key when computing quirks
 aa89b2afb MB-51458 do not copy the whole ns_config when computing quirks
 0fb42c72a MB-51458 do not truncate long dcp connection names if the version
 b6d913e8c MB-49696 Use prometheus basic authentication
 e03a2c9b7 MB-51467: Revert ".main-content min-height"
 050a5ab2d MB-51470: Show left sidebar when leaving query, analytics.
 3fd8c3d4f Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 c02eb04db Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'" into neo
 25439ca41 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 206536677 MB-51374 do not call IsSafe api on the nodes that might be dead
 8ed68a263 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 7cf2a3c7b Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 9de67198a Merge branch 'neo'
 ecf8ca4b3 MB-51323: Merge branch 'cheshire-cat' into neo
 7c8d23ed6 MB-49696 Utility to generate bcrypt hash
 08f6fccc5 Merge branch 'neo'
 ddc6ded28 MB-51393: Explicitly call application:stop(ns_babysitter)...
 6128e713f MB-51394: Incorrect match statement for old message flushing
 4f672e9b3 MB-51357 Change mn_select track by label to use $index
 91e43c8d6 BSL License updates - Couchbase Server Version 7.1
 5a9d65a05 Remove developer preview mode restriction for PITR params
 aa779aa33 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 3c01eb453 Fix menelaus_web_buckets EUNIT test
 7f16ce1de MB-51204 fetch only necessary keys when dealing with buckets_with_data
 55df89c20 MB-51086: Disable PITR enabling for bucket in CE
 058f340fe MB-51292 Set minimum memory for magma to 1GB MB-51346 Internal setting to change minimum magma memory
 3372af9f9 MB-49059: Remove setting 'Auto failover can abort rebalance'
 4acbc1b1c MB-51125: Use snapshot for bucket config for consistency
 4ecc8cf9e Add MORPHEUS macros and cluster compat functions
 577fa43a7 MB-51147: use cluster.collection permission instead of cluster.bucket
 9fc16116f MB-51291: Add/Edit bucket redesign.
 75d1675a6 MB-51147: showAddView should depend on hasWritePermission
 e09859d59 MB-51309: add inline array annotation for missed directives
 76dfe95a5 MB-51302 Remove 'break-word' class from dialogs
 17a34f41b MB-47090: upgrade 7.0 stats names to 7.1
 f271e7fe5 BSL License updates - Couchbase Server Version 7.1
 a3e53c53d MB-51112 Disallow EE-only settings on CE
 c237f7c85 MB-51285 Rename Neo to 7.1
 43e864077 MB-51208: get_hostnames should not assume the whole cluster is EE
 db1b9981c Revert "MB-51112 Disallow redistributeIndexes in Community Edition"
 52babadf5 Revert "MB-51112 Disallow enablePageBloomFilter in Community Edition"
 f8f0f1125 MB-51197: add curl '-k' (allow-insecure) option by default to get
 c3340855d MB-51237 Use inline array annotation for service dependency injection
 bd63c8862 MB-51195: Add ipv6 support to smtp client
 9d84daa57 MB-51197: Add tls status of node to dump-guts/cbcollect
 4614f3a6c MB-51030: Ensure CURL_CA_BUNDLE is set in environment when running Server
 459ef033e MB-51251: defaultMaxPartitionsPerPIndex should be 1024
 9cad161e6 MB-51174 Remove 'alert-warning span' css styling
 fe830f0b0 MB-51207: CollectInfo: Don't send logRedactionLevel in CE
 b7187ec2f MB-51069 Update wording of xdcr enterprise usage message
 bb54acd88 MB-51210: apply irate label to kv_ep_ops_create/update
 d9447d271 MB-50422 do not rely on issued warnings to figure out if any down kv
 40047be88 MB-51149: Don't give user identity in get_keys request to memcached
 0e1ac19f5 Add a test condition to force a rebalance failure
 23eca9620 MB-51052: Set special user to be same as memcachedUser for cbauth
 d2ac84848 Fix passing of loglevel to ns_server
 ab0f9ee19 MB-51120 format CREATE ANALYTICS VIEW queries
 f93dbe73a MB-51112 Disallow enablePageBloomFilter in Community Edition
 3326f2f58 MB-51112 Disallow redistributeIndexes in Community Edition
 196cb2666 MB-51112 /settings/analytics requires Enterprise Edition
 5eb9aeeed MB-51058 add system xattr read/write permissions to
 289916d93 MB-44800: Versions REST API should be authenticated
 170655b92 MB-50910: Remove jQuery
 1b8919153 MB-51116: install minified css
 20703b203 MB-48738: add minification of css files
 5bcebde57 MB-51044 Add supported browsers to help dropdown
 1b9391258 MB-51054: Remove EE only settings from CE
 a16d19fb8 MB-51045 : Remove version string from welcome msg too
 b98ef6564 MB-51024: Fix default value of storage_quota_percentage
 c412894db MB-51060 Disallow ipv6 address family in /clusterInit
 5e17ef666 MB-51060 Disallow node-to-node encryption in /clusterInit
 bd3be71df MB-50964: Retry when writing certs to disk
 7edd46df9 MB-51045 : Remove couchbase version from welcome msg
 0f8a8c980 MB-51051: add explicit annotation for mnAdminRun and uiSelectRun funcs
 7e3354018 MB-50708 support meta read capability for "XDCR Inbound" role on
 eafe2e243 MB-50708 discontinue support of the following memcached permissions:
 11a3549a0 MB-40229 - allow deleting either single index replica or all replicas
 e9356c725 MB-50904: Redact bind_dn in ldap_settings event log
 cc01eb7fc MB-51024: Increase magma_mem_quota_ratio from 10% to 50%
 194006c98 MB-50919: change minimum supported browsers version
 82b50aa08 MB-50954 Add redaction tags on ldap DN settings
 ff8eaff9d MB-50801 Log topology-aware service needing rebalance
 67e5516e8 MB-50741: MB-50509 Auto-Compaction disable percentages/sizes
 35436301b MB-50741 Correct mis-named test variable
 770067ba2 MB-50741 Allow "undefined" autocompaction settings
 39f8bb6ef MB-50868: Filter out failed nodes from bucket server config list
 9cefe5fa1 MB-50955: Add word-break: break-word for all alerts.
 f4794b60c MB-48738: use minified zone.js
 a57ee5b64 MB-48738: add possibility to import html in esm
 9a066623b MB-50317: catch HttpResponseError from getRandomDocument stream
 7a6558896 MB-50896: Include user identity in get_keys request to memcached
 39184ac81 MB-43372 Sort keyspace values by value/name property
 754f801e6 MB-43220: Add Purge Interval for magma buckets
 4de867060 MB-50695: Disable checkbox while sample is installing
 14d2a60ac MB-50883: Add unit test for ..._stats:promql_filters_for_roles
 f94b06005 MB-50883: Fix user roles promQL filter generator
 75416727d remove not needed clause from vertex_param_match
 5c4bfac64 MB-50422 disallow auto failing over service nodes if down kv nodes cannot
 00b230814 simplify decide_on_failover, accounting for the fact that it doesn't
 44eb9d2ff MB-50422 correctly combine multiple failover actions into one
 d5e820ebd make auto_failover_logic tests agnostic to the order of nodes in
 c19b8845b make auto_failover_logic tests agnostic to the order of actions
 aef40e2bd allow to pass SvcConfig into test generator
 7df22cc51 MB-50787: Add stats_export read permission to ro_admin
 16edf3e2b Show node name as node certificate header
 dac9ce6d9 MB-50695: Use perNode storage for ramQuotaExceeded
 af4512f93 MB-50833: Allow more than 24h to display
 6d88eb7c1 Fix "node certificates" header
 bf902bca2 MB-50707: Don't disable GET /certificate when regenerating CA
 bee7fd336 MB-50145: apply mnSpinner to mn-keyspace-selector dropdown
 dae32d501 MB-50704 Magma buckets default to Full Eviction
 f5d02bbff MB-50317 Remove 'not active' text from views compaction
 0d9beb477 MB-50704: Change eviction default value based on storage backend
 e05110041 MB-50452 Send empty string if there are no disabledUsers
 dbea1a1ff MB-50695: Sum quotaNeeded for sample buckets with active servers
 c22f15ef7 MB-50145: revise XDCR spinner related logic
 7ee50fad0 MB-50711: Include user identity in framing info extras object
 f4d4ecdcf MB-50794 Don't tag items in audit logs
 527d04168 MB-50797 Spread severity values for Math.max
 52d2c700f MB-36602: Make sure default nodes are shown as green
 0041afc28 Fix warning in set_view_update_daemon.erl
 398f5e493 MB-50457 Add state to mnUserRolesAddDialogCtl in initialization
 40b8c3f95 MB-48007: Add allowedTimePeriod error to auto-compaction form
 65a75d572 MB-50299 Move memory quota dialog to mn_admin_config
 39abf090f MB-48802 Display node certificate warnings in servers page
 15d301eca MB-50439: Show Audit tooltip on click
 699f5e5bc MB-50509: Auto-Compaction form: allow disabling size fields
 0d8c276a8 MB-50152 Add 'xdcr_docs_failed_cr_target' to XDCR stats
 94c6eb844 MB-49876: AddNode fails due to exception on ns_couchdb node
 045da12f1 MB-50707: Keep GET /pools/default/certificate working until...
 cac0d51d6 MB-50680: Correct error message for cert API
 cbd0d84aa MB-50622: respond to race condition in auth during node rename
 bed8ef4db MB-50719: MB-48446: Change "404" case to type integer
 63f3da02f MB-50501 Add max height and permanent scroll class to activity menu
 69793e699 [/uploadClusterCA] Check for EE before checking for localhost
 c22f36061 MB-48007: add compare_from_and_to_time_validator to autocompaction form
 0d9cb3e7b MB-50406: User creation and deletion uses too much memory
 c52f4ae31 MB-50681: Can only enable and set limits when cluster is Neo
 6694465a6 Upgrade memcached on compat mode upgrade to Neo
 ff0f07a97 Memcached don't need sleeptime for logger
 a57bd76f1 MB-50497: MB-48446: filter out Rejection type 6 without error details
 b1511a4b7 MB-50497: MB-48446: return $q.reject() in case we can't handle error
 01e204045 MB-50317 Disable bucket dropdown when there are no buckets
 5698c88cd Revert "MB-48446: disable navigation to the same page twice"
 7956a36ee MB-50509 Test to set fragmentation size to undefined
 f07672209 MB-50509 Allow resetting compaction sizes
 f9ec6b16e MB-50665 Update copyright date on setup wizard
 d21df2721 MB-50552 Add max-height and auto scroll classes to global alert
 414afe68a MB-50368: Redact ldap cfg keys in event log
 b9b3caab2 MB-50653: Enable proxying of prometheus /federate endpoint
 053bb3a14 MB-42657: cbcollect_info: collect memcached.log.breakpad.crash.txt
 74b5cc407 MB-50483: Collect Info: small layout fixes
 f915449b2 MB-50217: Change cluster encryption tooltip message
 4dd615610 MB-50617: Ignore path when counting 4** http requests
 356813bb6 MB-40974 Lower sidebar opener/closer
 a6a21b3b9 MB-50518: Add new SQL++ keywords
 0908e4004 MB-50442 release control back to dcp_sup from newly created
 1adfc16d6 MB-49868 Sample buckets have 0 replicas on single node
 99c74f740 MB-47591: Support for sigar v6
 b03515f9a use 5 min timeout for all ns_ssl_services_setup calls
 5f0a4baff some additional logging to track the timing of engage cluster
 89b9541eb prevent private key from being printed to log file when set_certs
 08c50a08f MB-50317 Add min-height-2 class to sample document div container
 a20162484 MB-50317 Correct views filter dropdown placement
 db31eacf2 MB-50145: add spinner to MnLogsCollectInfoResultComponent
 2f20e0a81 MB-50145: add spinner to MnClusterSummaryDialogComponent
 eb7d3ac58 MB-50145: add spinner to MnSelectableNodesComponent
 ab8b078f6 MB-50145: cover entire New Cluster Config with spinner
 f2cbca78f MB-50145: cover entire Terms & Conditions with spinner
 2e0430941 Encrypted pkeys: change the default for "trim" to true
 1a2f13cbe MB-50495: Show trusted certs even for unauthorized users
 0928836da MB-50304: Old settings field incorrect sometimes
 b520ddc32 MB-50083: Redact user in http_access.log for lookupLDAPUser API
 eff4b083c Fix forum-reported problem with formatting capitalizing roles.
 ef45ef8b3 MB-50398: Escape double quotes in prometheus label values
 f0d1fd99a MB-50368: Redact cacert key in ldap_cfg_changed event log
 3dcc4bf8e MB-50434: Add password_policy_changed event log only on actual change
 233905bcf MB-50356: Redact sasl users in event log
 999f3bad1 MB-50336 Redact user information in audit_cfg_changed event log
 95ec71d46 MB-50433: Add event log only when the Audit config has changed
 1cc0905f9 MB-49912: Add min-width: 0 on mn-select component tag
 178b0560f MB-50256: create ObserveSeqno privilege
 01edf0f5e Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 b2864113c MB-50430: Use correct Req for user limits enforcement
 97661d9bb MB-50415 Copyright year is now 2022
 13ff20b34 MB-48692: mnDetailStats: filter out stats without description
 4491ffed4 MB-48692: add eventing item stats names mapping
 e28e8245a MB-48692: apply bucket: null label to eventing_dcp_backlog
 df6b09b72 MB-48692: apply nodesAggregation: 'special' to eventing_processed_count
 fc8a796a2 MB-50386: fix typo in perBucketStat_s_ word
 667b8af1a MB-49404: Handle validation of multiple values.
 68e158737 MB-50201: Don't let one slow metric collector...
 d06c8442f MB-50407: Fix UI popups for alerts that are tuples
 70cee92be MB-50201: Don't update magma bucket dir size too often
 a0557f176 MB-50405, MB-49977 Upgrade memcached_defaults
 1626aadbb Remove copyright related hooks and scripts.
 ca484c769 MB-48312 Optimize generation of /diag/masterEvents?o=1 response
 5df5399bf Cleanup diag/masterEvents streaming endpoint
 9e300f434 [] Drop unused variable.
 6fae7ab48 MB-50188 Add ensure_bucket select/create testpoint
 3ca20f2e4 MB-50188 Convert test condition to general function
 b944efdfe MB-50188 Handle create_bucket failure
 fd5e3cb25 MB-49651 Disable install sample bucket button whilst bucket loading
 adaa0b388 Subscribe to ns_node_disco_events before doing initial sync.
 dd30f6857 MB-49646 Synchronize ns_config_rep nodes as part of prepare_purge
 487bafc60 MB-49646 Protect ns_config from changes by removed nodes.
 0dcd282bb Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 62a5bcd8b MB-48804: Record a rebalance report when stopped by janitor
 a47494518 Merge ns_node_disco_rep_events into ns_config_rep.
 4e00ec826 MB-50096: add ellipsis to xdcr mapping labels
 c702bd560 MB-50007: pass object reference into ui-state-params
 df317dce4 MB-49969: move .pagination styles from fts to ns_server
 3a34726ad add DWB css sheet for layouts
 aa46a8a1f Remove unused constant: DEFAULT_DATA_DISK_ISSUES_TIMEPERIOD
 88fe600cd Remove unused binding in pattern to fix build warning
 18683a7a8 MB-49977: Allow configuration of auxio and nonio threads
 95bdb5869 MB-50128 Remove class 'max-width-12' from overview bucket message
 a49379b2e MB-50090: set useClientCertificate init value
 039007fa4 MB-49479: don't pass clientCertificate if useClientCertificate is false
 43d0c79af MB-50283: Do not populate USER_UUID_MAP with undefined
 3a2d3b4b0 MB-29692: change failover warning for failed nodes
 40222c219 MB-49969: p-ui css must be defined in p-ui root html
 8cb794cbd MB-49945: add importMap plugin for esbuild
 09aa93ee3 MB-50132 Fix menelaus_web_cache invalidation predicate for ... bucketsStreaming
 26db89765 Fix incorrect variable names in menelaus_util:handle_streaming_wakeup
 813825f84 MB-49725 Fix pagination on views editing result page reload
 fadbef1bc MB-49954: Fix to race between initial map creation and rename of node.
 95b9b978b Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 f1a694cf9 MB-33456 Remove last vestiges of moxi
 859052753 MB-49895 Tag raw_url for redaction
 0fce4a516 MB-49595 refresh cbauth if manifest id on at least of one bucket
 cbcc985c4 Move some mochiweb_response:write_chunk calls to menelaus_util:write_chunk
 fcd061bd1 Fix indentation of readded code
 65bdb4aab Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 09688e755 MB-49765 Remove backward compatibility support
 ae5db4503 MB-49765 Remove unneeded dist_manager migration code
 cb31bc2c5 MB-49765 Remove support for no address family
 713fcf723 MB-49765 Remove ns_config support for pre-6.5 releases
 308b1ebbd MB-49765 Remove backward compatibility support
 f25311e4d MB-50160: call setAngularJSGlobal(angular) after @angular/upgrade/static
 aff6dd698 stop returning version from prepare_rebalance
 6b1291cb7 prepare_nodes_for_rebalance doesn't need to return versions anymore
 c3dd75fa5 Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'"
 92891532c MB-49918: Refactor mn_logs_controller.js to Angular
 a5dbee163 MB-49821: Handle 'sampleBuckets/install' error as string or array
 7b2005826 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 859684340 MB-50057: Add CBC ciphers to low_security_ciphers list
 2c3701fc3 MB-49795 Better message when multi-node kv autofailover couldn't complete
 4146c3289 MB-48561 Upgrade ns_config from 7.0 to 7.1 after chronicle.
 6df0a163e Revert "MB-49945: add importMap plugin for esbuild"
 983fb63c7 MB-49945: enable mistakenly disabled minification
 2b49582f7 MB-49945: add importMap plugin for esbuild
 9743b2b7b MB-49945: add printErrorAndExit func
 b2bba6ff7 MB-49945: use type=importmap-shim instead of importmap
 cc8a522ff MB-49945: upgrade es-module-shims and use it's minified version
 85c2bc0f3 MB-49086 Add inline spinners to angular pages
 71f65437a MB-49681 Disable 'install sample buckets' in mixed mode
 009dd9f62 MB-50011 stats_interface filter non-existent buckets
 4bcdf5b19 MB-49765 remove some unused pre 6.5 code
 adbe234d5 MB-48369 Handle status '0' error from /postUILogin
 a07a9442a MB-49969: check isGroupsAvailable on injected poolDefault
 2e4e84074 MB-49969: use Inline Array Annotation to inject AngularJS services
 2326815fc MB-49969: check isGroupsAvailable flag along with server_groups!read
 624fcc384 MB-49969: setFormGroup should be called first
 607d91e4a MB-48738: use SET instead of LIST to set array item
 32f336c7a MB-49665: manually set xdcr play/pause spinner
 2a8866fdc MB-49665: erl: change tasks hash if xdcr max_vbreps is changed
 43239b54e MB-49813: remove cluster_run_ui_plugins folder
 f99dc7d1f MB-50075 Readd code that was inadvertantly removed
 2d301b3d8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 571c8f610 Add can_abort_rebalance to default config
 4b297da3a MB-49702: Revert "MB-18426: Reduce compaction_number_of_kv_workers from 4 to 1"
 4342db3db Give a better error message when unable to set external ports
 898797be7 MB-50028: Fix alternateAddresses breakage for inactiveAdded nodes
 abe4a0276 MB-50021 populate retry_rebalance key in default config
 6e2fba06a formatting
 d036a4815 MB-49788: Add ellipsis to bucket names in failover/rebalance popup
 5bd87dc27 Add checks to make sure only JSON-ifiable terms are added as event logs
 6c8fb55b0 MB-49036: Add subdoc.ReviveDocument to bucketCapabilities
 e02bf2141 Remove using mochijson2 encoding in event logs
 068a04757 MB-49765 Remove no longer used query_vbucket_states
 aba6a756e MB-33628 correct error message for auto-failover maximum reached
 26701c89f MB-49883 prevent chronicle_kv_log from leaking values
 a069932d1 MB-49619: Server groups are only supported on Enterprise Edition.
 f5e762d4e MB-49883 prevent ns_couchdb_chronicle_dup from leaking values
 5fab404cf new base CSS for DWB
 fcadff5e7 Make leader_quorum_nodes_manager less noisy.
 ff16f5221 Move notifying processes about node name changes to dist_manager.
 44adb94f5 MB-49449: Make plasma the default index storage mode option
 374a4c3e2 MB-48003: Don't try to load PKCS12 file on joinee
 5e70c784a MB-49166: Don't allow modification of allowedHosts if...
 4ed657e64 Introduce addr validation fun in ns_cluster:maybe_rename
 8a79a0f70 MB-49166: Check allowedHosts predicate when adding nodes
 921ac75da Refactor check_add_possible to avoid nested cases
 ce90fc4af MB-49166: Add allowedHosts param to /clusterInit
 b6531d345 MB-49166: Allow getting of allowedHosts from non-localhost
 d832aa7db MB-49166: Add /security/settings/allowedHosts
 e9278bf1d MB-48003: Disable empty passwords for pkcs12 because...
 0c5e201e9 MB-48003: Add support for PKCS12
 36151eaa2 MB-49691: Add 3DES ciphers to low_security_ciphers list.
 38034762e MB-49691: Add RSA-PSK-RC4-SHA to low_security_ciphers list.
 4d4aac866 Add scripts/master_events_2_gtrace
 cb861afab MB-49885 Correct wording on alerts page
 bd3e8d2ce MB-49314 Prevent GET /diag/masterEvents?o=1 failure post bucket creation
 6f96ff41f MB-49184: allow user without xdcr.remote_clusters!read to open XDCR
 84cb01cc6 MB-49812: use catchErrors to handle postIndexSettings just_validate
 6d7a5f386 MB-49812: use catchErrors to handle postPoolsDefault just_validate
 c5422c2a8 MB-49812: handle postAutoReprovision/postAutoFailover just_validate 400
 ed6ee2e74 MB-49812: handle postSettingsRetryRebalance just_validate 400
 caf938e0d MB-49812: add comment about why we handle postCreateReplication success
 fab2cc81e MB-49812: handle postSettingsWebHttp just_validate 400
 59eb00280 Return 400 when just_validate=1 and validation fails
 e3db0a903 MB-48738: install missed worker-*.js files
 33b5af5ac MB-48738: rm -rf node_modules folder after npm run rebuild
 99d62e323 MB-48738: remove previous js build before running new one
 31a3c822b MB-48738: generate SourceMapLinked files - '*'
 91d37e301 MB-48738: keep web_modules js files unminified
 d632fc8bd MB-48738: exclude node_modules from install
 bea4a444c MB-48738: do not install html dev files
 fdcab7c65 MB-49563: Change auto-failover limit label in Neo
 5cde18981 MB-49210: Replace save bucket logic with the AngularJS one
 bea202977 MB-49887 Return the most recent event logs when no query params ...
 207e6c644 MB-49830: Add event log when 'nodedown' is rcvd in ns_node_disco
 7e8b35a11 MB-49765 Remove use of assert_is_65
 631182661 MB-49765 Remove use of is_version_65
 001be57c4 MB-49765 Remove use of is_cluster_65
 dbe669c52 MB-49765 Remove VERSION_60 macro
 f45baf2db MB-49765 Remove support for upgrading to 6.5
 c4ca754a8 MB-49765 Make 6.5 the minimum supported version
 5e7c9e5f6 Revert "MB-49871: Rename kv data_size limit to data_size_mib"
 ef297895c Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 7bd6bef9c Don't show 'nodes' key and 'unused' warning in GET /trustedCAs...
 e34a2a30c MB-49637: Treat self-generated CA and custom CA as trusted...
 c8b93da4f remove not needed module prefix
 c59652bf8 slightly simplify code in menelaus_users
 415da1a31 unblock replicator after menelaus_users:init is executed
 c3329dfa7 MB-34703 Add Framing info extras in mc_binary to impersonate user
 77d01b73d MB-49864: Prevent log trimming for logs in rebalance_observer
 cedfbcb6e fix typo
 0d78faf4b MB-49871: Rename kv data_size limit to data_size_mib
 7a4fa3654 MB-49619: Server groups are only supported on Enterprise Edition.
 7208d0198 MB-49620: Declaration of bare specifier for mn.pools.service
 b0d5d34d4 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/mad-hatter'
 97561740c MB-49568: Add limits global descriptive key in error message
 3b6b85a7a Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'"
 6ba5cb678 Add otp_node field in event logs added by Services
 0125e8991 Add otp_node field to all event logs
 3b2d51282 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 477a70dd3 MB-48767 Add global default test
 e67b1067a MB-48767 Add incomplete settings test
 d2e8e3be0 MB-48767 Require complete time periods
 9f21c6a94 MB-48767 Keep autocompaction settings when not specified
 e346f8969 MB-49750: Prevent monitoring of sockets as processes
 3f5120395 MB-49794 Correct JSON-fication errors in auto_failover_warning event log
 d5e37e6d9 MB-49745 Disallow loading sample buckets on mixed versions
 40c349c00 MB-49791 Exclude failover_reason in event log if it is empty
 59c34120b MB-49778 Fix a typo in hard_failover_initated event log
 ac784350e MB-47387 Increase ns_server->memcached timeout
 582121bd5 MB-48446: disable navigation to the same page twice
 d03855231 MB-49086 Add inline spinner directive
 f630d9d4b MB-49310: add currentnav class if 'app.admin.groups' present in state
 3cc4040fe MB-49184: permissions: hide General Settings Analytics Replicas field
 4616dbbc0  MB-49184: use right permissions to protect Views section
 7c32b8e12 MB-49184: permissions: disable sample buckets sumbit btn
 f19535dad MB-49184: permissions: disable sample buckets checkboxes
 c53493958 MB-49184: completely hide footer if user has no permissions
 0d1b8beb4 MB-49184: cluster.settings!read is required by Sample Bucket page
 3353db4fe MB-49184: cluster.settings!read is required by Alerts page
 367b98914 MB-49184: hasWritePermissions should be defined before use
 c049de072 MB-49184: disable 'Enable Bloom Filter' if no cluster.settings.write
 ce201afe8 Turn unknown types and function warnings into errors.
 892d34be6 Avoid duplication in do-dialyzer.
 0584804f4 MB-49451 Removed unused variables
 67d04a2c2 MB-49451 Add nodeServicesUri to pools/default response
 744d3e73d MB-48063: Do quorum read on manifest for collection update
 8555ed747 MB-49681 Disable 'load sample buckets' button in mixed version mode
 43c483fa6 User Roles: auto-submit keyspace-selector values when step is 'ok'
 233305c75 MB-49680: Ignore files that start with '.'
 a9b70a942 MB-49142 Allow Eventing Manage Scope Functions to see stats
 bd9b7c845 MB-48738: depend on pluggable ui js.stamp only if project src dir exists
 6b7d74564 Deal with "unknown function" warnings in calls to loggers.
 1536237ed MB-49129: Don't display 'Show Current Collection' for idle status
 ddd500bc9 MB-49578: Collect Info: open Stop Collection modal from form page.
 f5376025c Drop unused include.
 f86588873 Fix indentation in ale_transform.
 61c428128 Fix tls_config_timer type specification.
 e43b8d325 Stop using unexported ssl:reason/0 type.
 bd7e220c9 Correctly refer to the set() type.
 5e08b84d9 Add missing dependencies to the PLT file.
 17dc0211d Include couchdb apps into the PLT file.
 ae94452e3 Fix unreachable clause in the to chronicle:remove_peer/2.
 31d13ad1f Remove dead code from do-dialyzer.cmake.
 1c95a7de2 Update the license header for scripts/escript-wrapper.
 c740dc743 MB-42727 Deal with monitor() vs {whereis,register}_name() races.
 d5aabf066 Demonitor registered processes when leader changes.
 75431d75f Implement leader_registry:unregister_name/1.
 261b2debb Add a basic test for leader_registry.
 2e1ec68a3 Merge leader_registry and leader_registry_server.
 2f8f45555 Stop supporting switching back to global-based orchestration.
 7f150f9ee MB-48199 supporting CSS for QWB
 ab0947fce MB-49697: Missing 'rest' in alternate ports update
 c1b9d7db0 MB-48637 Increase allowable timeout for ensureManifest
 e5beadbd1 MB-49663 Remove nonsensical title - sample buckets
 bb3dd84bd Support QWB prompt to make primary index
 426fe742a MB-49069: add check for cluster.settings.metrics permissions
 ad9a7aa1e MB-49414: check bucket any permission if bucket isn't provided
 fcf1b061a MB-49414: add importmap for mnDetailStats
 28c806df4 MB-49414: call define method on ace in snippets
 9af96bb89 MB-49205: Introduce getUserUuid API for cbauth
 a733a8c9d Add d3-collection to libs for use in workbench multiline charts.
 c01769493 MB-49678 Correct statistic 'cbas_sysproc_memory_resident' values
 8632d67e1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 9f998876b Generate bucket_config_changed event log only when ...
 138bd8e58 MB-49624 Add all bucket config keys modifiable via UI in ...
 11d463c36 MB-48789 Remove auto-failover server groups general settings option
 b8a2ba934 MB-49602 Change settings page input classes to 'input-short-1'
 8d3345d8f MB-49635 Add 'margin-bottom-2' class to client certificate row
 b9fdee103 MP-48738: add REMOVE_SANITIZERS for ns_minify
 73459f4b3 MB-47110: actually update maybeGetServersWithGroups stream each 10 sec
 afd4c0720 MB-49579 Skip events list trimming when limit=-1 in /events
 85f2e1175 MB-47149 Add version to checkPermissionsURI
 25c75cee8 MB-49376: Alternative external service address validation
 adec9fb4d MB-49450 Add hash of nodes info
 93cfd8e01 MB-49448 Add server group to "nodes" section of REST response
 49ddf67cd MB-49583 Add operation_id in rebalance_initiated event log
 730ab88fe MB-49584 Move service crash event logs to error category
 80bb2c3b6 MB-48941 Dump contents of chronicle logs.
 8eb63cf76 MB-48941 Sanitize chronicle snapshots.
 abad0bfcc MB-48941 Start chronicle_dump via escript-wrapper.
 809157af3 MB-48941 Stop collecting raw chronicle files.
 f0545dc0a Revive scripts/escript-wrapper.
 ebfd3d6fb MB-49421 Add Service crashes to event logs
 eba2c951f MB-49421: Add Op command in goport to fetch OS pid
 2eac9b29f MB-49466: Send "Connection: close" header if we are going to...
 2669bb220 MB-40469: Make it possible for cluster admin to allow http...
 7d1dd58fb Do not send clusterCA in CE
 5cb063542 Make presence of certs in inbox not mandatory during...
 d7f5b197a MB-49380: Drop "clusterCA" reading in /engageCluster
 d4fb46aea MB-49380 MB-49353: Don't rewrite uploaded certs when joining...
 e2cc4336c MB-49380: Do not apply CA certs that come in engageCluster
 8183ed5b3 MB-48731: Decrease ngx-clipboard version due to Angular compatibility.
 9c9b539d1 MB-49550: Show total Analytics service memory in dashboard
 a3defedf0 MB-49520: Move 'uiSref' from 'Authorized users' to 'more...'
 431e825a1 MB-48926 Delete mn.text.expander.html line breaks
 e3430f026 MB-49189 Take "storageTotals" from a new "pools/default" request.
 893837bc0 MB-47193 disappearing pagination
 cedcd4015 MB-48835 Input Field Too Wide
 3fb3e6f94 MB-48738: remove RestPrefix var in pluggable ui api
 955277ba4 MB-48887 Wizard Buttons
 9dce3b23f MB-49519 Add 'ngbTooltip' to 'server node' column in logs list
 7621e7559 MB-48738: pass cbbs and cbas stamps for EE only
 9d6ad8f2d MB-48738: integrate esbuild
 8953d8fc9 MB-48738: add initial esbuild script
 67cfb733c Revert "MB-48738: add initial esbuild script"
 33d1644fd Revert "Move ns_minify into separate gomodules directory"
 67e34dbb5 Move ns_minify into separate gomodules directory
 620b30023 MB-48738: add initial esbuild script
 e9c2099d1 MB-49100: Record cgroup data in cbcollect_info
 92c6b9a07 MB-47387 Increase timeout for magma
 f0d3bab92 MB-48724: replace 'change' with 'click' for labels in mn-select.
 9c60c3636 MB-49471: Make sure pkey and pass are not printed in logs...
 79885b675 MB-49370: Sanitize goport env to prevent it being logged...
 49e47223f Add log counter sink
 e8cbc64cc MB-49402: Prevent GET /clusterCA crash during node addition
 0289b9f40 [cb_dist] Add some goodness for logging
 4e166d780 MB-49138: [cb_dist] Mark connections as 'shutdown' when...
 86d1f9cab MB-49138: Correctly handle "accept" messages from acceptors...
 519da7925 MB-48847 return CBAUTH_REVRPC_URL for cbq-engine to be
 96460fd12 remove code responsible for restarting xdcr_proxy
 2b3ba2bff MB-49337 Add failover reason when auto failover is added in event log
 914b42708 remove unused export
 8d20439b1 make goport_defs/0 a map and eliminate redundant id field
 5753508b0 MB-49370: Fix incorrect matching in goport
 9036d12a7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 9a30d68cf Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'"
 a40df70c6 MB-49416 Filter out undefined compaction streams
 1ca3ae66a MB-48738: rename jQuery to mnjQuery
 a0fad05df Use a version of Ace editor which defines its own 'require'.
 6729aae5a Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 c260ad706 MB-47053 Display correct analytics memory usage
 2c83669c6 MB-49044: Fix Edit Bucket Popup server quota.
 a9fc8a997 Clients should not reuse sessions as it's buggy
 bfac5e1a3 MB-49109: Add warning severity and warning name to APIs
 0fe4777c4 MB-48784 Remove fragmentationPercentage parameter
 1ed185f3a MB-48847 correctly populate CBAUTH_REVRPC_URL for cbq-engine
 138e45e0b MB-49235: Keep unnotified services in the marker file
 0a18a6e92 MB-47850 - Doc Editor permitting invalid JSON
 d1bf38ea2 Fix is_trusted check
 51d56a9ef MB-49343: Put certs times in order
 89aa8b277 MB-49294: Set certs epoch when node joins the cluster
 e330e74e6 MB-48789 remove support for enabling autofailover of server groups
 bacf92141 MB-44513: show "Create Admin Username/Password" errors
 9cc4ae5c6 MB-40469: Make sure we always use https for node addition
 edb6b863f MB-44513: Trim paths before setting them
 9d2bd5908 MB-44513: Switch UI to use POST /clusterInit
 f6476ced2 Use survive_web_server_restart to avoid copy-paste of code
 34364153e MB-48369: Make it possible to pass nodeInit args in clusterInit
 327e9a0e9 MB-44513: Introduce POST /clusterInit
 17e08e576 Use validator for POST /settings/web
 4d887b126 Use validator for POST /settings/stats
 4e0f1e7ad Make sure nodeInit modifies afamilyOnly and ...
 d2102b7d8 Use validator in POST /node/controller/setupServices
 4b34483d9 MB-49231 Correct bucket properties JSON
 c572d0e6f MB-49257 Drop original Auth header on adding ...
 a61695214 Add magma_fragmentation_percentage in audit and ...
 7fec340a1 Move jsonify code in ns_audit into seperate ..
 558906da5 Correct JSON keys in rebalance initiated event log
 c61913ec0 MB-25061 correctly pass allow_unsafe flag to failover:is_possible/2
 82ff14000 MB-33628 allow more than 3 nodes to be failed over on Neo before
 176146533 MB-47846: get rid of GET _uistats in UI in 7.0
 011a9493a MB-49069: use new collection[.:.:.].stats!read permission for range api
 5f326e52f MB-48738: make upgraded angularjs services names unique
 098f0aca0 MB-49239 Disable 'Add View' until nodes are active.
 753dc4caf MB-48310 Correctly format stat name for memory usages.
 bcd645f25 MB-49081 Remove setting for 'abort autofailover'
 498d5d71c MB-47812 Hide Eventing Disk path for Community Edition.
 732072ec8 MB-43012 Show a warning when server groups are unbalanced.
 c87fbfb2d Change how we decide whether to generate rack-aware vbucket maps.
 902187176 MB-43012 Extend softNodesNeeded failover warning.
 1b5f18590 Don't take into account whether nodes are alive.
 c0886d4eb MB-43012 Show a warning when there are not enough server groups.
 f6b5378d8 Extract a function to check if vbucket maps must be rack aware.
 31a230637 Delete a comment that is no longer relevant.
 7a5bd47aa Use kv_nodes from bucket validation context.
 9f4fb85a7 Move node count of storage totals in bucket validation context.
 8939be128 MB-49298: Add query plan to completed_requests query
 44141629b Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 779eea052 MB-49330 Add bucket UUID to bucket_cfg_changed event log
 82bcfd2de MB-49335 Convert bucketname to binary in Event log
 727c5c2f3 Dedup Pending Event logs with lists:usort/3
 2503c337f MB-49222 Correct merging function for event logs
 5fa73e5af MB-49244: check_user_restricted again in user_request_throttler
 4d779a026 MB-49241 Log failure on rpc:call
 f3b73b173 MB-48738: fix ui build issues
 c7ab2d557 Use erlang:send_after instead of timer:send_after
 b4064562d MB-46881: Delete user metrics in ns_server_stats
 0d8258cf0 Companion to change upgrading workbench to Angular 8.
 6bbaa3a8c MB-48892: Authorized Users link from bucket dialog triggers permissions requests only when clicked.
 435439a70 MB-48804 Add error tooltip for rebalance failure.
 d5d1e828e MB-49069 Don't use decommissioned cluster.stats!read
 cea3552ee MB-46881: Notify local user deleted.
 c0430ad19 MB-46881: Maintain UUID to identity map
 bf5846677 MB-25061 do not repeatedly send messages about failed service safe
 6e7d30433 MB-25061 perform services safety check outside of orchestrator
 f5db37c4b MB-25061 safety check for services
 53dffd40c remove copy/paste
 922ab2ea8 MB-25061 make it known inside of the failover code if failover is
 f8413f854 MB-25061 do not perform health check if auto failover is disabled
 e27fdd68e MB-25061 do not run health checks for services if they are colocated
 909aca260 MB-25061 correctly handle errors and timeouts in HealthCheck API
 bfe51f74f MB-25061 move validate_autofailover out of ns_rebalancer
 24d10fe71 MB-25061 enable automatic failover for index nodes on Neo clusters by default
 111a2bac3 MB-25061 introduce index monitor
 500d4dfcc MB-49154: Don't let cert modifying endpoints crash...
 e8f135679 remove copy/paste
 de66fb192 MB-25061 prepare code that analyzes local only status for re-use
 62f2ea8fa MB-25061 prepare the code that handles counting disk failures for re-use
 86cc50732 MB-25061 turn off logging for health check call
 3d667da64 MB-25061 make health_monitor_sup to support services other than kv
 4ae8df890 MB-25061 api's for checking the service health and asking the service if
 f8051fe92 MB-47270 Upgrade the views page to angular
 3ab910ff0 MB-43219: Add Magma Fragmentation Percentage Field in Settings -> Auto-Compaction.
 fe975d754 MB-49069 Allow Query Manage Index role to see stats
 d95a27d87 MB-49112: Always generate 2048 bit private keys
 33cb56cfe MB-49138: Make terminate timeout smaller
 d51802fc7 MB-49146: Don't let /regenerateCert handler crash ...
 06e63c93e MB-48960 Add event logs for Group/User add/delete
 33673e04e fix ERL24 specific compilation warinings in assertListsEqual
 b6b906e43 MB-46881: Use user_uuid label to delete scope limit stats
 d841e48dc MB-46881: Delete zero ets entries for num_concurrent_requests
 3ee85cfd7 MB-48590: make sure that all our services are singletons
 68804560f MB-49060: Store all certs in ./config/certs/
 1a95d616f remove AngularJS mnSession module injection
 3b2322d0b MB-48738: get rid of templates relative path
 9bd914016 remove AngularJS session
 130828b2f MB-43012 Delete vbmap.
 65df2ad88 MB-43219 Remove unnecessary method in setup of autocompaction settings.
 7a48ec446 MB-49033: Collect debian version in cbcollect_info
 050b7ebc8 MB-49017: Don't try to migrate certs if cert_and_pkey is missing
 267335b85 MB-48959 Correct audit related event logs
 f25014f7c MB-48939: Rearrange LDAP logs to make sure PII is not logged
 47e1d74dd MB-43219 Save applicable keys to bucket config
 6ad1a0d26 MB-43219 Return settings applicable to storage backend
 9dada1c3d MB-43219 Remove frag_percent from bucket config
 57fdecab9 Fix unit tests
 ecd8a5c7b MB-47975 Upgrade Buckets page to Angular.
 5e044ee28 MB-47698: [cbcollect_info] Collect pprof, mprof, cprof for FTS
 e8f9b2405 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 785e8b87e MB-41637 Use cb-on-behalf-of header in pluggable UI requests.
 70280e0d8 MB-48880 Add time taken in rebalance reports
 640a3d242 MB-48946: Add tooltip for Bloom Filter in Advanced Index Settings.
 b31083eb1 MB-48941: Do not leak generated keys in ets table dumps
 0c3d0dbad MB-48970: Revert streaming separator to 4 new lines
 08ce30005 MB-48947 ns_server needs to supply node UUID on query service command line.
 a39cf851b MB-46868: Change ns_pubsub:subscribe_link to use start_link..
 4d122f232 MB-46868: Silence warnings and remove zlib:setBufSize
 d201195f9 MB-33710: Support TLS 1.3 in ns_server
 39092c538 MB-46868: Address runtime changes for OTP24
 78a535d94 MB-46868: Revert "MB-44361: Temporarily save separate cert file.."
 e7fc839a2 MB-46868: Revert "Temporarily use slightly different format certs.."
 93c2fb624 cb_dist: Migrate to erlang 24
 0558178d8 MB-48943 unbreak failover
 dba0c155c MB-47196: Add option to enable plasma bloom filter in Advanced Index Settings.
 974c880fd MB-38457: PKey script must reside in ./scripts dir
 879d2bdb4 MB-43219 Conditionally prepare auto compaction values for UI
 4d0bd7f77 MB-47181: align certs textareas
 53af00b2c MB-48718: handle pools/default's trustedCAsURI change
 da1696465 MB-48928: always display cert id
 a466e240e MB-24488: add XDCR UI warning when changing source or target nozzle
 d1373aacd MB-46881: Scope limit stats
 3c340c6fa MB-46881: Stats for user limits
 42bac2689 MB-46881: Store precomputed limits and UUID
 44d7f2608 MB-46881: Enforce user limits
 989968cd2 MB-46881: Fix incorrect call to chronicle within transaction
 265c4b04d Rename request_throttler to request_tracker
 a10b074c2 Remove limits in request_throttler
 c02bc3646 MB-48932 Fix rebalance observer crash
 508e59f92 MB-48863 Add dedup list in event_log_server
 c1109dfd5 MB-48909 Fix a typo in ns_audit
 83d11901f MB-48522 fix broken user storage syncronization
 f9f15e4b4 remove unused replicated_storage:start_link_remote
 321d206c0 Revert "MB-44361: Temporarily generate cert file in old format..."
 a9d4bbcc5 Revert "Temprorarily save unencrypted key until all the services ..."
 4c5b11fc6 MB-48822: Sanitize root_cert_and_pkey key
 eacaad63b roles_cache to wait for ns_server node change it's name and connect
 35924e5bb MB-48886 bump max_r for ns_couchdb_sup to 5
 8720101bc MB-38457: Retry if script/rest returns incorrect password
 aa9474174 MB-48845: Put statuses of DELETE /trustedCAs/id in order
 53a5a6619 MB-48522 elmininate the backlog of memcached refreshes after the user creation
 f5f86f42e MB-48522 do not block user updates during the select
 fa1522625 MB-43219 Add magmaFragmentationPercentage test
 55f7b92b1 MB-48562 Use macros instead of hard-coded bucket values
 434868061 MB-46215 Dump event logs in /diag response
 5c89ccd52 MB-46215 Event log for master election
 75b067382 MB-46215 Event logs for rebalance and failover
 4481d15a1 MB-46215 Event log for service restarts/starts.
 99556506c MB-46215 Rename ns_crash_log to ns_babysitter_log
 c9d478e29 MB-46215 Memcached related event logs
 e8da2c5b7 MB-47218 Security settings related event logs
 edb028e62 MB-46215 Bucket specific Event logs
 830415a39 MB-46215 Add cluster compat checks for /_event endpoint.
 7a6437bab MB-46215 Fix seq_num checks in event_log_server
 18dff1817 MB-46215 Normalize timestamp formats in event log
 7ed23ddb0 MB-46215 Collect event_log file in cbcollect_info
 2dad4ddff MB-46215 Configure max events stored in event_log_server
 2b30aae26 MB-46215 Add event logs in ns_audit module.
 e9d06b11a MB-46215 Add event log when a node is added to the ...
 ee41cd4ce MB-47195 Add enablePageBloomFilter during upgrade
 dac784af3 MB-47195 Add enablePageBloomFilter to index settings
 bcdfff0a7 MB-48129: Do not pass password as an arg
 4ddf33c12 MB-40229 - use ALTER INDEX to delete invidual replicated indexes
 b9efc95e6 Fix spaces between inline-block elements from Angular pages.
 944e5ab9c MB-48738: rename mnPluggableUiRegistry to MnPluggableUiRegistry
 3615d8c60 MB-48738: imports: use bare specifier and relative path for libs
 cec6edd50 MB-48797: Fix error formatting in DELETE ../certificate
 52c73eb3b MB-48718: Add /trustedCAs URI to pools default API
 607847f72 MB-48840 Use correct bucket config name
 5d96eb839 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 6ab13dc6f MB-48786 Fix magma bucket creation
 508429451 ACE wasn't loading properly if the browser was refreshed on a non-ace page.
 dce4f53b6 MB-47018: Rename '-default-collect-logs-path=' to '-tmp-dir='
 54d98d94d MB-38457: Support only PKCS#5 v2 algorithms for pkey ...
 62f410281 MB-48735: Log the output of the password extraction script...
 f9082ca16 MB-47015: Support encrypted certificate / key / password - Eventing
 acb46c601 MB-44361: Pass ca file to eventing
 01a2ab633 MB-38457: MB-44361: Pass encr pkey and ca file to indexer
 bf2d5cd40 MB-44361: Show warnings for node certs in API
 c554419fe MB-44361: Introduce GET /pools/default/certificates
 b87825e0c MB-38457: Support headers in passphrase extraction rest
 8bd71e2a6 Return pkey pass settings in GET /certificate/node/
 3494afbe7 Require NEO for magma buckets.
 92f526001 MB-43219 Fix bug when magmaFragmentationPercentage isn't specified
 974cdab5f MB-44361: Fix /regenerateCertificates endpoint
 25f8e9f88 MB-44361: Add newly generated CA to trusted CA list in txn
 c0feb7be4 MB-44361: Migrate cert_and_pkey to chronicle
 c5a8ac629 MB-43219 Use global magma framentation percentage
 6ccdf80a6 MB-43219 Add global magmaFragmentationPercentage
 cb509fd2d MB-48738: imports: use bare specifier and relative path
 fc31cf6e3 MB-48626: Fix host settings for mcd ssl ports
 8603de7f4 MB-47181: Multiple Root CA Certs - UI
 915278604 Correct chronicle spelling
 0a46f9916 MB-48733: Pass CA's to ssl:connect via cacertfile...
 b74aa2566 MB-48087 Explain why encryption controls are disabled
 2c3cb03fd MB-47252 Explain Advanced Data Settings Better
 c9dea9705 MB-48688: cbcollect_info: Record new 'clocks' stat group
 deba82540 MB-48688: cbcollect_info: report clocksource details
 955463c45 get rid of MN_HTTP_REQUEST_RESTRICTED
 89087ff67 simplify security.other.service
 bba2757cd MB-48643: add UTC to all times in UI
 03abbfe6f apply irate and sum functions to total index_num_rows_returned
 d74c98ef1 MB-43151: Delete unused file.
 5272f9d21 MB-47942 Pass ns_config to chronicle upgrade functions
 bd4542f81 MB-47942 Move autocompaction to chronicle
 9cbb5057d Revert "MB-47195 Add enablePageBloomFilter to index settings"
 61ee90276 Revert "MB-47195 Add enablePageBloomFilter during upgrade"
 1864cbcfe MB-47740: Disable views on magma bucket
 71afa167f additional error logging
 4d51d0606 Update cert cache in ssl lib when CA file is updated
 182514330 MB-33628 test coverage for the multi node autofailover
 1472fb197 MB-33628 combine multiple failover actions into one, putting kv nodes first
 91397bb2d MB-33628 issue mail down warnings every time when nearly_down status doesn't
 bec9e2750 MB-33628 run min size tests on both Neo and pre-Neo
 aadb48af3 MB-33628 re-factor auto_failiver_logic tests into test generator
 e70a3ee49 MB-33628 new logic for processing autofailover down states
 cd3f0efe6 MB-44361: Allow cert regeneration when n2n encr is enabled
 6b2aa1428 Fix menelaus_roles:ro_admin_test unit test
 0fa0e9401 MB-48242 Fix Failover popup title.
 334efc8d4 MB-33628 do not do server group autofailover if the cluster is Neo
 85f53cf1f MB-38457: Pass encrypted pkey to cbas
 b925bbbf3 MB-48585 Add role permissions to metric settings
 f33f138ac MB-48585 Move SETTING most metric settings to be internal
 824856b5d MB-48585 Move GETTING most metric settings to be internal
 d747058c1 MB-47195 Add enablePageBloomFilter during upgrade
 44d09cac4 MB-47195 Add enablePageBloomFilter to index settings
 d1ef67c54 Print usage for bad args to cluster_connect
 9cf2d3f9e MB-40229: erl: add replicaId to status_mapping
 7c38c5940 MB-48242: erl: share rebalance subtype when status is notRunning
 eee392e64 MB-48619 Rename memQuotaRatio to storageQuotaPercentage
 7af0a24df MB-48619 Pass magma_mem_quota_ratio as a ratio
 5deb3bf93 MB-38457: Avoid caching of plain pkey pass
 9a923afa3 MB-38457: Pass encrypted cert to fts
 09e1e6bdd Show warning for self-generated CA certificates that are...
 6f95beee9 MB-38457: Add extraction of pkey pass via REST call
 0d05949b0 Fix term formatting for some logs
 291566627 MB-38457: Prevent printing of pkey password in ...
 484f8855b MB-47656 Fix vb_avg_total_queue_age stat
 16c8bd5f0 MB-46881: Fix the scope limit check
 f4e5754df MB-46215 Enable event logging done via /_event
 ff1acfaeb MB-46215 Consumer API's for event logs
 635f41425 MB-46215 Event log server
 c28cc224b MB-47942 Be more explicit reading compaction_daemon key
 2dd6ed020 MB-47942 Remove node scoped autocompaction
 f57541e6d MB-46215 Move replicator code in ns_log to seperate module.
 aff1991a4 MB-38457: Add extraction of pkey pass via external script
 8d9c636db MB-38457: Make sure pkey pass is updated in cache when ...
 a65919693 MB-38457: Pass encrypted pkey and pkey passphrase to mcd
 e92bccfed Fix sync in ns_ssl_services_setup
 1f8a1f194 Don't ignore keyfile error
 b93b3df36 MB-38457: Validation for pkey passphrase settings...
 745b8de15 [n2n-encryption] Don't pass cert/pkey to dist client...
 371eca8e2 MB-48248 Don't return magma-specific props for non-magma buckets
 8800909b5 MB-48248 Add support for memQuotaRatio for magma
 5849f0b5a MB-48544 Clear rbac_upgrade on upgrade
 2136178f4 MB-46868: Deprecations/warnings for OTP24
 2eea1ff22 MB-46868: Modify ale parse transform for OTP24
 159e22c42 MB-46881: Add fts num_queries_per_min limit.
 6fc5dc912 Fix client cert state in tls config
 489f77627 Revert "Temporarily enable passing of ssl conf in memcached.json"
 ebf7a4719 MB-46868: fix deprecations for otp 23
 abf8bb99e Fix ensure_tls_dist_started
 4f5954898 MB-44361: Add 'nodes' field in GET /trustedCAs...
 c8a4fbe07 MB-44361: Add audit for CA removing
 878dfb08f MB-44361: Add DELETE /pools/default/trustedCAs/
 3a00c0660 Fix bug where we didn't pad with zeros in UUID
 0ffc97770 Allow memcached bucket on single node
 115549ec2 Handle memcached bucket not having storage
 2b32afdda MB-46881: User UUID propogation to services via cbauth and isasl
 c412f4823 MB-46881: Introduce UUID for local users
 73fcc66e2 Introduce uuid v4 according to RFC 4122
 239cb9166 MB-48318 Bucket authentication for mixed versions
 4c6a3211b MB-48443: Treat empty data as no data in GET reloadCert
 fa34f9f99 MB-48305: Add analytics committed heap memory to stats and dashboard
 86be9fc44 decouple filtering states from altering them
 f28726fb4 additional unittest for auto_failover_logic
 e39854e84 MB-48222 Fixed typo
 46c9e23ab Merge "Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'"
 29730945b get rid of the service specific defines in auto_failover_logic
 884194044 Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 1e0375196 remove unused status 'removed'
 73edd8ecc unit test for fold_matching_nodes
 066cf8475 pass State to get_up_states, because we pass it to get_down_states
 e64b6da13 produce a compact report for every auto_failover_logic:test_frame
 79863ebca MB-48222 Don't leak sensitive information
 422485a63 MB-48222 Don't leak sensitive information
 f1a4e89e2 more informative error message
 fef0ab5ec Rename function get_port_from_empd -> get_port_from_epmd
 aa6260629 MB-44361: Enable passing of ca.pem to query
 1b49e0f30 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 7fccf5d0d MB-44361: Add GET /pools/default/trustedCAs
 6305bba71 MB-47601: erl: add tests for check of nodes when majority is selected
 571b57e69 MB-47601: erl: add check for number of nodes when majority is selected
 cd1282c2c MB-47054 Upgrade the Auto Compaction Settings page to Angular
 b95f57fbc MB-47428 Allow add bucket with custom conflictResolutionType
 33e62bff4 MB-47766 Add settings option for analytics replicas
 152632c74 Add a script to purge ns_config tombstones from pre-7.0 clusters.
 4b75f9ece Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 5adcf9d20 MB-38457: Pass passphrase to services
 03a508870 Remove certs when leaving the cluster
 eb9bd5f26 Store info needed for certs regeneration on disk ...
 12ea5d489 Use camelCase for json props in certificates API
 6177f3a68 Set passphrase in opts when checking otp connectivity
 a377b184d Call ensure_config to make sure all the tls listerners are ...
 f0e1d1d8c [cb_dist] Don't crash when passphrase doesn't match the pkey
 20b889788 Add support for "don't cache exception" in active cache
 584bcb869 Do not crash if ssl_dist_opts ets is not available
 19376ca9c MB-38457: Do not log pkey password when web-server starts
 d7a3108fc Temprorarily save unencrypted key until all the services ...
 b852fea32 MB-38457: Support for PKCS1&8 encrypted pkeys
 5b63e2f7a MB-38457: Teach cb_dist to work with encrypted private keys
 4a2657c95 MB-47601: fix durability level field layout
 1e2ca8050 MB-48377: Do not pass caPath to xdcr in CE
 f98c5e18a Do not push TLS settings to memcached in CE
 629df6637 Generate encrypted PKCS1 test certs
 1597afbe1 MB-48347: Update CMAKE_MINIMUM_REQUIRED to 3.13
 0e0978447 MB-46215 Service side API to add Event Logs
 c043fd87e Complain about the correct key.
 5751cc67f MB-44361: Pass ca file to analytics
 f7404081a MB-47614 Remove auth_type from bucket config on upgrade to NEO
 2dcb1dcec MB-47614 Don't add auth_type unless pre-NEO mixed cluster
 f68cb4a63 MB-47174: Pass ca file path to backup service
 4244d91b9 MB-47110: Upgrade Logs Collect Info page to Angular.
 57637bf3e MB-46881: Audit for updating scope limits
 9d9b76803 MB-46881: Fix bug where we allow unknown limits.
 ee99ba938 MB-46881: Enforce ns_server scope limits
 a6fa7c1b5 MB-46881: REST API for get/set scope limits
 9b7bd7d47 eliminate copy/paste in validators
 70941bab8 MB-47177: Give FTS the caFile as a new command line argument
 317dc2018 MB-48239 Fix stats truncation
 91ef60ea9 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 90f5e5270 MB-47751: fix missed eslint errors
 992ce8ca4 MB-47751: fix eslint checks path
 94d48aa96 MB-46880 Add eventing Rbac role
 485439529 Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'"
 489e6d612 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 e7f6677c5 MB-47751: set eslint array-callback-return to error
 343a67000 MB-47751: set eslint array-bracket-newline to consistent
 2b88cc336 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 3a36ead65 MB-44361: Fix GET /pools/default/certificate/node/
 1ca42801a Temporarily enable passing of ssl conf in memcached.json
 2d0de326d MB-44361: Push TLS settings to memcached using ifconfig cmd
 d85a31d3e MB-44361: Rename loadCAcertificates -> loadTrustedCAs
 0bf2f2a05 Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 03159c9e9 MB-46881: Propogate user limits to services via cbauth
 a6f561030 MB-46881: Propagate enforce_limits setting to memcached
 8f5cda97d MB-46881: Propogate user limits to memcached via
 8e684f6f6 MB-46881: Introduce REST API to set/get user limits
 17a1dc0b8 Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 dad793663 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into HEAD
 ec31ec2db Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 38b3c61a6 MB-46881: REST API to optionally allow enforcement of limits
 90778fc3c Add validator helpers for json
 85971c520 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 93ec16c8b Merge couchbase/cheshire-cat into master
 13fe4aea2 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into HEAD
 27774f9dc Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into HEAD
 5d986eec4 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 d65e0a305 MB-47947 Handle late arriving message
 fac9b55cf remove now redundant allowed_services
 1139facfd make supported_services_for_version purely functional
 be24ef323 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 c0ba2ef26 Temporarily use slightly different format of certs for ...
 1e000356e Make sure provided certs can be used for n2n connections...
 ea0d9fe89 MB-38457: Add support for PKCS#8 private keys
 c6040da7e MB-44361: Temporarily generate cert file in old format...
 b61967814 MB-44361: Upgrade code for certs
 fc4d5d63e MB-44361: Update /controller/uploadClusterCA
 30488623e MB-44361: Backward compat for GET /pools/default/certificate
 5fdc75b96 MB-44361: Adjust cert warnings calculation
 9582b288d MB-44361: Add audit for load CAs API
 2c8fa47ac MB-44361: Add cluster's CA to the list of trusted certs on ...
 d887f5f6e Enable validation of TLS connectivity to ...
 85c22e5c2 MB-44361: Temporarily save separate cert file for erlang
 1c19e92bf MB-44361: Switch LDAP code to use multi CA
 bd63aebbd MB-44361: Switch ssl_dist_opts to new cert files
 09ff68b45 MB-44361: Multiple CA support core changes and refactoring
 174f6ff73 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 a696f52aa Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into HEAD
 47f02e34b Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 1bed31ddb Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 ff58b3089 Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/cheshire-cat'
 892457055 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 517d14312 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 cdcd59f9d MB-47869: Fix CE/EE service listing and ram quotas
 a55f63da8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 433581cc6 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 b999544ac MB-47751: fix basic eslint errors
 189f8f788 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 ffa125776 MB-47751: add initial eslint config
 bfe313b12 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 efe5116f2 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 408c8008d MB-47766 Change maximum analytics replicas to 3
 e27a48b42 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 16cb65c9d Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 fc384984b clean unused stuff from ns_server_stats
 1541c5bba MB-47766 Support for analytics settings manager
 b91ca38e1 MB-47511 make query service topology aware
 422ec4cce MB-47316 Pass cert file to xdcr
 91d904d93 MB-47316 Add Xdcr proxy endpoints
 6bbc2e524 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 0e74efcff Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 01b4e02b0 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 4df875b4a Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 cfb7febd2 Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 9d3b799a1 Query chart supporting CSS
 cd7f565c1 MB-47559: replace mnCollectionsService with mnKeyspaceSelectorService
 6f64305fc Merge remote-tracking branch couchbase/cheshire-cat into master
 6a3560be8 MB-47612: New RBAC roles and privileges for Sync Gateway
 0504c0963 Merge remote-tracking branch gerrit/cheshire-cat
 018a4b9af MB-47647 Replace ~p with ~0p in incompatible_cluster_version_error
 be7dd0ebf MB-47585 Require minimum 256 MiB for magma buckets
 8d98f721f MB-47387 Increase magma bucket creation timeout
 a03be9b63 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 d9574785b ui: use singletonGuard instead of forRoot
 39557f49e Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/cheshire-cat'
 69ee29f27 Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/cheshire-cat'
 a36cdcb2c Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/cheshire-cat'
 c055801cd Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 18703b30c Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into master
 be64aac2a Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/cheshire-cat'
 e26e66905 MB-46898 make couple of event handlers aware of cluster_compat_version
 02e82c4db MB-46898 online upgrade infrastructure for chronicle
 8cb64b730 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 0c531104e Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 a8b85c9d2 formatting
 110a01b5e Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 8e8c5783c MB-47543 Add handle_call clause for all_local_hot_keys ...
 60d35c86a ui: use forRoot in order to mark singleton service
 7b1fc8be0 MB-47124 Remove unused XDCR audit events
 f8f895598 ui: add modules for MnAdmin, MnBuckets, MnPools services
 46885c703 ui: comment out enableInternalSettings stream
 dca6c4204 ui: move services related functions into mnPoolsService
 29d0c593e ui: add MnKeyspaceSelectorServiceModule
 4dfdc6b21 Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/cheshire-cat'
 89eadd866 MB-45374 added the cluster.settings.indexes!read permission to the
 a974b485b MB-47380: cbcollect_info to capture additional XDCR info
 666edd37b MB-46665 replication_developer role requires developer preview
 8bae130af MB-46665 Add additional roles tests
 a2cd3ece2 MB-46665 Disallow XDCR permissions for security_admin
 21bd60a72 MB-46665 Add XDCR developer role
 49a013be5 MB-46665 XDCR Admin gets CCR merge function read permission
 c0986cbd5 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 3103764d8 ui: remove mnTemplateUrl import
 66826194c ui: don't wrap import.meta.url into function
 267889e17 ui: use import.meta.url to get absolute path from relative
 da390518a ui: use relative path to import modules
 df7d90cff Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 c863e2f4e Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 b80ae4606 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 f6b1dc086 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 ff7971b5e Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 a79a52157 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 51cf29bdc MB-47209: Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 5e6783e9c Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 c08cae6ca MB-46788 Upgrade Alerts Setting Page to Angular
 a5415d91e MB-43482: create Angular component for the logs page.
 760a53fd1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 d47f40995 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 04f5f1878 MB-41101 UI: no longer need developer preview for magma
 e68fa8ece MB-41101 No longer require developer preview for magma
 96f8818ef Remove no longer used code
 ccdf856d1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/cheshire-cat'
 976c087b7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 fa52fbd07 MB-45312 handle the race between bucket being available to select
 3ee8d61dd Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/cheshire-cat'
 101f811f9 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 3af37ea34 MB-46279 make sure that file:rename doesn't happen when we wait
 c36a760d2 MB-41191: Pass new ipv4 and ipv6 command line args to indexer
 23c557927 MB-41191: Pass new ipv4 and ipv6 command line args to projector
 43d4a5f4c MB-41763 Remove top_keys per bucket code
 3fb5e4127 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 2dd6f52ec Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/cheshire-cat'
 4f1870850 MB-46175: Pass new ipv4 and ipv6 command line args to eventing
 d04a23ac8 MB-46417 Upgrade sample buckets page to new version of angular
 f532c92d7 MB-44119 Add bucketname and uuid to pools/default
 a27eea4a6 MB-45608 Mask Basic Auth Headers in process dumps
 2ae42f2b4 remove cluster_compat_version from audit.json UID
 a6b222a51 get rid of upgraded app-old files
 c8ecb9010 MB-44777 Remove bucket password related permissions
 e6a0e621f MB-44777 Remove use of auth_type bucket property
 f9b0c47b2 MB-44777 Remove saslPassword and authType from ruby scripts
 b3867203a MB-44777 Remove saslPassword and authType from cluster_run
 42cddab8e MB-44777 Minor sasl_password and bucket cred changes
 e92a3253e MB-44777 Deprecate sasl_password in REST APIs
 df67abb1a rename app-new folder to app-old
 3b6122d43 fix MnSelectComponent when it doesn't have search field
 6cb6c3dff Revert "MB-46143: also format log lines with empty arguments"
 9d2b0ff59 Allow stats descriptions to be dumped from the UI
 86332c658 fix alt+click shortcut in add node dialog
 60ad8b225 MB-46784: Mn-select component: highlight the selected value for Angular.
 f1246270a MB-46556: set map_opts before initial map
 d20b2d475 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 402aa5571 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 d16a76681 Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/cheshire-cat'
 377b70740 Test io_lib:format/3 with random terms
 4ad6c773a MB-46676: Mn-select component: highlight the selected value.
 690dd5d4a Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat'
 a432d69f2 MB-44777 Remove unused ns_bucket:sasl_password
 b13a94f61 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into couchbase/master
 7b64a5d0d Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into master
 a1cc9be94 MB-46640: Provide better error message and different response code
 aee06d804 Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/cheshire-cat'
 1bf51a18a MB-46599: remove redundant transition() call
 fa7748e4d MB-46625 Add bucketType to terse bucket info
 9eb481058 Merge remote-tracking branch cheshire-cat into master
 6ca778ec6 Merge remote-tracking branch cheshire-cat into master
 e995187a2 MB-46568: Fix Reader/Writer Thread Settings selects from Settings page.
 d6875c491 MB-46470: show /nodeInit hostname error
 3f34589dc MB-46569: use hidden insted of ngIf to hide mn-collections-scope-details
 4ca672c5a [cluster_run] Add custom directory option
 54de5bcbb MB-46479: upgrade mn-main-spinner to angular
 f6893f80f MB-46555: Fix scroll issues inside mn-select component.
 6a84c04d2 MB-45501 Improve sample bucket installation error message
 974386df7 MB-46480 Add new line at the end of rebalance report
 75c013b20 MB-46495 Add NEO version and compat mode functions
 5940710a1 MB-46143: also format log lines with empty arguments
couchstore is at 53aa9c3, changes since last good build: 
 53aa9c3 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 19f191d MB-54106 : Link couch_view_* targets to the new libplatform variant
 1409675 MB-54017: Avoid boost::is_any_of due to clang false-positive
 af25642 MB-53923: couch_dbdump: Output CAS as string in JSON mode
 20c6191 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo' into master
 a18ecae MB-53929: map-reduce tests: Update expected V8 error msg
 a0a5f31 MB-53485: Update to V8 10.7.21 including ICU changes
 fc34b8d MB-53485: Update to V8 10.7.21 including ICU changes
 803ec5f Refactor: mcbp::datatype moved to cb::mcbp::datatype
 20545dc Fix couchstore-testapp test on s390x
 f0c688c [Refactor] Use std::thread instead of our own thread impl
 60c58ad Modernize couchstore_ methods to get error strings
 3e71475 MB-52010: Fix couchstore_docinfos_by_id returning key out of range
 651cc25 MB-51107: Make seekFirstHeaderContaining() O(log N)
 5060dc2 MB-51369: Fix granularity computation at PiTR compaction
 99ccb92 MB-51369: Header0 timestamp is 0 on empty data file
 56b0f7b MB-51421: Merge 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into 'couchbase/neo'
 d94353b MB-35297: Rename error SCAN_ABORTED->SCAN_CANCELLED
 7df306d MB-51421: couch_dbdump incorrect decode of flex_code for deletion source
 6b0bd76 MB-35297: Add new status codes for scan
 6891619 Fix couchdb-couch_set_view-19-compaction-retry test on s390x
 045b9af MB-35297: Add a test to better demonstrate the RANGES feature
 b21d5b1 MB-50521: Fix deference of nullptr in make_nodelist
 0bf3a4b MB-49819: Dump JSON as ASCII & escape any UNICODE chars
 8a13cc7 MB-49817: Fix regression of doc id printing under --json
 21a382b MB-49817: Ensure --json outputs valid json
 70053f3 MB-49820: Ensure we always decode keys using namespace
 6eea212 Clang-Tidy:
 5aa7c4c MB-49810: commit time should be nanoseconds
 05c4320 MB-48684: Tweak encodeDocKey so it works for system events
 b84008e MB-48684: Move encodeDocKey to storage_common
 0ffcadc MB-48684: Support --collection  and --prepare in couch_dbdump
 ad9a6ed CBD-4161: Prep for BSL conversion
 6ef7e31 Update cmake macros for gsl-lite
 ac9ee85 MB-48363: Ignore CHECKSUM_FAIL errors during header scan at offset 0
 25f5181 MB-42122: Adapt to portability changes in local doc parsing
 af25f11 Use modern cmake to locate gtest
 41ea3cb MB-42122: Move local doc parsing code to kv_engine
 797225b Use modern cmake for nlohmann
 e91ab5b Move to_json(Header) to own file
 9fc83a4 MB-46000: Use cb_add_test_executable() for all test programs
 8033dea MB-38077: Enable unity build for large couchstore targets
 b460c28 MB-38077: Remove redundant declaration when using unity
 16b57ae MB-38077: Remove duplicated macros
 8074a8d Fix warning: unused variable ‘crc32’ [-Wunused-variable]
 9360c82 MB-38077: Fix duplicate declaration errors when using unity build
 a325fd6 MB-37956: Remove deprecated #include 
 34b980c Fix MSVC warnings in couchstore
couchdb is at 0b5a474, changes since last good build: 
 0b5a4749 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 bd00a254 MB-53661: Reverse couchdb config_profile key
 e38d1667 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 69c78c28 MB-53485: Update to V8 10.7.21 and remove dependency on icudtl*.dat files
 ce2baecf Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 ecacbbd4 MB-52565: Remove view engine in elixir
 ff57b710 MB-51672 : Ignore dcp stream response data type
 1da06917 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 0dc30ae7 MB-50383: Check log files presence for compact done call
 bc6b3d94 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 0e4ca75e MB-50383: Use correct seq number when stream is successfully closed
 56706c87 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 fe0c62aa MB-51255: Fix num ack byte count in unit test
 c787bb91 Revert "MB-50383: Use correct seq number when stream is successfully closed"
 fff78b59 MB-51118 : nifs dependency lookup
 7794c190 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 0f94ab9a MB-48813: Remove updater from waiting list when stop updater is called
 7b48b331 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 45da43d7 MB-50383: Use correct seq number when stream is successfully closed
 e7a2896f Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 48ba4890 MB-50616: Return error in case of bad http request
 f4bf84cc Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 1da99e2f MB-50302 : Sanitize usernames before pushing event logs
 fca2e6bc Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 89703b99 MB-49032: Increase system event request timeout to 5 seconds
 4c553e32 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 f9cf316e MB-46868: OTP23/24 warnings / deprecations
 fe47d1ba MB-46868: otp24 ssl:cipher_suites in mochiweb
 b62c5b66 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 27eb85d0 MB-48793: Fix json key format
 f869fd35 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 745b99f3 MB-47026: Fix dialyser crash
 0ddda9c4 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 f2f01695 MB-47026: Views system event
 f6dccb66 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 c4e28eb3 MB-48347: Update CMAKE_MINIMUM_REQUIRED to 3.13
 f2ebb884 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 957ebfdf MB-48277: Make sure couchdb using correct loopback address.
 e78b7508 MB-46404: Acess denied audit log entry enabled by default
 1958f005 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 fe05f3ba MB-46404: Add access denied audit event
 a4b72360 MB-37246: Limit DCP connection name to 200 characters
 985fab15 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 f3d92940 MB-47094: Handle memcached connection errors
 a14215c3 MB-47273: Fix real user id domain
 6f8d15a9 MB-47094: Extract the real user from the menleaus-user and domain Headers
 c39e9528 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 3f1efee7 MB-47094: Handle error during send and receive of audit message to memcached
 c11daf52 MB-47094: Limit couch audit message queue
testrunner is at 1a8c9cb, changes since last good build: 
 1a8c9cb2e Add more sanity testing for fts rus.
 6bb7a2888 Raise CBQError when error encountered in run_query
 a0cfa3ec3 Query/GSI tenant management lib methods added
 d07bac794 Port test case to Elixir Service
 2f4847fec Update TC for metering
 a5b04746c Revert "Moving serverless_basetestcase to SDK version 4 compat code"
 891b6e2db Retry SRV lookup
 c03465447 Moving serverless_basetestcase to SDK version 4 compat code
 69f64000f add n1ql search and n1ql flex index to fts sanity.
 19972012e added tenant testcases to fts
 c647ed732 Filling gaps in upgrade testing
 8d81c7634 Add dontImportSampleData to deploy database
 c3b79f934 Port metering test cases to Elixir service
 b401cc88a Query tenant management tests/DP user creation fixes/GSI sanity suite fixes
 e9d689b31 Elixr GSI test cases automation helper functions
 f671f3306 added test to run rest based queries in fts
 486705fb3 Port metering test cases to Elixir service
 2fe536ee4 num_of_docs_per_collection initialised as an instance variable
 1aef74dee Temp commit for GSI deadlock validation
 446db4939 Add sanity tc for udf js and join
 e963a13bc More gsi metering tests.
 17b34fe18 Check no KV RU
 6c5e05bb8 Add tc for throttling
 501138ead Fixes for onprem job
 56ad1578d Dataload method added
 2c6face41 MB-53948: test case for parallel index creation
 7f64927ae Add drop index option during teardown
 57c41c82f Storage Limit test cases
 f3f295f72 Fix conf file
 a8c0796d3 Fixed make test-gsi-integrations-tests failing on GSI CI
 c1ce4fbfd Fix conf file
 08e020504 Removing powerset call
 b918ed81f Adding infra for gsi serverless testing
 69ce4303f Added fts elixir sanity tests
 b390dcd19 CBQE-7658: kv_engine-post-commit-master failing  "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'capellaAPI  .capella'"
 5c3983ab2 Fixes for array_flattening job.
 dc5bd5b3d Add 7.5 release
 d37d7594b KV metrics now include 'for' label
 546e0a176 Adding log_collection functionality for serverless tests
 ff47f7e6b Add fts metering sanity tc
 4c977580c Fixes for array_flattening job and tuq_metering job.
 768a110d8 GSI metering sanity tc
 d690f7c6d Create bypass user set to False by default
 68a8d0ce3 Making bypass user creation optional/ GSI alter/missing index test fixes
 2e0ff0bcf Modified remove to purge for debian, to remove all config files
 c02c4733f elixir fts test
 6a69059f5 move throttling index test
 de651d01c Add array index case
 79d4e1bb6 Move/Rename serverless query tests
 868581c22 New throttling tc
 6d401fb80 Create DBs with DataplaneID functionality added/sanity.conf modified for GSI
 90ad7edc7 New TC for query metering
 4c3a27b30 Adding '-y' option to apt-get install step
 4243b9921 added testcases to fts-tenant-management
 cac7f484e Adding more test for 2i metering.
 8b7eeea87 GSI tests test_max_limit_indexes_per_tenant added/test_cluster_affinity updated
 9d4d2418a Update import for sdk3, add metering/throttling to sanity conf.
 3a5387ad9 Basic sanity for query service on elixir
 e83ab71f6 Update pattern to account for optional fields in metering
 8dc3a90f0 Added testcase to fts-tenant-management
 4dd21ead6 Tenant management test automation
 a97134c30 Sanity tc for throttling
 278036983 Add basic serverless service tc for metering
 75d511126 Aggregate metrics across all nodes
 eb9eff9dc Add testcases for 2i metering.
 dc1cc763b Adding tenant_management_serverless.conf file
 865fcba15 Refactor test to use metering library
 2f4c24a31 Moving import dns.resolver to inside the method
 0bc90f1b8 CBQE-7649: Support managing serverless databases in testrunner
 ebd2cc932 CBQE-7651: Fix cbindex CLI calls in standalone tests
 462ef0f75 Update TC to include seq scan unit
 4fd459a61 Disable cbo cluster wide by default for testing purposes.
 3741f3c6a Library for metering and throttling
 587e2b329 adding fts elixir test
 e1ca0215b Test cases for compute unit and sequential scan
 f2361d10b Test cases for metering
 d105f075c Test cases for metering
 3e9d0b026 Grouping RBAC tests
 76f29aa55 New test cases for metering
 b07ef19e3 Test case for scope/collection limits
 7c78bcd57 fix for index name scopeing in flex napa test
 339f39d12 Update capella api import
 99827b9b8 load doc toll dgm only if active resident ratio is not 100%
 2cffc9194 Test automation for Tenant Management for GSI
 9d4229a06 Add tc for metering
 1b413d266 fix fts regression from go spatial automation
 f196cc11f Metering test cases for return and upsert
 4526ac5fb changes for index name scoping
 24f10ce56 Added tests for new FTS feature, geospatial search.
 43a5ce82f Add new template for dgm magma jobs to run in elixer.
 fe3c81580 adding more fts tests
 b34cc53b3 Add gsi throttling test cases
 17393cc04 Add metering and throttling test cases
 9d2a1f497 Revert "This PR adds testrunner tests and a sample dataset for geospatial query support."
 6d92d832b This PR adds testrunner tests and a sample dataset for geospatial query support.
 cb0a14601 Update metering unit
 a1eadefc5 Query metering sanity test cases
 97cd72e66 CBQE-7623: Add redirect to tools standalone package in bkrs tests
 64712228f Revert "Import capella stuff only when capella flag is on."
 71ebd5157 Conf file changes for 7.2 runs
 efbbcac4c Multiple tools 7.1.2 test fixes
 e702c05b4 Removing redundant conf file for create_bucket tests
 f22a934d8 Removing unused bucket_test::test_with_windows
 063dc3a2b Import capella stuff only when capella flag is on.
 200c68958 Fix for enospc errors
 c7f7fb2fa Fixing logic for node_memcached_failure test in Auto-reprovision
 c32a25d7f adding tests for MB-52163
 205189bf2 Adjust the Windows cygwin call to the date, because it was returning an error
 001d5a097 CBQE-7636: Use CapellaRESTAPIs module in testrunner
 936c61034 Update get/set for memcache
 42308e7bd Modification of existing topology tests for multi collection feature
 c0c298e01 Commenting out workloadgen step in alter_index_replicas
 7095b5c36 Leading missing index keys fixes
 6e16c8a4a Update expected plan
 e24d179b7 adding new ini file with es7 node
 5e88163df Fix advisor tc
 9c2e2a2d8 testDispatcher: Adding support for elixir_onprem server_type
 9ae22bff4 Initial Azure commit
 79f0c33d7 Update expected advise for aggregate query
 418dd7ab4 CBQE-7627: Fix localstack get_servers
 0ec66b1b0 CBQE-7624: Adding serverless config bringup during installation
 6b0e6b6be indexscans_gsi suite_setup/teardown added
 ee6661805 CBQE-7556, CBQE-7557 & CBQE-7558: Infrastructure Changes to support capella changes
 018cf5656 Enabling 7.1.2 in testrunner
 bd824a294 MB-52400: Add serverless testing for jenkins commit validation
 69a1719e3 CBQE-7621: Fix dispatch of additional servers
 828934b1c Initial changes to run fts w/magma in dgm.
 53b4a2f5c Increasing max bucket ram quota to 3 GB for magma tests
 8cb9a85c0 Making the os check generic for all versions of windows
 d88c86057 CBQE-7616: Create tests for read-only archives in CBBM
 81e8cd13c Adding CapellAPI repo as submodule
 a9868599b CBQE-7527: 7/n Test TLS ciphers used(TLS versions 1.2 and 1.3)
 9dc5c3d67 CBQE-7620: Create tools standalone package install step for new_install
 67870dbbc CBQE-7621: Support ubuntu20 arm in test dispatcher
 f8f26ea2e conf file addition for servergroup test cases on TAF
 d9eeef2da MB-52438: add sleep before create index
 715e00494 Increase timeout for pause resume test
 185d964bc Test automation for Include Missing Key feature for GSI/Query
 3a8e4b439 [MB-52419] Add primary index for explain cte
 c48bec0f9 Adding support for rhel9
 48f2e2f1f Adding magma tests running at 20% DGM
 b934e631d automation Tests for MB-51490
 65dd9688e Changes to support eventing service with magma storage engine on master branch
 0b98155ab Adding auth support in testDispatcher
 3708c2805 Fixes for TLS failures for GSI
 2d9084f36 Adding support for Elixir and Morpheus
 3c2520ebb Fixes for TLS failure for GSI
 816f080cf Disabling tls verification during sys_events get call
 68ed9f954 fix for TLS failure for GSI
 9e3004030 MB-51354: 3/n Verify working of HTTP PATCH REST API
 bcb87dda6 Fixes for TLS port failure in GSI
 0cd69664a MB-51354: 1/n Add library support to update password using HTTP PATCH
 2d9c7aefe Fixes for TLS failure for GSI
 a01dae0e4 CBQE-7527: 6/n Test TLS cipher ordering(TLS versions 1.2 and 1.3)
 0b75f2c3b Adding changes for Neo feature in Post-Upgrade and Mix-Upgrade clusters
 61b27ad91 1. Added fix for cb_index move tests
 9efcd3145 Fix for TLS failure
 f7cf69531 convert port number to string before checking
 97a8477d1 Moving enforce-TLS below cluster reset to retain TLS enable throught the test
 138a2e001 use https when secure port is used.
 337cd7ef8 use unencrypted port when http is used.
 c68685f0b CBQE-7591: Removing support for 'can_abort_rebalace' in auto_fo settings
 c36b92fdb CBQE-7591: Removing can_abort_rebalance param from config files
 8836983f2 Adding 7.2.0 version to testConstants
 1b2ca6636 Adding support for Monterey
 7749b13fb CBQE-7564: 2/n Minor fix in teardown of
 f19a80979 CBQE-7564: 1/n Set CbServer.use_https=True explicitly when enforcing TLS
 5138c8008 Fixed merge failures while merging reports
 782994ae0 CBQE-7590: Fix backup log file compatibility check
 91c8ac6f8 Fixes for TLS failures
 fbd68db01 Gauntlet: Adding scenarios as individual tests
 5ad6fa737 CBQE-7527: 5/n Verify Couchbase supports TLS 1.3 ciphers when TLS minimum version set to 1.3
 a0e1ff852 Enabling 7.1.1 in testrunner
 13f83e636 Deploying initial documents during setup()
 bbe737e4a add test using rest api.
 a8d94989c CBQE-7586: Fix bucket name in s3 negative test
 f2bfccaec E2E: Avoiding multiple service cleanups and deployments
 673046340 add tools capella sanity.
 95e2399d0 Tracking total tests to execute before actual execution
 9a1759260 Performing docker cleanup in tearDown
 47d57b241 CBQE-7527: 4/n Verify TLS minimum version for all the versions
 2a61ac28b CBQE-7527: 3/n Test port security with encryption enabled and certificates
 d66d515d4 Fix for ttl job.
 4eff3a693 Some rqg jobs need more than 5 indexes at one time, increase the default index_limit.
 88e772c12 fix for rqg_unions.
 73af0a037 Fix for TLS failures
 53104eb26 Fix non-root path for audit config
 da8a08895 disable firewall fix
 368886cf0 Renaming e2e conf to gaunltlet
 4ffdf2d42 debugging
 d4ea075a2 Fixes test for TLS enabled
 260017295 Adding teardown
 29bb8c5c3 check nonroot if it is EE or CE
 540d8e5a6 e2e fix login, syntax
 ec1ee21b6 submodule fix
 df4b9ddb7 CBQE-7536: Fix FTS get_nodes when calling after enabling enforce_tls
 21fa4596e autofailover.ini file for capella added
 46de32335 CBQE-7527: 2/n Test port security and tlsv1.2 blocking
 0a3f14f18 Pulling images directly from dockerhub
 39dad37a1 Adding better exception handling
 3483f0c37 Fix non root path for remote_utils
 e54fc9ab3 Fix non root path for remote_utils
 9f5f3ae0b Fix cb executables to the ones we use in nonroot
 e6083e00a Fix nr_home_path to reflect new paths
 49e3c425f e2e - Fetch eth0 ip to find the current ip addr
 c8eee46fa Fixing hostname fetching using os module
 9af212e1b Adding template ini file for CBAS
 9f3b1fb4a Deploy e2e fixes
 0b5ce3e4a Checking in E2E tests
 f4cd44c07 Changing the handling for special cases when an invalid ip address is passed
 32f3b4e72 Handing special value for ip_address var
 162de9455 comment out test that is passing locally but failing on jenkins for now.
 fc5ed0478 fix for crud_ops_jobs. buckets never need to be bigger than 100 MB anyways.
 613b84560 CBQE-7532: Deploy gcp instances using custom hostnames
 a624d36a9 Adding getters for the services endpoints
 19248438b CBQE-7538 enable Ipv6 again after reset node if we test with Ipv6 cluster
 6c09d4fb3 Initial basic working script for deploying E2E App
 3c883d6b1 add release build of 6.6.4 and 6.6.5
 9e1fe28ee increasing sleep time after scope deleting in fts collection tests
 6bb2b3333 CBQE-7537: Fix TLS teardown in backup FTS test
 6af0c380d Fix for os_certify_job.
 a275abe63 comment out flaky tests and fix system event logging tests.
 8c19bcc8f CE does not support https
 728183092 Install non root user on deb and rpm using cb-nonpackage-installer from couchbase website.
 8615841ab CBQE-7534: Update expected error messages for backup/CLI
 a341593c8 Fix XDCR cert selection for backup
 9f78c5016 OS Certification test fixes
 f28e91802 commenting not required cases for fts
 569f435c6 MB-51600: Test case for iterator limit
 74d3f5bb4 Disabling unstable tests
 662088bc1 CBQE-7527: 1/n Test TLS minimum version
 e2227c918 fix for ansi_joins and ansi_nest_unnest.
 6500920bb Comment out failing test cases to be fixed.
 17bc76997 Wait for create scope/collection
 d9d3951f3 system event log fixes
 aace2524a Fix for sample tc
 ca3b50db9 Fixes for os_certify_n1ql.
 057e7ac36 Revert "use https port in get port when use https is true"
 377343ddb speculative fix for aggr pushdown tests + some extra logging.
 205d103fe MB-51590: add test case for multiple query statement (inner)
 de0eaac94 Disable KV error condition test failing for a long time
 00bfb62a3 CBQE-7524: Update CBBM XDCR tests to use new cert retrieval
 9a1304292 CBQE-7525: Change syslog failures param to prevent overlap
 318fe959c Conf file fixes backup_restore/os_certify
 694917b81 Fix for GSI failure in build test case
 429356b0b use https port in get port when use https is true
 d37fd5c75 Retry prepare post upgrade
 8c13ffa89 Add wait time before checking scope/collection
 943f12887 Enabling 7.0.4 in testrunner
 cebcf3507 Split job into groups and disable unstable ephemeral bucket testcase
 80eb8726b Fix for misc test cases: - advise: update recommended index - skip range: disable query d - window function: add non null predicate
 eaf39aa99 Neo regression fixes - 3
 9a733f1f1 Disabling unstable jobs for Neo tests
 de85adb05 Change server-add
 2a1a8fced Disabling Magma jobs for memcached errors
 3906275a3 Eventing: fix minor testware issue and comment out unstable tests
 a755f6847 CBQE-7509: 4/n Delete few tests from py-collection-rbac.conf
 2ee7d9087 Fix log issues in audit test: use --hard instead of --force for failover
 7af8ef9b8 Comment out unstable tests
 e6ec05e13 Neo regression fixes - 2
 24293e6d8 CBQE-7519: Fix backup restore directory checking on windows
 057bb2a0a remove dup tc's as sasl buckets dont exist anymore
 481c55a7c Fix log issues in audit tests
 d67d6dfca MB-49865 add upgrade test to future build sanity
 04337422d Fix for magma test case
 486f645c7 Fix for update stats test cases
 2a30f9c8e speculative fix for ansi_joins_clusterops.
 07a546725 CBQE-7515: Remove dead code
 751cd44cf Eventing: fix rbac tests
 8e2e7b557 Add general 3 nodes ini file for cloud.
 5f203bb7f update checking errors in setup xdcr
 cd6d67f4b Fix for advisor test cases
 f42233925 Partitioned partial upgrade/Concurrent indexes/Auto failover/Recovery GSI suite fixes
 793ecaefe Change order of test execution
 38c9c6f92 Neo regression fixes
 cb4f733a6 Update query for sanity_extended
 4d9281cfe Disable rotate cert
 a7b83fb94 Fixes for tuq_array_flattening and system_collections.
 bf620b310 CBQE-7509: 2/n Disable a few rbac cli tests
 35d4edc87 CBQE-7509: 3/n Delete an invalid test
 f2d50df8f fix for index management test failure
 c32d460cc set eviction_policy to full for dmg tc's
 9dca826b3 Fix for udf and ttl: Update expected caller info , add wait time
 9d2833650 MB-45957: Add test cases for parmetrize ORDER BY clause
 ded807888 hstname test case: comment
 da3f8d745 Use global function scope for upgrade tests
 08346eb81 increase the batch size so that load will happen in noprmal mode
 8a7cdb9c1 CBQE-7509: 1/n Disable an invalid XDCR ldap test
 f872330da new test cases for MB-49110.
 63eb98565 MB-37371: add tes cases for date_trunc_str()
 c85885bf8 created new group to avoid timeouts for rebalance
 7508f21a5 MB-15639: test cases for str_to_millis
 10f027914 Add test cases to group capella
 0871ac2e7 Minor fixes concurrent index tests
 f123e50ff Disable some flaky and duplicate autoretryfailedrebalance tests
 c62283bc2 1. Created a group label for magma jobs 2. Added fix for magma failure for assertion.
 fde0c98ab Fix for Autofailover
 d3a842120 comment memory sanity tests cases fails with temmp error
 3ef760230 add some sleep after persistance
 a7c74beab load using memcached when bucket type is membase
 8bb20173b fix for tunable basic_ops test
 ce2665bee MB-51346: Set magmaMinMemoryQuota
 52f708d91 MB-38257: test case for calendar month add and range
 4e3ea4afd Add an ldap TLS upgrade test
 393b2a618 New tests added: Persistent snapshot/Encryption backward compat
 e70c35557 update bucket name
 ab383251f Add capella sanity
 414bf311d Testcases for MB-51257.
 de7d3295b Update expected message
 47cc353e4 Eventing: adding 3-node ini file for capella
 e0ecacbbc Eventing: fixing log rotation and cli tests
 c7debb225 adding adding fts/2i capella resource files
 2faed1242 fixes for advise and UDF.
 00e0e7b96 Fix for array pushdown tests.
 f8b590fa3 Update expected error message
 9f0c2d1b1 Removing these tests as query defintions for expalin is not valid for employee and all dataset
 71934e02e Added option to change test suite db
 14021b6c8 define CAPELLA_LOCAL variable
 c892bc5d5 Delete one of the audit tests from sanity
 e6b525b11 Fixing stat issue in rebalance_validate_snap_start_end test
 3895a3c31 enable 7.2.0(morpheus) in testrunner.
 3ad3b4b47 adding CAPELLA_LOCAL as a serverType
 10faf6955 CBQE-7499: Fix CAS checking in python SDK tests
 09000667b CBQE-7498: Update S3 bucket creation exceptions
 209251d13 CBQE-7497: Fix merge validation for empty merges
 ee494fb6e CBQE-7494: Fix GCP restore comparison
 c48749634 test_backup_restore_with_rebalance_and_replica_index fix
 81992c556 Adding fix for dgm run for 2i tests
 a50b3654a Convert 7.0.0 to 7.0.3 and 6.6.3 to 6.6.5 for multiple CA upgrade
 75ee3798c Revert "Rearranging test case execution order to avoid test failure"
 d2fee66e2 CBQE-7492: Remove unnecessary cbwrapper test
 e24f3a1e3 CBQE-7491: Revert MB-47236 related changes
 e74b677dc Fixing TypeError
 015fcca9f Disable ip verification in audit log test
 cf9ef29ef Rearranging test case execution order to avoid test failure
 ac5ba9017 Fixes for magma DGM job.
 68ff61db9 slice os certify tools to 2 jobs to avoid hard code 720 mins in testexecutor
 bb4b5d787 CBQE-7490: Remove unnecessary CBBM list tests
 cdebbe6f2 Fixes for query context collections job.
 8de902a7d Make fixes for udf jobs.
 c0fad1ab3 CBQE-7485: Fix other service issues in backup service tests
 84a7e0498 CBQE-7484: Fix plan related backup service issues
 98ee84a48 CBQE-7481: Fix collection checks in TLS backup tests
 7149492dc CBQE-7482: Add check before adding nodes in view backup test
 942d499be CBQE-7483: Fix TLS for non multi CA index creation
 33ffa7339 CBQE-7479: Fix backup with XDCR test in TLS
 ad8d6ebf3 CBQE-7477: Remove unnecessary tests from backup magma suite
 96f832c0c Eventing: fixing testware issues
 df8cd43dc Validate user roles sdk
 6e3b269ea add release build 7.0.3 to get url
 f5df876d1 handle case where in offline upgrade from 6.x to 7.x data type is uncompressed (0) and new 7.x add in data type is compressed (2)
 a3416797a CBQE-7478: Additional fix for GSI backup in x509
 9d382a692 CBQE-7476: Fix GSI backup test in x509
 eafb74aed Fix error messages and stats alignment in kv eviction tests
 841892e72 MB-49397: add tc for create/drop function if/not exists
 68a77eab2 CBQE-7474: Fix "negative" test validation on merges
 b1b2f2404 Add dispatcher option to override server type name.
 fa4b538e7 CBQE-7471: Tests for allowing same function name in different function scope
 6e5631cd1 MB-51144: Change that stats that have been renamed in Neo
 44c388f8a Fix x509 basic old job
 c67dc9d86 Adding p2p tests
 5537ba615 change error checking to fix errors on greenboard.
 cc91f1dee Fix x509cli job
 e80edb7c0 Reducing no. of docs as MOI is going into paused state
 53ad1678b Adding NEO features to os-certify conf for GSI
 d33ae1eab TLS fixes for restore/backup
 874c39641 update check output and message in execute command.
 4c736992f Add md4 test case
 492eaf39c handle case where services is not None but empty list.
 1a8d4c3cd MB-31131: test cases for l/rpad functions
 667945cf4 Fix wildcard certs tests
 21827bd5d Validating RBAC user roles post upgrade
 f4fa1e90c Adding LDAP users
 758af3309 Eventing: fixing testware issues
 dd53ea543 Eventing: changes for allowing same function name in different function scope
 c7d8a10b5 Obsolete tests removed test updated
 a14138847 Fix x509(old) for windows
 7cafc3afa Fixes for gsi job failure
 ff1da45b7 MB-16624: test cases for hashbytes function
 fca6813be Fixes for GSI failures
 8dd904bfb Fixes for auto-failover
 703684443 Fixes for auto-failover
 4d78d3ef8 remove extra bucket params. Remove readd from cli.
 4f6fe01c0 Use with open(..) to be consistent with TAF
 fe40ce31d fix for ephemeral fts test
 f6c80588e new fature tests for os certification jobs
 6d7ccdf6e fixes for array flattening failures.
 c1902bb76 add 7.0.3 release build
 d1ddbb59e Fixes for error message change.
 e7bd79810 fixes for enhancements test cases.
 7c080cb1a Adding Neo related feature method for upgrade testing
 0bf985e73 MB-50961: test case for consume with explicit close
 3f6541bd8 get node version from cluster.
 ed3668d9e Logging statement added
 856d36219 Logging statement added
 ffa5b8365 Rotate rest URLs
 aa4a93be9 MB-49965: test case for JS/N1QL udf error handling
 2cb116f0c fix for debian
 c696b0d7f Fixes for System Event and Greedy Planner Jobs
 331679bc0 MB-50828: test case for consumed values
 542a8a3eb Fixing mob_convergence::subdoc-sdk tests
 481c66ff9 CBQE-7461: Bring misc merge functions inline with main merge function
 a1f04ed4a CBQE-7462: Remove invalid upgrade tests
 7846c98e3 MB-50717: test cases for library name validation
 ca4025ec7 Fixing test_key_inside_characters_negative
 59d5a45c5 Adding RBAC groups and users to multiple CAs upgrade test
 c7cb6e269 CBQE-7415: 1/n Adding neo features to upgrade testing
 401964ab3 add new windows server 2019 to install
 cb1ed1d3d Add sleep for collection
 9ba55633a Fix and move tc for advisor, stats and cbqshell
 580eb387a CBQE-7459: Fix audit log traging in backup service upgrade
 02f3df373 CBQE-7455: Update TTL checking for GCP
 febb0a860 CBQE-7456: Update missing bucket tests
 6d28efbae CBQE-7457: Update deprecated bucket types in backup tests
 49fb4475e CBQE-7451: Improve restore validation for merged backups
 b98d2d685 reduce kv quota for lower RAM vm.
 be3f968e2 fixes for os-certify rbac.
 20cb267de regenerate cert when run with secure conn
 a7bae44ad replace sasl bucket with standard one.
 abe89dc2f regenerate cert to connect to cluster.
 b7dc5d814 regenerate cert from node.
 15bdcfe45 fixes for rbac-n1ql in os_certify.
 323b90df8 slice in half rbac offline upgrade to be in range limit 720 mins in executor job.
 d12358e4f replace sasl with standard bucket in cli tests .
 658fe0832 replace sasl buckets with standard buckets
 a7f612c79 remove duplicate test. No need readd node, recovery does add node back.
 104154b76 CBQE-7446: Fix typo in search key name
 6ddb870aa CBQE-7443: Update expected help message for Neo
 87fa9a41b CBQE-7441: Reduce GCP vbuckets backed up
 96172ea24 Replace hardcoded size with bucket_size param
 a9e577418 Index name fix smart batching
 c1c115cd3 lower index RAM to fit total RAM of services
 ccb9d6072 add check error list
 b117c4c08 Add neo features to ext-sanity.
 b3c7d9f97 Conf file fixes test_build_multiple_index_concurrently_across_collections
 4128861d9 Eventing: fix security tests
 b4ec2d96d check if ip in hostname and add only ip to serverAdd and serverReadd
 d4446c3a8 work around for readd node and add node in couchbase cli.
 c3e960e22 Fixing upgrade paths for Neo
 f573145af Fixes for UDF tests.
 e6a976f10 Fixes for rbac failures.
 6a3b2c31c CBQE-7442: Update list of valid plans to follow new rules
 8e7a5452a CBQE-7440: Update plan creation in backup service tests
 80d2d3eae set date in 7.1.x requires from to period params.
 e05708082 update error messages in settings notification
 3e04a9fd6 update add server using secure connection
 f1a490b2c update direct upgrade build version to 7.1.x
 cc7332d54 Fix udf test failures.
 904470fc9 update error message
 acaf59194 update bucket created with standard bucket. Check output use check_output method. Check cluster type (EE or CE) before remove group server
 f965f54ef CBQE-7439: Fix invalid repo creation tests
 468a6c7d4 CBQE-7438: Fix buckets parameter for backup service repo tests
 c2d3e1707 CBQE-7437: Add support for multiple threads in backup and restore
 23f728e96 CBQE-7436: Fix typo in cloud backup regex
 db30113e6 Fixes for rbac failures.
 4696e7ace upgrade with neo features
 52889e7b3 Update expected message if primary index already exists
 1482763e0 Eventing: fix testware issues
 35f7c24fa views system event log support
 557684840 new test with restart couchbase before update
 b44bd2c86 adding upgrade fts tests with TLS
 84b7f3e7f Abort simple-test after first failure
 a14544aaf fixes for custom map tests failures
 4400fcdd2 update support direct upgrade from 6.6.5 and 7.0.3 to 7.1
 eb4fa6cf6 fixes for free tier limits
 42f353a3e CBQE-7430: Fix TLS backup service data load and restore
 486c70df9 CBQE-7428: Fix ephemeral bucker reset in backup tests
 ca049ecf6 CBQE-7429: Update additional expected error messages for Neo
 57f29e76c CBQE-7424 only upgrade from build support ubuntu 20.04
 f4017e620 CBQE-7208: 29/n Minor fix in generating x509 certs
 ef7d354fe Fix incorrect build variable
 a12ff2a32 Neo TC for upgrade
 b04c3aa18 add support ubuntu 20.04 from build 6.6.2
 6769bfdb1 remove unsupport direct upgrade version to Neo
 1c91b16fa remove zone only in EE
 6c0ded3c2 replace sasl bucket with standard bucket.
 0e5295cf9 CBQE-7418: Tag instances created by aws dispatcher
 139a3a028 CBQE-7422: Update expected error messages for Neo
 3783cd9e9 CBQE-7420: Fix plan body creation in backup service testing
 ab86f6042 CBQE-7417: Modify GCP default item list location
 2b719b13f Eventing: functional test for MB-46304
 858698430 Fixes for some query_collections jobs.
 9613feffe fixes for n1ql_rbac 2 failures.
 5f5aead92 fix n1ql_rbac failures.
 88fdfea3c Error message update
 924033188 Add the ability to turn on CBO for rqg.
 9fd2fc256 Finishing off UDF testing.
 2d937f19a Add Neo test cases for upgrade
 0cd611aa4 Build sanity fixes
 b8484e55a CBQE-7386: Improve validation handling for backup restore
 51c7f3786 CBQE-7407: Fix Multiple Root CA client certs for backup
 e6d9a160a Eventing: fix testware issues and add tls test for timers
 16b3c666c Fixes for udf n1ql job.
 b647991b6 UDF txns testing.
 27cec19cd CBQE-7408 skip check cacert when download build from S3 to install cb server.
 ae80450dc CBQE-7389 remove moxi tests from testrunner
 b31ffcb10 Adding client cert tests
 c0da9962c CBQE-7403: Improve GCP teardown speed
 fda75106c Fix rbac roles
 e5706217d Adding some more system events
 aae61150e Eventing: fix testware issues
 442e47458 multiple CA support for view
 b6bc88d8e fix for setting fts mem quota
 d2b9511fe Fixes for GSI System Event
 280151e99 Fix merge issues
 b6a240658 Adding 9 node ini file for concurrent fo testing
 41ea8d1b6 MB-50267: couchbase sdk needed only for sdk_connection test
 5edf72faa Force clean for sanity
 9b2798768 compare all lines with result.  Remove first line [ and last line ] in export list data
 bea4d852c Migrating changes for running GSI functional test with TLS enabled
 eef8850ae MB-49152: Transaction TC for JS udf
 ef95ecf47 Fix import export with secure connection
 d9caff1d0 Fix check output from CLI commands
 a9d525b7e Eventing: fix testware issues
 a23e4885f Fix test failures in eventing due to cluster not being reset after each test
 9c4b1913e uncommenting oso tests based on MB-49153
 800127393 Fixed the merge issue with test reports
 0d5c6dec8 Add tc for udf with search query
 c9646c916 changes to run java sdk client with tls
 87ad81284 more UDF testing.
 44bb3377e Added new tests for GSI System Events
 5016f88f4 MB-45242 update skip count test case
 03efd4533 MB-49860 add test case for gt 10 terms
 72a67ef6f changes for get bucket items count for tls
 9d8de39be CBQE-7386: Add new merge validation for backup tests
 dfbad2b14 CBQE-7380: Add improvements for x509 TLS testing
 59c7539b7 CBQE-7383: Fix GCP delete with prefix
 2166f5c4e TLS Fix
 a657fc6ba Optimise base setup and teardown
 eeff10873 XDCR system event logs
 23b59c26c Test case automation for GSI autofailover
 c1e9d9b2d support for multiple comp for sub comp regex
 d49fbdeb8 code to dispatch jobs based on regex
 842cf8356 CBQE-7346: Pass arch and server type to executor job
 3d6768ced Fix az terminate command
 45ee69a6f MB-49703 add create/drop scope/collection test cases with scope_admin role
 df4721468 CBQE-7253: Add maximum version flags for test suites
 2f9734919 add prepared query context tests plus a few other query context tests.
 94db07486 Adding support for 6.6.5 and 7.0.3 in testrunner
 8e115a195 no need key in azure template
 a51cf47c2 fix typo azure cloud
 04efaa575 Adding tests for System Events for GSI
 6ce1b0c45 Adding 8 node template file for cbas
 6975b4ef8 fix typo init type.
 f1b9beed2 Adding configurable timeout for compression to happen
 b5797e177 add Azure vms dispatcher to testrunner.
 2dbd19461 Slight fix for test case failures in tuq_advise
 b6d233234 check for version 0.0 for cluster run jobs
 926f5aeb1 Eventing: System event tests
 a1f49af9c to use http/port for community edition
 bc2d8f989 free tier limits tests
 0095f8584 CBQE-7355: Fix add_node for upgrade tests with <6.5
 d6e26b762 CBQE-7374: Fix TLS tests in backup_restore
 e84a24d3d CBQE-7358: Add tests for resuming restores in CBBM
 ea6e42e30 add a recursive test and a try_catch test.
 8e6c5eaf3 CBQE-7377 enable checking rza not in CE and turn on after migrating from CE to EE.
 23dfe0c55 Multiple CA tests
 b73248e8c N1ql UDF tests.
 ae5405235 CBQE-7362: Update system event log parsing for new format
 c225b6a6d CBQE-7350: Fix GCP teardown with tests in parallel
 cc2f3d87c Add TC for n1ql js udf
 c1989af90 Fixed alter index cases for repetitive check
 8e4ec9e7c Fix for concurrent index case in free-tier tests
 ee48c0190 Eventing: fix testware issues
 633e83017 CBQE-7352 add semi colon to separate command
 bcdc46ae7 CBQE-7352 delete binaries cached in suse vms.
 4312f2714 Add TC for n1ql js udf
 31db4f394 use https to add node in cli.
 9c2ee1780 Additional N1QL UDF test cases
 6061aba8b MB-49593: disable action=failover test cases
 68051a19b Fix old x509 jobs
 a616e1638 add 6.5.2, 6.6.3, 7.0.0 and 7.0.1 to release builds
 7a714f20a CBQE-7348: Add support for system event log checking in backup service
 aa4b01644 CBQE-7328: Merging sys_event_log lib changes from TAF
 40e7ae360 CBQE-7208: 28/n Initial upgrade tests
 e1afb32c3 dummy suite setup/teardown stable_topo fts
 9a9fdbdde Remove unnecessary bucket delete retries
 7f296230e CBQE-7349: Add retry to TLS enforcement checking
 ab9ec0afd Eventing: Multiple root CA and encrypted private key tests
 90016472f New n1ql udf test cases
 e8e20fabd fts tests for system events
 140bcd9a6 Add support for use_udf
 4c5266937 System event logs.
 6e13611ed Update non-ssl to ssl port mapping
 85b331a39 Additional n1ql udf test cases
 49a70dba1 CBQE-7347: AWS install broken
 7e5c7fec8 CBQE-7208: 27/n Minor fix in failover and rebalance out
 84e8013ba CBQE-7208: 26/n Fix missing shell disconnect
 4fe1198c9 CBQE-7208: 25/n Create bat file for windows
 6182d7842 p2p regression
 90f454f49 fix crash tests.
 145694476 free tier limits tests.
 4cc95fecb CBQE-7196: failoverServerGroup is removed
 5597795d5 CBQE-7328: Fetching all events for sys-event validation
 99c1ecfa0 CBQE-7208: 24/n Fixes for windows
 01cfd6c42 CBQE-7328: Updating rebalance events for system_event_logs
 516968999 gsi changes for multiple ca
 2c505dc00 CBQE-7328: Adding bucket name in scope/collection specific events
 5c732197d enable backup/retore tests to work with multiple ca
 7db6a7101 CBQE-7328: Fixing system event log APIs
 5f83b0c39 Test Automation for GSI Free Tier
 a48e48062 New n1ql js udf test cases
 33e24dd58 CBQE-7307: Create dispatcher that uses gcp
 e79ba9000 CBQE-7208: 23/n Increase the key length to 2048 by default
 c4a3e4dda CBQE-6629: RBAC related changes
 364f07512 n1ql javascript udf test cases
 d02fe24bd Finish up array index flattening test.
 914754891 some more changes for MB-40469
 848fb76ee CBQE-7328: Adding support to reset event_counter in lib
 a17f381a5 CBQE-7208: 22/n Pass the correct set of servers to auth function
 5bed527e3 CBQE-7208: 21/n Add groups in multiple CA conf files
 805384317 CBQE-7237: Eventing RBAC testing
 e3c89af79 code changes for FTS multiple ca
 a0c7a7838 use https for node add always - MB-40469
 09adf6cac Fix index and n1ql port
 9d0d67dad CBQE-7328: Moving constants into cb_constants file
 d4e4b7d9e CBQE-7328: Fixing user/password update in rest object
 fba784347 CBQE-7208: 20/n Add a wildcard dns in node certs FT
 1bc06e340 CBQE-7208: 19/n Verify teardown of certs with n2n encryption
 8efc9bcf7 CBQE-7208: 18/n Check audit for upload/deletion of CA
 d44b2388c More array index flattening tests.
 e3dbd7de1 more array index flattening test cases.
 9d413f673 CBQE-7208: 17/n Migrate some class variables to object variables
 420103103 CBQE-7328: Skipping sys_event_log validation if there is no test logs
 049bf664d CBQE-7328: Adding duplicate event validation with respect to timestamp
 c8079278d CBQE-7328: Updating sys event msgs and severity for kv/nserv
 e5820c370 more array index flattening tests.
 340287f9f Remove redundant tc's from extended sanity.conf
 04806fb92 CBQE-7208: 16/n Add node restart with encrypted pkeys FTs
 63c0b60e3 Fixing reference for CbServer import
 4d6008f30 Fixing import issues wrt system event logs
 4faea7872 Reduce num docs for py-rebalance-extended-sanity.conf, Data load times are slow in cloud currently
 249e95a63 CBQE-7329: Fix tunable tests
 0cbce77e2 CBQE-7328: Adding system_event_logs library support
 c13839340 CBQE-7208: 15/n Drop a ToDo
 5059893f0 Enabling 6.6.4 in testrunner
 6575aa3ae Update expected error message
 94bdbecfe Update expected error code
 78c47b0fc Add more array index flattening tests.
 bddc603d7 CBQE-7340: Create multiple root CA tests for tooling
 2ef2d901a CBQE-7319: Add support for multiple root CAs in backup testing
 84178e0e1 New test cases for TLS and multiple root ca certificate
 7b7ad43d9 set node to use hostname after reset node if test needs hostname to run.
 8d6197c74 More array_index_flattening testing.
 4a114bf87 CBQE-7323: Timeout in wait_for_vbuckets_ready_state when using ssl
 c03c15256 set aarch64 amzn2 ami in us-east-1 region
 9b8195b97 add amzn2 amd64 template and set default region to N. Virginia
 2e5e13bb6 CBQE-7208: 14/n Some Negative FTs
 2db326654 CBQE-7208: 13/n Add support to delete unused out of the box CAs
 92a994973 CBQE-7208: 12/n use_https=True during rebalance
 23bde2d8a CBQE-7326: AWS dispatcher failing when creating localstack instance
 9d35bb721 CBQE-7208: 11/n /loadTrsutedCAs is not localhost-only API
 4465964bd Removing views tests from magma build sanity and updating ramQuota to 256MB
 0bdf63698 CBQE-7154: Fix incorrect usage of internal ip
 97f089fde add set hostname in reset storage mode.
 031a3c4e2 Array index flattening check in, some test cases have bugs associated.
 e4389034b set hostname to rebuild restore cluster if hostname=true
 5efe5fc7a after reset cluster, init hotname if ip is hostname.
 fd3648ed6 CBQE-7154: Revert bkrs rebalance changes
 e628a2783 Handle https for udf and curl functions
 f9ac4740f CBQE-7208: 10/n  ensure that scripts must reside in scripts folder
 569a0549a CBQE-7315: Add remaining ini files for GCP testing
 16a45e84e Adding more tests to magma build sanity
 257c289c1 CBQE-7154: Add alternate address support through .ini and parameters
 4529b8347 Include '204' status code in "success" series
 c055da6de CBQE-7208: 9/n Add initial cluster ops positive FT
 6dcf35a11 Added async call for failover triggers
 01d86eb5a CBQE-7302: Add magma tests to build sanity for backup_restore
 cba6be0fc Fix bucket storage setting
 fe4d4ae03 CBQE-7318: Fix parameter mismatch in HTTP configuration for backup service
 e45a9dd45 CBQE-7311 add os_certify ini file and offline_failover to os_certify conf.
 7d2a200dc CBQE-7305: Terminate AWS dispatched instances after 12 hours
 9cb903bf8 CBQE-7311 remove white space in conf file.
 a8ecfc503 CBQE-7311 add upgrade tests to os certification and upgrade from 7.x.x to Neo
 7a47dd625 CBQE-7309: Implement couchstore-magma compatibility tests for bkrs
 2239d24b2 CBQE-7266: Update install script to use yum, apt-install and zypper for linux platforms
 1818a5608 Update for enforce_tls
 a2e1204a6 CBQE-7284: Fix GCP auth file passing for jenkins
 ddedcf40a CBQE-7198: Add enforce_tls support for backup service testing
 8f2fc2e03 CBQE-7192: Fix curl protocol selection for CBBM tests
 92fbec3ea CBQE-7201: Fix parameter mismatch in HTTP backup configuration
 72f57491e CBQE-7206: Add enforce_tls test for cbimport/export
 52dcba22b CBQE-7193: Add support for enforcing TLS in CLI tests
 b7118599c CBQE-7191: Create Enforce TLS tests for CBBM
 c902581b2 Update handler schema parameter name
 f9bd5be4f CBQE-7303: Remove unnecessary sleep after uninstall
 2236ef3ea CBQE-7200: Add audit denied events support for backup service testing
 6ffd9c334 Fix skip range keys for new behavior in enhancement.
 b44e96c15 CBQE-7208: 9/n Don't copy when using pkcs#1 standard
 9abb62f95 CBQE-7208: 8/n Fix bash script and ..
 019e70603 Update error message
 cada357ce check first 10 keys in AWS server.
 786a09e4a Fixes for xdcr,buckettests magma build sanity
 fbb62aa34 CBQE-7281: Fix GCP init parameters
 de8033b1b modify hostname check to work with AWS instances.
 59724cae1 Update error code
 279810ded Update error message
 6e9bd6929 Fix to split conf file correctly
 4cae0d0ab Magma build sanity conf files
 ecd7a176e Changes for Eventing RBAC feature
 f36bec0fd CBQE-7274: Increase bucket size for backup examine tests
 6cebf8d45 CBQE-7208: 7/n Infra for pkcs#8 private keys
 cf321b0d0 Fixes for GSI failures
 1509a6594 Tests for Smart Batching of GSI indexes
 013e96517 Fix AWS additional pool id
 27e6790da MB-38737 MB-19784 test cases for ddl
 7f8d6fb9e CBQE-7262: Allow additional ip in aws dispatcher
 db76f3d2d CBQE-7270: Temporarily disable merge validation
 f877ee589 CBQE-7269: Fix typo in provider search method call
 dfd5d28bb CBQE-7268: Add google-cloud-storage to testrunner requirements
 ca8ed9d64 CBQE-7260: Support debian 11 in installer
 5587539dc Update graceful failover test cases - add transaction timeout test cases - update conf file services_init to be consistent
 34b554039 CBQE-7250: Add backup to GCP support for testrunner
 51be318c4 CBQE-7208: 6/n Drop a ToDo
 074a02127 CBQE-7263: Fix error/help message checks in testrunner
 904a87c36 Fix cluster run cases for some cbstats commands
 7bbe68e72 MB-48576: update test case to do double stop
 67d86a9bf CBQE-7157: 4/n Fix vbuckets stats using cbstats
 dbd6a0722 AWS Dispatcher
 ca9690843 CBQE-7208 5/n streamlining config for x509 & improving client certs
 c834c48e4 CBQE-7247: install failure with suse12 in build sanity
 e829c863c magma tests for alter index
 4f49606d4 Fix for tuq_curl.
 a075e9d54 Add errors field for audit case
 bf4393a8e Remove breakpoint
 5d6f3052c Eventing: fix couchbase-cli tests
 aeca4f57d MB-16764: add test case for syntax error for reserved keyword
 42d5ca8ac Slight fixes for tuq_magma for lower dgm percents.
 3017eaa42 Add condition for error message/code
 64e9ef478 Fix uninstall command spacing
 b247f2b5b Remove all rpm couchbase packages
 44f87315d CBQE-7208: 4/n Add a validation class
 df40b0201 local host is added to enable all view audit logs
 b819acb55 Changing bucket size for dgm
 a90e8e171 New test cases for query graceful failover
 ae8712dc5 Adding new test for greedy planner
 cb4ae5c43 CBQE-7208: 3/n Fix client settings endpoint
 810ea8482 CBQE-7208: 1/n Create util for multiple_CAs
 98f6ad872 Don't copy build if it already exists and the file size is equal
 429644483 Remove hard sleeps in install
 cfbd06231 By default views audit logs are not enabled, added curl command to enable all view audit events
 e33544fc0 adding gsi recovery tests with kv dgm
 217fc3ba1 Pushing cbas array_indexing on behalf of analytics team.
 7050cd853 Fix failures in n1ql auditing tests.
 24f408769 Modified conf file
 42eb61cb3 changed conf file
 cdbad4fca CBQE-7216: 2/n Drop a ToDo
 4d25553a9 modified conf file
 c77415e52 Fix error message
 eca4d1b2a Add Amazon Linux as systemd os
 6dde5a472 CBQE-7217: Fix integer conversion error in DGM data loader
 e0a41b839 Uncomment a test in conf for audit events
 dbdfdfee9 CBQE-7216: 1/n: Change TSD to +0000 if there is 'Z'
 13fa55552 Disabled views related tests in query since views in query is not supported any more (MB-33865)
 28922a635 Fix for n1ql_stats tests + new function to set servicers
 5b36249fc CBQE-7213: Fix CSVToMap RevId Index
 9e09d35c4 Test for Audit log for Authorization and Authentication failure
 9565dbcdd Eventing: fix audit tests
 96fa3a707 Fix typo in function name
 5cd49c3a3 MB-48275: add/update rbac test cases for backup
 be074d36d Add rbac test case for backup udf
 9a2737b7a Use create scope/collection helper functions.
 4ba00da8b Additional test case for UDF backup/restore
 2d3eaa223 Additional test cases for UDF backup/restore
 45f0d8e59 Additional test cases for UDF backup
 f242b8829 Test cases for UDF backup/restore
 4b794ca1c xdcr security tests
 869da6f93 changes cluster run fts tests
 18fe4611c changes for dgm 2i
 3b405f1b6 fix for one of the upside_down test
 96741f864 CBQE-7208: 1/n Allow/Disallow non-local CA cert upload
 13e1fcc03 The rest of magma testing.
 f3c5b2a80 review comments incorporated and added conf file
 1bf0d6c5c Eventing: test for access denied audit events (403 or 401)
 4f9ec2d8e Eventing: fix error msg for negative testcase
 e906cfb13 Use https during addition of node when n2n-encryption is enabled
 cbc0d94df Server groups awareness test suite split for P0's and P1's
 b68312210 Fix n2n encryption security
 9178b921c Eventing: add security tests
 602c9d66f changes based on MB-48102
 e415cf9b4 CBQE-7173: add windows support for Enforcing IPv4 Only feature
 517e81b02 Magma testing for n1ql part 1.
 00dd86644 CBQE-7157: 3/n Enable assert checks for enforce-tls
 8edfb37f7 added more log infor for FTBR tests
 8bf4375ab FTS FTBR tests
 52c6aea01 tls and ipv4 changes
 963770762 [Master]: Testrunner x509 certs support in basetestcase
 69e706e2a fixes for cancel rebalance test and transferInprogress test
 e261559cc Do not scan for keyword 'Encounter planner error' in query and index logs
 34d302ff4 FTS Server Groups Awareness test suite stabilization
 f2ee12df0 Add a keyword in to check in memcached logs to detect occurrences of MB-46818
 3b64ce764 Added tests for auditing of GSI access events
 7efd65129 set bucket storage to couchstore for eph
 631a8e210 update file based rebalance stat check
 219eb63f8 CBQE-7157: 2/n Add a validation function to check if services ...
 bead72bbb CBQE-7157: 1/n Infra changes to enforce tls
 ac49bb44a magma testrunner infra changes
 5b2ae43bc Enabling 7.0.2 in testrunner
 677e27f20 CBQE-7173: Fix conf files
 52b1ac2da CBQE-7173: Add conf files for IPv4_only/IPv6_only features
 cc9819a0f CBQE-7173: Add asserts to the validation
 3290c84cf CBQE-7173: Add initial support for Enforcing IPv4 Only feature
 dcca44e70 Adding tests for GSI on ephemeral bucket
 956a7ceff Audit Denied Events tests.
 38d944d3b CBQE-7186: Add basic magma sanity tests for backup/restore
 88f33a0bf tests for file based transfer rebalance
 b9c9ac942 Eventing: fix bucket cache tests for non-default collection
 0dbaa97f4 add audit test for MB-43674: check audit in bkrs service
 e8393b946 CBQE-6629: Tests for eventing bucket document cache
 6213a29f3 CBQE-7163: Change additional negative test archive names
 d80b281f9 CBQE-6285: Add the backup_admin role
 02b76af32 CBQE-6619: Test the backup service respects tls-min-version
 43b70f2bb CBQE-7162 remove any empty element in list
 e4dbf3faf FTS Server Groups - mixed versions cluster tests
 0ce7215f6 CBQE-7162 update row count in list format from Neo
 2f147597f CBQE-7161 add new file name query.json to verify bkrs repo in Neo
 34712dc61 Fix dispatcher ini git checkout
 23c7691f0 CBQE-6788: Failed to launch upgrade jobs in mad-hatter branch
 5b12c6721 CBQE-7035: Add tests for deletion of cloud backups
 c25313154 CBQE-7152: Update repository name for error message test
 9057e2724 commenting tests based on search_query. Bug: MB-47038
 65c360ff6 commenting deprecated test
 5fbedbb6e Update expected error message
 c9bc668a2 CBQE-6940: centos-backup_recovery_merge-dgm consistently aborted
 24488cdb6 CBQE-7134: Install debug info builds only if asked for in install scripts.
 06a76e0d3 CBQE-7131: Install scripts failing on Macos due to debug info build changes.
 2854b2b7d MB-45984: add test case
 42d2ef58c CBQE-7130: Add additional logic for 7.0.1 error message
 f8d439675 FTS index alias timeout test suite.
 8b6f0e15a FTS Server Groups + FTS Index Compation on demand test suites
 cff1f923a CBQE-7117: install fails at node init in build sanity
 66e9a74f5 CBQE-7091: Fix broken date fetching when using invalid values
 afbea1770 CBQE-7116: Installation failing on upgrade tests due to recent changes on install scripts to install debug info
 88f373e66 CBQE-7116: Installation failing on upgrade tests due to recent changes on install scripts to install debug info
 3a905fb04 Adding more cases to at_plus scan test
 b585d70ef CBQE-6405: Support to install debug-info in install script of testrunner
 5207159e2 increase bucket size to handle new fast loader
 7c517be8f skip magma check.
 1a5bb4e02 work around to cleanup eventing until MB-47236 is fixed.
 dae12e0ab Update error message for negative cases
 3b3d7bab9 Update case without millisecond part
 48caa0190 CBQE-7065: Fix CE checking to account for nonexistent cb_version
 40ccb1534 CBQE-7016: Update expected error messages for 7.1.0
 7fe71bb64 Update expected error messages
 2cf090250 add running rqg with python sdk and comparing n1ql against analytics.
 0cd18a46c Update expected error messages
 dad68e5d9 CBQE-7042: Fix the issue with install script failing in unit tests due to wrong syntax.
 19ad5b34b Eventing: fix recovery testcases
 eb15426e3 Adding 7-node template for index jobs
 cb4a50dba CBQE-6978: CV simple-unit-test hangs when running testrunner's simple-test
 2a90f6db3 CBQE-6963: Windows s3 staging directories are not cleaned up properly
 b6f7b8f3f CBQE-7019: Fix date fetching for backup on windows
 9537730e0 CBQE-6943: Add tests for cbbackupmgr on Community Edition
 679c9b318 CBQE-7011: Unhide dotfiles in samba config
 5b8215ad0 CBQE-6946: Hang due to infinite loop when memcached connection disconnects during msg recv and send
platform is at 8a86b36, changes since last good build: 
 8a86b36 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 8fdcbf8 MB-54106 : Build a libplatform variant that doesn't override allocator symbols.
 bb75505 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 9ad6e1f MB-53621: Don't link cgroup with platform
 ce86ac3 Move waitForPredicate et al from kv_engine to platform
 2e31e4e Fix Wdeprecated-copy-with-user-provided-copy warning
 f0dfaba [win32] Only return available ip addresses
 5ece753 Add cgroup_trace to ease user testing
 75a8c82 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo' into trunk
 d949266 Merge commit 'bb9ce65' into couchbase/master
 75827ee MB-52817: Fix parsing of /proc/mounts on Docker desktop on Windows
 5ffdb83 Let cb::uuid use boost::uuids internally
 bb9ce65 MB-52839: Revert "ScopeTimer" changes
 b91302f cb::base64 should use std::string and string_view
 2f6eb04 Move from boost::filesytem to std::filesytem
 1a3ded2 MB-51718: Changes required for folly v2022.02.14.00
 771a6a4 Refactor: Move rwlock impl to rwlock.h
 987bf07 Use folly::setThreadName()
 a2363c6 Store the cgroup functionality in libplatform
 e5b94ac MB-51718: Preparing for folly upgrade to v2022.02.14.00
 c45ce7c Remove unused cb_create_[named_]thread()
 a5d22ad Merge 'couchbase/neo' into 'couchbase/master'
 7bb0d0c [Refactor] Use folly to set thread names (!WIN32)
 ebae7a1 MB-51608: [BP] Use automatic jemalloc tcache selection
 3ae2f00 Add create_thread() to wrap std::thread
 4749f4a Refactor: remove cb_get_thread_name(char* buffer, size_t size)
 e62780b Add getProperty() to get the value of an allocator unsigned property.
 63e7c8a MB-51608: Remove dead tcache code
 f465639 CBD-4729: Add operator number to reference docs
 e32bee3 CBD-4729: Use noexecpt for respective MSVC new/delete operators
 4247894 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo' into trunk
 3715a85 MB-49632: get_available_cpu_count should obey cpu quota
 c0395e5 MB-51556: Fix typos in monotonic.h macros
 a5380b7 MB-51912: Workaround msvc v19.16 compiler bug
 86d4f3a Fix spelling of unlabelled in BasicNameLabelPolicy::getLabel()
 4e3a722 MB-51880: Use sized_buffer::data() instead of sized_buffer::buf (platform)
 52d8eba MB-51719: Remove deprecated format_to(memory_buffer) overload
 f421e60 MB-51556: Modify monotonic.h to use template parm based labels
 23c1669 MB-48120: Move monotonic_queue.h to platform
 f4e58e9 MB-48120: Move Monotonic tests to platform
 a3c5cb0 MB-33549: add isEmpty method to HdrHistogram
 5f42599 Update func doc, remove unused method argument
 c5a6a3b MB-51608: Use automatic jemalloc tcache selection
 b4fa656 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo' into Morpheus
 f15100b BSL License updates - Couchbase Server Version 7.1
 0e8e53c MB-50988: Fix AwaitableSemaphore edge case
 df4259b Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/master' into neo
 e855b5a BSL License updates - Couchbase Server Version 7.1
 5e3f5fb MB-50988: Introduce cb::AwaitableSemaphore
 b9ae9bc MB-50988: Allow cb::Semaphore capacity to be changed
 779b32c MB-50988: Introduce SemaphoreGuard for RAII style Semaphore management
 66d0c95 Remove cb::get_cpu_index
 10093a6 MB-46360: maximizeFileDescriptors: Fix overflow on macOS / AArch64
 8decedc MB-46378: Enable hardware accel crc32c support on macOS AArch64
 cec8098 Add std::string cb_get_thread_name(uint64_t tid)
 f11ce0b MB-49121: Add hdrHistogram(moved from kv_engine)
 fabea73 Support external counter in MemoryTrackingAllocator
 d03011c MB-47022: Fix data race on vptr (ProcessMonitor)
 3c30245 Ignore COUCHBASE_CPU_COUNT when reading cgroup
 35482fa Template MemoryTrackingAllocator on counter type
 11a958f Add ControlGroup::get_available_cpu
 fdef152 cgroup v1 reports throttled time in ns
 d463496 Use common functions to read and parse files
 61a25c6 Add cb::io::tokenizeFileLineByLine
 b5b8359 MB-46378: AtomicNonNegativeCounter [2/2]: Make NonNegativeCounter non-atomic
 106317a Add utility function cb::string::split
 b99f859 MB-46378: AtomicNonNegativeCounter [1/2]: Add AtomicNonNegativeCounter
 926d3c2 cb::backtrace: Only initialize once
 c34084f MB-49983: MemoryTrackingAllocator: support sized deallocation
 6ed6293 MB-49867: Fix problem with mixing V1 and V2
 139a8ad MB-49782: Remove unused ScopeTimer1 and ScopeTimer2
 ac2dafa MB-49782: Generalise ScopeTimer to support N listeners
 6f57551 MB-49632: Add functionality to get limits from linux cgroup
 ee6c2ac MemoryTrackingAllocatorTest: Add test for list::splice
 004a18a MB-49348: Have atomic_setIfBigger return status
 ca3c338 Run MemoryTrackingAllocator tests
 1649435 Reduce cost of including platform/exceptions.h
 2ff0073 MB-48688: Introduce estimateClockOverhead
 d023a41 MB-47308: Return previous MemoryDomain in switch methods
 dabd9e1 Update cmake link name for gsl-lite
 a130830 Upgrade to Google Benchmark 1.6.0
 524f245 Use proper benchmark CMake targets
 6fda680 MB-48384: Add conditional store to AtomicMonotonic
 bb398df Use modern CMake to locate GTest
 9b889d1 [cbsocket] Link with nlohmann::json
 ae4c69a Use modern cmake for nlohmann
 91d40db MB-48120: Move monotonic.h (and comparators.h) to platform
 e5158dc Merge "Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'"
 43f4ae9 MB-47308: Add MemoryDomain to ArenaMalloc
 6193dbe Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 b1c1a57 MB-47006 Move MemoryTrackingAllocator to platform
 50ec878 Add cb::net::initialize to initialize sockets
 addc2dd [WIN32] Don't provide ::sendmsg
 e33222b Merge 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into 'couchbase/master'
 717f97d MB-46378: Rename to
 d313d18 MB-46378: Implement hardware-accelerated AArch64 CRC32
 948f2af CBD-4127: Only configure jemalloc profiling for Linux
 8fa9c5f CBD-4127: ArenaMalloc: Skip profiling test on macOS
 c4a296c MB-29928: Return fragmentation as floating point ratio
 d95b457 MB-38077: Enable unity build for platform
 d649877 MB-42657: Add an upper read limit to cb::io::loadFile
 9503350 MB-46988: Fix CLion project indexing with CB_PCH
 f927787 MB-46988: Specify link scope for all target_link_libraries()
 0e4d926 Add missng  include to
 60cc12b MB-38077: Add murmurhash to platform
 3638d02 Move to the unit test batch
 f679306 Remove gettimeofday test
 236c5bd Refactor: Squash a gtest-driven tests to a single binary
 3b4b320 MB-43677: Add PCH to all platform targets
 5581b02 MB-43677: Add precompiled header to platform
 b57fb71 MB-46000: Use cb_add_test_executable() for all test programs
 924abb4 Fix is_closed_conn check for non-Windows platforms
 e6e5e1f MB-46729: Add syncobject.h (moved from ep-engine source)
 aea2123 MB-46729: Add atomic.h (moved from ep-engine source)
 0ee56ae Use a more descriptive type for ArenaMalloc fragmentation
 ee41e81 Remove double file extension for
 6c8bfac MB-37956: Remove deprecated  #include 
 89d7544 Win32: Fix 'WIN32_LEAN_AND_LEAN' redefinition
 fda6d29 Win32: Fix C4319 zero extending warning
 66f37d4 Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 d370ec3 MB-46378: Remove 32bit support for crc32
 d2ca8c8 MB-46360: Only register platform-crc32c-sw_hw-test on x86-64
 a0c9d2f MB-46017: Add ProcessMonitor
 adfa29c MB-46360: Only build / test CRC32C h/w mode on x86_64
 1b24ef0 MB-46360: Only reference Breakpad if present
tlm is at 4aedcdb, changes since last good build: 
 4aedcdb MB-54162: cbdeps: build bebug variant of Folly for non-Windows platforms
 63cfd75 MB-54162: cbdeps: Build folly with same compiler as Server
 eb551df MB-54162: cbdeps: Set default Linux compiler as per Server
 d554265 Automatically set UBSan suppressions file when running tests
 1bc6493 MB-53485: Update ubsan.suppressions for V8 v10.7.21
 c23d2da Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/neo'
 2bfcc16 MB-53924: Update V8 cbdep to 10.7.21-2
 ae652a8 Upgrade folly to cb4
 8ea4677 MB-51742: Remove ZLib from our Folly build
 8b17348 commit 9bb2e55df582095803722fbfa0d7491c34d41f16 Merge: cf0d5d4 c2f0f1b Author: Ming Ho  Date:   Mon Oct 3 13:37:00 2022 -0700
 cf0d5d4 CBD-5142: Centralize management of 'fake' private Go modules
 c2f0f1b MB-53324: Update erlang to neo build 10, version
 48462b9 MB-53830 Add link to ns_server README and correct typos
 c1d794b CBD-5146: Improve go.mod developer experience
 ca46221 CBD-5144: Remove duplicate zlib dep
 1415874 CBD-5088: Remove macos cbdep reconfigure bottleneck
 d0da37d Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/neo' into work
 91b0e67 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/mad-hatter'
 9eebee1 MB-53492: Update to prometheus 2.23-8
 6668c14 MB-53485: Use correct build number for v8
 c66e2f7 MB-53485: Update to V8 10.7.21
 6cc9c3b Upgrade folly to cb3
 ccbd766 Rebuild folly package
 db6dd69 MB-52172 Add a top level custom target for generated source files
 6afb6ee Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/neo'
 2a6a0e8 MB-53146: Update curl to 7.84.0
 87f64d4 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/neo'
 d5ed4d1 MB-53249: Update prometheus to 2.23-6 with updated deps/golang
 0a02b52 MB-52669: Centralize Go management using 'golang' repo
 6c36ab5 Add information about environment variables
 f85ca25 Initialize default value for link jobs from env
 bb23289 Allow to pick up CB_DOWNLOAD_DEPS_PLATFORM from environment
 3c43d34 Add FATAL_ERROR with message when building for Apple Silicon
 5f0dae6 Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/neo'"
 577d810 Set WORKING_DIRECTORY when listing gtest tests
 4b322f7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/neo'
 48ff527 MB-52669, CBD-4828: Centralize Go version management
 e67cd3f Add info on how to build on Apple Silicon to README.markdown
 50e8aac Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/neo'
 297d76d MB-52950: Ensure macos tools package is complete
 c0ebf04 MB-52950: Create standalone tools package as .zip for MacOS
 3826ccd MB-52822, upgrade openssl to 1.1.1p.
 d366b6f CMake: Use standard FindOpenSSL module
 11213b0 Convert to Python 3
 b2a1baf MB-52856: Revert "MB-51532: Have CMake treat 'DebugOptimized' as a debug build type"
 a4e1d43 MB-44253: Folly: Remove try/catch from Executor*::runTask methods
 b43aba2 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 28b970d CBD-4923: Default to building x86_64 binaries on macOS
 3623279 MB-52655: Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/cheshire-cat' into neo
 e8fdc18 go-mod build: Only schedule one go-mod target at once (Ninja)
 4a1ea71 MB-52153: Fix windows build of enacl lib
 db32af7 CBD-4903, pick up new libsodium package which doesn't pkgconfig and
 769cc34 MB-52314: FindCouchbaseLibsodium: Fix build break for non-clean build
 6b46279 Move libsodium::libsodium import inside LIBSODIUM_FOUND ifdef
 c112e9c MB-52314: Add libsodium::libsodium import library
 32b4551 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/neo'
 a2917cb MB-51648: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/cheshire-cat' into neo
 4534129 MB-51532: jemalloc: Use debug jemallocd library for Debug* builds
 9352281 Forcefully set CMAKE_OSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET
 c9e337f CBD-4852: Set macos include path and libsoidum path vars for rebar
 f192eae MB-52314, package x64 instead of win32 for libsodium windows.
 7a6cf56 MB-52314, add libsodium to tlm.
 7d45005 MB-52351: Add LICENSE, README and NOTICES to Capella tools package
 d5d9573 MB-52351: Add LICENSE, README and NOTICES to Capella tools package
 2b3deb4 MB-51706, upgrade zlib to 1.2.12.
 65cc835 MB-51718: Upgrade folly to v2022.05.23.00
 b161113 MB-51718: Upgrade folly to v2022.02.14.00
 e8a8c51 MB-51718: MSVC: Disable legacy offsetof behaviour
 4dd8e69 Update minimum macOS version to Catalina (10.15)
 c44b9bc CBD-4727: Correct Erlang version in Black Duck manifest
 186e249 CBD-4727, fix erlang version in blackduck.
 d8ba477 MB-52132, upgrade openssl to 1.1.1o in neo.
 03f7fbe MB-51663: cbdeps: Upgrade to jemalloc-5.3.0
 3800e32 CBD-4708, upgrade openssl to 1.1.1n for cbpy
 ef53ce3 Merge branch 'neo'
 bad0684 CBD-4729: Build jemalloc using --disable-cxx config
 a29133c MB-51722: Log location of fmt during CMake
 d5313c0 MB-50709: Standalone Tools package creation
 1e826fa CBD-3712, cbpy for M1.
 002bbd0 MB-51722: Update Black Duck manifest for spdlog, fmtlib
 1f34a25 MB-51722: Upgrade spdlog to v1.10.0 and switch to fmtlib v8.1.1-cb2
 31a5567 Revert "MB-51722: Upgrade spdlog to v1.10.0 and switch to fmtlib v8.1.1"
 21cc26f MB-51722: Upgrade spdlog to v1.10.0 and switch to fmtlib v8.1.1
 f7cf3bb MB-51532: Create jemalloc ReleaseAssertions build on Windows
 9f41327 MB-49880: Add UBSan suppressions file
 42a07b3 MB-51718: Allow specific or generic linux packages during cbdeps build
 15b5f9c MB-51719: Build fmtlib v8.1.1
 b5be39f CB_GET_SUPPORTED_PLATFORM: Consider 'linux' a supported platform
 a42c17e MB-51532: cbdeps: Configure Boost to build with debug info
 ad8e482 MB-51532: Have CMake treat 'DebugOptimized' as a debug build type
 8e4720b MB-51532: jemalloc cbdep: Enable debug assertions on Debug build (unix)
 8abd289 CBD-4696, update prometheus to 2.33.3-1.
 0758ff3 MB-51450, bump openssl to 1.1.1n
 9692dcd MB-51450, bump openssl to 1.1.1n
 0785fb0 CBD-3712  Add M1 support.
 0e514aa Merge "Merge branch 'neo'"
 91d58bf CBD-4651: Retire git:// URIs
 740f47d Merge branch 'neo'
 94be609 MB-50382: Set CB_DEVELOPMENT_ASSERTS to OFF for 7.1 release
 81a3e29 BSL License updates - Couchbase Server Version 7.1
 ae866ac MB-51030: Update curl with ability to load CABUNDLE from environment
 7cf5bcd MB-50262: Update to curl with zlib support
 08c39c3 MB-48738: watch on html files along with js files
 f4c48aa MB-47908: Revert to earlier v8 build on x86_64 platforms
 a1347cb Merge branch 'cheshire-cat' into master
 f9f45b8 MB-49927: Update cbpy ncurses 6.2 beyond CVE-2021-39537 fix
 2897745 CBD-4542: Bump erlang to build #5 - fix beam.smp rpath
 8ec6b8a MB-50325: Zstd-cpp build 2 (non-debug/release build)
 27d3103 MB-49903: Remove gmp from cbpy
 fd8a811 MB-50252: Install GCC libs for non-GCC Linux compilers
 cf15746 MB-50252: Correctly pass ASan / UBSan flags as list to install_sanitizer_library
 4baa9bb CBD-4536: Add zstd cbdep
 472627f MB-50108: Go: Don't override CC for macOS with sanitizers
 21bb82e MB-49813: don't configure pluggable-ui-*.cluster_run.json
 5b2400e CBD-4526, prometheus is updated to address security issue.
 2235a9a CBD-4513, bump erlang to neo BUILD 4, which has JIT disabled specifically for mac.
 98671b8 MB-49140: Update BSL license version/change date for Neo
 8dbfe1f MB-49846: change check of analytics dir to cbbs dir to detect EE repo
 43ce341 Don't build sigar for KV commit validation
 94cba56 MB-45044: Update libgcc/libstdc++ version reported in Black Duck
 3ded47b Remove option PHOSPHOR_DISABLE
 ff14be9 BSL License updates - Couchbase Server Version Neo
 6f27c24 CBD-4480, update prometheus to v2.23-2 per Steve Watanabe.
 6bb2b2a MB-49668, update erlang to neo bld #3.
 1808ea1 Sanitizers [3/3]: Support removing Sanitizers for Go targets
 403d71f Sanitizers [2/3]: Pass UBSan enablement flags via CMake properties
 0db86b2 Sanitizers [1/3]: Pass ASan enablement flags via CMake properties
 77f42ca CBD-4480, update prometheus to 2.23.
 69df63f MB-49543: Update to curl 7.78.0 build 5
 a2eb8ef MB-48738: add CouchbasePlugInUI.cmake module
 96c59b6 This was part of CBD-3712. But, I have to break it out since CBD-4455 requires this to produce proper output on M1.
 ad2bc7c MB-49224: Upgrade to newer Erlang build based on OTP-24.1.3
 d172fac Keeping up with Black Duck's changing version names
 f039d1c MB-43012 Add vbmap to top-level CMakeLists.txt.
 7b6e9f9 CBD-4422: Don't include ucrt in Black Duck report
 7cd91c0 MB-48949: Check that repo copyfiles worked OK
 8cd817e MB-45182: Fix cbdeps drift error
 189b804 MB-45182: Update Black Duck reports to include PCRE 8.44
 3c11c37 CBD-4359: Use better Black Duck component for Erlang
 6cc1442 MB-45182, MB-48602: Update to PCRE 8.44
 62ee05c CBD-4359: Update to Erlang 24
 fb6c6eb MB-48812: Bump cbpy for private key support
 eeca494 MB-47020: Better Black Duck component ID for pycryptodome
 c457332 MB-47020: Add dependencies for encrypted private key support
 bedf64d MB-48649: Use curl package that has CA-hunting curl wrapper
 44f624e Cleanup of Go compilation output and module-cache management
 31921c2 CBD-4084: Remove lz4, openssl, pcre and zlib pkgconfig files
 e680843 CBD-4386: Simplify creation of cbpy environment files and automate black duck checks
 2d1ec10 MB-47817: Disable missing-braces check when building libcouchbase
 7e283b8 Cleanup: updated README and environment-creation instructions
 b9bfffc Remove alias for gsl_lite
 a16cee4 Build cbdep of opentelemetry-cpp
 5015cd1 MB-48548: Bump back to curl 7.78.0
 884b2f7 MB-48220: Don't filter out distutils
 0d1f9b1 MB-48548: Temporarily revert to curl 7.66.0
 99dfd20 Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 51b0da2 MB-48220: Use different BD component ID for Tk
 09053f4 MB-48220, CBD-4237: Improvements in cbpy packaging
 bdaa28a Use Google Benchmark 1.6.0
 22926a1 Build Google Benchmark v.1.6.0
 365d0bf Revert "Set google-benchmark/include as system header"
 14ae05f Add spdlog to blackduck manifest
 1aba68d Remove hack moving to Google Benchmark cbdeps
 a338fbf Use Google Benchmark from cbdeps
 0978a8e Build cbdeps package of Google Benchmark
 a3d805a Add hack to allow bypassing third-party googlebenchmark
 9bdcd41 Set google-benchmark/include as system header
 ed90fef Use googletest 1.11.0-cb4
 2a388e9 Revert "Build cbdeps package of Google Benchmark"
 b39d90f Build cbdeps package of Google Benchmark
 116de73 Remove temporary hack for googletest
 7d2f886 Build googletest 1.11.0-cb4
 4cec2b9 MB-38476: tlm: Find static spdlog and remove third_party
 23abbd2 MB-38476: tlm: Use different spdlogConfig.cmake for TSAN variant
 eaa16e4 Mark googletest as 'not shipped' for Black Duck purposes
 e41be25 CBD-4343: Download and extract via temporary file/dir
 dbfa425 Remove Asciidoc detection (not used)
 42d27fa CBD-4345: Ensure snappy cbdeps package has 'lib' directory
 5b988c4 Use GTest and GMock from cbdeps
 ac095b4 MB-43620: Snappy: disable BMI2 instructions
 c9be797 Build 1.10.0-cb1 of googledeps
 a4dac6b Allow to bypass third_party/googletest
 d8311e7 Build cbdeps package of googletest
 05fb1b2 Remove support for the old way of locating nlohmann::json
 f78b560 Use modern cmake for prometheus-cpp
 ea7ed81 Fix json component version (Black Duck is inconsistent)
 3c58a04 MB-43620: Still need to report snappy 1.1.1 on Black Duck
 7feb041 Upgrade to nlohmann 3.9.0
 005f035 Build nlohmann::json to 3.9.0
 c3bde6b CBD-4336: Remove mobile-service (not used nor depended on)
 b538b0e MB-38476: Add TSan variant of spdlog
 7b89b1d Don't cache find_package for nlohmann
 2511d38 deps/package: Bump minimum CMake version to 3.16
 a79ae18 CBD-4305: Add support for generic "linux" and "all" cbdeps
 ce087f3 MB-43620: Revert to snappy 1.1.1 for Windows
 5f06518 Use cb3 of nlohmann::json
 de7d6b3 MB-43620: Update BD manifest for snappy 1.1.8
 37cfee8 MB-43620: Use Snappy 1.1.8
 5308683 MB-43620: Install snappy libs in bin/ on Windows
 8522df5 Rebuild nlohmann::json to get cmake config files
 ee763cb MB-38476: Build spdlog as cbdep
 5a12deb Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 88f60bd Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 34ddb43 MB-43620: Upgrade to Snappy 1.1.8
 42267b8 MB-47793: Set RPATH for Go binaries correctly
 1e1c260 MB-47997: Update to cbpy 7.1.0-cb1 to pick up outstanding changes
 89bcf9d Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/cheshire-cat'
 3b6f427 CBD-4255: Use cbdep tool 1.0.3
 4b5ed5e Don't use goproxy when building in AWS
 80fc349 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/cheshire-cat'
 d105298 CBD-4230, fixed BD scan failure due to version scheme change in pycparser. release_v2.20 no longer works.  had to switch to use "2.20".
 8d04647 MB-47558, bump erlang.
 22c06c4 Add -Wl,--build-id=sha1 if supported
 86136c3 CBD-4126: Add liburing to Black Duck manifest
 ef76c0c CBD-4126: Add liburing cbdep package
 8c550bc CBD-4127: v8 for aarch64 (and gcc10)
 95060a4 CBD-4108: Pass through CMake's CC/CXX to rebar
 3323840 CBD-4127: Upgrade grpc package for aarch64
 0e69e72 CBD-4127: aarch64 changes for cbpy
 894a512 CBD-4107: cbdep tool and golang updates for aarch64
 36d05fb CBD-3564: Restore grpc as a v1 cbdep.
 ae7c608 CBD-4198: Update folly version in black duck manifest
 399ee69 CBD-4192, Fix BD scan.
 c729936 Update ninja build instructions
 0735694 Remove check_unit_test_enabled.cmake
 e6a47e0 CBD-4170: Use newer builds of V2 cbdeps
 bae5852 CBD-4127: folly for AArch64
 d61e0db CBD-4127: pcre for AArch64
 a340427 CBD-4127: numactl for AArch64
 cd48d8b MB-46988: Fix Windows LNK4221 warning after adding PCH support
 c3cdbfb CBD-4127: maven for AArch64
 136c80f CBD-4127: json for AArch64
 ddcffe6 CBD-4127: Test jemalloc cbdep during build (5.2.1-cb6)
 b3f95b8 CBD-4127: double-conversion for AArch64
 857a56b CBD-4127: Update rocksdb cbdep for AArch64 (5.18.3-cb6)
 c0fa6b7 CBD-4127: snappy for AArch64
 8e114a7 Add CB_LIBFUZZER
 38a1fce CBD-4127: Test libevent cbdep during build (2.1.11-cb7)
 73084cd Document the 'everything' targets
 2b2f8a3 MB-46000: [2/2] Remove cb_add_test_executable() targets from 'all'
 1da8a18 MB-46988: Fix PCH headers causing ccache cache misses
 b2cdcb9 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/cheshire-cat'
 09f057b Re-enable development asserts for master branch
 8b82af7 CBD-4133: Add fmt to blackduck manifest
 f5eed41 [CLion] Let install-dir match build dir
 d5025c1 MB-46000: [1.5/2] Omit directories marked EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL from everything
 229af32 MB-38476: Use latest fmtlib
 e2b5f9e MB-43677: Recompile fmtlib with hidden visibility
 694a1c2 MB-43677: Remove unnecessary add_dependencies from reuse_pch
 368b808 MB-43678: Set minimum cmake version to 3.16
 a204841 KV commit validation don't need blackduck notices.txt
 172980f MB-46000: [1/2] Introduce cb_add_test_executable() and 'everything' target
 edd579b Revert "MB-46000: [1/2] Introduce cb_add_test_executable() and 'everything' target"
 1f37b18 MB-46000: [1.5/2] Fix missing rule to mkdir build/
 6101946 MB-46000: [1/2] Introduce cb_add_test_executable() and 'everything' target
 bc2864a Add information on using Ninja build generator
 7ba063c MB-43677: Add reuse_pch function and option to enable/disable PCHs
 c59aa0f Add cbdeps default build dir to gitignore
 1da6abb MB-38476: Use original spdlog checkout
 f628a74 MB-38476: Upgrade spdlog to v1.8.5 (tlm)
 66ae5c7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/cheshire-cat'
 a8d3a39 MB-38077: Cmake cb_enable_unity_build
 c2092a9 MB-46216: spdlog: Use external fmt library v7.1.3
 f406911 Merge branch 'cheshire-cat'
 904c59c MB-46375: Rebuild erlang + new fix
eventing is at 8ba1748, changes since last good build: 
 8ba17484 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 12c9ba60 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 a686c959 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 187e1cb1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 21c898fc Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 93e4cf53 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 853b929e Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 968a7526 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 cbb1850a Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 dd57383c Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 aaa23dcd Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 5b9a7a1a Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 39628003 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 00148da9 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 49de7288 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 39068380 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 91484e2b Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 fcb77ec3 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 f4325588 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 991dd95f Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 73273fdf Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 872402c9 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 a7b71ab8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 e6163f60 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 eb7447da Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 8f41ec58 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 abe19c16 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 cc1eb0cd Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 cd7f4270 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 4c2f7c2c Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 255206d1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 8aaf9c05 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 4431cb84 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 51b7d9d0 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 295377dd Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 677ff4e1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 d58487f5 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 760b38ad Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 08643783 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 6771a8ed Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 08ed3bdd Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 15c611db Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 d9a15778 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 1632117d Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 aaa033ee Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 fac3ce2c Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 76101bd3 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 7727d835 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 1db67a67 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 695bb8bb Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 3ef9689b Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 34818b2c Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 4382c7e8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 a1bfa7c3 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 a1962eb4 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 f40251b1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 8fc9088f Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 0d45567e Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 7a38f3c1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 269e7182 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 e07af6a3 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 3e068458 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 c3da5b83 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 217faeba Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 eeaeb649 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 03080375 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 8c48d575 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 5b1092ac Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 06f05c3f Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 fa42d7c8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 688f47f5 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 f1a43b6c Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 8748518f Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 970ee107 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 42868c35 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 00c8dd80 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 9088dbbf Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD