Started building at 2023/09/29 16:01:11
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Basing run on 8.0.0-1420 6029cd7e80
Updating tree for run 29.09.2023-16.01
gocb is at 40020ee, changes since last good build: none
libcouchbase is at 6e411d4, changes since last good build: none
indexing is at 724fc84, changes since last good build: 
 724fc844 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 0b4e47b8 MB-58826: Use AddMetricsMetadata() function
 90db7a82 MB-58382 Reset alternate shardIds in token defn during dcp rebalance
 8b3a2b14 MB-57825: Enable LSS flush buffer tuning
 3ba0bedd Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/unstable'
 ac4655e1 MB-58811 Add support for custom deployment model for GSI client
 c7e1e8ba MB-58811 - fix live ASI map info from cluster
 e4390a26 MB-58776 - remove back index alternate shard ID during TT gen
 82b38089 MB-58800 Improve logging when retrieving shard stats
 f7bcabd7 MB-58370 Use DCP to move indexes if destination is at a lower compat version
 a4300678 MB-58378 Reset alternate shardIds during restore
 6a809b51 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/unstable'
 aba88039 MB-58826: Fix JSON errors in metrics_metadata.json
 07d7602b Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 c45b70d0 MB-58683 Re-name alternate shardId during shard repair
 0cd7567c MB-55073: Add more node level stats for indexer
 0e0d69d6 MB-58761 Broadcast individual stats to lifecycle manager during bootstrap
 06ba3fd1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 488e9732 MB-58759 Add max parallel builds to provisioned config
 98e69e95 MB-58745 Regroup entire placement for each partition
 a1f65529 MB-58509 Re-group indexes when populating alternate shardIds
 02534d04 MB-57807 Skip index drop on source for replica repair during cleanup
 6afe6c26 MB-57807 Add CI tests for single node swap & replica repair
 87ac5f3b Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 6bd1d968 MB-58676 Skip deferred index grouping for CommandPlan
 a65d9c74 MB-58509 Add testcase to handle per partition slot mapping
 7681d99b MB-58509 Generate target nodes per partition
 d605d524 MB-57804 Add testcases for shard assignment validation
 8079f0d6 MB-57803 Add a config value for using shard stats at planner
 f4858e34 MB-57803 Update shard stats at indexer node
 ca206a36 MB-57803 Retrieve shard stats from plasma slice
 528567e4 MB-57803 Accumulate ActualDiskSize in proxy usage
 9c6cf228 MB-57930: Refactor Prometheus storage stats
 f8ba6422 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 b6fd7633 MB-100 getHosts from getIndexStatus instead of indexStatus
 617c740f MB-58279 Reset slot book-keeping data structures for new solution
 8361baa2 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 297566c2 MB-57932 CI fix flaky unit test
 3b3ffd02 MB-58588 - fix client TLS config for peer server
 a8f06769 MB-57930 - move plasma dependencies to separate file
 5bd6d70f MB-58538 Handle failures during index recovery
 f186ea26 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/unstable' into HEAD
 8cc66e67 MB-57860 - use config flag to honour `nodes` in with clause
 8bd7293b MB-58379 - remove duplicate indexes during shard rebalance
 29709bf6 MB-100 Change the secondary key for _sync.sequence
 3d3e1ca3 Log index status at the time of test failure
 b71929ed MB-58279 Populate alternateShardIds for indexes getting upgraded (And re-plan placement if necessary)
 287b2b40 MB-57374 - minor fixes to rebalance and recovery
 94eab6dd MB-57374 - update TT gen logic to accomodate asymmetric shards
 19ce3d9e MB-100 Sleep for 30 seconds and retry rebalance
 95b4511a MB-57932 close active connections to failing index node during scan
 cd5f723e MB-57613 GSI client Rollback logging improvement
 a7937513 MB-46797: Queue latest persistance request when persistor is running
 283f41c8 MB-58480 - update planner config
kv_engine is at 66c0473, changes since last good build: 
 66c0473b8 MB-58649: Improve RangeScanTest stability
 4f22b232a MB-52867: Improve GetKey/GetRandomKey documentation
 207e8ec1c MB-58833: Fix gcc -Wshadow=compatible-local warnings
 f5739dc98 MB-58832: Only run memcached_testapp in one config on Windows
 4386d54b0 MB-58716: CouchKVStoreFileCache: Account memory to 'noBucket'
 e3740630d MB-58715: Track deallocations from CB3ExecutorPool::unregisterTaskable correctly
 a475171a2 MB-58715: Track deallocations from STExecutorPool::cancelAndClearAll correctly
 a56bf2dac MB-58350: Make the Connection's bucket name visible in minidumps
 d80e19931 [client] Don't enforce a max size on receiving packets
 a6d9520c8 MB-57794: Remove superfluous locking and reduce lock scope
 8dd0fe376 MB-58564: Reduce command timeslice back to 25ms
 d46c06667 [testapp] Refactor CmdTimerTest
 33de715a5 MB-53616: Don't trigger backfill if wantedSeqno=lastSeqno+1
 d0879bd2f MB-58826: Use AddMetricsMetadata()
 d2caf07af MB-58714: Correctly account spdlog memory allocations
 fa3e8b848 MB-35297: RangeScan: Refactor limit check. Move to worker thread
 29cb3a3b1 MB-55396: Update KV metrics documentation
 c6da4eca9 kv_slow_ops_2_gtrace: Include 'Slow scheduling' events
 637a81085 kv_slow_ops_2_gtrace: Handle multiple time units, add tests
 8b67b7fa1 MB-58665: Run memcached_testapp with full eviction
 13f61f1ea Revert "MB-58363: Disable TTL metering tests under TSAN"
 d36d9bd78 Merge neo/c22e65870 into master
 98116acbb Merge "Merge neo/58b24faac into master"
 3ce74c708 Merge neo/58b24faac into master
 6f1c72b42 MB-56183: Use bucket 0 for opcode stats not associated with a bucket
 6c107315f MB-58746: Silently ignore TCP_USER_TIMEOUT on !linux
 5cfb5ebb9 MB-58767: Checkpoint::getHighSeqno() returns std::optional<>
 60e1b6025 MB-58767: Checkpoint::getMinimumCursorSeqno() returns std::optional<>
 26c289541 MB-58733: Reintroduce the CheckpointTest::RegisterDuplicateCursor
 c22e65870 Merge 7.1.x/4128ca720 into neo
 b39f44764 Remove legacy comment about "default" bucket/username
 a97a74d64 MB-58678: Revert "MB-43182: Use JSON_checker_vectorized by default"
 899c99eb9 [Refactor] CheckpointManager: Avoid unnecessary string formatting
 d995a897e Refactor: mark const and rename EPBucket:maybeEnableTraffic
 b037f8dd0 [Refactor] Simplify SynchronousEPEngineUniquePtr
 491482a98 Change rangescan target to always be built
 e8b450eac Install rangescan tool in bin/priv
 a5b41c89b MB-55396: Update KV documentation for Magma metrics
 0610e0bcd Add trace to bucket_store_if
 6f461235f MB-58692: Fix cursor-replacement logic in CM::registerCursorBySeqno
 d59f19b44 MB-58692: Check no cursors in CM::scheduleDestruction(CheckpointList&&)
 538c21c46 MB-58692: Enhance cursor-replacement tests with Checkpoint::dtor checks
 59adbdc12 MB-58665: skip some tests using ewb and full-eviction
 9586b2853 Merge "Merge commit neo/c66c2e23c into master"
 f2a2e05ed Merge "Merge commit neo/f4f39897e into master"
 d1bc487eb MB-58621: Log the curChkSeqno when we mark a stream as slow
 22f18bb1b MB-57753: Report runtimes and scheduler for core
 ba3f5d089 MB-55396: Install kv metrics_metadata.json to etc/couchbase/kv
 3e422f202 MB-58650, MB-58564: Increase command timeslice from 25ms to 250ms
 ef05dad28 MB-54221: Make LinkedList field read for stats atomic
 b14acd3bd MB-58555: Use fractionOf for calculation of mutation_mem_ratio threshold
 b9aa34c0e Merge commit neo/c66c2e23c into master
 fcd86755e Merge commit neo/f4f39897e into master
 8869f92c6 RangeScan: More tweaks to rangescan tool
 3c24258be MB-58690: Change RangeScan create/complete logging
 b5ca8b0f4 MB-58609: NIM needs to run in its own thread
 3b641b008 MB-58531: Allow the config to define collections per OSO snapshot
 f070b4a23 MB-58609: NIM needs to run in its own thread
 74fe5d39a MB-58664: Use requested TTL for Set(preserveTTL)
 5e5aa4cbc MB-58402: Limit concurrency of bucket deletion
 4f3034ff0 MB-58665: [testapp] full-eviction returns tmpfail for unlock
 f853e6613 Merge "Merge commit neo/c88c04aa0 into master"
 a694b303d Merge "Merge commit neo/87dd4209e into master"
 fb83597a1 MB-58646: Disallow getting command timings for not current bucket
 ac8e9923f Merge commit neo/c88c04aa0 into master
 178bcae25 Merge commit neo/87dd4209e into master
 2b05c957d MB-58576 [1/2]: Fix memory tracking in StrictQuotaItemPager
 f8a74511d MB-58654: Return bucket name as the key stat name
 634386ad0 MB-46993: Remove compile failure workaround due to gcc 10 bug
 c1d3144c2 MB-58649: Check Vbucket::isBucketCreation during RangeScanCreate
 8688b362e Remove warning from -Wmaybe-uninitialized
 87efeb9af MB-58531: Iterate through collections for oso auto backfill
 611821135 Update core stat descriptions
 1157de0c9 RangeScan: update internal tool to report results in JSON
 83528362b MB-58589: Validate length of keys for RangeScanCreate
 5a275d9eb MB-58463: Simplify cursor-replace logic in CM::registerCursorBySeqno
 fd9ddaecc MB-58463: Remove checkpoint_removal_mode=eager setting from tests
 3561f1567 MB-58463: CM::createNewCheckpoint() returns void
 79e5e4e99 Remove compile warnings from jemalloc test
 8ed94037f MB-58531: Remove unused CollectionID from OSO creation paths
 104a5e37d MB-57752: Make range scan stats relaxed atomic
 21c9a882f MB-58463: Ensure unref checkpoints removed at CM::registerCursorBySeqno
 4e2c24652 MB-58463: Enhance cursor re-registering tests
 79b282abb Don't redact internal users in auth messages
 2fe7dc515 MB-58531: Create OSO (ByID) scan from ActiveStream
 62c16de62 Refactor: auth_cmds can't be per bucket
 400379f96 MB-58553: Don't leak global system stats
 801fd4e4c MB-58572: Use new TaskId for BucketQuotaChangeTask
 ac2db9312 Specify return type for mock method
 bc4ee492c Add missing include of cstdint (uint8_t)
 7e47df94c Bypass building of test libraries from normal build
 f7dc091a0 Remove duplicated error message
 5cedeccef MB-46740: Decrease dcp_backfill_byte_limit from 20MB to 2MB
 2da648064 MB-58342: Adjust items_remaining when on an empty checkpoint
 58b24faac MB-58321: Don't register cursor on an empty and closed checkpoint
 c66c2e23c Revert "MB-58321: [Debug] Dump Checkpoint ops RingBuffer in ActiveStream"
 a0ee2c001 MB-57651: BP Fix potential memory overflow KVBucket::validateKey
 c55c6b0eb MB-58342: Add "operation" and "distance" to Cursor stats
 b00c7aec2 MB-58342: Add highest_expelled_seqno to Checkpoint stats
 cf0d69350 MB-58321: [Debug] Dump Checkpoint ops RingBuffer in ActiveStream
 f4f39897e MB-58321: Log checkpoint operation at ActiveStream::registerCursor
 a674bc4da MB-58321: Set full stream name on Monotonic ActiveStream members
 32966dcbb MB-58261: tryBackfill must be true when checkpoints are empty by expel
 f4d1bab12 MB-39344: Ensure no logic change in CM::getVisibleSnapshotEndSeqno()
 39abd1932 MB-39344: Ensure no logic change in CM::getSnapshotInfo()
 bf224e9a0 MB-57304: Increase DCP backfills per conn to 64
 4128ca720 [BP] MB-57400: "estimated" items_remaining drops to 0 when cursor settles
 525edae7f [BP] MB-57400: Use an estimated items_remaining count for Prometheus stats
 632b63d67 MB-39344: Don't reuse touched-by-expel checkpoint in CM::createSnapshot
 c88c04aa0 [BP MB-52276] MB-53657: Notify DCP frontend at CM::queueSetVBState()
 f6ba8a7ef [BP MB-52276] MB-53657: Notify DCP frontend if cursor jumps into new checkpoint
 25fd6d34b [BP MB-52276] MB-53657: Don't check for stream-active in Prod::notifySeqnoAvailable
 065ecd2bc [BP MB-52276] MB-53657: Remove unused seqno arg in KVBucket::notifyReplication
 39f73a3dc [BP MB-52276] MB-53657: Remove unused seqno arg in DcpConnMap::notifySeqnoAvailable
 451e0bd7a [BP MB-52276] MB-53657: Remove unused seqno arg in DcpProducer::notifySeqnoAvailable
 88017655e MB-39344: Fix sporadic ep_testsuite failures
 0c99362f3 [BP] MB-39344: Simplify logic in CM::registerCursorBySeqno
 12eb97bab [BP] MB-39344: Allow expelling all non-meta items in checkpoint
 668334440 [BP] MB-39344: Add test coverage for Checkpoint::getMinimumCursorSeqno
 0059ff87a [BP] MB-39344: Fix computation in Checkpoint::getHighSeqno()
 eec7031b0 [BP] MB-39344: Remove Vbid arg from CM::createCheckpointMetaItem
 d557f6416 [BP] MB-39344: Rename createCheckpointItem() into createCheckpointMetaItem()
 9606a0bd1 [BP] MB-39344: De-inline Checkpoint::getHighSeqno()
 87dd4209e Revert "MB-57400: Use an estimated items_remaining count for Prometheus stats"
 6dcc71620 Revert "MB-57400: "estimated" items_remaining drops to 0 when cursor settles"
 c328ad5ba MB-52276: Remove unused 'numItems' args in DCPTest::removeCheckpoint()
 25598d6c8 MB-52276: Remove unused arg in STActiveStreamTest::setupProducer
 69da9858a [BP] MB-52276: Remove broken and unused Checkpoint::numMetaItems
 dcaec69b8 [BP] MB-52276: Remove unused Checkpoint::numItems
 831cc2a14 [BP] MB-52276: Make ActiveStream::getItemsRemaining consistent
 3af466401 [BP] MB-52276: Make CheckpointCursor::getRemainingItemsCount O(1)
 d324f135f MB-52276: Fix StreamTest.BackfillSmallBuffer
 27a56dc06 [BP] MB-52276: Fix CheckpointCursor::getRemainingItemsCount
 f2b1d9ef8 [BP] MB-52276: Checkpoint::getNumItems() accounts all items
 2b6245ded [BP] MB-52276: Don't use Checkpoint::numItems at CM::maybeCreateNewCheckpoint
 52d3e96c3 [BP] MB-52276: Don't use Checkpoint::numItems at CM::getVisibleSnapshotEndSeqno
 88210c5bc [BP] MB-52276: Don't use Checkpoint::numItems at CM::getSnapshotInfo
 f2652b697 [BP] MB-52276: Don't rely on Checkpoint::numItems at ItemExpel
 2fac25387 [BP] MB-56644: Make ItemExpel resilient to VBucket rollback
ns_server is at ce5b88e, changes since last good build: 
 ce5b88e41 MB-58851: Use deploymentModel for n1ql instead of --serverless
 a293b2bca MB-58751: Don't reset cm_rebalance_stuck to 0 between checks
 52acbe01d MB-52821 Return better unknown_ca error description
 98148de8d MB-58826: Use AddMetricsMetadata()
 07b38306e MB-58775 some additional tracing in samples_loader_tasks
 b23529cce MB-58775 use distinct cbauth connection names for cbimport
 9d111ad0b MB-58138 Replacement for sysproc_cpu_utilization
 3baa19554 MB-58822 Report cpu_sys and cpu_user in seconds
 6ac506b88 MB-58257: Remove persisted lease upon node leave
 edc091900 [cluster_tests] Announce each test start in cluster logs
 df59491d0 MB-58248 - Allow adding serviceless nodes
 62ac80ca2 MB-58744: Move all testsets into a dedicated directory
 23b36fd70 cluster_tests: Fix handling of testset.requirements errors
 6f9cfeeb9 cluster_connect: Avoid confusion of "param": args.dont_param
 cf6eaf030 MB-58775: Ensure sample loading concurrency is reset on fail
 35a477c0f cluster_tests: Reduce SampleBucketTestSet's running time
 52f14a3bb cluster_tests: BucketMigrationTest: Enterprise edition only
 c25189f43 MB-58460 Add cache config tests
 872b6a4b2 [cluster_tests] Make rebalance wait for ejected nodes
 e4b0f7708 Fix /controller/regenerateCertificate
 96e929741 MB-58527 Fix broken dcp stats logging
 8eb0956bc MB-58410: Do not attempt to restart ns_capi_ssl_service if not running
 fc294100d [cluster_tests] Fix for node addition test
 b6b92a146 [cluster_tests] Minor code cleanup in saml tests
 7d909049c MB-24487: [SAML] Don't let SAML work in mixed clusters
 1e0b03e72 MB-24487: [SAML] Fix logout in mixed clusters
 b7b0521c0 [cluster_tests] Improve error reports and debug prints
 43da7b6c0 [cluster_tests] Adjust tests requirements
 770d52865 [cluster_tests] Add min_num_nodes, min_connected,...
 81172dbf2 MB-24487: don't let SAML work in mixed clusters
 438ac1856 MB-58785: Allow not creating a bucket in cluster_connect
 64dfd5746 MB-58762: Send key update in node_status_analyzer to correct process
 95eb6ac5a Move collections unit test to foreach fixture.
 dc41e8c7d Refactor collections:history_default_t/0 test.
 040fabebf Collect more data from memcached in collect_info
 4d9fa6db5 MB-58717: No need to delete buckets in cluster test setup
 6cdf444c1 MB-58717: Disable automatic bucket creation in cluster_tests
 aef229267 MB-58717: Make cluster_run_lib bucket creation optional
 0d41521b4 MB-58410: Migrate child specs to supress_max_restart_intensity
 07c0bae71 MB-58410: Add suppress_max_r... to avoid max_restart_intensity
 0963e6d0f MB-58410: Add restartable test
 0e9d9ede0 MB-58410: Add max_restart_intensity test
 7010448b6 MB-58629 audit authenticated user for on-behalf requests
 82c746739 MB-58563 Restore magma ram requirements
 41753cd7f MB-58752: Set up meck:expect for ns_config before start_link
 c0b8f4201 [cluster_tests] Poll nodes after rebalance rather than assert
 4dd12dee4 MB-57096: Go graceful shutdown signals
 5f8074464 MB-58620: Remove cluster from test function args
 4ed66bb2a Fix rank handling in mixed-version clusters
 52454434e Use correct type to obtain stats
 03081b786 MB-58563 Add bulk set_manifest test
 19896f977 MB-58416 Allow 'history=false' for all buckets
 223c8b8b0 MB-58416, MB-55212 No longer infer collection properties
 322dd27d4 MB-58416 set 'history' for system collections on magma
 eada80285 Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/neo'
 f2a152313 cluster_run_lib: Handle non-URLError exceptions in wait_node_up
 e7e238e15 MB-58645: Fix alerts when history retention enabled
 4425d2881 MB-58636: Set janitor_agent:wait_for_memcached Parent pid correctly
 ffaaad559 [cluster_tests]: Check for alerts every 1s instead of 60s
 9460af2f4 Make alerts sample rate configurable by diag/eval
 754c45364 MB-58700: [generate_certs] Use UTC time in notAfter...
 527229986 Remove unused {couchdb, enabled} key from default_profile
 e7de2ee72 Add enable_auto_rebalance_settings to provisioned_profile
 d2653e449 [cluster_tests] Make sure requirements are met before...
 045278131 [cluster_tests] Add --dry-run param
 7a8c85871 [cluster_connect] Use /clusterInit for...
 72338fa84 MB-58410: Add always_delay option to supervisor_cushion
 96072ad51 [cluster_tests] Add n2n encryption to node addition...
 dcb6b1213 MB-57955: Update default for versionPruningWindowHrs
 4103b1125 [cluster_tests]: Use 'up' metric instead of 'kv_ep_max_size'
 0ac36fd02 Add unit test for validate_toplogy_change/2 with no live nodes
 e36f3f162 MB-58489 - Add LDAP Setting
 3ca6acbe4 MB-58688: Revert "MB-58541: Add enableShardAffinity indexer setting"
 87eb0f2de Move validate_topology_change/2 logic out of ns_orchestrator
 42c33b877 MB-58654: Don't decode undefined if stat not present
 4eeb08c79 [cluster_tests] Report stacktraces to stdout
 c8c04281e [cluster_tests] Add n2n encryption requirement
 50bc1108a [cluster_tests] Fix toggle_n2n function
 251060786 MB-57122: [cluster_tests] Add node addition tests...
 5edd37f62 MB-58600, MB-58419: UI should never send /saml/logout
 c8d554f4c MB-58541: Add enableShardAffinity indexer setting
 d7f690b4d [cluster_tests]: Add additional logging to AlertTests
 9edef6cfd Add rank to bucket cluster_tests
 7d6fafa76 MB-58512: Change bucket priority to rank
 585a19ce8 MB-57033: Don't check guardrail limits for memcached/ephemeral
 d9c50a503 MB-58365: Prohibit migrating from magma with <10% RR
 b8297d281 MB-57190 - Add Use Replica Setting
 e08307110 MB-58365: Use fixed promQL values for ResourceManagementTests
 2b1777ef5 MB-58365: Allow fetching default promQL values for guardrails
 1fafc98b8 MB-58365: Ignore [] in stats_interface:aggregate_by_bucket
 7d3189509 MB-58365: Don't ignore name when getting stats for guardrails
 a2980feab MB-58365: Handle storage mode migration for guardrail limits
 6f126affb MB-58410: Improve logging supervisor_cushion
 03b252080 MB-58305 - Set Auto-Failover Timeout Minimum 5 Seconds
 bd754dcae MB-58248 - Allow adding serviceless nodes
 59f9916e1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/neo'
 e0f772d7b MB-57995 disallow on_behalf access to
 1a344f5e7 [cluster_tests] Check nodes are correct after rebalance
 8848c58b8 MB-58570: Tidy up NodeAdditionTests
 c761b1f82 MB-58506: add onunload handler
 6d072717d [cluster_tests] Fix saml reuse assertion test
 a1a35a524 MB-58213: [SAML] Redirect users back to UI if...
 a45995d0d [cluster_tests] Remove unnecessary parameters in...
 f2b58d2d8 MB-58327: Improve log message when hitting auto-failover max count
 5572033a2 [cluster_tests] Fix a bug the right_aligned() function
 17c4fbd1f MB-58580 Update queryNodeQuota only when trinity
couchstore is at 896e144, changes since last good build: none
couchdb is at bec3046, changes since last good build: none
testrunner is at 9aca92b, changes since last good build: 
 9aca92bc2 Changed the assert value for failed test
 4fd26352f Fixing invalid credentials installation errors for suse linux
 39c648eae CBQE-8002:testrunner bucket creation failure cases fix
 60d00ebb4 Adding 7.2.2 release build in testconstants
 75de2e7e5 Adding skip parse for _query._system collection indexes Adding ` to index name for cbindex move method
 63e4047ec Ignore the views test on magma
 7457ac598 7.6 GSI index rebalance settings updated
 9e4252d56 Instrumentation changes
 706fc88c3 Updating 7.2.x upgrade old cases
 da6eaab4e Adding 7.0.x and 7.1.x upgrade old cases
 77b4a66ad Change in rebalance conf file
 7355a2185 Adding support for 7.2.3
 3b58bd58b Fixing gsi rebalance improvements test
 7e4098349 Fixing gsi stats count validation
 39c7d2ff1 Adding upgrade cases for 7.2.1
 cede0122c Fixing sanity test_index_placement_on_new_indexer_node
 6a373fd28 Adding support for 7.2.2
 6d7eaef06 Adding 7.2.1 to release builds
 a30191d00 Instrumentation changes
 1cdb6ee3a Update the list of config properties
 e37f96573 Remove the extra characters that were added to the binary merge bucket data
 5decda62a Temp workaround for document mismatch due to _system scope
 5aa9ede18 Fixing cbstat validation in evictionkv::eph tests
Switching eventing to unstable
eventing is at 268c201, changes since last good build: 
 268c2014 MB-58826: Use AddMetricsMetadata()
Switching eventing-ee to unstable
eventing-ee is at 35950e0, changes since last good build: none
Pulling in uncommitted change 160397 at refs/changes/97/160397/3
Total 23 (delta 15), reused 17 (delta 15)
[unstable c8d5203d] MB-100 : Do not fail n1ql timeout test if we are catching timeout exceptions successfully
 Author: abhijpes 
 Date: Mon Aug 30 08:24:38 2021 +0530
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
Pulling in uncommitted change 191800 at refs/changes/00/191800/7
Total 16 (delta 6), reused 9 (delta 6)
[unstable ad19762] MB-57166: Improve space efficiency of the worker ID generator
 Author: Rishit Chaudhary 
 Date: Wed May 31 14:27:31 2023 +0530
 8 files changed, 153 insertions(+), 40 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 evaluator/impl/worker_id_gen.go
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