Started building at 2024/02/25 20:54:46
Using pegged server, 1534 build
Calculating base
Updating mirror
Basing run on 8.0.0-1534 88f5f006d7
Updating tree for run 25.02.2024-20.54
gocb is at 40020ee, changes since last good build: none
libcouchbase is at 7012d8a, changes since last good build: 
 7012d8a5 Update release meta for 3.3.11
 4f63010b CCBC-1618: update query error codes for dynamic authenticator
 caf79f8a Prevent full rebuild on every run of cmake
 42c6854e Update release meta for 3.3.10
 884038e0 CCBC-1616: apply wait_for_config check for all pipelines
 67f73a15 Update release meta for 3.3.9
 cf161787 CCBC-1615: handle rate limit codes during bootstrap
 9a9ed8d8 CCBC-1612: refresh configuration on errors when faster failover is enabled
 429e1d2c CCBC-1608: reduce timeout for idle HTTP connections to 1 second
 82eaeaf6 CCBC-1612: do not throttle CCCP provider in faster failover mode
 d250bfd8 improve logs
 25637cf2 CCBC-1610: fix invalid memory access when patching collection id
 759915b5 CCBC-1611: handle 0x0d CONFIG_ONLY status code
 6a1bce47 CCBC-1610: fix collection id encoding
 3e21d899 CCBC-1610: fix memory management for collection id prefix
indexing is at 529fec1, changes since last good build: 
 529fec1f Merging fixes for MB-60422 and MB-59654
 ff2491f6 MB-60422 Handle TMPFAIL status from memcached
 78ca7e44 MB-59654 Add isPersistanceActive REST endpoint
 6610de91 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 c461b642 MB-60242 fix overrideExclude for proxy index_usage
 1c16827e MB-59256 Check for shutdown errors for every 1000 rows scanned
 1d11bfb7 MB-59654 Handle snapEnd less than previously received snapEnd
 e9dde70e Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 c26a1510 MB-60369 move wait for partn merge to outer loop
 2eeda457 MB-59656: Change in updation of bucketNameNumVBucketsMap
 8e78cf2f MB-55365 Reduce log level to prevent log flooding
 5bba377d Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 7d47410b MB-60336 Drain batchBuildReqCh if rebalance is cancelled
 275f84d4 MB-59656: Check for out of range numVBs recieved
 ea17a65a MB-59656: Increase numvbuckets logs
 f1a359ec MB-60306 Provide REST endpoint to check dropCleanupPending status
 9de8523c MB-57684: Update flush buffer tuner config
 acf65c5c MB-60237 move to cluster version for shard affinity checks
 e14da3e8 MB-60282 Return scope/collection not found error incase of mismatch in UID
 b9125bcc Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 73652505 MB-59355: Add plasma config for recovery mem check interval
 62bc119a MB-60257 Increase the size of bootstraps channel
 5ceba205 MB-60236 DDLServiceMgr - Process tokens inspite of build failures
 cbf99548 MB-60254 Improve logging for Add index and Skip index
 8821c719 MB-60254 Update RState in metadata for an instance with zero partitions
 52cabced MB-59911 Cleanup empty shards at the start of rebalance
 3ee1e750 MB-59911 Destroy empty shards periodically
 515cbbe0 MB-58706 handle Using as GSI in genShardTransferToken2
 e81c9d02 MB-55160 add cancelRecoveryCh to plasma slice for shard rebalance
 2b520ee5 MB-100 validate config updates from metakv
 7d8821a5 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 b62a5a8e MB-58729: Make logging uniform in GsiScanClient
 c8a8acfc MB-58729: Use new scan protocol from 7.6 not 7.2
 7471374d MB-60127: Update rpc config for client quota and rate control
 de97083d Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 59ef7a89 MB-58729: Read StreamEndResponse for EndStreamRequest in closeStream
 6cebe160 MB-59808 Do not clear acceptedNames book-keeping for scheduled index request
 f271d99d Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 8ab24c2f MB-60023: Converted cleanupShardTokenForDest for token state ShardRecovery, ShardTokenMerge to async
 0f50e3fa MB-59836 handle progress update in concurrent DCP + Shard rebalancer
 95256c4c Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 91564e19 MB-59875 Fail rebalance if cleanup is pending before acquiring lock
 d1db6b06 MB-59280 Populate alternate shardIds for all indexes getting restored
 26412052 MB-60155 unlock shards on source post transfer
 44065513 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 1045d3fd MB-59715 Update instanceIds suiting replicas when assigning alternate shardIds
 2c547132 MB-59941 Ensure ordering between ShardTokenReady and ShardTokenDropOnSource
 e3742fe8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 fa501cef MB-59958 do not open snapshot for deleted index on async recovery
 f24d1bcf MB-58992 backup corrupt indices during shard rebalance
 aca5e638 MB-60023 Handle Empty defnIdList for processBatchBuildReq
 c398b5ed MB-58275 Check for pending drop cleanup before rebalance
 abe0720b MB-59945 Update transfer phase with instId on source node during repair
 27ca5dbe MB-59715 Fix index already exists error logging
 8d001fd6 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 344acddb MB-60063 handle nil stats map in broadcastStats
 d2e88d78 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 ba1d210d MB-59313: Fix index creation priority for non-serverless
 803b1128 MB-59608 avoid concurrent write to stats map in LifecylyMgr
 accb9ca1 MB-57803 update ShardId in shard stats
 cb941b25 MB-59188 Bump indexer version constants to 7.6.0
kv_engine is at 660ec3c, changes since last good build: 
 660ec3cad MB-54490: Allow backup persistence cursor stats to be ignored
 9b8490d08 MB-31869: Reference follow-up work for MB-60439
 366d99a7a MB-31869: Reference follow-up work for MB-60438
 58967ffa0 MB-31869: Convert BufferDcpAbort test into FlowControlUnackedDcpAbort
 aa09251c6 MB-31869: Convert BufferDcpCommit test into FlowControlUnackedDcpCommit
 91e1a061c MB-60379: Don't use the trace spans to determine execution time
 21bfced22 MB-31869: Remove legacy test for MB-41024
 da096c37f MB-31869: Rename dcp_consumer_process_buffered_messages_yield_limit
 19ac4ed65 MB-60397: Add debug logging statement for failing unit test
 d6bbc0875 MB-31869: Remove the unused PassiveStream::Buffer
 cfa518758 MB-31869: Fix MB18452_yield_dcp_processor into DcpConsumerTaskYields
 e6581f89c MB-31869: Fix ProcessReplicationBuffer* tests
 868f6bb46 Add missing #include  in auth_provider_server.h
 259bccbe2 MB-31869: Remove PassiveStream::alwaysBufferOperations
 d0e20ea41 MB-31869: Convert DcpConsumerBufferAckTest into DcpConsumerAckTest
 a49325f1b MB-31869: Remove processBufferedMessages_postFront_Hook
 dec256bb6 MB-60420: Disable ReplicateJustBeforeThrottleThreshold test on WIN32
 26ea3d320 MB-31869: Remove dcp_consumer_process_buffered_messages_batch_size
 ebcbc1bb1 MB-43772: Only collect exposer_ metrics for the low cardinality endpoint
 67d070f8c MB-31869: Rename "*bufferedItems" funcs into "*UnackedBytes"
 f3c8c6826 MB-31869: Rename process_items_error_t into ProcessUnackedBytesResult
 5f026016d MB-31869: Don't buffer DCP messages at Consumer at OOM
 49ab700f4 MB-31869: Remove dup processMessageInner() calls in PS::processMessage
 8a2899ba5 Fix testapp to not treat port 65535 (in_port_t(-1)) as invalid
 07a4f9b8d MB-31869: PassiveStream allows bypassing mem checks for Expiration [2]
 139b74f19 MB-31869: PassiveStream allows bypassing mem checks for Deletion [2]
 f9c973ea9 MB-31869: PassiveStream allows bypassing mem checks for Expiration [1]
 c3798bf51 MB-31869: PassiveStream allows bypassing mem checks for Deletion [1]
 e9beaf884 MB-31869: PassiveStream allows bypassing mem checks for Prepare
 74384f753 MB-31869: PassiveStream allows bypassing mem checks for Mutation
 be3c4777f MB-31869: Simplify 'mayNeedXattrsPreserving' logic and comments
 6a3ba3c0b MB-31869: Expects(v) in VBucket::deleteWithMeta
 50a409202 MB-31869: Introduce the VBQueueItemCtx::enforceMemCheck flag
 7a179037f MB-59601: Fix data race in CheckpointManager::takeAndResetCursors
 e0e4d9da0 [testapp] Get test passwords from test env
 1aa0661c7 Cleanup
 00779bc74 MB-56917: Don't queue BGItems if above mutation watermark
 dde138c4d MB-31869: Remove duplicate code in TestBucketImpl::set functions
 4e8acd037 MB-31869: Remove the ReplicationThrottle class
 2b05aaaaa MB-56917: Check memory when fetching item from disk in Magma
 ca71f596d Remove unused add_stat functions
 d465fb587 kv_slow_ops_2_gtrace: Some slow ops might not have a key
 2cbe2a2e0 [cluster_test] clang-tidy clustertest.*
 397989531 MB-60276: Avoid unnecessarily calling CouchKVStore::getDbFileInfo()
 23a5a6eca Fix build break with fmt 10.1.1 in
 3192ee62b [clang-tidy] Initialize all Cookie members
 d82d9ea6b MB-31869: Remove the MockReplicationThrottle test class
 02ada3633 MB-31869: Introduce the dcp_consumer_flow_control_ack_seconds EP param
 3b9cfb9ee MB-31869: Introduce the dcp_consumer_flow_control_ack_ratio EP param
 f1c04f608 MB-59855: Do not DCPBackfill::scan() on create for Sequential backfills
 269f1222b MB-58868: support json format for mcstat
 62dfb68a4 MB-56917: Check memory before creating a new item from BGFetch
 cc3e9fe43 MB-58868: Set datatype JSON for JSON encoded stats...
 e4b046f7f Revert "MB-56917: Check memory before creating a new item from BGFetch"
 5d277548a MB-60249: Disable MaxConnectionPerBucket test
 370cdcfb2 Replace non-standard __FUNCTION__ with c++11 __func__
 abbf3412c Merge "Merge branch 'couchbase/neo' into 'couchbase/master'"
 32e16c42c Merge branch 'couchbase/neo' into 'couchbase/master'
 60ef57cdc MB-56917: Check memory before creating a new item from BGFetch
 bac7d07bc Merge "Merge branch 'couchbase/neo' into 'couchbase/master'"
 5238a2d35 Include  in memcached/types.h for fmtlib > v10
 909f61665 MB-58868: Add alternative format for STAT(dcp) and use for cbstats
 b2b6b60d7 MB-56917: Refactor makeGetValue and makeItem to accept CreateItemCB
 f2494c9c8 Merge branch 'couchbase/neo' into 'couchbase/master'
 f333b4d53 MB-58868: Add dcpdrain --hang
 3071fdcc0 MB-60046: Merge branch 'couchbase/7.1.x' into 'couchbase/neo'
 81db0a73c MB-55027: Have dcp stat execution yield when the buffer is full
 4418e71f0 MB-60066: Improve DCP_EXPIRATION xattr validation
 72d1f9a45 Fix building with fmt 10.1.0
 638153210 MB-60066: Remove redundant priv_bytes parameter
 dd6335bb8 Merge commit 'couchbase/neo' into 'couchbase/master'
 ee919457e MB-60066: Tolerate DCP deletions with value larger than 1MiB
 6c62c4be6 MB-56917: Refactor fetchDoc to accept a createItemCB
 429d5ebab MB-59012: Remove local var from PassiveStream::setDead
 bcbf13e17 MB-60046: Ephemeral: Don't auto-delete committed and pending keys.
 4490b0e43 Remove support for RocksDB
 68e70c885 Explicitly shut down audit in fuzz tests
 73456a0e2 Fix inefficient memory allocation when stats exceed 16k
 33718be16 MB-59478: Log total bytes sent when destroying DcpProducer
 b9c06c87e MB-59012: Remove the SyncWriteOperation type
 95fdc1a92 MB-59012: Refactor VBNotifyCtx
 5d7d4b130 MB-55027: Allow the DCP stream stats builder to pause
 45e8f9682 Disable fmt format check for WIN32
 d1d56a827 Use the same pattern for StatsResponse class as other packets
 ab356e858 clang-tidy
 e104d8b50 MB-56917: Refactor getMulti to accept a createItemCallback
 98a8e622b MB-58868: Optimise JSON serialisation for stream stats
 85a33b782 MB-55027: EWB until the stats output is written to the socket
 8c1b25cc4 MB-59868: Print CAS and framing extras for headers
 10c60ffb4 Cleanup: Don't reauthenticate every time we fetch the connection
 9e0abb8e9 MB-57753: Copy log message from kv_bucket to nobucket_taskable
 1d60b6d5f MB-55027: Buffer mcbp stats responses from background tasks
 b53df3663 Refactor: rename to
 79a22d823 MB-59907: (Lazily) disconnect unauthenticated connections
 f2811099d MB-58868: Optionally format DCP stream stats as JSON
 6a36f2846 clang-tidy daemon/
 b6fd4a0f0 MB-58644: Update expected EPStats size
 62333fe96 [BP] MB-59817 [2/2]: Warmup active vbuckets before other
 44b39324a [BP] MB-59817 [1/2]: Warmup vbuckets in the order specified
 04480b996 [BP] MB-59368: Use getPageableMemCurrent/MemLowWatermark in PagingVisitor
ns_server is at a77a1e9, changes since last good build: 
 a77a1e9b6 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/trinity'
 eec0ad54a Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/7.6.0' into trinity
 c6b6edbaf Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo' into 7.6.0
 030738ba7 MB-60389: Don't use uri_string:parse.
 51d3b26d7 Return proper error message on empty certificate
 5a28c334a Merge branch 'couchbase/trinity' into master
 48981db07 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/7.6.0' into HEAD
 df857a815 MB-60380: Gracefully handle dmesg restriction
 c6cb54d07 MB-60311: Cbcollect not correctly cleaning /tmp
 9cd259da0 MB-60175: Don't reset canAbortRebalance when ...
 50697e77f MB-59676 - add four new CBAS stats, mark four existing stats as deprecated
 bd0898499 MB-59965 - stop using _uistats endpoint in UI
 09c248bb2 MB-59676 - add four new CBAS stats, mark four existing stats as deprecated
 3a48d1f5e Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/7.6.0' into trinity
 c436034e0 MB-59374: explicitly mention LDAP user type
 ea84d20d2 MB-59374: explicitly mention LDAP user type
 449b1680c MB-59965 - stop using _uistats endpoint in UI
 a4299208a Improve client cert auth UI login tests
 af6a22928 Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/trinity'"
 8b391e42c MB-60364: Disable index low resident alert for CE
 9ee0a7616 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/trinity'
 e3c9e2fcb Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/7.6.0'." into trinity
 79d40de68 MB-60050: add validation for advanced user-to-dn-mapping
 40922dc26 MB-60296: set enableFilters in the end of callstack
 9236b4d39 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/7.6.0'.
 17f10293f MB-60323: Drop to not_provisioned state if provisioning fails.
 37c16a2ed Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/trinity'
 14bbb3e70 MB-60324: dump-guts should handle keys with a purge timestamp
 0876a224e MB-59611 Ability to get info from chronicle guts
 09ceb841d Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/7.6.0'
 16812317a MB-60348: Store auth only when it's changed.
 dca6dcde0 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/7.6.0'
 03bdc0250 MB-60290 Replace usage of distutils
 63507d0f3 MB-59583: Limit processing of large SAML responses.
 832b4dd80 Merge branch 'trinity'
 af577199a Merge branch '7.6.0' into trinity
 4bba0a480 MB-60026: Test argon2id hash params before applying them
 aa1d42df1 MB-60026: Lower the argon2id memory max
 f174de8ed MB-60026: Use separate hash settings for internal creds
 d5105a739 MB-60026: Refactor menelaus_web_settings:handle_post
 4b1d8422e MB-60026: Don't allow duplicates in meneleus_web_settings
 288972252 Log failures while fetching vbucket stats.
 6fca96e15 MB-60172 Add additional scope/collection tests
 5a2b2ec29 rebalance plot: Fix handling for incomplete report
 c7e521285 MB-60078 Updates wtavg_docs_latency_seconds description
 e3dbcaaab MB-60221 Fixes wtavg_docs_latency_seconds issue
 9c09e1e0b MB-60048: Add missing metrics for rebalance successful and cancelled counts
 8af5d195c MB-60193: Don't implicitly build cmdline args for services ...
 aa5da136c MB-60149 Remove stats when bucket is deleted
 a82f69741 MB-60159: Add a unit test that checks that...
 cdc498f6f MB-60159: Use dirty schedulers unconditionally
 853a46c5a MB-59751: [SAML] Use assertion ID for dupe check...
 e9bee2833 Rename replications_difference -> merge_replications.
 ccc8cbea7 MB-58932: Support rebalance report in rebalance_analyser
 0f0a4a8b1 Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo' into main2"
 932cb891c Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo' into main2
 e9274f1fe MB-59989: use Number.isFinite to check integer
 3b9fa6440 MB-50896: Re-enable get_keys send identity
 20d551b99 MB-58932: Rename scripts dirs and files for python imports
 7b17bf5a2 MB-58932: Add wrapper script for plotting bucket rebalance
 fedb500b4 MB-60132: Disable n1ql sequential scan for ...
 64ebd6a44 [LDAP] MB-56048: Add '.' to the list of allowed characters.
 274397387 MB-60094: [UI] Show rates for some query metrics
 acdf907df MB-51932: Reuse prepared stats reply when possible
 c1498b18e MB-51932: Protect stats_reader from queue backlog
 c0c4f6123 MB-59973: Use correct timeout for addNode call in doJoinCluster
 a7e02e0d0 MB-59915: copyright year bump ns_server UI
 3d9840f0c Remove old deps entries in .gitignore
 a7d2117a5 MB-59085: Ensure n1ql default quota is always 0
 3915c48e9 MB-59772 Re-add code lost when change-id changed.
 890691052 MB-59771 Copyright Year Hardcoded
 9c422312d MB-60078 Fixes wtavg_docs_latency_seconds issue
 a128844c7 MB-59197: Change advanced userToDN placeholder
 50b625db8 MB-58489: UI: Add "TLS" prefix for "Middlebox Compatibility"
 88d154bd2 formatting
 f6d149778 MB-60032 Add role to control Query sequential scan access
 be665a5ee MB-59914: [SAML] Add more support for multivalued attrs
 03c9f53dd MB-59914: [SAML] Test multi-valued attributes
 896af2f6f MB-59772 Support "no expiry" for collection (maxTTL=-1)
 e4203d0d6 MB-60030: [SAML] Fix roles validation
 6e6bbe9fc MB-59604: [SAML] Validate assertion issuer
 05f39fae7 Fix inconsistent formattingL menelaus_web_stats:aggregate_values
 c732b72fb MB-59910: Retry setting data ingress status after failure
 f081802e0 MB-59839 Provide more info for setup_replications_failed
 66f16bf2a MB-58253: Replace misc:groupby_map with maps:groups_from_list.
 408c04b7b cluster_tests: Add Chronicle dump to log collection
 be5a00ebb MB-60016: [SAML] Support clock skew and check not_before
 c18f5f9ff Revert "MB-59085: Ensure n1ql default quota is always 0"
 c55aea9fd MB-59085: Ensure n1ql default quota is always 0
 fb55bc2f0 MB-59174: Prefer 404 to 405 when URL path is ...
 8d21a8c40 MB-58579: Migrate [enable|disable]_auto_rebalance_settings
 afb2b0d0b MB-53529 Add Query Memory Quota Setting
 5cd3b3675 MB-59605: show error and hide edit ttl button for CE
 73ade66f0 MB-59982: pass ttl only when isFinite
 443beda60 MB-59983: set enableFilters based on stream
 b356aba0a MB-59913: Avoid unwanted auto-failover tick in tests
 a7d08c470 cluster_tests: Supply cluster tests args by env vars in cmake
 a836c9bf7 MB-59908: Don't crash guardrail_enforcer when node goes down
 2c1de934a Refactor guardrail_enforcer test for greater coverage
 a47d9d873 cluster_tests: Add --collect-logs-after-error param
 2ccb6c1e4 Support taskRegexp param for startLogsCollection
 785c6d8a2 Mark stats deprecated in description file
 c79639696 MB-59771 Change Copyright Year
 fe06f94f5 MB-51233 - Settings Save Button
 6e549ffed MB-53707: Rename MC_MAXINT to MAX_32BIT_UNSIGNED_INT
 896f73de1 Revert "Revert "MB-58782 Make phone home telemetry mandatory in CE""
 d81753904 Revert "MB-58782 Make phone home telemetry mandatory in CE"
 e73030f42 MB-58782 Make phone home telemetry mandatory in CE
 c85b91fd2 MB-59751: Make saml assertion dupe check more strict
couchstore is at 86f3d74, changes since last good build: 
 86f3d74 MB-59041: Verify the existence rather than size
 a6e340e MB-59041: Delete Incorrect Snappy Unit Tests
couchdb is at 8204af2, changes since last good build: none
testrunner is at 479c878, changes since last good build: 
 479c878dd Fix expected error
 bcac932cd Add checks to prevent bucket_size = RAM in collection_base
 389834da5 Fixes for early filter order tests
 b58d04541 Fix for stable topology vector search tests
 bc772217a update expected plan
 abe21cdab Fix expected result
 cf3d5005f Update the expected message
 5c1a7c3fa Force views to run with couchstore
 911d3505c Don't check ddcos in case of MAGMA
 9fe012166 Change the for loop to expect an array for strings
 b2a3a53de Fixes to wait stats function
 d4fded163 fixes for bucket storage xdcr
 3d7302c67 Fix bucket count/size
 dd86f2f4e Fix expected error
 038c8cc58 Fix test case and improve logging
 8ab325e01 Fix test cases
 98dc4336d Update txn test
 1e8c75bf8 change bucket storage to couchstore
 4ae3213c7 load_until_index_dgm fix
 9c329a7ef Disabling some gsi encryption tests
 d65eaf1c9 updating bucket storage for views rebalance cases
 0f8725f88 Integration of capella in vectorsearch tests.
 d1ba8679c Fix SAML Tests
 872f6e156 Fix SAML Tests
 3d3f0556b Fixing minor regression issue
 b7bc9b2ad Cleaning up journal logs during installation to free up space
 b7aeb1360 Fix regression failures
 2c6032993 Fix regression failures
 43559f094 Adding new category for stress tests
 015b050ed Cleaning up /tmp/entbackup
 6435727b7 Cleaning up /tmp/cbbackupmgr-staging
 23d85b8d1 Update param passed to invite user
 8665cdd4b New test added - MB58820
 f0c6aa5d0 updating query cases with backend couchstore
 c6c531c6b 1. Adding bucket quota parameter for vector search buckets 2. Running docker commands using docker sdk and cleaning up docker containers which might be running
 97ff9a97b Add more information regading the setting of the AZURE SUBSCRIPTION_ID environment variable
 db3aa8d64 Move test_backup_purge to the end of the config because it might be cause downstream tests to fail
 cab834a63 Remove map-buckets check added to get_bucket_scope_cluster_host
 2a45b7084 Removing node status commands on failures
 0b7488f60 Adding problematic node ip when failing to copy build
 9c932d4c1 Force removing random dir created by MB-60311
 ea5ec66c7 fixes to vector search code
 4834c94c9 Remove withViewsOps from conf file
 246c766c7 Remove 9 bucket tests
 52d49d98b Reduce num buckets created
 04bb8805b make couchstore as default storage backend for the failing tests
 7edb0870c Run query tests with couchstore as the backend
 06c900365 CBQE-7975 : updating bucket to couchstore for views tests
 7858624a7 Automation for MB-59344
 26d1cdfc9 File-based rebalance fixes
 70663a07d cleanup tmp directory before downloading builds
 76676eaa0 Use dedicated invite_new_user
 4a6a83564 Vector search backup/restore test
 fe50d12c1 Enhancements to open groundtruth file correctly. Create IndexFlatIP faiss index for dot product Added additional logging to compare results.
 fed2fff99 Add more subquery cancelling tests
 03c50c1e2 Adding rhel9 support to AWS
 09259e093 Fix for upgrade tests
 2445cee75 KNN combination queries
 966536a1c File-based rebalance fixes
 9acfd3123 regression fixes for xdcr
 1d584ce49 Using magma doc loader for _post_upgrade function and some modifications to existing _post_upgrade function
 a9e95ec01 Fourth set of test cases for vector search moving topology
 a1fdc08ae Add testing for various MBs
 04479efd8 Changing the config to have lone KV node as the orchestrator logic has changed
 06edace44 CBQE-7657: Testcase for MB-53968
 fc46835b0 updating vector rqg to have only similarity l2_norm and query type match_none
 1d9c72524 Fix for ldap tests
 a11fca02a Correcting alter queries for alter index commands
 1255f9d44 corected ini file
 610151731 added more tests to vector moving topology
 58467d83f addded 8 node ini file for fts
 6db3f8843 Third set of moving topology vector search test cases with seperate loading
 ec45f55cb changed conf file for -fts-vector-search-movingtopology.
 8b3d895a4 added more tests to vector moving topology
 9acc5d7df Tests addition to vector search moving topology.
 793cc2901 Second set of moving topology vector search test cases for seperate loading
 45e280ac5 Add a new parameter to run specified number of vector queries and also return the matches so it can be used to perform validation
 a8e99c635 1. Added rebalance test to vector moving topology 2. Added methods to run queries for both common and separate loading
 a77c05e2b Adding vector moving topology tests for seperate loading
 3b1c1713f Add a parameter to pass bucket names to kill erlang utility function
 02a9ceae4 Remove failed over nodes from kv service node list after rebalance
 5caf72598 Removing nodes from kv service node list after rebalance
 a8cb173d3 made changes to dataloading for vector search moving topology
 35c40017a moving topology vector search
 4c9b3e968 Additional logging for compression tests
 280679e92 Added negative test case for vector search store=True
 08cac5ef1 Added validations for matching exact docs before and after update of vector index
 fa36a0968 Adding error logs for memcached.log
 2b999ca48 Added faiss validations
 edd7b668d Fixing gsi upgrade tests
 c27ecf171 Bypassin building in background error for async create index
 ddb3b5a10 Fixing install issues with toybuild urls
 eb9a34519 MB-57543: later join test case
 582163b7b Add/update rbac test case for sequential scans
 5112ad427 Changing the order for the recovery test
 45cd8c6f4 segregation of gsi compression upgrade tests
 4e5a9c5ba CBQE-8038 : Fix bucket creation issue in upgrade_tests_collections tests
 85f6a5ea3 Fixes failure for concurrent indexes tests and smart batching
 75109832f Vector search alias test case
 6de88c739 Fixing test failure for backup_and_restore and concurrent indexes
 c4855b90d fix for es index with vector type
 0493d6a22 fixed creating alias index if bucket isn't passed in params
 2088e247d Modified conf file
 f0d69f5d5 Vector search index update test cases
 4dbdc8c73 vector search custom map and faiss comparison
 bacbef03d add support OSX Sonoma
 32ee750e3 Vector Search extra support and testcases addition Change-Id: I93230badb17b856f069bf70a3e0513a749b25a27 Reviewed-on: Tested-by:  Reviewed-by: 
 693912ae5 Disabling wait for schedule index for test that needs indexes to be in schedule state
 915ea4c98 add bucket settings for xdcr mobile convergence
 14a6496d2 MB-60031: test cases for sequential scans RBAC
 764b8c94a CBQE-7936: 22/n Refactor + fix issues
 01200d33f Disabling obsolete index test
 9fef95e89 Fixing bucket_storage in eviction conf
 dae71d9ed CBQE-7936: 21/n Okta API token refactor
 00ca2628d CBQE-7936: 20/n Add Okta APIs
 4a442aa6c Add test case for delete offset
 3bdb2fb3d Fix a problem with killall not recognised by installing psmisc
 c6f00ce58 Removed the extra parameter being supplied to invite_user method
 483c30987 fixed versions in requirements.txt which are compatible with VMs
 9f316ccdd Update the upgrade versions
 2da7e7368 Bypassing email verification while inviting new user to tenant
 7e41e8cdf Changing the assert for restoring invalid scope and collection for the behavioral change from 7.6
 a0766fb78 Fix ansi merge test cases
 69e08ae36 CBQE-8055 - Fix backup_restore_collection_sanity failures for 7.6.0
 77ef6e901 added requirements to requirements.txt file
 98c5e1b3b CBQE-8054: Fix -auto-create-buckets test failures for 7.6.0
 7f2efc15b Added FTS Vector Search Framework - 1. Added conf file to run vector tests 2. Added code to fts-base    2.1 Added parameterized helper functions to create buckets scopes and collections    2.2 Added parameterized helper functions to create fts indexes 3. Added vector search file containing all vector search tests mentioned in conf file. 4. Vector dataset generator is a helper file that downloads and returns any type of vector dataset file from online sources. 5. Vector dataset loader with help of dataset generator uploads vector data to couchbase.
 d2d0c543d Fix audit denied expected
 a74d33d76 Change the storage and bucket size for tests that use 3 standard buckets, due to a quota limitation
 ec6dee90e Test cases for cbo hints
 eb0e04869 Analytics analyze test cases
 a61bf2e88 Adding support for running goldfish tests
 94b8ac555 Enabling firewall test for gsi
 106c87132 MB-60031: tes case for sequential scans RBAC
 4244bba59 Test case for primary index use in correlated subq
 1dac63165 Fixes for rbac failures for collections tests
 98c7b9a76 Ignore the actual data validaition without the json flag
 f3cb96b25 Temove the analytics shutdown log - it is no longer in the log archive
 beabf9ecc Updating bucket_size=1024 to avoid test failures
 7a44a8560 stats failure fix
 51bd94e19 Fixing type incompatible issues
 9cc7545cf 1. Made scope name to "_default" if it is passed None by default. 2. Iteration of indexes list should be over list copy to avoid in-built loop break.
 48e109651 Fixed issues in test failure for index tests
 749fb8d5d Fix a typo that caused the string to be float
 5e883d6f8 GSI File-based rebalance fixes
 f7aab0566 Automating tests for MB-57757
 5e72e9c12 Automation for MB-59742
 21f013834 fixed build-sanity-trigger's check build issue. 7.2.x+ only produce single linux binaries.  Platform specific binaries are no longer been produced.
 7a8dc524f Fixing the assertion for replica repair after rebalance
 5e3e7055c Test cases for select order and exclude
 d114d6a67 move sanity scripts to testrunner repo.
 d7b904f24 Update expected error
 16d45c2fc Removing index definition check for alter index drop
 69877fe2d take input username/password from capella section
 805b3744c Add build sanity trigger to testrunner
 7c59ec5c6 Update update_stats TC
Switching eventing to unstable
eventing is at 5d4c925, changes since last good build: 
 5d4c925e MB-60752: use app name when scope is global
 3b05e905 MB-60752: include scope when requesting statistics
 30ef6656 MB-60408 : Changes for V8 upgrade to v12.1.285.26
 d1cb7529 MB-50944 : Allowing user to enable Sync Gateway Mutations for deployment of an eventing function
 4c12d9bf MB-60374: Don't allow concurrent operation on cid vb map
 d14c2df3 MB-59868: Ignore rollback if seq number is behind purge seq number
 7676026a MB-59868: Destroy query command when query controller goes out of scope
 e3a4abbe MB-59344: Handle new LCB error code for clearing cached credentials
 2d56e382 MB-59328: Fix showing time out error in application log
 513e1b85 MB-59026: Build eventing using Go Modules
 08a6916f MB-59305: Check ownership of the vb before creating vbucket checkpoint
 7c88e36d MB-59796: Ignore documents present in `_system` scope
Switching eventing-ee to unstable
eventing-ee is at f3ea789, changes since last good build: 
 f3ea789 MB-60408 : Changes for V8 upgrade to v12.1.285.26
 3ae53e7 MB-60351,MB-60020,MB-60022,MB-60057: Fix Double Unlocking in GC Thread
 0f5a044 MB-58991: Fix Logic for Caching and Lazy Loading
 eda126d MB-60220: Fix incorrect decoding logic for ID size in the Go Layer
 a48bcd5 MB-60196: Fix incorrect opcode decoding logic in the Go Layer
 9014dba MB-57032: Replace usage of `CURLOPT_HTTPPOST` with `CURLOPT_MIMEPOST`
 95527d3 MB-57483 : Handle process crash gracefully
Pulling in uncommitted change 160397 at refs/changes/97/160397/3
Total 23 (delta 15), reused 17 (delta 15)
[unstable 7e5d7e31] MB-100 : Do not fail n1ql timeout test if we are catching timeout exceptions successfully
 Author: abhijpes 
 Date: Mon Aug 30 08:24:38 2021 +0530
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
Building cmakefiles and deps